Ya, know. you could go on Nutrisystem?

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My question is Ya, know. you could go on Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Hey....

I am going away in 11 days and am traveling on a cruise that stops in 6 different countries that I have never been to. Honestly, (and dont yell at me please lol) I didnt think that I would be going strong on Nutrisystem still. I thought for sure I would have stopped or gotten off track again. I really want to go away and enjoy my vacation, but I did not plan ahead (ok even if I did, I am not sure that I would folow through with) to take any Nutrisystem meals. So do you have any suggestions on how to stay somewhat on track and still have the experiences of the local cuisine. I know that I will be going off track and will probably gain some if not all of my weight back and slow down the next week when I come home, so please dont lecture me on this...

My next shipment will be waiting for me. On the cruise unless I have my suitcases I never take the elevator I always use the stairs and I drink lots of water and plain unsweetened iced tea. Lots of fruits and veggies, but the veggies may be cooked in something... Thanks in advance for all of your help.....

Wish me luck lol.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Hi Dawn:.

No one's going to yell at you. I think the key to success when we can't be home eating 100%Nutrisystemmeals is to plan. It sounds like you need to call a counselor and talk to them about where you're going and how you may be able to make wise choices. And even if your choices aren't so wise, you can still get back on plan when you return..

Have a great trip (BTW, I'm so jealous)!!..

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Hi Dawn,.

Sounds wonderful - don't forget all the exercise you can get in while on board and off the ship. Lots of walking on the deck (cruise ships usually have deck w/a measured x laps = 1 mile), so you can definitely get your exercise in. There's all the off-ship exercise too - walking, swimming, etc. that you can try and make the most of..

Cruises do have a lot to do with food, but you've already learned a lot withNutrisystemand choices, so try to apply as much of that during your trip so that hopefully you don't derail yourself completely. You must enjoy yourself tho - !! If you overindulge, just move on to the next day - I do agree that a counselor can help you with specifics, but my 2c - go with the common sense approach and try to applyNutrisystem"theory" to your choices..

Good luck - don't forget the pics!..

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I just got back from a cruise 2 weeks ago with 6 different countries as well. I made a strong choice not to stress over food. I didn't try to eat on plan... and I ate what I enjoyed because this was a vacation. I wanted to try the local foods (cou cou is delicious so I've learned and so are Johnny Cakes) and have a nice fine dining experienc. I also didn't come home feeling guilty knowing that I probably put 10 pounds back on temporarily because I feel strong in what I am doing with my new lifestyle and had no objections to getting right back on track after we got home..

What cruise line are you using?..

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Thanks for all the replies, I guess alot of what I am missing is the moral support and by me asking and using these boards I am getting some great support.. Thanks so much,.....

I am going NCL from Barcelona to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta and we will probably skip the Egypt port.

... I am going to have fun but resonably.. I dont drink so I know I wont use up additional empty calories. And my last vacation on a cruise I actually lost weight and I wasnt even trying... I will post some pics and I will try to have some of the healthier choices I make.....

Thanks again.. I know when I come back I will have everyone to vent to....

<3 Dawn..

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I just got back from a 9 day cruise to Mexico. I tookNutrisystembreakfast, lunch and dessert bars. Most days I had no problem staying with the program for a couple of meals. The days on shore I ate what I wanted but did the portion control thing. At dinner on the ship I ate what I wanted but again tried hard to control my portions. I generally skipped the dessert on the menu and had aNutrisystemdessert bar in my cabin later in the evening..

I went to the fitness center on the ship about 5 of the days..

So, for me, the key was to remain active and eat very reasonably. And...I was down a pound when I got on the scale today!.


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Have a great time on vacation. Use some common sense. Drink your water. But do NOT deprive yourself. AND the day you get home, get right back on NS. 100% No BS..

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Dawn, have a wonderful time on your cruise! We're counting down to our next cruise in four months..

On every cruise I've been on there have been healthy selections on the menu, and I plan to focus on those (of course, eating in port is a whole different ball game!). I've never been on a ship that didn't have a gym, and you'll never get a better view from a treadmill! It sounds like you already know the drill and will take the stairs and such. Lots of walking in port and some active excursions will help, too..

When I travel to another country, it's important for me to sample the cuisineyou can't get to know culture without eating their food! But, as previously mentioned, you've learned a lot fromNutrisystemthat you can apply (like portion control). Have a fantastic time and enjoy yourself!..

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Use the steps instead of the elevators and take lots of walks around the decks..

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