Your emotions during Medifast?

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...about Medifast and your journey right now?.

Are you happy, satisfied, successful? Impatient, frustrated, hungry? Some mixture?.

I would love to hear your feelings about Medifast and your weight loss at the moment!.

Me, I am happy. I feel really confident I will get these pounds off. I like the variety and lately I have been trying lots of new recipes and searching the boards for new ideas because I was getting bored over the summer (I've been doing this for 7 months now!).

I also feel relieved that my meals are all "chosen" for the most part (all I have to do is minor tweaks), I know EXACTLY what time I get to eat or not eat and I also pretty much know how I am going to feel. And I can't wait to get up and make pancakes with WF blueberry spread for breakfast in the morning!.

How about you?..

Comments (99)

I am delighted. Medifast did for me in 10 months what 3 years of WW couldn't do; reach my goal. I'm following the maintenance plan laid out for me and I've been at the same weight for over a month now and I'm rarely hungry. It doesn't get any better than this...

Comment #1

So far i'm happy. I started this journey on 9/11/10 and I seem to be dropping my weight slowly ... but at least it's coming off. I have to remind myself that I take medicine for my MS and that may have something to do with the slow loss.

I like the food more than I thought I would, so that's a bonus..

Comment #2

I started in May and I was happy, then I was fasting for one month and lost nothing and now getting back on track is tough! I am fustrated that people are losing so much and I am not, but I do read you blog and see how it is more emotional weight loss than physical and I think it is the same for me too. I want to lose more each week, if it will be 1lbs a week, then I am not paying all this for that much loss!..

Comment #3

After a weekend off plan, and feeling like a bloated failure this morning...Today I am feeling motivated to start again!! I haven't figured out how to survive at parties and stay on-plan!..

Comment #4

I'm feeling, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! This is the best plan EVER! Thanksgiving is my 1 year anniversary at goal weight. I LOVE Medifast and still do 3-4 meals a day. It's SO easy. Please, don't be in a rush, enjoy it. It's all in the attitude...

Comment #5

As each day passes I feel more confident and relaxed that I can stay the course for however long it takes to get there with MF. For me it's a miracle because in the past on other plans I would constantly go off on weekends when we were out just the smells and sight of foods I love were enough to weaken me. Now I am happy to say without that gnawing hunger we sometimes let ourselves reach it's so much easier to turn down those bad things. It took me awhile to realize I will have all those things I love again some day but NEVER all in the same day ! For me it was realizing I was like a spoiled child who wanted it all 24/7 well I can't have it all if I want to look and be healthy and feel great I cannot eat like there is no tomorrow and keep making those poor choices. This is my 8th week and I have already learned I CAN live without hotwings and beer, I still want it but it's ok if I don't have it. I lose slow but I lose and for the most part I like lots of the meals.

Having to be responsible for only one meal each day is freeing my mind from having to constantly think about food all day ! For me that is KEY ! So yeah could say I am happy with Medifast !! Thanks to posts like these we keep on keeping on !!..

Comment #6

I am very happy with Medifast and most of the foods, but then I just don't purchase those. I did WW and was very successful but then got tired of the meetings and talking just about food and then my old habits came back and so did about 30 lbs. So I started this on August 25th and have not regretted it one bit. I haven't cheated ever and don't plan to. I hope to be by goal on or before Thanksgiving. I enjoy these threads and that's also what helps me to stay motivated.

I luckily work with many people who are also on it so that also helps. I have a great health coach who has great concern for me and calls me every week to check in on me...

Comment #7

I am simply thrilled with MF! It has definitely delivered on it's promise as far as I'm concerned. Such a simple plan to follow, with enough variety to keep me on track. Like others have said, it's great to only have to plan 1 meal a day, and I have found it fairly easy to prepare dishes others can and will eat that are on plan for me, and yummy for them too..

I feel good every day, and plenty of people have noticed the difference already, although I have quite a ways to go. My whole mindset has changed, and I feel confident I'll make it to goal next year. I have much more energy and am more able to do things I avoided before..

I feel good about myself, and happier too!..

Comment #8

I am also loving this plan!.

My analogy goes a little like this.... I was in a VERY LONG dysfunctional relationship before (with food) and now I am single and am in therapy (Dr. A's Habits of health/Workbook/The secret is out/These boards) so that when I am in a new relationship it will be a healthy one!.

Nothing has ever stopped the obsessive/compulsive brain chatter junk like Medifast has. It's as if I have been prescribed the perfect medication for my condition. It makes me think that I must really have blood sugar issues that have been with me for years and years because I am feeling fantastic!.

Abby09 ~ I love that you say not to rush it and enjoy the ride! I am actually sort of excited about doing this through the holidays...... I know that yams will still be available after I reach goal!..

Comment #9

Good to see so many new faces on here since I've been gone! (waving at everyone).

I'm all psyched since I just started out with a 10 pound loss for my first week and very hopeful that I can do this again like 4 years ago..

The plan works, if you work the plan.

But, the catch is your odds for success improve if you are an active member of a WL community, like this one.

I remember helping ladies 3 years ago on my journey and when I reached goal, now you all are an inspiration to me. (((HUGS)))..

Comment #10

I am happy with Medifast and with my loss so far. I really want to get back to exercising, so I changed my goal weight. As soon as I start transition, I will be working out again - I can't wait! I miss working out...

Comment #11

I'm thrilled with Medifast and that I was able to reach a healthy goal weight. I was able to stick to the plan. Now I am not saying every day was or is easy. I do get hungry and have since the beginning. I really don't like that feeling. I haven't had any real true frustration.

Overall I was happy with the food as it is. The recipes never really did it for me with a few exceptions like the hot custard pudding and cinnabon. I love L&G and I was a starch queen before. I have been maintaining for over a month and I still don't eat bread, pasta, potatoe on a regular basis. I treat myself to one of those options once a week. My dinners consist of L&G all other days..

So while Medifast was a source of deprivation some days and very pricey overall it was worth my investment and I am glad that I decided to take the plunge...

Comment #12

I am a a crossroads. I reached my first goal (it was my WW goal). I did want to go down at least another 5 pounds or so, but it is quite a struggle for me at this point. Medifast helped me along on this weight loss journey, but it's a long road and the first stretch is only the beginning. I need to either start T&M, or push up my sleeves and go for those exta pounds. It's scary being at this place.

Time to put the cards on the table, grow up, wise up and be aware of the slippery slope that awaits if I don't take care of myself and plan for permanent success!..

Comment #13

Wow, that is exactly my experience as well. I'm ASTOUNDED at how calm my mind became within 10 days of starting MF. I can't believe how good I feel and how little stress I"m feeling on this plan. I learned long ago that diets don't work for me because of how desperate I have always felt on them. I just can not manage feeling that awful for months on end. Medifast feels like a break, and it's giving me the space and time to get my head on straight again about how to manage my eating...

Comment #14

I reached goal last Thanksgiving, but stayed OP until January...

Comment #15

Thrilled so far! I love the convenience of the packets for work travel. I also like how creating my own L&G is teaching me to make low carb choices and control my portions. Finally, I feel so much better my metabolism has been kick started into action, and it's so much easier now to do things!..

Comment #16

I am thrilled with MF! It has given me my life back, and every day I am amazed at the woman who is emerging in the mirror. I can't wait until my husband returns from Afghanistan and sees his brand new wife!..

Comment #17

I am feeling ambivalent. This truth is I can lose weight on any reasonable diet plan. If I am going to reach goal it's all about my mindset, and if I am really ready to lose weight. I am much more concerned with maintenance. I have been a healthy weight before, and maintained a healthy weight range for 5 years. I know what I have to do to be healthy.

7 years ago when I started to put on weight again, I just stopped paying attention. I was annoyed that I couldn't be one of those people that appears to eat whatever they want without gaining. Basically I was pouting/sulking because of all the work that's involved with being healthy. Even though I celebrate each goal that I reach (I just got to the 100's!!) I know I'll be on a weight loss/weight awarness journey FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Sometimes it's a little daunting.


Comment #18

I am beyond happy with my results. Having done Medifast in the past, I knew it would work for me. For me, it has been about regaining my identity. I was never heavy until the past 4-5 years. I have been feeling like another person altogether...someone I did not recognize in the mirror any more. People will ask how it feels to be thinner, and inside I'm thinking, it feels normal and natural.

Medifast is a wonderful program that teaches me discipline and gives me confidence to achieve goals. Congratulations to all of you on your success!!..

Comment #19

I love Medifast but I am frustrated with myself. I THOUGHT I was on plan when ordering a salad out yesterday, but when it came with deep fried chicken tenders and I was starving I went a little off plan. It was frustrating because I didn't order fries or drinks like my friends, yet still went off plan. And now I'm up 1.5 pounds this morning. Yes, I'm sure it's water weight, but it was a rough emotional weekend so I'm just throwing myself a Monday morning pity party. (on-plan..

Comment #20

This is my situation too! My doctor told me that I have blood sugar issues (after she tested me over and over again for diabetes and the results were consistently negative). She concluded that while I am not diabetic, I clearly have issues with carbohydrates.

When I was investigating MF, and saw that it was low carb, I wondered if it would FINALLY be the weight loss program for me. In 29 weeks I have lost 72 lbs. I can't believe it is real. This was definitely the program for me..

As far as my feelings about it...I am so happy on MF. I like the food (for the most part) and I am not feeling deprived or miserable. I think that is a miracle.

Also, because I clearly have blood sugar/carbohydrate issues, I realize that I may never be able to eat some of my old favorites again (pasta, bread, etc.). I say this not because I think one piece of bread would ruin me, but because they are trigger foods and I worry that I would waver in my resolve and gain the weight back. However, Medifast has done something for me that I never thought was possible. It has helped me realize that I can live (no strike that), BE HAPPY without that bread, those yams, and that pie..

MF isn't cheap, but since it has done these things for me I have to say that it is worth it's cost. (Also, I hate to add up the money I've spent on other weight loss methods which didn't work.).

I am so happy I could cry...and sometimes it actually does bring me to tears...

Comment #21

In the beginning of my journey I was so happy. I would wake every morning wondering if it was all a dream. In the last 6 weeks my happiness has turned to overwhelming frustrations. I have hit a plateau and I have tried so many different things to get it moving again. I am still trying and I will never give up but something has to give. I do still love Medifast because I still got better results than any other diet and I love the structure of the plan. I just wish my body would stop being stubborn and give up these last 20 pounds...

Comment #22

I'm bored and resigned. Which is actually amazing and wonderful, because I'm not excited about the food *and I don't care*. Sobriety of a kind..

I'm horribly confused about how I feel about my body. Sometimes I'm thrilled with it, sometimes I'm not, because I'm still obese even after 60 pounds..

But my feelings about MF? It works and I wouldn't trade it for anything...

Comment #23

Me, I am happy. I feel really confident I will get these pounds off. I like the variety and lately I have been trying lots of new recipes and searching the boards for new ideas because I was getting bored over the summer (I've been doing this for 7 months now!).

Hi - My first order arrives tonight so I love reading about all of your inspirational success! I'd also love to know what recipes you've found helpful and if you have them posted anywhere. Thank you...

Comment #24

I'm thrilled. I'm down 30 pounds (still have a looooong way to go). The best I'd been able to do before that was 13 pounds on South Beach, way back when I was at 200.

It's an easy plan. The shakes and bars actually satisfy any sweet cravings I might have..

I'm still struggling with lean and green and trying my darndest to just keep it simple. I don't need a lot of variety so I wish I'd stop looking for it...

Comment #25

I feel like you just read my diary...

I haven't started yet (awaiting my first shipment!) but I just wanted to tell you all that you are such a wonderful inspiration to a beginner...even for the slow may be losing slowly...but you are LOSING...and having gone through every other diet plan on this planet and seen week after week of -0 that is AWESOME!..

Comment #26

I'm coming back after about six weeks off. Today is my Day 1.

I dropped 15 lbs this summer and felt good about the weight loss, but had gotten tired of the Medifast plan. (My goal was 35 lbs.) I switched over to eating all home made foods, but carefully logged everything and watched calories and carbs. I was basically following the Zone, which I really like as a transitional and even long term way of eating. It requires a lot of planning, though. I dropped a few more pounds eating that way.

Then, life happened. I went on vacation, I had a major birthday (which entailed several celebrations), I went on two business trips, I went to two weddings. I enjoyed all of the above (well, maybe not the business trips!), but I sure fell off the wagon.

I'm disappointed with myself because I'm back UP a few pounds what is the point of all that sacrifice and hard work if I just blow it? I briefly considered just "dieting" to get back on track, but after some consideration I've decided to go back on MF. It's hard core. I need to be hard core to meet my goals.

I don't really love Medifast food, but it's easy to follow this plan. The lines are drawn so clearly as to what's fair game and what's foul when it comes to eating, I do quite well on it. I don't anticipate staying on Medifast forever, but I want to meet my goal and then do a better job of transitioning. So, here I am.

Today, I feel good. Glad I'm back on track, glad to have a plan. I still reserve the right to complain about the oatmeal, though...

Comment #27

Well I am feeling so so about it today. I have been struggling with the same few pounds for the last week and a half and I am so tired of it. I know I have lost a ton of weight in a short time already but I am so ready to just be out of the 200s and I just seem to be fluxing between 212.6 and 213.2 for the last 10 days. This is the longest I have been without really losing since I started. I am also bummed that I had to cut back on my exercise due to my knee. I think the exercise really helped for me...

Comment #28

LOVE the Medifast program. When I began Medifast I made the decision that I would be OP 100% of the time. But I am still struggling with personal thoughts and feelings. I haven't decided how I feel about food cravings nor how to handle occasionally feeling bored and hungry. Each day I am learning something about myself - some things I like and others, not so much. Intellectually I know Medifast is working beautifully in my body, and the first 2 months were not so hard.

The daily battles may be tiring, but I am winning the war and will end victorious...

Comment #29

I'm definitely thrilled with my weight loss but am starting to get some anxiety about transition. What I'm doing now is working for me, so messing with the plan worries me. But obviously I can't stay on the 4&2 forever...

Comment #30

Hi Jennifer congratulations on your succes! I would love to know if you have been doing the 4&2 for all of your journey? Dakota..

Comment #31

I felt good while on the 5 & 1 plan and was amazed at how easily the weight came off. Right now though I am finding myself struggling a bit in transition...

Comment #32

Im feeling in the middle....sometimes hungry and blah..but either wayIm feeling pretty darn GREAT that I have lost 82 pounds so far and getting closer to my goals!! This is the easiest diet out there....(besides temptation of food) but I love knowing that I dont have to "plan" except just for lg to worry about....Im glad I'm able to do this!!.

Love all the different varieties we have to choose from!..

Comment #33

I just went back and read all the responses and many of them voice exactly how I feel since re committing to the program. I don't have to think about food ALL the time!Only my L&G and that is such a relief especially when I work 60-70 hours some weeks. I always carry bars in my purse so I always have something with me!With inspiration from all of you we will finish this journey!..

Comment #34

Thanks and congratulations on getting started! I began doing the 4&2 in July when I joined a gym. Its worked out well for me, and I have enough energy for a 60 minute workout...

Comment #35

I have started Week 2. Today I woke up feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I have tried to eat a bit more protein today, but still feeling dizzy. I have also gotten in all of my water. Has anyone else experienced this?..

Comment #36

First, congrats on your first-week loss!.

I actually experienced vertigo at end of my second week. I don't know that there was direct causation between starting Medifast and the vertigo episode (certainly my then untreated hypothyroidism didn't help at all), and I've only had a few mild bouts since then. But when people have over a certain amount of weight to lose (can't remember the exact amount), the 4&2 or 4&2&1 is often recommended. I didn't realize this, however, when I started. You might ask about the specifics of your situation in nutrition support..

Good luck with your Medifast journey!..

Comment #37

Yes, I was dizzy for quite a while...probably weeks 3-6. I called it a "tippy" feeling. I started to eat a bit of protein with breakfast and some more protein at lunch time (I had been saving it all until dinner). I think it was low blood sugar so the protein earlier in the day helped...

Comment #38

I am feeling amazed and happy. I have so much more energy and I finally feel like I am me again...

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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