Will I not lose weight with Nutrisystem if I do not exercise?

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I'm starting to feel a bit sabotaged, but I have no idea where it's coming from. I started N/S 2/1, problems with the taste of some of the foods, but now with my third box, I am pretty well settled on what I eat, however, there's not much variety, which is fine because I really do like what I have, always mac & cheese for dinner and always Fudge Graham Bars for lunch, breakfast and deserts are really the only things I do have a few choices to pick from, but they are all good. From Feb 1st to today - April 26, I have lost 20lbs and am super jazzed about it. I am doing exactly what the book says to do. But today I only saw a 1 lb loss, and I went crazy all last week doing exercises all the time. I was so sure I would have lost more than one pound.

Certainly I'm happy that I'm still losing, but now this week is going to be no exercising, and I guess I'm waiting for a plateau, however, one of the counselors said I shouldn't plateau, and not having much variety shouldn't be a problem either. So why are things slowing down? The weeks I don't exercise, is there a chance I will not lose any weight at all? I wish I knew more about how the program itself worked. Seems to reason if I take in less calories with this diet, I should lose no matter what, isn't that true?.

Thank you for any help you can give..


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Your question was: Will I not lose weight with Nutrisystem if I do not exercise?.

No, less calories does not always equal less weight. You have to make sure you're always eating enough or you can hurt things.

But realistically, 1 pound is good. You've lost 20 pounds over almost 3 months so why are you expecting something bigger than that? As you get closer to goal it will slow down. There may even be weeks you won't lose anything. You can't let it disourage you...

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I started Feb. 16 and have lost 19 pounds as of today. That is an average of 1.9 pounds a weekthey very clearly tell us 1-2 pounds a week is what we can expect so I am happy with that loss. I have 36 more pounds to go so I am mentally prepared that the loss will slow down and there will be some weeks I may not lose. I don't like it but I am prepared for it. It sounds like you are doing fineI usually figure if I one lose 1 pound this week I can really hope for 2 pounds the next week but that may or may not happen.

What we do know is that exercise is good for you. I don't do the heavy stuff but try to get in plenty of walking. I hope you will not get discouragedit is a journey and at least you are one more pound down this week and not going the other way! Keep doing what you are doing and as Dori said, try drinking a little more water. Good luck...

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I find that on a week that I don't lose weight I may still be be losing inches. Are you checking your measurements? Wishing you great success!!..

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As I understand it....and this is limited....when you work muscles they break down and repair themselves each time. Repairing muscles need plenty of protein to repair themselves, PLUS they retain water in themselves to repair themselves and get ready for the next workout.

IF you worked out like a crazy woman last's a good chance you body went into a age old "protection response" to stop you from dying in the long cold winter. It's something our bodies do to protect itself.

You have to eat plenty of protein to repair the muscles, and Drink tons of water and RELAX! It's 1-2 pounds a week.

I'd seriously find something besides JUST the mac and cheese dinner to eat, too. I only eat 5 things for dinner but they are protein heavy. What about the grilled chicken? I shred it and add a tiny bit of BBQ sauce and nuke it till steamy, and load it up on an Arnold Sandwich Thin and it's fabulous! Have you tried the hamburger? Adding Worchestershire sauce to the boiling water in the little tray makes it really yummy...

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I lost an average of 1/2 lb. per week. It's not a race to the finish so long as you get there..


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I have been with Nutrisystem since January 13. Twice, I have had a two week period where I lost a pound or less each week and then it picked back up on the 3rd week just as mysteriously as it had slowed down. It didn't matter that I was excercising and eating properly, my body just didn't want to give up the actual numbers those weeks. Annoying?...yes. Was there anything that I could have done to avoid it?....nope.

I am 41 (almost) and this weight loss journey has been the easiest one that I have ever been on...not counting my divorce 7 years ago. The pounds melted away and I got to 122. Not a healthy or reccomended diet for anyone and clearly not one with staying power either as I am now a full on Nutrisystem sister!..

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Thank you all for your replies. I am definitely drinking enough water, but I still ordered their water bottle to see exactly how much I do drink, but it hasn't gotten here yet. This is the very first diet I have actually really liked and stayed on this long. The food I've winded up with I really do look forward to eating. I think the main thing that drew me to it in the first place is it said guarenteed to lose 1-2 lbs a week, and so far that has been true, so I think I freaked out that I was once again going to quit losing, and this is not a cheap diet, especially since the economy is so bad and my husband has been out of work since December, so I don't want to justify quitting by saying I'm now not losing and it's no longer feasible to pay this amount each month. I tried counting my calories before this diet, with no luck, but I feel with everything I'm reading on here I'm really learning a new way of eating right, which is also another reason I don't want to quit.

One of the counselors even told me that wouldn't happen, but I've now read where it hashappened to some people, so I will continue to stay with it and pray for the best. And Judy, that is probably a good idea to find another dinner, but I've tried some I just couldn't handle, and nothing else really appeals to me. I need to get into the tips and cooking section and see if there is anything I can use with the same effect, although I really do love mac & cheese.

Once again, Thanks everyone..

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I have an issue with too creamy and I could eat the Mac -n cheese. I only spit out 2 things......Chicken and dumplings and the Veggie Fijitas. Ran to the trash can! but they are others favorites..

I love the Flatbread pizza. I use half a wedge of Laughing Cow French Onion spreadable cheese and spread it on the bottom, then use the sauce and sprinkle the cheese. YUMMY!.

The BBQ chicken shredded is great. You should give it one try. Shred the chicken with 2 forks in a bowl, spoonful of BBQ sauce, and nuke till steaming. then a little mayo on a sandwich thin and lettuce and YUMMY TOO!.

I know it can be expensive, although honestly, we are spending less even with the add-ons and hubbys food he eats PLUS I've lost so much that I'm down from 11 pills a day to 5! Plus mostly generics!.


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Hi Judy, I am so impressed by the fact that you now have to take less pills. That was one of the goals I was headed for when I started this plan. I go see my cardiologist today, and am anxious to ask him about my pills. Regarding the meals. I haven't ever been much of a red sauce eater, and believe it or not, I may have tried eating ketchup one time in my entire life, and that was enough. I noticed quite a few of their dinner meals have some sort of red sauce in them, so I just completely steered away from them, and if you look at them, that doesn't leave very much to chose from.

Thanks for your response...

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