Why is Medifast making me constipated?

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I've tried to refrain from writing this but it's getting dire! Why am I so stinkin' constipated? With all the fiber in the food and all the water I drink, it makes no sense. It's really the only thing about Medifast that I find intolerable. I picked up some benefiber but it has carbs so I'm reluctant to use it. Any ideas?..

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You need to treat yourself to a box of Smooth Move Tea. You will find it at GNC, Whole foods, etc. If you can find it, ask where it is. Be sure to read the directions, it needs to steep quite a while...

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How often do you use it? Does it taste gross? Thanks for the suggestion!..

Comment #2

A stool softener is what you need.

It was awful for me too in the beginning, but everything is working regularly now. tmi..

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Smooth Move tea actually tastes pretty good. It is an herbal tea, so it is a fairly light taste. It does work, but as bethco said, you need to let it steep for quite a while to get all the benefits. It will work generally within 8-10 hours, so drink it before you go to sleep at night.

You may also want to use Miralax or your local store brand equivalent. It works beautifully, and usually within 1-2 doses. It has no taste, even when mixed with plain tap water..

I hate that full, bloated feeling, too. I hope you find relief soon...

Comment #4

I take two stool softeners every day and two days before I weigh I take a laxative both days. Even then it takes two days to get things movin'. *L* I am not bloated, however, but I too don't understand why I'm not regular with all the fiber we get...

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I need to take the Smooth Move tea two or three days in a row to get any results, but it does kick in eventually. It actually tastes pretty good and certainly not like medicine or anything like that. Our local CVS Pharmacy carries it.

As far as I can tell, the constipation is the only real downside to MF...

Comment #6

I occasionally take a stool softener and now I started putting raw unprocessed bran into shake cakes and oatmeal muffins. I get so bloated and gain weight, until I really GO GO!..

Comment #7

Try probiotics and flax seed caps. I saw this on another thread and tried it - worked like a charm...

Comment #8

Yeah it comes and goes but eating certain types of veggies like salads will help things move along lol..

Comment #9

There is a lot of good advise on here thank you for bringing it up...

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So the nurse at my drs office said take 2tbs of Milk of Magnesia so I did, 3 days later nothing. It tasted so awful that I did not want to take it again so I tried the exlax tablets 2 of them and nothing, 2 more and finally releif. But the next week the same thing so I just bought a stool softener the bottle says take 2 so I did and same story. I think I will take 2 more tomorrow and see what happens, I weigh in on Friday...

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I take probiotics and psyllium every day, and still have problems. Miralax was fairly useless for me, but Smooth Move works every time..

I would caution people about making their use of laxatives revolve around weigh-in day. That's an eating-disorder behavior. Much better if you just use them when you stop pooping, for your health, and not for a number on the scale!..

Comment #12

Thanks everyone. A friend in need is a friend indeed!..

Comment #13

I use Pearl probiotics everyday and also add a litle ground flaxseed to my shakes!..

Comment #14

So...since we're on the topic, I have a question about stool softeners. I have been using generic Colace (strictly the stool softener, no stimulant/laxative component) for a few weeks. The bottle does say to only use for 1 week or get a doctor's ok. Does anyone know if there are health risks associated with using stool softeners long-term??.

I have also just started taking a probiotic and it does seem to help. Will have to give Smooth Move tea a try next...

Comment #15

Yup...regular use of stimulant laxatives can lead to permanent bowel dysfunction. At the least, it can cause rebound constipation...

Comment #16

This may be just me, but having the almonds as a snack gets me moving...

Comment #17

I take a magnesium citrate supplement daily, plus Pearl probiotics. Really helps me...

Comment #18

I do the mirilax and it seems to work. I mix it every morning with my shake. Can't taste it at all. Sometimes twice a day depending on how long I've gone without "you know". Good luck. IT definately is the worst part of this diet...

Comment #19

As I stated in my previous post, I am not using stimulant laxatives, I am using a stool softener. Would that also lead to bowel dysfunction?..

Comment #20

Nature's Way Aloe capsules! one at bedtime and the next morning should be "good to go!".

Magnesium is another of my go to items that work for me. All the flax,probiotocs etc just dont do a thing for me..

Senna is in the smooth move tea, I believe, (correct me if I'm wrong), and senna over time can cause your bowels to look very nasty black color on the inside. My dad took it for years and his Gastro showed me the films and they were GROSS! said it was common from senna use long term. That kinda put me off the teas.....

My Doc cracked up when she suggested fiber , flx, and having dealt with the big C for most of my life I told her that (in a sneering French voice for some odd reason) "MY Bowels Laugh at your Fiber!" WE had a good chuckle, AND she got the picture real fast! lol.

Jeanne ( the dork)..

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Probiotics and ground golden flax seem to work for me.....

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I originally had a problem but then started using one tablet of Formula 1 from Dr. Schulze (American Botanical Pharmacy and that keeps me moving at least 2 times a day. It is completely natural (he's into holistic) and completely organic. Check him out. My husband works at his pharmacy in Marina del Rey, CA. Bowel movement every day keeps your colon clear and functioning properly and is important for good health...

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You said yourself the package says not to use it for more than a week. So I would say, don't use it for more than a week...

Comment #24

Metamucil (psyllium fiber) and probiotics really helped me. The probiotics help with the medifarts too. I forgot them when I went to a womens retreat over a weekend last month. By Sunday afternoon I could clear the room........

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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