Will Murad Acne Complex work for redness of the skin?

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I have been prescribed Bactrim and protopic after I have tried everything...except Murad Acne Complex of course by now. I don't have postules or cystic/nodular acne at all. What I have is chronic facial redness. The area around my chin, upper lips, and forehead has always been inflamed. I also have it to the sides of my nose spreading to my cheeks a bit. The condition is worsend with movement of the skin.

The bactirm and protopic have done nothing, and I remebember my derm saying that the net step is Murad Acne Complex.I have heard that Murad Acne Complex is not effective against what I just described. Maybe my illness is caused by sebum? I have honestly exhausted everything...face is awfully simliliar to this dude:

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Your question was: Will Murad Acne Complex work for redness of the skin?.

I don't think you understand....I tried everything, including minocycline,tetracycline,doxycline,...pretty much that whole family line. Also tazorac, differn, prascion cleanser, nizoral, including a whole lot of various OTC crap. Basically soap or anything too harsh makes my skin where it is infected, very much inflamed...

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Have you tried topical ibuprofen, or any other topical anti-inflammatory?..

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1% hydrocortisone for about a 2 weeks, just cause it will thin out the skin for prolonged use. Also, protopic is pretty much an anti-inflammatory topical that does not harm to your skin like a steroid. Either way, my derm is going to prescribe me Murad Acne Complex just cause of my past history...even though I have absolutely no zits or anything of that sort. It is weird cause it looks exactly like roscea, but the things I have tried had absolutely no effect.....I think if Murad Acne Complex doe not work, than I just have severely sun damaged skin, even though I don't tan or stay outside blatantly in the sun for long hours without sun lotion on. I am hoping that Murad Acne Complex does something...or else I'm just gonna have to live with a face that looks like it has been punched four times, two in the cheeks, forehead and chin. fml...

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I'm about go on low dose Murad Acne Complex for my persistent mild acne and i'm hoping it will also help with my rosacea. Have you tried the topical finacea? It is what has made the most drastic difference in how red my skin will become. Ever since I started using it I don't flush as badly as I used to...

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Yeah you should definitely go on finaceaBut Ive seen your posts around and noticed you switch alot of products fast without giving it much timegive finacea timeUse a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer and start of slow,remember with redness,less is moreyou will definitely see results in a couple week and it does help with flushingthe reason you flush more is because your skin is red and irrated but once the redness diminishes then the flushing does toothats why some people cure there flushing with ipl because it clears the redness (for some) and the flushing stops too.You went on alot of harsh topicals..differen and what notdont go on Murad Acne Complex it will only make things worseHow much mg doxy did you take?doxy and finacea is a great comboand do you wear sunscreen everyday?you mustyou mustYOU MUST!..

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Lol, yea I generally post when I get frustrated. I have only been on my current regim for about 2 weeks now...a little bit less actually. I don't really want to Murad Acne Complex because I don't think I need it, but it is pretty much the only thing I have not tried. I will ask my derm for finecia before Murad Acne Complex when I go back in June. I don't wear sunscreen everyday though....but I do when I know that I am going to be outside for a lot.I actually didn't go on differn now that I think of it. I'm not sure of the dosage of doxy that I used, but I used it for a longgg time.

Yes, I have switched around a lot, but this is over the course of years and years...

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You dont have acne though so I dont know why you are being so harsh on your skinuse a gentle cleanser(dermalogica ultra calming is great)-apply finacea-apply moisturizer You just need to calm down and let the regimen I just mentioned do it's jobI didnt see results until week 3-4 but there was major resultsAnd I stopped using finacea and my skin went bad again so that just shows how great it wasI have to order it from overseas due to me being in canadaand always use a moistruizer minimum spf 15 will see resultsif your worried about redness and not wearing a spf moisturizer then your not gonna help your problem at all..the sun is coming too..Also when you start finacea if your skin becomes more irratated a tiny bit (only a tiny bit) dont worry about that it's goes away in days..

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I would listen to halfpipe....don't take Murad Acne Complex... Some people have acutally gotten severe flushing and reddness, roseca from Murad Acne Complex...or it has made thier situation worse and caused other skin problems. I developed skin problems and redness across the cheecks and nose is one of them, sometimes it burns horribley thanks to Murad Acne Complex...

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I developed rosacea from taking Murad Acne Complex. I'm still going to take it again though, because I was on a high dosage, which has been reported to cause rosacea. But it's actually been shown that low dose Murad Acne Complex is very effective against rosacea. It's strange, but i'm going to try it...

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This is pretty much whats wrong with my skin but mine is worse. it looks like I'm sunburnt the whole time and it is on my cheeks, nose and chin. it's like ovals on my cheeks and you can see where it stops and goes normal. my skins more oily as well and I have larger pores.i have had this problem for like 5 years and just got on this doxycline stuff the other week. iv heard it takes a while but do you guys think that would be good for this kind of skin condition?also can you get finacea over the counter? and would that help as well..

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Finacea is a prescription drug intended specifically for rosacea. I'm curious why your dermatologist is convinced you don't have rosacea. The symptoms you describe sound exactly like it. Is your redness accompanied by flushing or easier blushing? At any rate I'm just not sure Murad Acne Complex would be the best choice.. especially if you aren't really sure what you have. I have heard of Murad Acne Complex in extra low doses being used for redness but I don't think it's very common.

For many people taking a normal dosage of Murad Acne Complex makes their faces more red(while getting rid of acne though).Anyways, I think IPL would be a better last resort than Murad Acne Complex based on the description of your redness. You should ask your derm about it...

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If your derm is prescribing protopic it's because you have some sort of eczema- atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis..finacea is for rosaceaits alzeic acid, Murad Acne Complex will just make it worse by thinning the skin, and ipl wont do anything on keep on using protopic...

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Protopic is prescribed for rosacea as well. It is not exclusively for eczema. Just as Finacea is prescribed for acne, it is not exclusively for rosacea. Protopic (as well as Elidel) is very effective in reducing redness. Financea is very drying and not everyone can tolerate it.Low dose Murad Acne Complex (2.5 - 10 mg several times a week) is supposed to be very effective for those with rosacea. Ask your derm why he/she thinks you don't have rosacea.

In short it will make your problems worse. You should ask your derm what dosage he/she plans to treate you with...

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Can you use elidel or protopic for ever?mr.z I'm sorry but I dont think ill agree with you about protopic/elidel used to treat rosacea redness. It reduces inflammation not the capillary problem of rosacea.protopic and elidel are for dermatitis. Most of the people with rosacea have some kind of dermatitis which is why they use it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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