Will this Dukan Diet/workout make me bulk up?

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First question I got is Will this Dukan Diet/workout make me bulk up? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. I have been on Dukan Diet since 14 July and have only now tried the Veg Fajita. What the heck is the fluffy sponge looking stuff in there? I tried to figure it out by reading the ingredients but still I have no idea. I tried to eat it over salad like I saw another Dukan Diet person talking about...Yuck..

I am very easy going when it comes to food, I have loved everything that I've ever tried so far in my entire life except Okra (plain, not fried, that's good) and licorice-.

But I can honestly say-YUCK to the veggie fajita mix. I'm going to check right now and make sure it's NOT on my next autodelivery. WOW..

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Yup, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Dukan Diet guys because they can help better...

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Textured vegetable protein. Which I actually like, but somehow I haven't worked up the nerve to try these things yet...

Comment #2

I love the Veggie Fajita's.....I wish I had more, and not due to get a delivery for awhile..

Have you tried Christina Gray's Mexican Pot Pie?..

Comment #3

Oh you have to try Christina Grays recipe for mexican Pot Pie! It is wonderful. I ordered 3 more vegy F's on my next order. It is so spicy and wonderful! Just try it...

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I got a few in a food trade, not my favorite either. I just put up a dinner post on the general BB, with a picture of how I used it. I've made something similar to Christina's recipe and it's good that way too. IMO, this dinner needs extra help, but is OK, with a little effort...

Comment #5

Use your imagination, spice it up, I like mine with onion, b.pepper, mushrooms, cilantro, squeeze of lime, and a splash of crystal hot sauce. Wrap it in a ww fajita wrap...its BOMB!!!!..

Comment #6

Will have to try it because I believe I have 2 more of these. Yes with some help (more than what I tried tonight) we'll have some success..

Thanks everyone!!..

Comment #7

Ok, I am the weirdo, let me just put it out there ahead of time. I love the veg fajita, and actually go on the trade board and trade for it. sorry but I find it the most filling dinner on this program.... which is a starvation Dukan Diet and leaves me hungry..... so I love it. it's full of protein, and filling.

Whatever I have. garlic, whatever. the spongy stuff is soy protein and if you cook it for long enough it's great. I serve it on josephs whole grain pita. it's awesome.

Followed by the veg lasagne, and then the mushroom risootto. other than that, I dont really like any of the dinners. the key is to leave the v.f. on the stove in a simmer for a looong time...

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I love the veggie fajitas too. I skip the tortilla and add some kidney beans instead along with canned tomatoes, peppers and onion. You do have to simmer it a very long time to get the tofu chunks soft. I eat it more like a soup...

Comment #9

I loveeeeee the veggie fajita! it's my fav!! I just bought a bunch from other members who hated them... I have like 30 of them at my house now! lol.

I use a low carn tortilla wrap which has 90 calories. I add 1 slice of fat free sharp cheddar cheese (30 cals)..

To get the consistecy that is the best, I have a mini "corningware bowl" (thick ceramic) that I HAVE to microwave it in. I have microwaved it in platic and it does not come out the same.... weird. I microwave it for 6 minutes and it is sooooooo good!..

Comment #10

I actually love the Vegetarian Fajita also! And since trying it in Christina Gray's Mexican Pot Pie recipe, I love it even more now! My new favorite recipe.....

Comment #11

This is one of my favorite meals! I add onions, bellpeppers, and canned diced tomatoes while it's cooking. I tend to go heavy on the added veggies and so I substitute extra veggies instead of having a fruit/salad serving. I also put lemon juice, onion powder, and garlic powder in it. I serve it on a low carb tortilla with ff sour cream (free food) and ff cheese (saved dairy/protein). It is so good this way. The most important part is the canned tomatoes- I don't care for it as much without them...

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I just had it for dinner. Sauteed onion, red and green peppers and zucchini while the fijita mix was cooking in the microwave. Then added the veggies and put in a whole wheat pita. Made a very filling and tasty dinner...

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I think I have 4 of them that I would be more than happy to give you. I've been using the a la carte option ever since I began 2 months ago. My free week always seems to include the veggie fajitas and the split pea soup. YUK! I'm assuming they're from the free week because there is no way I would ever order either one. They are up for grabs for anyone who wants them. Just send a note to my inbox and I'll take care of you!!!.

Jeannie "the great bradini"..

Comment #14

I like the VF, also. I save them for the evenings I am really feeling hungry. I add tons of veggies & seasonings and cook it on the stove...

Comment #15

Vege Fajita - yum my all time Dukan Diet fav... I treat it like a real fajita, cook stovetop with fajita spice (chilli powder, hot pepper flakes, tex mex spice, pepper) add diced cooked onions and peppers, serve with tortilla, NF sour cream and salsa - huge meal and excellent. Weird chunks are vege soy protein..

Comment #16

I never thought I would say this about a Christina Gray recipe, but I just did not like the Mexican Pot Pie that I made last night. I have to admit that her recipe made it edible and the flavors were nice, but I can't take those spongy bits...maybe if they were smaller, much smaller, like so small they are non-existant. So, I am willing to put my 4 remaining packets in the mail to the first person that sends me their address by PM...I just hate to waste food when there are people out there who like this ****. As they say, that's what makes a horse race...

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Here is my favorite way to prepare the Dukan Diet Vegetarian Fajitas:.

1. Pour 1 cup boiling water into a shaker cup, add fajita mix, stir well, cover and let sit at least 1 hour. (.

Don't skip this step! I leave it for a few hours..


2. Add 1 sliced onion (+/or your favorite veggies) to a frying pan sprayed with Pam Olive Oil Cooking Spray, and cook over medium heat until the onions begin to caramelize..

3. Add the mix from the shaker cup and 1 handful of baby spinach to the vegetables in the frying pan. Continue to cook until the liquid is absorbed to your preference..

4. Serve a ladle full of the veggies and fajita over a split open small whole grain roll/stuff into a small WW pita with lettuce and a little FF sour cream..


For the leftovers.

, I take 4 large romaine lettuce leaves or 2 steamed cabbage leaves and lay 2 slices of FF cheese slices inside them. I spoon the remaining fajita mix into the lettuce/cabbage leaves and roll up. If I use cabbage leaves, I simmer in sodium-free stewed tomatoes until heated through..

I count the cheese as 1 protein serving, the Pam spray as a free food or fat (depending on how much I use) and the vegetables as my salad &/ veggie portions..

Another way I like to serve this is to steam a couple of red peppers, stuff each with the prepared mix, and roast all in the oven..


Good health to all!..

Comment #18

I thought I didn't like these the first time I tried them (the first month or so), but since I couldn't trade anyone for the fajitas that I have, I made them tonight. I made the rest of the family tacos. I actually liked the fajitas this time!.

Funny how my taste buds keep changing. :-)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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