Will you continue Medifast foods after goal weight?

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Are there any foods you've discovered while on Medifast that, even once you reach your goal, you will continue to eat?.

For me, I'm a huge of the pasta substitutes: zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash..

I think they will become staples in my diet long after I'm allowed to have pasta again..

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Shiratake noodles-they make me feel like I'm eating pasta without getting the pasta bloat!..

Comment #1

I to am in LOVE with spaghetti squash! Had only tried it once before MF. Now I LOVE IT..

Comment #2

I will eat my frozen Medifast Brownie with a touch of peanut butter on top until the day I die...of this I am sure...

Comment #3

What exactly are shiratake noodles? I've seen them in a couple recipes but have never heard of them before...

Comment #4

They are tofu noodles. You can get them at stores like New Seasons or Whole Foods or whatever kind of store carries organic foods. I think you can also order them online. A whole package (one cup) is 40 calories and counts for 2 greens in your L & G. It isn't recommended that this be a daily meal because you'd be missing out on the nutrients you get in veggies..


Freedom has a great recipe:.


Comment #5

Oh and Chocolate Mint Crunch this point...I think I want them forever!..

Comment #6

I will eat Shirataki them! They are a noodle substitute made from tofu, I eat at least 3 times a week. You find them in the refrigerated section of the vegetarian or organic foods section...

Comment #7

Hmm ... I will have to pick up a package and try them. Thanks for the tip..

Comment #8

Having spahetti squash for dinner tonight. I still keep pretty closely to the L&G. I also still love the mashed cauliflower...

Comment #9

Spaghetti Squash, Zuchinni Ribbons, Mashed Cauliflower, Laughing Cow Light Cheese, Green Bean Lasagna... my husband asked me this question last night !..

Comment #10

I will forever continue to eat Chocolate crunch bars. Yum..........

Comment #11

I will eat the s'mores bars because they are delicious. I look forward to them...

Comment #12

I will always keep my Medifast hot coco and brownies..

I will make the portabello pizza's too..

Comment #13

Brownies, I swear they are better than the real thing and I have certainly tasted enough in my life to be an expert on brownies..

Y'all are making want to try spaghetti squash for dinner tonight. I have my old standard favorite waiting in the freezer, cauliflower mac & cheese. I will make that forever, so cheesey and so good...

Comment #14

Be sure to take the time to rinse them VERY thoroughlythe packaging liquid gives it kind of a fishy smell and a lot of people have negative experiences because they don't rinse/soak them enough before hand. The method on Freedom99's blog works pretty well...

Comment #15

I think I'll probably keep using the brownies (for a sweet), peanut butter bars, and pancakes. I'm diabetic so it's difficult to find things that are balanced between carbs/proteins. I know I'll continue to buy the Walden Farms blueberry and pancake syrup. I'll also always keep some sugar free jello in my refrigerator. It really hits the spot when I need a snack...

Comment #16

Medifast brownie topped with splenda lowfat cream cheese. Be still my beating heart.

I've always had a hard time getting in enough protein so the fact that I can have a low cal Medifast meal and add quick balanced protein/nutrition to my day will be a huge help..


Comment #17

I never would have believed it, but when I cook pasta for my family I don't eat it. I actually prefer string beans with homemade sauce, completely OP...

Comment #18

Wow, peanut butter with a brownie? How much and what does it count as? I am SO having this tonight!.

As far as eating long term, I will probably give up the breads/rice/noodles forever! Don't miss them much..

Comment #19

Buffalo. On the vegetarian list, the pizza burgers and the crumbles. And I'll probably cook a lot more with Eggbeaters.

I must try the noodles substitutes...

Comment #20

Well, the hot cocoa mixed with morning coffee, for sure, then keep the parmasan cheese puffs around for movie treats. Then the chicken salads with Bolthouse Farms blue cheese dressing...

Comment #21

I will use the pasta substitutes as listed. Walden Farms, brownies, parmesan puffs, hot cocoa, and weigh and measure my portions forever. I will never go back to eating the way I did before. I love so many of the Medifast meals that I will incorporate some of them forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #22

I'm keeping zucchini ribbons! Love them..

And, I never, ever thought I'd say this, but sometimes I really do crave a simple salad.

I will likely always keep a variety of Medifast meals on hand. I just can't think of healthy alternatives for such low calorie items...

Comment #23

I really like the soft serve...and pretzels...and bars....

I love that this food is so nutritious and portable!..

Comment #24

Zucchini ribbons, peanut butter bars, brownies, banana shake, parmesan puffs, cappuccino and hot chocolate..

Comment #25

Yeah...if I want to keep my weight off, I'll continue eating ALL the items on the L&G lists......those foods constitute my everyday meal plan items. Once my palate was cleansed with the 5/1, I started to enjoy all the vegetables on the lists. I always try new & interesting varieties of fresh greens when I find them at the store. Add to that some dairy, plenty of protein, low glycemic fruits & a few grains & nuts, and that's about IT for a maintenance plan. Oh, and I still do use the pretzels, puffs, bars & now the brownies....packets are an easy way to get in some 'sweet' foods and still keep the calorie/carb count low!..

Comment #26

Forever in my menu planner: oatmeal muffins, kurzweil's cauliflower pizza, peanut butter crunch bars and banana pudding shakes. I also like WF pancake syrup and bbq sauce. And Diet A/W Root Beer..

I am also trying new veggies/proteins. I've discovered I like spaghetti squash, cooked spinach and roasted radishes. This week's new veggie: eggplant. I tried making an eggplant dish decades ago, hated it and haven't gone near the veggie since. So I don't have high hopes, but I am keeping an open mind...

Comment #27

I will always make the cauliflower mac n cheese, cauli mashed "potatoes" and the hot cocoa in my coffee or with a little mint extract! So much better than the super sugary version.

I want to include Medifast a lot after maintenance but I also believe more in natural sugars, organic foods, etc and I know Medifast foods are full of artificial sweeteners. I'll probably try my best to totally phase them out...

Comment #28

I don't know what Medifast food I will continue to eat. I mean, when I first started Medifast pretty much everything tasted funny and off, so once I'm mainly eating real food again I'm not sure how much taste buds will accept the Medifast food. The caramel nut maintenance bars may always be a keeper though!..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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