Why won't my godaddy website work?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Why won't my godaddy website work?.

My main question is: Theme: GeoDomains.

Venue: Live & Silent Auctions.

November 15-17 * San Francisco.

This thread is for those who have submitted domains for this event, those attending the event and anyone else who is interested in discussing or learning more about this event...

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Your question was: Why won't my godaddy website work?.

Do you have to be a city HostGator owner to attend this event? I am interested in GEO domains but do not currently own any, and want to learn more...

Comment #1

Just heard back regarding one HostGator being considered. Moniker asked if I would lower the price. I did agree...

Comment #2

I'm still waiting to hear if any of my submissions have been selected or if Moniker is requesting that I lower a reserve or two. I'll post when I receive any notification from Moniker regarding this event...

Comment #3

Has anyone heard anymore from their Moniker rep about when the auction list will be released? it is now less than three weeks until the auction...

Comment #4

All I know is that there r not interested for tv domains.....

Comment #5

Still awaiting to hear if any names have made it or if it's been rejected!..

Comment #6

Wouldn't be in your signature by any chance.

Standard procedure from what I have seen...

Comment #7

They asked me to lower reserves on 31 of them, haven't heard back yet if they made the cut however...

Comment #8

I think these live and silent auctions will produce some big results. I haven't heard back from my rep yet regarding my submissions or when the auction lists will be posted but I will post here as soon as I hear anything...

Comment #9

Hi all,.

Just a quick note to let you know there will be a number of us from at the 2007 GeoDomain Expo in San Francisco, November 16 to November 17.

If you are going, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!.



Comment #10

I was asked to lower the reserve on one name I submitted...

Moniker's usual process is, first, maybe to ask you to lower a reserve on domains they feel are set too high...And, later - very shortly before the auction - they ask you to confirm (by clicking a link) final permission to auction specific names from the list you submitted...

If you don't hear about the latter - your names didn't make it into the auction...


Comment #11


The event starts in a few days and the live and silent auction lists are posted at the above link. There may still be a few changes but revisions have already been made so I expect these lists to be final...

Comment #12

I hope there are a few NPers who will update the silent auction bidding for this GEO event as several did for the last T.R.A.F.F.I.C. event. if you are attending this event, please post any interesting news or activities while you're there. the rest of us will certainly appreciate it...

Comment #13

Why oh why won't Moniker do this.

Not difficult and great for customer relations and would probably encourage more bidders.


Comment #14

You're absolutely right wot. I don't know why I didn't think of this myself. thanks for the suggestion. i'm gonna email my rep now and ask that they post updates here and I hope a few other NPers email their reps as well...

Comment #15

I emailed my Moniker rep requesting that someone from the Moniker staff post frequent silent auction updates on the Name Pros message board while the silent auction is in progess.

Please email your rep and request the same so the considerate NP members who currently post updates can get some support and relief...

Comment #16

The HostGator authorization for the GEO auction is now being sent. I just received mine a few minutes ago. These people work LATE!.

If you do not receive an authorization, then your domains will not be going to auction.

Good luck at the auction everybody,.


Comment #17

Got mine too tonight. I've got one going into the silent auction. Big props to Frank and Sahar, inspiring me to get into this biz... it's a great feeling!..

Comment #18

I received mine as well. Hope my domains sell for a big price!..

Comment #19

I think I'll be spreading the word a bit more on the upcoming Moniker/Geo conference auction. Attracting the attention of advertisers and media, and other industries. The video of the auction is definitely a step above audio-only...

Comment #20

I rec'd an email from my Moniker rep saying that HostGator authorization emails are still going out over the next 48, for those who have names on the auction list but have not rec'd their authorization email yet, stay patient, you have not been forgotten...

Comment #21

The Associated Cities Geo event is underway in San Fran. if anyone attending has any interesting activity updates, please post. thx...

Comment #22


Monte Cahn of Moniker just posted the above comment in the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. thread. If you want to bid in the GEO auction, he wants to hear from you...

Comment #23

Here is a link from Moniker for the radio broadcast of the live auction:

The details: Broadcast begins tomorrow (Saturday) Nov. 17, at 1:00 PM PST.

It would be nice to have some details on the silent auction too, but that would require somebody to actually post updates. I have two domains in the live auction, so I know I will be tuned in to the radio broadcast! We may have to wait a couple of days for updates on our domains in the silent auction. You all know how it goes in the silent anyway... no major action until the last few minutes... people just love to snipe at auctions.

Good luck everybody, the show is about to begin!.


Comment #24


For those of you looking for info on the live auction, it is in the previous post.


Comment #25

Thanks for the link to the live auction audio Marc. good luck with your names today. I wish you HIGH BIDS. I have eight in the silent so i'll be waiting for my results.

Good luck to everyone with names in. cheers!!!..

Comment #26

Yep, good luck to everybody in both the live and silent.

The live can be seen via the streaming link above. The silent... well you know how that goes. The silent takes place in the last few minutes so updates aren't all that meaningful.


Here is an update. Apparently there is some major confusion on auction starting time between the time posted on Moniker and the time posted on Geocities:.

You go to Moniker, and they say that the live coverage starts at 1:00 PM PST.

If you go to geocities, they say it starts at 12:00 :

So if you want to track the LIVE auction, I suppose the best thing is to do is tune in to the link below at 12:00. If it starts at 1:00 then you will be ready and waste an hour:.

Link to live auction radio:

...sheesh... you would think that Moniker/Geocities could at least agree on the starting time for their own auction!.


Comment #27

The live auction is underway. Listen live through the link above...

Comment #28

Does the silent auction start after the live one ends? Any reports on the silent auction will be appreciated.

How to access auction chatroom? Thanks...

Comment #29

Live auction and chatroom:

You may need to contact Moniker to sign up for the silent auction:

Comment #30

Wow... it sure would be nice if Moniker upgraded from that 300 baud modem they seem to be using for the uplink.


I just found a good link for static feeds via html if you are having problems with the live feed. Check out:


Comment #31

If the attendance at the live auction was so bad, my guess is that there aren't going to be many live bodies bidding in the silent auction in person which will cut down the outbidding process. If most bidding is online, I suppose the interest may be more sparse than the live auction. Those names that get bids will probably not get much competition. Too bad, but good luck to all with names in the silent...

Comment #32

I will be posting silent auction updates here as frequently as I can. as of now, there are no bids on anything in the silent auction...

Comment #33

No bids yet. for future updates, please visit the thread link below for the last Geo auction news, updates and comments

Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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