Any GoDaddy shipping codes online? Wordpress hosting Q - boobs!

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I'm looking for a good reliable Wordpress host, and although I've already poured through a ton recommendations, times change...

So, today, who'd you recommend?.

Important factors:.

Ease of use.





And now.. mounds of tasteful goodies .. (I like casual non-prop settings).

I like them semi-covered....

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That don't mean shiart, you better be posting real titties right quick!..

Comment #1

Yep, boobs means boobs!.

I ain't answering your question or expressing my expert opinion on your thread unless I see some real boobies...

Comment #2

Try Mediatemple.

I know they have all the auto install scripts for ecommerce/wp and all that shit..

They are reliable too. Higher cost too though.....

Comment #3

Mediatemple provides an outstanding service (online since 1999). I've heard great things about them..

LiquidWeb also does (and it's been online since 1997- Also I think it includes full management)..

If you decide to go with LiquidWeb, please let me know so that I can pass you on my ref link as else that money would be lost. Anyway, this is your decision...

Comment #4

Just in case...

And finally...

I feel better.. and safer now...

Okay, give me the real lowdown from someone running multiple blogs and/or who has run a successful blog with good traffic for at least 2-3 years.. where do you go for...


Comment #5

MEDIATEMPLE looks very good, any more feedback? drawbacks?.

Same with Liquidweb, good recs guys, thanks..

Either one particularly challenging to learn how to set up? work with etc?..

Comment #6

You've been here since 2006 and you have to ask about a fucking wordpress host?..

Comment #7

Wolfe -.

That'd be me, asking for recommendations and feedback, yes..

I messed around with WP 3 years ago, and jumping back in.. I figured asking people.

Who have lots of experience with WP would be a good idea..

BTW - if you read my first post, I said I've read the old reviews, but that times change. Yesterday's host may no longer be a viable choice.

Pardon the panty yank, but do you ever see a newbie question and just move on instead of slinging an insult?..

Comment #8

WP installs like a lot of CPU/RAM, especially if you're using a complex theme or plugin. Since I don't know how many posts you want to throw on, I'll tell you this....

1-100 posts, any host would do, but the page load time is going to vary andi t's your choice if 4-8 seconds is kosher for a load.

100+ posts, get a VPS or get the site hosted on a dedi. I like sub 1-second load times so it's dedicated all the way..

It all comes down to what your service level expectations are, if you want instant load times, spend a few bucks. I cannot stand sites that have very little content and take 4-10 seconds to load, tells me that the site admin is a total amateur and doesn't care, so I try to make all my sites as fast as possible and that means VPS or dedi...

Comment #9

THANKS!!!!! that is perfect, and I've been thinking about a VPS or dedi since I want to run multiple sites on the plan..

I prefer fast load times, whether I have 5 or 5,000 posts, and I'm not looking for a cheap host that is worthless most of the time..

So, for the VPS or dedi, liquidweb good?.

I could start with:.


And 6-12 months (or as needed) switch to:.



Comment #10

Irony == liquidweb took 9 seconds to load the first link..

Get a cheap dedicated from softlayer and move all your sites to the one box...

Comment #11

Thx again...

$159/mo for the cheap dedicated box may be a little overkill at this time, but definitely something I'll consider if the projects turn fruitful..

I'd prefer to stay around $50/mo or less until then...

I plan to run Thesis, for what it's worth, and will built sites in XsitePro if that matters...

Any comments on Dreamhost?..

Comment #12

1) Go join the Webhostingtalk forums and read the host reviews in the dedicated server and vps hosting forums. You will find more info there than here as there are many detailed posts from people with obviously more time on their hands..

3) Download and install the free Colasoft Ping Tool. You can test and graph multiple IP's with this tool..

3) Go to the respective hosting offers forum and review the special offers that you will not find on the host's website - these include lifetime plan discounts and resource upgrades.

4) After you have narrowed your choices from steps 1 and 3, use the tool in step 2 to evaluate the test IP's that the hosts give out (there are also test files you can download for evaluation as well). Decide what datacenter location would be the best fit in terms of speed for your target audience..

Based on your "important factors", I would go with a managed VPS that offers CPanel/WHM and then jump into a dedi later...

Comment #13

Now we're rocking, thanks Wolfe and Jiz for the last recs, much appreciated...

And for you music lovers....

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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