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I recently cancelled a couple of domain names at yahoo. They then decided to renew them 6 days later. Now they say they can will only consider a refund??.

And if I chargeback the CC charges they will seize all my domain names under that card number.

He agrees the charges are after the cancellation but "oh well well see" ??? And this guy was a "CLOWN".

I strongly regret ever using yahoo as a registrar. I've only regged a few but they are just such a pain in the A_ _ when it comes to loosing that renewal fee they make selling, transferring and cancelling a nightmare...

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Never be suckered into a deal by cheap prices...

Comment #1

Thats exactly what happened. I'm glad I just picked up a few (20 ish) and waited to test the sales transfers and renewals etc.

They sub out the actual registration to a third party and then hide behind the confusion they cause. Even a sale transfer puts you at risk because it requires you to "cancel" your domain as you transfer it. So if there "is a problem" with the sale you are no longer the owner of the name so your options are gone.

I've been hung up on and yelled at by CS, in the past, and now I get an "Oh well we'll see" when it is clear they renewed a domain name after it was cancelled. They even sent cancellation COMFIRMATION emails.

Stay away Yahoo Small Business (domains) They take your money and forget about you. Until they bill you again.

"Labrocca" hit the nail on the head .....Stay away from CHEAP deals.

Living and learning .....


"Oh well ..... we'll see" ????..

Comment #2

They "can will" what?.

Did I understand correctly, you had a couple of domains registered which you cancelled, but Yahoo renewed them nonetheless?.

In this case they clearly charged you for a service you didnt order and you have the right to request a refund - however it seems they are actually offering it ........ if not, transfer all your domains and then do the chargeback...

Comment #3

If in Two days they have not refunded the fees I will transfer them and then do a chargeback.

The offer to refund was in the form of a question. "Oh well we'll see" is what sent me into orbit. He agrees they charged my card after the cancellation but said "Oh well .... we'll see" in reguards to my refund.

Unfortunatel I have just renewed all of the names I planned on keeping so to transfer them will be an additional cost and reg them into 2010. Heh ....

I should have gone with my gut .... and NPs member's advices to stay away from Yahoo .....


Comment #4

Sorry to hear of your trouble, but at the same time, it is well-documented that registrars like Yahoo, 1and1, and RegisterFly are bad news...

Comment #5

Thank you Fonzie,.

I appreciate the senitment. You are correct. I did not heed the advice of NPs members..

I hope others will read this thread and be made more aware of the underhanded tactics and rude service reps at Yahoo.


Comment #6

But, but, but... Saved $1.99 so that should be worth a years worth of grief!..

Comment #7

To be completely honest I had decided to try Yahoo before I knew of the $1.99 reg fees. Then I thought it was just for one domain name. I was surprised it was for a year of registrations. But I still regged a small number of names to feel them out.

So to retort your thought (sarcasm) it was not at all worth it. And it should read Butt, Butt, Butt ................... And I feel like one.

I am in the process of buying another home and this card was to be cleaned up. And not used. These charges basically made me violate an agreement. The actual 18$ is not the issue.


Comment #8

Namenut, my comment (sarcasm) was not directed at you,.

It was a confirmation to the newer members that you get what you pay for sometimes.

We have all been in your position at one time or another..

Well I know I have.



Comment #9

My apologies Cyberian,.

I should have known better on both accounts. Not to go budget mode ... and not to disrespect a "class act" such as yourself. I'm sorry. I hope you accept my apology.


Comment #10

When you say you cancelled the domain names at Yahoo!, did you literally tell.

Them to stop billing you? From what I read about them and 1&1, a user needs.

To really tell them to cancel your billings and what not.

Unnecessarily inefficient, considering that many providers give users an option.

To autorenew or not. But...that's Yahoo! for ya.

BTW, be aware there's a 45-day rule among registrars (which resellers adopt.

Also anyway) that any domain name that's recently expired but renewed after.

Will not be given any extra years at the gaining registrar. Just an FYI, folks...

Comment #11

Uh oh, so that means if I have domain names with yahoo I MUST renew it when it expires and no cancellation.....that's bad. I have some domain names with them...

Comment #12

Yahoo uses MelbourneIT.

One of the worst registrars on earth. Probably no.2 after Regfly.

My primary domain was stuck with their reseller for 4 years. Had to make threats of a criminal case and get a lawyer to send them a notice to finally get the EPP, bunch of morons. I assume ICannt has it's eyes shut to these unfair trade practises as usual...

Comment #13

You can still transfer your domain names to another registrar while they're still.

Paid. Unfortunately you have to contact them to cancel your billings after you.

Moved them all out.

ICANN has consistently said they don't get involved in consumer complaints,.

And they've suggested links to agencies who do work on such...

Comment #14

Thanks Dave,.

I went into the speciffic domain CP and cancelled the domain. Only Yahoo calls it an "account". However it is for the domain. Cancel the renewal of the name. They then sent a comfirmation email expressing sorrow for my decission to "cancel" my account "Domain name". Six (6) days later they, Yahoo, renewed them.

And MelbornIT, as MWZD, stated is horrible.

Metronome, Yahoo sent emails stating I had 30 days to renew or I would lose the domain. I never let it go past the 30 days so I could'nt tell you if they extend the offer past 30 days.

Still no refund.


Comment #15

Before signing up at any registrar, it is a must to read their TOS.

From their Domains Service Agreement:.


Unless Yahoo! provides notice otherwise, this Service and Agreement will automatically be renewed and you will be billed as described in Section 4. If Yahoo! initially registers your domain name on your behalf, Yahoo! will automatically renew your domain name on an annual basis prior to the expiration of your domain name's initial registration period. In order to ensure that domains are renewed in a timely manner without an interruption of service, each domain billed through Yahoo will be renewed 15 days prior to each annual anniversary (multi-year domains will be renewed 15 days prior to the end of the last year). Timely payment will extend your service and domain registration term for a full year from the anniversary date. Your domain name will automatically be renewed with the registrar after the annual fee is successfully billed to the credit card stored in your Yahoo! Wallet...

Comment #16

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got a domain with them purchased from ....Snapnames...

Comment #17

Thank You and I understand. However I've used this process in the past, to cancel a domain, and it is the proceeduce option given by Yahoo. You can renew or cancel. I chose to cancel and this should have terminated any TOS stipulations obligated by me. I understand the name will auto renew. I did not want to renew so I chose to "cancel" the registration.

The Yahoo Rep agreed that the name should have been cancelled. Thus the comfirmation email. But that he could not explain why it renewed nor could he authorize the refund. He stated that he would request a refund then followed with "Oh well..... we will see".

Still no refund.


Comment #18

I made the Y! Mistake too, set up an organization I worked with Y! Domains + Hosting. I did it under the premise of making it *easier* for any webmaster who came in behind me by having everything tied into the same account.

My Y! Headache started when I downgraded Y! Hosting plan but Y! Billing kept tacking on ~ $35/month.

8 months, half a dozen phone calls and about $300 in erroneous charges later, the situation was finally resolved and Y! Billing finally issued a refund. They had told me 4-5 times they were issuing a refund before they finally did.

Not wanting to deal with the Y! Snafu any longer, I found my way through the Y! EPP Code Maze and transferred to Moniker, extended regs 5 years (could only do 1 year at a time through Y!) and have made my life easier...

Comment #19

I'll be migrating out of "Y" ASAP. I may even give away my names there or charity auction them.

This reminds me of the old "paypal" days. Some of you will know what I mean. But I am still amazed at the blatant disregard to their own policy. The cancellation confirmation is the end of the argument. My obligations and rights terminated in an email.

I think "Y" is loosing market share and have gotten desperate to cling onto funds.


Comment #20

My first domain purchase (well, not my first, but my first for actual domaining) was through Yahoo for $2.99. I ended up selling the name for a very nice profit within a month. Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn't allow domain pushes, and the domain was too new to transfer, so I ended up having to give the buyer my Yahoo account.

I only owned 1 domain, but it was tied to my Yahoo email that i'd been using for 4 years...

But yeh, generally speaking, no domainer should use Yahoo. They don't allow pushes, don't give an option to turn off auto-renew and the interface is atrocious...

Comment #21

You see...... something as simple as implementing a push feature so they could keep the domain in-house and any future add on services is just too simple, amicable and productive for Yahoo ..... I guess.

Personally I think they DO NOT want domainers. They are geared for Domain holders and developers (end users). Services, sevices, services. Fees, fees, fees. All, I would assume, is farmed out and third partied confusion included for free or $1.99 .......

TY RonaldRegging, for what I'm assuming, is your support in my rant (complaint). Hopefully more NPs members will heed this warning. As I should have.

Still no refund but it is the weekend so "We'll see" lol......


Comment #22

Pretty bad when a support employee has that level of confidence in his ability to fix a problem...

Comment #23

Recieved a case number and follow up email. I kept it clean and polite. So I guess the fact is ..... "We will see."..

Comment #24

How more simple can I put it. DO NOT USE YAHOO!.

At this point they will not return my email or phone calls. I just get transferred to another extension and dropped after 15 or 20 minutes on hold.

Still have no names, no refund and no answeres!.


Comment #25

~ Cy ~ ...... I'll take a litle blue one ..... and try act a little more mature in your forum. I'm sorry for flaming but these guys are driving me nuts.

I did speak on the phone to a manager, Waldo, 1:13:27 on hold !!!!!.

He says he will look into it. Oh and asked me to forward coppies of my cancellation confirmations. We all know this is one of two things.

A) They are waiting to see if I still have them. If not then they can throw thier hands in the air a laugh.

B) This "manager" really does need me to forward him coppies ......

I have them and forwarded them and they clearly show the names cancelled pryor to renewal/expire date. Also that his suppervisor that threatened to sieze my names had removed the two names from my account manually. I'm glad he did for this is seemingly working in my favor at this point. At least it drew enough attention to his manager that he admitted this was not the "norm".

He would not address the fact they ignored the canellation request. Even though they confirmed them via email. Then they renewed the name 6 days after the expiration/renewal date. Then once I brought it to thier attention they manually removed the names durring the same conversation in which I was requesting a refund based on my cancellations. hmmmmm.

This should be clear cut. Why I have to wait for a Manager, Supervisor and CS rep to request a refund is a mystery to me. How high do I need to go to find some one with the authority to admit they are wrong.

Again my apologies .... ~ Cy~.


Comment #26

Namenut... the "" wasnt about you, it was for you..

I have several similar posts concerning RegFly back in the day, and honestly, not near as nice as yours about the situation..

In fact, at one point I said I hope they all rot in hell.

So your good to go...

Comment #27

I'm not sure which is worse, 1and1 or yahoo domains.

I think companies like these only sell to complete newbies that don't know a domain name from a hole in the wall......

Comment #28

Well hopefully this will help some of our, NamePros, "newbies that don't know a domain name from a hole in the wall.... " from making the same mistake I made.

I thought I could avoid any services. And not use the account for anything but sales. And "one" would really think a "cancellation" is simple enough.

I'm just amazed they are squirming and reaching for any excuse not to pay up $19 bucks or so. But really just not wanting to face and admit to thier mistake.

I've email the cancellation email they sent me that clearly show the cancellation before the renewal (6 days). And before the domain's expiration dates. There is no arguement but they are still trying to "spin" every thing thay can.

Still no answer.


Comment #29

I did not know about know about all this, thank you for posting..

My question is, why would you want to move your site from yahoo to another provider?..

Comment #30

You know, I think it's cuz Yahoo *really* isn't a domain's just a business they've added on to their existing set of services,.

Yahoo, like Google, is trying to be something more than just a search engine....if that means buying different businesses and slapping their brand on it, so be it...

Comment #31

Well we have a new low now. Yahoo wont send me email. They only want to discuss this on the phone. My guess is that they do not want to put to print thier statememts. I've requested them to reply in email for the record. But the wont.

Still no refund. Just more BS from yahoo.

DO NOT USE YAHOO ........ They have spent dozens of man hours on trying to hold on to $18+They've completely lost thier minds. They made a mistake and can not find the ability to admit it.

Do we have a yahoo rep here at NPs? I would think not. But I'll ask anyway.

This is a complete joke!!!.


Comment #32

Namenut I am sorry you have to go through this but at least you're not with 1and1.

I regged the total of 5 domain with yahoo last year and after reading all the complaints about yahoo I end up canceling 2 domains and transfer all 3 to my new registrar recently and for some reason I didn't have any problem. Is it maybe because I canceled and transfered my domains couple months before the renewal date?.

I guess the longer you wait before the expiration the closer you get into this kind of situation but that's just my opinion.

I hope you the best to solve this issue...

Comment #33

Thank You Xman,.

I am fortunate that this was just a small issue. The money was never the issue. Just the way they have lied and manipulated the issue that has become so disturbing.

I did cancell the names 3 days prior to the expiration date. They renewed 6 days later. Then requested copies of the cancellation email as if ...... Then after I called and asked for the refund the customer service rep removed the names by hand while on the phone with me. So now they took the renewal fees 6 days after cancelling. They did not remove the names from my account upon cancelling but they did once I voiced an issue? Then threaten to take all my names if I charge back the renewal fees?.

Straight up rude !!!.

The fact that the charges made me look like an idiot to my loan officer did upset me. And caused a few days of a delay in a home purchase. Only because it was durring the final processing period in which I agreed not to use certain CC's. We had to go down to the Credit Union and have this meeting explaining the charges and agreeing again not to use the CC.

Don't most all other registrars have a rep here at NPS? A little odd that Yahoo does not?.

They did confirm the cancellation so it's a clear cut case. How more simple can it be? How more RUDE could Yahoo be?.

Thanks again Xman and all others that voiced support.


Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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