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I had registered the domain name prior to the release of the the book. It was at one time a site about Halloween. Now it is parked..

Question is can I sell this domain if someone asks?..

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"prior to the release of the book" means almost nothing - the book name had already been released, and I'd be dollars to donuts that is why you registered the domain.

Zz's answer of "yes" is unfortunately so lacking in explanation that relying on it could get you into hot water (Is THAT how Harry dies? )

Shows December of last year, and shows that while the nameservers are set to Sedo, the name still redirects to GoDaddy's generic parking page for me... any reason the sudden switch?.


Comment #1

Domain name:

Created on: 2006-12-21.

Expires on: 2008-12-21. was registered by Christopher Little Literary Agency they are the ones going to publish the HP book. the domain was registered on the 12-21-06 and your domain just happens to be registered on 12-22-06, Im sorry but I think you are trying to make a quick buck off domains like this, I was reading your other post and Allan is right you have bitten off more than you can chew, if I were you, I would stop reg'd TM domains, you seem to know that doing so they will come after you.

Edit, it's Harry Potter not Peter...

Comment #2

Its also Harry, not Hairy. it's meant to be a play on words..

Comment #3

At one time a site about Halloween... how long ago was that... way back in late late 2006???.

Cybersquatters are amusing at times...

Comment #4

Honest and frank reply Thank you for that yet to call me a squatter is not what I had expected and unfounded.

I am not a "Harry" expert nor could I even tell you the names of any of the books. Didnt even see the movies.

Actual information is that one night late I was putting names into name dot com to see what was available. Way too many tries to admit..

The name showed as available. So I registered it because I thought it was catchy.

Mabye it was in my subconscious from something herd in the background or seen But with all honesty not relating to Harry at the time. Not till today that I knew the release date of that title..

I made a webpage about Halloween and the origin, Just to try my skills. No adwords affiliate links etc... Thats the honest truth..

Lasted about 30 days then I f@@ked up the page and deleted it..

Wasnt till later I knew.

Parked it just to have a place to hang a hat.

With the info you experts are telling me it is best to let it be. Have made $0 with parking so no big deal to remove it.

Really I appreciate the advise. Thats what I wanted to know..

Believe it or not that is how I got the domain.

Frank but honest. I respect that.

With good advise I have removed the domain from parking...

Comment #5

Honest and frank:.

You will never convince me that you "randomly" stumbled across "DeathlyHallows.whatever" one day after the name was announced..


Especially when this post is taken in conjunction with your other recent post about the W W E issue.


Comment #6

Dosent matter's .name.

Might as well have regged .sucks.

The domain has no value what so ever to anyone..

Comment #7

For some reason, I'm not buying that explanation.

From what I've seen of you on this forum, you do appear to be a cybersquatter. Too many domains to be a coincidence or for all to be accidents.

So you shouldn't sell the domain, but I don't think that it's worth anything domains are worthless.

Seeing that Christopher Little Literary Agency owns all majors TLDs of "deathlyhollows", I'm sure it's only a matter of time until you hear from them...

Comment #8


I've edited your thread title. I can appreciate the humor in "Hairy Peter" but I'm not thrilled to see that title showing on the homepage every time somebody posts to the thread.

Thank you for understanding...

Comment #9

I always think first of .com when thinking and or registering a domain. So I check for the .comIF it is reg than I check the history of it or website, to see if there is any conflict with my idea. Of if it would hamper my site.

Why?, Why? oh why? does everyone think I am a squatter. And if all fails recreate the Halloween site you deleted and put it back up....Enough said...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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