Why is my Medifast oatmeal so thick?

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Ok, today is my first official day on MF. Though, yesterday, I did sneak one of the vanilla shakes and really liked it! This morning I cooked up a packed of the apple cinnamon oatmeal. And it's really not good. Maybe I did something wrong? I followed the instructions but feel like I'm eating very thick paste. The taste isn't too bad and I'm eating it. But, not impressed with this meal.

Unfortunately, I bought two boxes of oatmeal! Aye carumba!..

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Most people don't care for it at first, give it a couple of weeks and try again. Also, there are recipes to make into I think pancakes and muffins, you might want to try one of those, but wait a few days to do that...

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People generally love or hate the oatmeal. That being said, the general consensus around here it to not make oatmeal your first Medifast experience. That is what I did and I still haven't fully recovered. There are lots of recipes on the Mmmmm.... Recipes and Food Tips forum that your can use your oatmeal for. Also check the cookingwithmedifast website that samerz has put together. It is awesome...

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Here is the link to samerz' recipe site:.


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The oatmeal is like a Medifast Rite of Passage, lol. All newcomers are generally expected to be completely dismayed by it and to come to the boards lamenting it's taste. I know I did!.

Funnily enough, it is now one of my favorite meals. I make it as a pancake and love it. You could try that. I get a crispy exterior, although the inside is still kind of mushy. It's kinda weird, but I think it's great!..

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I happen to love the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, and it was an immediate love for me. I have read that some people have grown to like it though. Perhaps you need to mess with the amount of water next time - add a little more than you did this time so it's not too thick.

But if it turns out it's just not for you, don't worry about your two boxes. Go to my recipe site (linked in my signature) ... I collect a bunch of recipes found online and in these forums and compile them for easy reference for myself and anyone else who cares to take a look. The oatmeals are used in a lot of the breakfast recipes - to make muffins and breads. Do some experimenting and see what works..

All hope is not lost!.

OH, and welcome to MF..

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Hahaa, oops. I guess I should have read the whole board first before I commented. Thanks for the shout out cellis..

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I too HATED the oatmeal at first. Had 2 boxes and I thought I had just thrown my money away because there was NO WAY I was going to eat that again! LOL...Then I tried it as a muffin and dipped it in syrup and actually really liked it. It was one of my favorites. So dont throw it away yet..

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I liked the oatmeal right from the start. I used to mix mine with a bit more water than the recipe on the packet called for - it made it thin so that it (to me!) tasted better and lasted longer. I call it my gruel, and at work, when 10 am rolled around I would shout out "GRUEL TIME!" and run off to the kitchen. People in my office thought I lost weight on the Nuttin' But Gruel Diet. Hey, it worked for Oliver Twist!..

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I agree with playing with the water a little and I let mine sit a few minutes before I eat it to cool and "mingle". I disliked oatmeal at first as well but now I still eat it even while on maintenance! You will find that things you don't care for at first grow on you after a week or two. EVERYTHING will change taste as time goes on so don't be discouraged. Most really like things they first thought weren't so hot. Hang in there and Congrats on getting started!..

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I also liked the oatmeal from the start. Although it was a little pasty for me... what I do that helps with the pasty texture is to boil water and mix rather than add the water and microwave... I do add a little more water to mine than the recipe calls for.

Welcome to MF! Just stick with it and you'll get used to the foods. The results are so worth it!..

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I normally HATE oatmeal, but I LOVE Medifast oatmeal and it's one of my favorite meals!.

I particularly like the Peach and the Blueberry! Don't give up on them!..

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I eat oatmeal nearly every day since the beginning. I love it now. I didn't love it at first, but it was tolerable. As we progress on the Medifast plan, our tastes change. Some of it is also a willingness to surrender and simply accept the food as fuelregardless of tasteand look elsewhere for that feeling of pleasure we used to get from eating food. Saying that though, Medifast offers so much variety, and people have come up with clever ways to prepare the meals (watch the condiment usage thoughhate to use all three of my condiment allocation to just one meal), that surely there's an assortment of meals that you WILL like, and even...

LOVE, and can't imagine going without it ever again..

On the flip side of the "hate at first, love eventually" phenomena, there's the "love at first, dislike eventually" phase. I think I'm going through this with the peanut butter crunch and caramel crunch bars. Sigh. I loved them so much at first. Will have to put them on an ordering hiatus, I think, until I can come back to them...

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The only thing you did wrong was to eat it on your first day. Wait a month or 3 and try it again...

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Oh my! I started today too...and had oatmeal. I have to say, it was putrid. I also have 2 boxes! Am eating beef stew now and it is much better. No more oatmeal for me!..

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Try heating the water, then adding it to the oatmeal. Also, adding a little more water than called for makes it a better texture...

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My hubby and I have found that adding LOTS of water makes it BETTER..

I heat up a coffee mug of water for 2 minutes. Then pour the mix in and stir. At l=first it will be chunky but as you stir it will get MUCH thinner. Wait a little bit for the water to cool. And enjoy sorta like soup. we REALLY like it this way.

I tried vanilla but it really didn't help.

I don't like it thick but I LOVE it this way. Give it a try and DON't Give up!..

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I'm surprised that so many people liked it from the start! Good for you guys! It is definitely one of the more filling meals...

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I find adding boiling water from the kettle definitely makes it less "pasty" (although I often accidentally make it thinner than I would like and have to wait and try to nuke it a little to thicken it back updo a little at a time.).

I've had mixed results baking with it, but it does make a nice "grain-y" waffle. (On weekends sometimes I mix it with a shake to make a double batch.)..

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Have to agree with those that said add more water. I use a lot more water and make it more 'soup-like' and I really enjoy it that way. Otherwise I think I'd prefer wallpaper paste over the oatmeal. I use the microwave but I always use a very low power (4 or 5 on mine) and let things cook slowly for 2 or 3 minutes over the 1 minute. Less boiling over and gives the food a better chance of reconstitution.

8 /) /).

=( '.' )=..

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I do my oatmeal mixed with a package of pancakes and 1/4 tsp Baking powder.... and then into the sandwich maker. It's makes 4 muffins (2 Medifast meals) but portable and YUMMY!..

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