With godaddy web hosting, what happens if i reach my max bandwith usage?

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My first question is: With godaddy web hosting, what happens if I reach my max bandwith usage?.

My next question is: LATravel, LAHotels, etc. [Short - Less search volume].


LosAngelesTravel, LosAngelesHotels, etc. [Long - More search volume].

Which is better in your opinion?..

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Your question was: With godaddy web hosting, what happens if I reach my max bandwith usage?.

The shorter, the better.

From a SEO point of view, it doesn't matter if it's the first or the second pattern...

Comment #1

Nobody says Los Angeles here. We all say L.A...

Comment #2

I actually prefer LosAngeles.

I'm a big fan of short domains but I just don't like mixing acronym and keyword at the same time but that's just me...

Comment #3

LA is better. Look in Google search, way results more LA than Los Angeles...

Comment #4

Try to get both if possible. Else, it all depends. If your keyword is short, then go for the full LosAngeles. If it's long, then LA...

Comment #5

La =more results but also more competition, plus La is also the in Spanish. How well it works depends on how well you brand it...

Comment #6

That's not strictly true.

IMHO, from an SEO POV (accronym crazy eh? ), the search volume as well as the competition is all important. Plus people using search terms involving "la" in particular may not be looking for Los Angeles as someone else pointed out.

I'd go the longer option on this basis. It's not as if they are particularly long anyway.

PS in my analysis, in Australia "los angeles" is serached for many more times that "la" - possibly by a factor of 10...

Comment #7

I would prefer the LA one as "LA" is known all around the world to be Los Angeles..

Comment #8

La for lacity the shorter the better for me as well.

When you say la in google it goes to los angeles official site...

Comment #9

I like the call about LA for long keywords, los angeles for short.

But - another thing - LA and NY are obvious place abbreviations, but for non US residents, we tend to get a bit hazy on them after that. so if you're applying this rule to smaller states I'd go the whole name. AlaskaHotels, for example...

Comment #10

I agree the shorter the better but not always true.

If you type in LA it will give you a lot of sites about Los Angeles that of course is true if you use

Now, try to search in and see what you get. LA as Los Angeles is no where to be found..

Comment #11

As a reply to you, I'll just say this: It is possible to make "" rank high in SE's when someone types in "los angeles hotels". The HostGator name does not matter from a SEO point of view...

Comment #12

Seems to me it's an end user thing. LA is common when you live in the area, but as others pointed out, not so much if you're a visitor from out of the country. Remember LA is also the abbreviation for Louisiana...

Comment #13

I would suggest LosAngelesTravel, LosAngelesHotels as you probability be targeting people outside LA who intend to visit LA. I would type in full as I would not want to have unrelevant searach results...

Comment #14

Sure it is possible but the HostGator DOES matter from an SEO point of view. I guarantee it.

There are at least 200 factors that Google takes into account and the HostGator name is one of the major ones.

One clue that Google does take it into account is that it emboldens the search term if it happens to be an exact match as part of the HostGator name.

On another thread I theorised that even the extension can play a part in SEO -

IMO the SEO benefit of domains is oftehn overlooked by domainers when appraising domains.....

Comment #15

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