Will Medifast change my butt?

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Does it ever go away?.

My butt and the back of my legs just below my butt have always had "that look" to them, and I just wonder if they'll smooth out even the slightest as the weight drops? I've seen some of my skinny friends have the same thing, so I'm not so sure. Will I ever be able to rock a bikini without a skirt or cover up for my butt & legs?..

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I think there's a pretty big genetic component to the cottage cheese butt. I'd take a look at mom and see what my chances are of substantial change...

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Check your thyroid. When I asked my doc about my bum, he was interested in my thyroid activity. It could have helped that my mom and sis have thyroid problems, but something to think about..

Dr. Murad has a book on cellulite where he had girls on a particular diet, and they lost it. Might be something you could look into when on maintenance. He also offers skin care products and nutritional pills for it..

For me, I have always had the cellulite at every weight, even my skinny-minny high school weight. I actually think it looked worse when I was skinnier. The fat kinda "rounds" it out :-)..

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Mom's been overweight my whole life, so I don't have a healthy sized genetically related butt to compare to. :-/..

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I do believe it is totally genetic ( as my mom suffers from the same thing) but I have been doing something for about the last 6 months and OMG it is a miracle!! All of it is almost gone.

About 2-3 times a week, I take the warm coffee grinds after my coffee is done brewing & mix them with some lotion. I then lather up my problem areas and let it sit on there for about 5 mins. Supposedly the caffeine from the coffee tightens up your skin. I thought it was bogus when a friend told me about it...and it was semi-annoying putting in the effort...but it has totally worked! And doesn't cost anything..

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Any thoughts for a non coffee drinker? Do the grinds have to be warm still? I know Starbucks used to (still do?) give theirs away for composting purposes. I don't have to tell them my real reason for wanting them! haha!..

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When I was a lower weight they looked 'better' but never totally fine. But yeah the cottage cheese originally started at my knee caps and calves and as I lose it's kind of crept slowly upward, which is good. The dimples come from the way fat is stored in the body- in a sort of honey comb. The less fat you have in those places and the greater muscle tone you have, the better it gets. Some people do that treatment where they essentially vaccuum-clean their skin which smooths out the dimples temporarily, but honestly WL is the best help for it. But yeah, I don't think it ever totally goes away.

I guess it just means my butt's happy to see me checking it out..

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IDK if the grinds have to be warm?! Maybe the same effect could happen with the middle of a tea bag after using it (if you drink tea) ??.

I also use one of those brushes with a long handle on a loofah sponge and "brush" by things and BOOTAAAAHHHHH while in the shower...

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Yeah well of course I have it now too, and Im sure once you get lower in your weightloss it should go away, after all it cant be that bad.....

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Found this online, I don't drink coffee either but figure I'll pick up a bag of ground coffee on the way home to try this.

Home Remedy: Use Coffee Grounds to Remove Cellulite.

Those expensive cellulite creams have one ingredient in common: caffeine! You can make your own cellulite treatment with caffeinated coffee grounds that works beautifully. Heres how:.

The used grounds work better if theyre warm. So it's best to warm the coffee grounds in the microwave. * Make sure they are not too hot as you do not want to scorch your skin..

* Put some newspaper on the floor of your bathroom..

* Mix about a quarter-cup of warm used coffee grounds with a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Stand on the paper and apply the coffee mixture to your cellulite areas using your hands or a loofah mitt. Dont worry if a lot of the coffee mixture falls to the floor; enough will stick to your skin to do the trick..

* Wrap the area in plastic wrap and allow to remain on for several minutes..

* Remove wrap and brush off excess coffee mixture. Shower with warm water..

* This procedure is most effective when repeated twice a week...

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Relatively speaking, I'm one of the few that doesn't have too much of a problem with this. I have some, but it's not much. I think genetics plays the biggest factor here...

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Cellulite is very much genetic...and the caffeine via cellulite creams or coffee grounds will work as a temporary solution so you will be able to wear a bikini ...just not ALL day the truth is it won't ever go away completely but you can make it less noticeable with things like spray tanning or the coffee ground solution...they also have those cellulite scrubbers that are supposed to increase circulation and help reduce the appearance of is probably the perfect time to do that since you're already having 2 liters of water while on the diet.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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