Wii Active and Medifast?

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Worth it or not? Or some other 'home' program? I have the 20 minute shred by Jillian Michaels.... should pull it out.... we have a pool... not swimming in it until atleast April or May.... brrrrrrrrrrrrr...... wanting something other than walking... thanks!..

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A Wii? Worth it is an understatement! It is the best! However I only have a handful of DVD's I find worth having with the Wii. I do not like games. I want to point and click and work out. I do not like the DVD's that require one to do this to unlock that in a game fashion, not when it comes to working out. Wish I could have tried some of the DVD's prior to purchase..

The best DVD's in my opinion are the Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active Personal Trainer, EA Sports Active More Workouts, and EA Sports Active 2. The EA Sports DVD's being the best..

The EA Sports Active 2 just recently came out and has a leg band one wears that works great (rather than a strap and the nunchuck) and has a band on the arm one wears that shows the heart rate in real time on the TV screen..

A must in my opinion with the Wii is the Wii balance board (with a riser from Amazon) for step aerobics and cardio kick boxing. Another must is a rebounder. I have a Needak and it is great. I do the majority of my Wii exercising on the rebounder. No way I can do it on the hard floor. The rebounder also has alot of great health benefits..

So yes, the Wii for working out is terrific and it is what one makes of it. I have set up a program to do interval training (running) using the EA Sports Active 2 and rebounder. It is a workout indeed. It is also fun. Just one example of many workouts I have set-up using the Wii. A great workout indeed..

Just my opinion..

Have fun!.


Comment #1

I asked for "Walk It Out" (for the Wii) for Christmas. I saw others post here that it was fun to unlock the various songs. Will keep you posted if I get it and enjoy it.

I like Wii Fit Plus. I also have Dancing With the Stars... don't laugh. It's kinda simple but gets you moving. I've read that in general you don't burn as many calories with Wii workouts, but for a fun evening of "playing" games that get you moving vs. sitting around watching tv, it's a no-brainer!.

They have risers for the balance board? Glad to learn that... because the step aerobics aren't very aerobic with the flat board. :P..

Comment #2

I like my Wii a lot and I like it even more now that my little Mii doesn't sigh and say, That's obese" every time I get on the board. She and I are a lot happier now...

Comment #3

I like Wii Fit Plus and also Just Dance is a lot of fun..

Comment #4

I love my Wii. We have the Wii Fit and all the Just Dance games. It is a great way to get the family moving with activity. I love seeing my Mii getting smaller. I have two younger children, and my Mii was so FAT when I started. It looks like a huge blimp against the younger children...

Comment #5

As far as burning calories with the Wii it depends what one does. Playing "games" is not going to burn many calories, but one can use the Wii as a true workout. When I run using the Wii fit plus "free run" on my rebounder for 30 minutes I burn about 400 calories via my body bugg which is very accurate.

Using the EA Sports Active Wii DVDs are an incredible workout. The cardio kick boxing is a great workout. The riser for the balance board is great and makes it like a true aerobic stepper. The Wii cannot accurately count the number of steps when one uses the riser, but that does not bother me as it is a timed exercise anyway.

All in all it is what one makes it and I have found it to be a terrific workout if you workout just like any piece of workout equipment can be easy or can be a real workout if one works out..


Comment #6

Thanks ladies... maybe I should have clarified.... we have owned a wii for many years... was just wondering if any of the 'active'..... games, like you have posted about were worth the $$.... and it looks like they are...... thanks!..

Comment #7

Had to throw in my 2 centsit all depends on what you like to do. I LOVE to dance so I love Just Dance (Just Dance 2 just came out! Hoping for it for Christmas!) I also own EA Active which I like, but not as much (just because I like dancing better) A friend of mine LOVES Gold's Gym Cardio because it's kickboxing. I personally am waiting for the ZUMBA wii game!!!!!!..

Comment #8

I THINK I'm getting the WII Zumba game for Christmas (since I specifically told my son that's what I wanted). I've never done it before in a class or anything, but it looks like a lot of fun...

Comment #9

Just yesterday I purchased a Wii and Wii Fit Plus bundle at for $249! I can't wait to get it..

Comment #10

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