Will Medifast make me weak and tired?

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Hi all: I am new to Medifast and starting tomorrow. I am really hoping this is the answer for me, but I am really nervous about following the plan. There don't seem to be many rules, just eat the 5 meals and one lean and green. I guess I am used to WW and counting points, etc. What can I expect the forst week? Will I be starving? Weak and tired (I read that somewhere)? Bored w/ the food? Please help me feel more confident!!!!..

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Well, congratulations for choosing the best program there is in my opinion and I am in week 9. I have as you see a long way to go and have diabetes. Don't know where you are starting or if you have any medical issues, but here is how I felt week 1. Within one day I was experiencing dramatic decrease in my blood sugars and immediately by week 1's end had cut my insulin needs in half. Now I took their advice and didn't have anything scheduled for at least 5 or so days and I was so grateful. I was very weak, tired, listless, NOT at all hungry though.

You will find you will start to drink more than 64 oz's. I drink now at least 100to 132 per day. I haven't since week 1 had one day of hunger or temptation. I has been good for me. I have had no problem with the simplicity of the program.

Now I haven't tried any recipes because I don't yet want to explore and reintroduce any tastes that might stimulate something in me that just will make it harder. I do have the Torani Sugar Free syrups for the shakes and stuff. You can go to the Torani web site and they have an extensive list. You can add these to anything just about. I recommend the MediFast blender, it is amazing, right in the glass you need.

I have never used my shaker jar yet. I do get the ready to drink for work or being on the run. Stash bars and foods everywhere, the car, desks, diaper bags, etc. Don't be without food. Try to eat every 2-3 hours and try to finish by 9 PM is what I do so my blood sugars are level.

I have terrible swelling in my legs and feet, so remember your water. Remember your NON-Scale Victories (NSV's) and record them, they sometimes are more exciting then the scale ones. Find a thread on the discussion boards that you like and get support. I have a coach through TSFL, I love her. She gives me whatever I need.

I know this is long, but I know what you are feeling right now. The anticipation is so great and scary.

Good luck and remember, it is a new lifestyle, I know I will be doing some sort of MediFast plan the rest of my life.

Anytime go to my profile and check in and ask any questions of anyone, Vets or us Newbies'. I couldn't be happier. 42 lbs. in 60 days totally OP!..

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Go to Success Tools: Eat Right and print out all the PDFs. You need: lean, green, meatless options, condiments, and snacks. Don't skip meatless even if you're a carnivore, because that's where the cheese lives. Make sure you weigh your lean, measure your green, and get whatever healthy fats are required by your lean..

Then batten down the hatches and gut out the first 3-5 days. They are going to suck epically. But you CAN get through it, we all did! And if you stay OP, you WILL lose weight. Where else can you get such a guarantee?.

Welcome to MF!..

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The first week is really hard, but the results are worth every hunger pang. Everyone reacts to this plan differently, so it's hard to say exactly how YOU will feel. Today is day 7 for me and I feel really good, except for being cold. I was tired, cranky, and hungry for the first 1st six days, and I had a headache that drove me nuts. Each day though, I felt a little better than the previous. I am a very structured person and sort of routine oriented, so this plan is perfect for me.

It's awesome. I don't care about having a huge variety, so I don't get bored with my meals.

My two cents of advice: Make sure to measure everything - don't eye-ball it until you know exactly what 6 oz of chicken or 2Tbs. of salad dressing looks like - guessing can get you in trouble. A food scale and measuring cups are essential for success. Log everything you consume so you can easily determine what works and what doesn't if your weight isn't cooperating. Drink LOTS of water! Come to the boards for support when you need it.

No matter how your body feels when you first start out, DON'T GIVE UP. Push through and you won't regret it. You will feel fantastic before you know it...

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Some people sail through the first days and then there are the people like me who feel like poo for a while. I felt bad, like I had the flu, from day 2-5 but then started to feel lots better. If you feel headachy, drink some bouillon and/or take a pain reliever and the literature says to have an extra shake if you are starving the first couple of days. An extra shake is better than going off program because you are hungry. The main thing is to STAY ON PROGRAM no matter what and you will feel better eventually. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who sails through.

Check out the Mmmmm Recipes and Food Tips Discussion Board if you want ideas and ask the Registered Dietitians if you have questions of a medical or on program nature. Come to this forum and others often and you will get lots of support and encouragement. Plus, everyone likes to celebrate your successes too. Welcome!..

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The first week is definitely an adjustment period!!! I just finished week 4 this past thursday. My experience was typical of many others on this program. I wasn't starving, but I did start to get hungry right around the 2 hr mark, which I fixed as soon as I ate. The first 3 days I was very tired, felt kind of weak, and days 3-4 I had a crazy headache, but it went away with some advil. I went into ketosis about days 3-4, and started to notice the typical sugary/metallic taste in my mouth. Gum and of course drinking water helps with this taste(its pretty much there all the time, at least for me it is).

I had more cravings around week 3 than I did the first week, but they were manageable(it also happened to be thanksgiving week, so you can imagine the amount of food I was around) and I was able to stay OP(on plan).

Definitely keep a variety of foods. When you want salty, the puffs are a great snack! When you want something sweet, grab a bar or brownie or a shake. The ability to do this definitely keeps the cravings curbed, it has worked for me. Definitely be aware of your condiment intake, and keep the sodium as low as possible, but on the days you eat more salty foods than usual, I find drinking extra water can flush the body better.

Figuring out your trigger foods is helpful too, you may find a recipe on the board that can satisfy your missed food. For me, a trigger was pizza(by week 3 I would have done pretty much anything for a slice!), which I satisfy with the cauliflower pizza recipe(you can find it on the boards). There's awesome recipes and ideas on the boards...always look there first!!! They are great for all sorts of information!.

Good luck with your first week!!!..

Comment #5

Welcome to the Medifast Family!.

Everyone's experience is a little different.. for me I felt HUNGRY for the first week or so. My DH and I posted a list of our preferred meal times (ours are 9am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm, and 10pm) under a clock in our most often occupied room in the house and it really helped us stay on track and keep things in perspective. We could look at the list and the clock next to it and say okay.. it is just an hour until we eat again. We can just drink more cold water..

Just 30 min to go, we can do anything for 30 min - even be hungry.. It really helped us then..

The clock/meal times still helps to this day - now that most days we aren't hungry at all (love that Ketosis effect). It reminds us to eat so we don't wind up needing to double up meals at the end of the day to get 'em all in. We of course can't always stay with those exact meal times - but we use them as a reference.. "okay, so today I had to be up early so I"m an hour ahead.. or I got to sleep in and today I'm an hour behind".

For the first week I was tired, a little grumpy (DH was VERY GRUMPY), and had a headache for a few of the days. Hang in there, drink more water, take your pain reliever of choice for the headache (or if you want a little caffeine boost you could take Excederin which has Tylenol and caffeine in it). Remember that Medifast limits caffeine and does not eliminate it entirely. :-).

After that first week though we both got more energetic, the headaches stopped, and our hunger diminished. By the 3rd week we had to look at the clock to remind us to eat..

DH is almost done week 1 of transition after losing 48 pounds. I"m about 58 pounds down and delighted to continue. Medifast has been very easy for me compared to any other "diet" I"ve ever done (and trust me, I"ve done my share) - and it really has changed my whole conception about how to eat, which should help me when I get into transition and maintenance.

I look forward to hearing about your journey, and wish you every success. You are off to an awesome start by finding and reaching out to other MFers on the boards. (and yes, it took me a while to read Medifast as Medifast and not something less nice)..

Oh - and my suggestion would be to make sure you have a nice digital kitchen scale to weigh out your meats and vegetables. It is much easier than eyeballing the meat and you get way more veggies than you expect in your three servings if you weigh them.. they don't fit neatly in measuring cups after all!.


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Congrats on finding this wonderful plan! I'm starting week 4 and I have to say that I didn't feel that bad when I started. The first couple days I was a litlle tired and hungry, but not to bad. By day 3 I had all kinds of energy, felt good and didn't have the hunger pains. I did buy sugar free jello (4 pack), pickles, and celery in case I felt like I couldn't get thru with out a snack. I did have the celery the first 3 days, and I think I've had a couple pickles, and 2 of the Jellos in the 3 weeks so not to bad..

Water does help alot, I never, ever drank water and now I have no problem get all my water and then some! Hubby is finishing week one and he also didn't have to many issues other than a cold he came down with.

Good luck you can do it!..

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I too am starting MF. Began today, did it before had surgery and went wayyyy off the wagon. I know what to expect the first week so I'm ready for it. What I found last time was being very tired for 3-5 days. weak, I stuck to the meals like clock work and I drank loads and loads of water. After the first 3 days I was better as far as my mood and grumpy level.

Ready to continue the journey once more...

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THANK-YOU!!!! I can't believe the wonderful responses I received here. I am really hoping to find success here. Thanks for all of the tips and advice. I really appreciate it!..

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It's not easy but it's worth it!.

I hear the first couple days are horrid. I only had a slight headache and weakness on day one and have been fine every since! Drink plenty of water, if you like pickles have a stock of Dill pickles in your house, they make a wonderful low calorie snack and are crucial for me!.

Get rid of all tempting food in your house or at least put it away, Out of sight out of mind.

DO NOT plan on working out the first couple weeks, Let your body adjust without it and add that back in later.

You should never get bored with the food since theres so much variety! Keep your lean and greens mixed up, so you're not having the same thing every day.

And always come here for support, tips and advice. Even if you are just momentarily ready to cheat, come here and post and some one will motivate you to keep you on track!..

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You can find success here and do Great!.

Just follow the plan 100% and take it a day at a time..

Everyone is different, but I experienced a lot of weakness/tiredness for 2-3 weeks, but I was a CARB addict too. But I continued to follow the plan because the most miraculous thing happened after 4/5 days on plan, I WASN'T HUNGRY any MORE!.

Which for this over eater was a small MIRACLE!.

Also, the weight started falling off!.

So it was worth it for me to continue to follow the plan, despite feeling weak/tired..

That eventually changed and I had TONS of Energy!.

It was all worth it!.

You can do this and just know, we are all here to support you!.

Congrats on beginning your journey to Better Health!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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