With Nutrisystem do you use energy calories or Fat Calories to calculate points?

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First question I got is With Nutrisystem do you use energy calories or Fat Calories to calculate points? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... My love, devotion, craving, addiction to: French Fries..

Yes, they were my love. I had to have them, I adored them, I chose restaurants and destinations based on their french fries. I can tell you the best french fries from coast to coast, and even internationally. I was hooked, hooked, I tell you!.

But, did they love me back? Well, they must have, because they kept clinging to every inch of my body (with a special emphasis on my backside and tummy area). Yup, loved me, to 230 pounds..

Now, I ate other things (and drank too much wine, no lie), but, the one thing that was always there, always tempting, always the focus: French Fries..

People break their smoking habits, people break their drinking habits, people stop biting their nails, people even stop taking drugs...I had to break my french fry habit..

5 years today, french fry free. A record for me. And, finally, I think I'm cured. (My dreams of eating them are getting more and more infrequent, too!)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

OMG!!!!! I think your old love found me!!! I have to make myself not order those darn things whenever I eat out!!! Yes, it's a very powerful love, but I been able to stay away from them better.....

Comment #2

My name is Diana and I'm addicted to french fries. (French Fries Anonymous would be FFA...).

Thank you Pam! lol This is me exactly. It's my only craving. Definitely the toughest thing for me to give up. I don't know if I will ever be able to just do without! You are so strong!..

Comment #3

Congratulations on kicking the french fry habit Pam! You rock woman!..

Comment #4

LOL ... I miss fries from their home country in Belgium where they dip them in real MAYONNAISE ...groan. Never again..

Good job Pam..

Comment #5

Hehe. Congrats Pam, and I can totally relate. Just had my one year post-french fry anniversary last month. It really is getting easier, although i've definitely had visions of fries dancing (and pirouetting lol) in my head on occasion...

Comment #6


You've shown those little fried demons where they should go..

So, please tell me your secret to success. I can avoid potatoes, no matter what form they take, but.those fresh baked, yeast filled, best when loaded with butter or sinfully sweet toppings, breads and rolls ....

I'm still going through withdrawals, and I just haven't conquered the cravings - and somehow, those "allowable" breads/rolls, just AREN'T the same. Thank you for the opportunity to confess my sin, and lust. Help me be strong. Thanks for being one of the best role models and mentors here...

Comment #7

Roo: To me, it was just like a drug addict or a smoker, I just had to go cold turkey. I swear, I almost passed out a few times sitting at a stop light near a Mickey D's or In and Out and breathing in the particles of grease from the air (I'm being serious hit me that way) and being in offices everyday where french fries were being eaten for lunch. But, I knew that I just had to do it, period. They are my kryptonite...

Comment #8

That's it!!!! Same goes here, but in my area, the challenge places are - Panera Bread, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and all the restaurants that serve yeast rolls (O'Charley's is one that does rolls and makes their hb buns with the same dough - - YIKES!). I've.


Mastered the cold turkey, but still have the occasional slip up. I think it's more the aroma that attracts me more than the actual item, so as long as I can avoid those places, I'm ok. Now, if I can only get my employer to stop bringing in the Panera bagels <sigh>. I'll just have to think of you kicking my butt if I am tempted..

Comment #9


I just love this thread..

I am glad you said goodbye. You're the loser the fry isn't...

Comment #10

You rock, PamSB!.

Somehow, this French-Fry-Aholic missed your post yesterday! Congrats on 5 years "sober"! My french fry craving is gone, but oh, how the chips/salsa keep calling me. Darn!..

Comment #11

Frites - double fried!! I could do without the mayo, but frites are great...

Comment #12

Congratulations Pam on 5 years of being a recovering FFA!..

Comment #13

Pam, I'm stealing this and I'm gonna use it liberally in the Men's Room...

Comment #14

^ A lot of people around here could use quite a bit of that...

Comment #15

Congratulations Pam. You were in inspiration for me when I started. I think less than a year after you as you had not lost all of it yet. You have helped keep me inspired and going..

Thank you..

Comment #16

Yay for you! Pam you are the ultimate! Proof positive that we CAN control what we put in our mouths!!..

Comment #17

Thats awesome Pam!.

Cant wait til I get there..

Comment #18

That's great Pam. Have you tried other ways to have fries? Like homemade sweet potato fries? I've never had them, but I've heard they are really good...

Comment #19

Karen: I didn't look for substitutes or other ways of doing this. No, just none. Sweet potatoes/yams are a carb, and carbs are not on my plan, except for rolls with entrees. Others have the ability to play around, have all sorts of things that they seem to make fit. I can't. In order to keep my 105 pounds off, I have to be "clean" in this lifestyle of mine.

And, I'm happy as a clam living this way...

Comment #20

Congrats Pam! As everyone has said you are truly an inspiration to the rest of us!..

Comment #21

Hi Pam, you have been my mentor and inspiration since I startedNutrisystemin March of 2009. I had an addiction for french fries and chips too. I have not had either of these things since I beganNutrisystemand I too will never have them on my menu again. They are in the danger zone for me, and I like the me I am now too much to risk it! I reached my goal of losing 75 pounds in July of 2010 and I ain't going back..

Thanks for all the inspiration friend!..

Comment #22

Way to go on your 5 yrs sans fries..

Comment #23

Congratulation Pam!!.

Thank you for being here with us and giving excellent inspiration and advices..


Comment #24

Pam, You are so awesome!!! You have touched so many people. Besided the french fries, which is such a great acomplishment, I also loved your before and after pictures. The different in your legs was amazing!! Thanks for being there for everyone!!! You have given me great advice since I started in September. My family thanks you as well!!..

Comment #25

"Hey, Pam...want some fries?".

"Nope, don't need 'em. I'm happy as a....well, you know!"..

Comment #26

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