Why lumps in Medifast cocoa?

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I've tried microwaving the hot cocoa and using boiling water with it (which was better) but I just can't seem to get all the powder dissolved? What is the trick to this? I have used the soaking of the soups and chili to great success, but even after stirring it for what seems to be forever, I still have lumps in my cocoa!..

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Start with a small amount of liquid, and blend it into a paste, getting out all the lumps, then slowly add the rest of your liquid as your stir..

Some people swear by using cold to do the paste, then add hot or microwave. I do it with hot coffee, and it works fine for me..

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I just used hot water, a mini whisk and some elbow greases. Never had a lump...

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I have to invest in a mini whisk! I use my larger one for the pudding and it works out great. Thanks for the advice!..

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I put half the amount of water in a shaker jar, add the cocoa and shake the crap out of it. Then I put in into a mug, stir in hot water to the top and give it a quick zap in the muker..


Comment #4

I use an immersion blender on the whole mixture, then pop it in the microwave. Works like a charm!..

Comment #5

A small whisk is what does the trick for me. I put the water in a mug (not hot yet), empty the packet into the water, whisk until smooth, then microwave. Never had a problem. A whisk small enough to work in the mug is the secret, I think...

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I actually put the cold water and powder in my shaker and shake it vigorously for a few minutes (good arm excercise!) I then pour it from the shaker into the mug and then microwave it. It can be a little frothy (great for the cappucino) so let it sit for a bit if you don't like that. But......No lumps!..

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I use about a quarter cup of cold water to mix all the lumps out with, then add the rest of the water and stir again. THEN I put that container of mixed hot cocoa in the fridge (covered) and leave it for at least 6 hours (and sometimes as much as 24 hours) before stirring again and microwaving to heat.

I preheat the mug I'm going to drink it out of with hot water while I'm heating the hot cocoa in the container I stored it in.. dump out the hot water and pour in the hot cocoa and enjoy!.

I just ordered 2 more boxes of the hot cocoa - yum! With cooler weather coming on, I"ll be enjoying it more often :-)..

Comment #8

I make my hot cocoa like a shake with lots of ice and cold water in the blender. Tastes like a frosty!..

Comment #9

Believe it or not just smashing the powdery lumps with the back of a spoon after the hot water is in the cup works for me...

Comment #10

I usually shake up the water and cocoa mix before I microwave, and I use the biggest mug I have or nuke it in a two cup measuring cup. That stuff tends to bubble over the sides of a regular size mug...

Comment #11

I make mine in my MB blender and it's perfect every time..

Add cold water to blender, then add packet to water (NOT the other way around!). Shake it a few times, then blend for maybe 10-15 seconds..

Transfer to a LARGE mug and microwave for 1 minute. DELICIOUS!..

Comment #12

Hot cocoa is the best! A whisk is necessary! Also I add 12 to 16 ounces of water. Put the cocoa in the water and whisk, whisk, whisk. I microwave for 1:35. Then whisk, whisk, whisk and ready to drink! Yum!..

Comment #13

I also do the cold water and mix in a shaker jar. I then put it in a mug a microwave for 1 minute and it's great. No lumps...

Comment #14

I make hot cocoa at work with cold water and nuke it or with hot coffee and both ways work fine. The secret: cheap little battery powered milk frother!.


Comment #15

Ditto! Cuisanart makes a good one if you're willing to pay $30 at bb&b..

Comment #16

I mix it with cold water until all the powdery look is gone and there are just lumps, microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for another 30 seconds and stir and microwave for another 30 seconds (I like mine hot) and stir...

Comment #17

I mix it up in the Magic Bullet with cold water then transfer it to a mug and heat it in the microwave...

Comment #18

I mix mine with a small amt of cold water. Then I put in hot boiling water from the tea kettle. No lumps whatsoever! Also, it is still hot despite the cold water, but it's not so hot that you can't drink it right away. I love it! I do the Chai and the Cappaccino the same way...

Comment #19

That's what I do too. Most of the time I drink it cold...

Comment #20

This advice was AWESOME - thank you so much! I did this today in the cafeteria (finally) and now the hot cocoa tastes great (not gross)!! Here's how I did it:.

I dump the packet of hot cocoa in a cup, dispense a little hot coffee in the cup and use a stir stick to whip up a paste (almost like a chocolate batter). That gets a smooth consistency and gets rid of the lumps. Then I just gradually dispense more coffee, stir, more coffee, etc. until the cup is full. Worked perfectly!!! And the whole operation took about 20 seconds...

Comment #21

That's what I do! Perfection everytime... no need for whisks or blender. I can't be bothered and they're not always handy. Make a little paste and then add the rest of your water (it can be hot or cold). I will note, that I usually keep stirring as I add the additional liquid - helps keep it smoother and I've NEVER (not once) had lumpy hot cocoa... YUMMY!!!!..

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