Why Has GoDaddy Crashed?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Why Has GoDaddy Crashed?.

My next question is: Hello , I`m looking for my own new business name and between the names I have , there is :.

I don`t need an appraisal but rather, I`d like to know from native english speakers if this name sound good or it was better ? The problem is that NameLeader is taken and on their page they clam to have a TM on that. Shold this affect too?.


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Your question was: Why Has GoDaddy Crashed?.

Hi, yes, it would be related to domains, my HostGator portfolio , etc.

LeadingName does not sound great to me.....


Comment #1

NameLeader is no doubt much better. Do you intend to contact them?..

Comment #2

I already did but just to know if it was ok for me to use, I can`t find their TM anyway.

Is LeaderName really bad then?.

Thanks guys..

Comment #3

It sounds a bit like a GoDaddy site that lists the names of all the world leaders.

How about LeadingNames, with the "s" on the end?..

Comment #4

Hi Lorenzo,.

Imo as NameLeader is a TM, and you are just starting your business website, I dont think you should take a chance on LeaderName, as you can have a choice right now. After like 6 months they object it would mean losing your brand identity.

Secondly, why not do a WTB thread asking for similar name within your budget, you might find a good name and it will give you a good idea of the names taken for the same niche.

You could also alternatively have a brandable name like bodis / fargo etc which you can actually hand pick and make sure they dont have any TM issues.



Comment #5

I agree.

Better to have your own identity than risk some TM issues in your main website..just my 2 cents..

Comment #6


True.. I am sure there is few in your huge portfolio to use...

Like it's well known now....

Comment #7

I suggest so because he seems a strong believer of LLLL .coms. So he should lead by example.

(sorry if I got it all wrong).


Comment #8

Ok guys, you`re right.

Let me see.....I have many but only few are really pronunciables.

How about.....





5) (not pronunciable but nice letters ).



Thanks, I`ll rep the best advicers..

Comment #9

I like those best. Or does sound pretty good. I have been using some of my LLLLs for websites, not only do I not have to buy another name but it helps protect the name if there is a UDRP - an unlikely event, but it happens.

I just set my domains for sale GoDaddy site up at BN DN (dot)comIt was about the only LLLL name that I had with DN in it, but I think it is OK...

Comment #10

I think Nurca was selling NameCheckout dot com at DNF yesterday. Thats a good name for a might want to look that up..

Comment #11

I don't think you should use a 4 letter com for your HostGator business. At least none of those suggested. Find a more meaningful HostGator with the prefix or suffix DN/Name(s)/Domain(s). TDNAM is always a goodplace to look...

Comment #12

I think you can do better. In just a few minutes of searching, I found some available "domain" names that I think are at least as good, if not better..

In your case, I think it's worth it to spend $100 or more on a higher quality name...

Comment #13

Of these LLLLs I like UIGU and IFAV, UIGU if you are going for a lighter brand, maybe like Fabulous or Godaddy, IFAV for a bit more serious name. IFAV can stand for iFavourites or smth. Just my thoughts.....

Comment #14

Surely NOW ....I`m confused.

Let`s put some dots:.

- I`m not really enjoying the idea to go shopping for a name unless it`s a (sorry guys , I love them).

- ok , LeaderName is not is not serious enought and so : what am I going to create? A new cartoon named UIGU ?

No, I may as well stick to the old one I regged "just in case" "" (Internet Global Business" which is one of my registered names here in Australia.

Unless I find a decent to start all over.


Comment #15

Personally, I think it's a mistake to try to brand an to your HostGator business. But then we never learn from other people's mistakes, do we..

Comment #16

CVCV.coms make for excellent brand names. The best ones are usually with at least one A or O.

If you have a premium, I would recommend using that as a brand name...

Comment #17

Yep. Pronounceable CVCV make great branding vehicles. And The Italian Dragon has several of those, but I don't see anything suitable in his list. I imagine he is like most of the rest of us and want a website to facilitate selling off his HostGator names. I don't imagine his ambitions are to take on GoDaddy So, I still say he should consider going for a dn/name(s)/domains(s) prefix or suffix. There are many that can be picked up cheap and many still unregged.

Also there is some relevance to his actual intentions for his website. Which ain't a bad thing either..

Comment #18

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