Will I lose weight eating Nutrisystem frozen meals every day?

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First off, Will I lose weight eating Nutrisystem frozen meals every day? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... X..

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

I would love to have some of your recipe's I have not even got my food yet. I am new hereis the food good? thanks so much..

Comment #2


Since I can only talk for myself I enjoy everybody sharing what they come up with. The ones I think I will like I will try. I thought this is what the boards were for, to share and to support. So I will say thanks for sharing...

Comment #3

Why do you let other's venom reach you? so what if your post only has one star?? so what! if you stop posting, then "they" (who ever they are) win. and since this is supposed to be a board for support for everyone, I for one find that appauling!.

Just keep posting and ignore them..

And if who ever "they" are doesn't like it, then they can go somewhere else, because they are obviously not supporting anyone..


Comment #4

I love your recipes! Why do you care what some of these people say and think?? Forget the dumb stars, they dont mean crap. Probably the people saying mena things, cant even boil water. I hope you keep osting your recipes...

Comment #5

I love your recipes too. Don't stop posting them!!! I am going to do Nutrisystem on my own at the end of this month I need your recipes!..

Comment #6

Jeannie I too love to see your recipes. Between you and Christina and Amy - I've got a whole slew of recipes using real foods (not that Nutrisystem food isn't real, but you all know what I mean)..

I'm emailing cause if you decide to stop posting here (although I agree if you do then "they" win so screw them and post away) I WANT your recipes...

Comment #7


Don't let those "evil" people bog you down. They just don't have anything to do. You are doing a good deed by sharing what you find good and tasty. Ratings don't mean anything..... Whatever you do, you will always find someone somewhere who will critique you or say something ill about what you did. So don't worry about them, ignore them and let them gripe among themselves.

Don't let them win by stopping the posting or feeling bad about it, that is their intention. Just ignore it and know that you are doing your act of kindness and by doing so, you will be blessed 7 times more than what you have done. Keep smiling..... we are cheering you on and sending you lots of electronic hugs... {{{{{ HUGS }}}}}..

Comment #8

Please don't stop posting your recipes! I LOVE them!!!..

Comment #9

At least you share, that is kind of you. A lot of us are newbie, trying to choke down some of the foods, (as we gained weight with bacons and all those greasy stuff). Those recipes help us a lot, make a gourmet out of boxed food. Don't get me wrong, they taste pretty darn good for a diet food. Anyway, thanks for those recipes...

Comment #10

I am totally new but I have to agree with others! Don't let someone else steal your joy. You are doing a wonderful thing sharing all of your recipes that I have been peeking at and am sure I will partake in one day.

Keep doing what you do!..

Comment #11

I love your recipes! Please don't stop posting them. Don't pay attention to those stars. I don't even look at them. I don't know why some people are so negative...

Comment #12

I LOVE your recipes too!! And I've only being see them for a short while. Please keep it up - obviously you are VERY appreciated around here, and someone is trying to ruin that! That is so pathetic and immature that someone would even spend their time rating all your threads a 1 star. Find something better to do with you time, hater!! We're all here for support!..

Comment #13

You must clearly be a very kind, compassionate and giving individual. Why else would you take time from your life to share with so many? Can't believe Nutrisystem is paying you for your time. You share with this community We are thankful and very appreciative..

Life is full of many, many wonderful people so many have written you here. Listen to them!!.

Life also has some real Turds in it just step around them, don't stop stepping!..

Comment #14

Ignore the stars, like the rest of us!!! Thank you for posting your recipes in the past and I hope you will start again..


Comment #15

I don't think it is just the rating she gets on her threads. I do think she has received some, lets just say not very friendly messages and emails sent to her. I really appreciate Jeannie and the time she takes to share and help others. It is a shame that some people don't appreciate her help and feel the need to tell her so. This is a support board and we need to support each other by whatever means we can, and that is all Jeannie is trying to do...

Comment #16

Please, please, please post your recipe for Chocolate Fudge Silk Mousse Parfait, it sounds so yummy!..

Comment #17

Have to agree with everyone else: Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Just like in grade school: eventually they will get bored and move on to something new. I am sorry that you seem to take it all so hard....though I completely understand how some people can really hurt feelings around here...both intentionally and unintentionally..

I hope you can focus on YOU and your Nutrisystem efforts. I am also one to appreciate anyone who takes the time to post recipes, tips, etc..


Comment #18

People can sometimes be SOOOOOOO ummm what's the word well, you know. I'd love the recipes, as I've been eating Nutrisystem for about 3 months exclusively, and I'm pretty tired of them. And yes, they work! I'm just weary, and I'd love to begin to think in terms of maintenance..

Thanks a lot - and this is from a fellow Army wife (and Army mom). We're tougher than those who make snide remarks. WAAAAAAAY tougher...

Comment #19

Thanks for the recipes - I'm just not creative enough on my own to figure this stuff out ... or I'm just lazy. Either way - thanks!!..

Comment #20

I would love your recipes, for some reason I can't get an email sent to you..


Comment #21

That is what "support" is supposed to mean. To be there for someone on their good and BAD days. Good attitude in not giving up on the boards. I have only been on Nutrisystem 3 weeks but have found a lot of good there. Will pray for your husband in Iraq. My son was in the first invasion and I am so thankful God brought him home safe.

It was.


Something. Have a great day!!..

Comment #22

Umm.. screw the recipes...


Don't let 'em get you down hot mama!!!!.

(oh, and don't really screw the recipes.. they are quite good...)..

Comment #23

I love the recipes... I too never saw the star ratings.... I will look in the future & rate your recipes. please send me the recipes..i have been printing them out whenever I see something yummy ....thank you .. another jeannie..

Comment #24

Hi Jeannie!.

I'm sorry someone is being mean to you..

You...and your recipes...are da bomb!!! Just remember that for everyone one person on here that is mean and childish, there are 100 that love you and love to read your posts!!!.

Thank you again for your willingness to share with the rest of us. I've learned a lot from you. In fact, the last 3 days I've been 100% on foodsomething I haven't been in months. I was just telling my husband that I'm not sure what it took for the light to get turned back on in my head. When I thought about it though I had to go back and tell him that I really think you and Christina inspired me more in the last few days than ever before to get serious about weight loss again. THANK YOU!.

Take care,.


Comment #25

Hey folks, don't be hatin'! I would love the recipes myself, and as a newbie I'm open to suggestsions on how to make this work. I just found that Frederick's of Hollywood is still around online - I want to lose the weight so by next Halloween I'm in one of their hot little costumes!!!..

Comment #26

Hi Jeannie,.

I am sorry to hear that you have had negative comments. It is hard to just ignore them, when you really want to help others. Please send your recipes to me, as I am fairly new to NS, and I constantly am looking for new ideas..

Thanks very much...

Comment #27

Come on, Jeannie, the rest of us cut and pasters are desperate here!!!..

Comment #28

I e-mailed you, but have not heard. Thanks!.


Comment #29

Jeannie, I'm new to Nutrisystem and would love to receive your recipes. God bless you for sharing, that's all that matters, what people do with the gifts you share is out of your hands, just know that those who do appreciate the recipes thank you. My email address is.


Comment #30

Hi Jeannie,.

I have a questionon the days when you use the ProtiDiet Bars for an afternoon snack, is it replacing the protein AND your fruit that Nutrisystem would normally require, or just the protein?.


Comment #31

I am new- this is my first week - please e-mail me your recipes !.

Thank YOU.


Comment #32

Please e-mail me your recipes. And don't get down on what other people say or think. You are doing many people here a great service..

I am thinking of making this next autoship order my last and I need to be able to do this on my own. So I would really appreciate this..

Looks like we both have our husbands gone right now to. Mine is due home for R&R next week. Where are you stationed? We are stationed here at Fort Stewart,GA...Hope you read this!.

Thanks so much.....

Comment #33

I'm new here. I started once before but had to quit before I really got going. Please send me your recipes. Very much apprecilated. Thanks!.


Comment #34

Maybe this comes with age- I wouldnt give a rat a-s, what others thought about me. Girl, people love to hate, just because they are miserable. Keep posting for us non-cookers! I love the recipes with pictures you and Christina actually might inspire me to one day cook a meal...

Comment #35

Hi Jeannie - I would love your recipes too - thanks so much for taking the time to write them up and share them with others!!! I agree - screw the nasties!! I had two nasties on my back a bit ago - maybe the same ones?? Thanks again so much!!.


Comment #36

I spent the day on your website, reading all of your info and really enjoyed all your pics and thoughts. I didn't even know you had a problem. There is always someone who is jealous. I come here tonight to read the DBs and see you have some sort of problem. I'm very sorry I enjoy your site, I have it on my favorites. Keep up the good work for all us lazy people, who can use your ideals...

Comment #37

I am fairly new here also and kinda shy ,so I don't post much .Could you e-mail your recipes too? my email is.


K you..

Comment #38

Jeannie !.

I appreciate you and support what you're doing for others!.

Ignore what you can't change.

.... and there are some really strange people out there who you cannot change!.

Keep up the GOOD JOB !!!.

Ps - I'm emailing you for all those wonderful recipes!.

Thanks in advance!!!..

Comment #39

As a new comers, I ask that you please continue to post recipes any and all, and the more the better. It really helps us beginners..


Comment #40

By clicking on jeannie's user name on the (left hand side of her post), you can view her own page which has her terriffic recipes. Everyone check it out. She has really done a lot of work on this and she deserves a lot of credit for how much she is sharing with everyone! Thanks, Jeannie!..

Comment #41

Thanks Jeannie for posting the link to your recipe blog. It really means so much to everyone to have such wonderful eating healthy ideas. You are an inspiration to so many. Keep up the great work...

Comment #42

I can't seem to find the recipes. Am I being technically challenged?? If you need to e-mail it's:.

Started Nutrisystem 2 months ago & am down 15 lbs! This program really works!!.

I really appreciate people like you! Keeps me motivated!!!..

Comment #43

I love your recipes and I think you are a awesome person...

Comment #44

Looking forward to your long list of new things. Keep 'em coming!.

As someone who uses cookbooks as her kitchen 'bible', I need people like you to post recipes. I wish I was as talented in the kitchen as some of you here on NS. Maybe someday the recipe on how to make my own recipes will come along, until then ... thank you!..

Comment #45

Hi Jeannie,.

I am another one of your fans. I think your recipes are awesome. I have e-mailed you. Thanks for all your work..


Comment #46

Just popping in to tell you that I love your recipes and thanks again for all of your hard work. What you do for your Blog means the world to me. Happy thoughts for you today and always!!!..

Comment #47

I was looking at your *NS recipes*, and they are not Nutrisystem foods per say..excellent, thank you!!..I will continue to order Nutrisystem foods till I feel I am ready to go olut on my own(and hit my goal weight) and will save your recipes till then..I feel so much better now!..

Comment #48


I am new 2 NS,2weeks in,and I would love your receipes. It looks like you have a great following so I will be checking in often. You can email the receipes to.

Thank you...

Comment #49


Thank you so much for sharing recipes link with us... you have some of the greatest ideas......

Comment #50

Jeannie, these are some great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your recipes (and the pictures of the foods are appreciated too!). Even at goal, I am constantly trying to find new things that fit in this lifestyle. Hugs!..

Comment #51

Jeannie, thanks for posting those recipes! I love to "compare notes" with other NS-ers. I have bookmarked your blog..

Happy for ya that your hubby will be home soon!..

Comment #52

Love you Jeannie: My first 30 pounds if weight loss included many of your recipes and suggestions. Hope your hubby an Isabella are doing great...and you too!..

Comment #53

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