Will godaddy remove my site files/data one the hosting period expires?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Will godaddy remove my site files/data one the hosting period expires?.

My next question is: I got an email from Moniker that they're putting in some security changes. No.

Idea of the exact date when all of them will take effect, but one of them did.

Say we'll "be prompted to select and provide answers to two secret questions".

Starting November 12.

However, one of the changes requires you to practically change your account.

Password every 3 months. Personally I don't mind, but I'd imagine others can.

Find this...inconvenient.

Contact your account manager about this and let them know your thoughts if.

You feel this is important. Mods, kindly merge this with any other thread about Moniker's email, if any. Thanks...

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Your question was: Will godaddy remove my site files/data one the hosting period expires?.

I hope they reconsider this one, and I emailed my rep about it. It isn't a big deal, but is a nuisance. None of my banks require these frequent password changes, nor do any of the dozens of other registrars I use. I'm sure many of us here have dozens of registrar accounts. Imagine if they all did this!.

Also, this could combine in a bad way with Moniker's new policy of locking out accounts after too many login attempts. People may forget their latest password or type their old one in and end up locked out of their account. Then they have to contact Moniker support, which is already overburdened and often unresponsive even without all the new support requests these policies will bring.

I'm surprised they aren't also instituting a policy that passwords have to be at least 10 characters long and contain at least two punctuation marks and a mix of upper/lower case. That usually goes hand-in-hand with the frequent-forced-changes policy. Both are well known to lead to passwords on sticky notes attached to monitors or under keyboards...

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Very good points.

I am sure though some accounts are being comprimised and passwords are one area they get attacked from...

Comment #2

I personally find it hard to come up with passwords that are hard, but still easy to remember.

And Cronus has a very valid point...I recently changed the password to all my accounts, but I still typed in my old password for my godaddy account about 5 times before realizing that I'd changed the password...this could definitely lead to account lock ups..

Comment #3

Hope it just accepts a password used before..

Or else, many will run out of passwords, then forget their passwords too often...

Comment #4

I would highly recommend spending the $30 or so dollars for a program such as RoboForm (password manager and form filler). Allows you to assign a unique password to every account, without having to remember each one, and includes a password generator. Just make sure you keep a hardcopy of all the info somewhere...

Comment #5

I beg to differ.

Everything in clear, this is extremely dangerous.

Like me, I use a notebook (NOT the computer laptop), write down username and password that only you know how to UNcode it. (just remember your coding technique that applies throughout).

Just mho.


Comment #6

At work I have to change password every 3 months, so nothing new to me.

Though I also think they could make that period of maybe 6 months?..

Comment #7

I'm glad they're taking this seriously. They're doing the right thing, absolutely. If fact, now they're doing it better than most of the other places.

OK, it's a little inconvenient, but if you were ever one of those people who found your portfolio hacked and prime names stolen you'd be furious with Moniker for NOT taking such actions.

My company enforces a password change policy too. It's a little inconvenient, but you get used to it. You just need to keep your password in a safe place, that's all. If you're not doing it already, then this should help push you into getting organized, cogent and responsible about it...

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I manage 300 or so websites each of which has an account password, an email password, and frequently a database password. I have a system to make all of them unique without having to write them down. When Moniker forces me out of my system it's a lot more than "a little inconvenient"..

Comment #9

I agree, it should be an option, not standard. I don't like it...

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Changing the passwords every now and then is not really making things easier, still I am glad to see Moniker is really taking security seriously. They are still the only registrar going really far in terms of security, they for example manually verify every HostGator transfer to prevent theft. So in general I am happy to see Moniker is taking HostGator security seriously, and the majority of their new rules please me.

Of course the most secure would be that for every outgoing transfer you need to sign a contract and send it to the registrar by fax. If any registrar would use this system, I'd be a customer straight away because I believe this is the safest way of dealing with domains...

Comment #11

You put it kindly. Personally, I think it is a PITA. They haven't lost a HostGator yet, so their system for the past decade must have been doing something right. I see these changes as unnecessary and an added burden...

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