Why do I want to quit Medifast?

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I have been on every diet imaginable and on everyone I have quit around day three. So here I am just getting started on Medifast and once again I am trying to talk myself out of this one.

These thoughts continue to tumble through my head:.

-Why should I deprive myself of all the wonderful foods I love to eat?.

-I can just exercise more and try to burn off the crap I put in my mouth....

-What's so bad with being overweight?...I mean am I really that unhappy?.

-How I am going to maintain this weight loss? (very nervous about this one).

-What if it doesn't work for me?.

-I'm hungry!.

I know it's all about a commitment to myself but how do ya'll get past the tickertape of negative thoughts that run through your head trying to sabotge a good thing?.

Thanks to all that respond,.


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Jennie, I have the same problem. It seems like I am always trying to derail any success in weight loss that I have, for what reason I will never know. I went on Medifast 5 years ago and lost 50lbs. It was the greatest summer of my life. But after 5 years and three children, I have gained all that plus 25 pounds. So when I read that you were concerned about maintaining your weightloss I sympathized.

I am petrified that I will lose the weight this time around only to gain it back AGAIN. I am am trying to educate myself as much as possible in order to avaid doing that again. But I also asked myself this question, If I had known that I was going to gain all my weight back would I have NOT done Medifast the last time? The answer is no way. I did it, I lost the weight and I felt the best I had in my whole life and just because it didnt last doesnt mean I would trade that time for anything. It just makes me more aware of the fact that gaining ALL of your lost weight back CAN and does happen and I can only hope that I learned from my mistakes last time.

I gain it back. But I have one HELL OF A SUMMER!!!!! Of course I am telling myself it will be different this time and I truly do believe that, I am older and wiser and I have been down that road before. So here I go again, I have nothing to lose but weight!!!..

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I do that, too. When I want to eat something more, I keep thinking that it's not that bad being 50 pounds over weight. I mean I have everything I want- a great husband, two wonderful kids, a great job, a nice house, etc.. So what if I'm fat?.

Then I remember how much energy I had when I was a healthy weight. I remember my kids and how much I want to be an active grandparent someday. I remember that NO FOOD TASTES BETTER THAN BEING THIN FEELS..

Hang in there! Don't give up on yourself. You just have to get through TODAY. It's one day at a time, and it's worth it...

Comment #2

I adjust those negative thoughts with a reality check..

I'm not "depriving" myself of anything. I'm just not eating those things RIGHT NOW. I don't have to do without those things forever, just until I lose the weight. Then, I can have my favorite things again =in moderation=. I'm not depriving myself, I'm just choosing to not eat those things for right now..

It requires enough exercise to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat IF I AM EATING EXACTLY ENOUGH CALORIES TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT. Most of us eat more calories than that - that's how we got fat - and few of us burn 3500 extra calories a week. Think of it like this - you would have to walk the equivalent of a marathon - 26 miles - to lose one pound, if you're eating perfectly. So the answer to your question is, I can't really just exercise and expect to lose or even maintain. I need to adjust my eating AND exercise to be successful..

What's so bad with being overweight is that if I'm obese and happy about it, I'm living in a delusion. Overweight people are unhealthy. I think of it like this - choosing to be obese is just another form of suicide. Do I really want to throw away years off my life for a freakin' cupcake? Really? Do I hate my life, my family, my friends SO MUCH that I'd rather eat a cupcake and have less time with them?.

How I'm going to maintain my weight loss is by learning to practice moderation. I'm going to have the things I love in moderate amounts, and I'm going to eat things that are good for me in place of the excessive amounts of fat and sugar that I used to eat. And I'm going to learn to love veggies and steak and fish and chicken as much more more than I love pizza. It's really not that hard, once you get it through your head that you have to change your habits. You CAN choose to eat more vegetables and lean protein and less sugar and fat. You just have to decide to make that change..

If I eat 800-1000 calories a day and keep my carbs under 100 a day, the plan will work for me. I'm not really afraid that it won't work. What I'm really afraid of is that =I= won't work the plan. Once you face that reality, the rest is just about making choices..

I'm not saying any of that to make you feel guilty or bad. I think you should do what you want to do. If you really want to be fat, there's no reason for you to change and you should just keep doing what you're doing. It's YOUR life and no one else should decide for you. There's nothing there for you to feel guilty about. You just have to decide what YOU want, and then do it...

Comment #3

This statement.....

....combined with this one.....

....demonstrates that you do possess a rational inner self who is trying to influence your decisions. All you have to do is listen to your rational, nurturing self as opposed to the conniving, indulgent self..

You need to look at it as "What will be good about being at normal weight?" The answer is that there are many things that are good:.

-Extended lifespan (as Corbie mentioned).

-Day to day activities take less effort. You can do more in a day.

-You will have more energy to participate in playtime with your kids.

-You will feel better physically.

-Overall quality of life will be better.

Medifast does have a maintenance plan to follow that works for people who follow it..

Then you keep looking for something that does. Getting to and maintaining a normal weight is a task that will last a lifetime..

Is it nourishment you crave or just simple gratification?..

Comment #4

As I see it, you're happier with Instant Gratification over Long Term Goals..

Popping that cookie, cupcake, cheeeburger, et. al. in your mouth is a quick and easy way of filling up and feeling better-a fast fix that is only temporary. You're 'self-medicating' with food, and like an addict, in a few hours that "urge" returns..

You mentioned that you've only been able to maintain a diet for three days-max- a sign that food is a "drug" to you, not a means to fuel a healthy life..

You sound like a highly intelligent person, yet you're using your intellect to talk yourself out of making some healthy life style changes..

If you are truely, TRUELY happy being overweight, then I wish you the very best that life has to offer, as neither I, nor anyone else on these Boards will be able to make you change the very core of your belief system..

Please take good care of yourelf!..

Comment #5

I used to quit any diet before MF, using all the excuses you have mentioned here and then some.

I found out I was scared to fail, so I quit before I would "prove to my self" that I was destined to be fat..


I also found out I was more afraid to succeed. Because of that, I would sabotage my weightloss efforts every time, and tell myself I was better off heavy. My reasons for being scared to lose weight are many, and I am dealing with a lot of them right now..

Something I want to add at the end here, is that now that I'm 50 lbs lighter I LOVE it. I love how I feel, how I look, how my hubby looks at me. I love how my 9 yr old daughter is thrilled that I am planning on buying a bike so we can take rides together, and I love how I can chase after my 2 yr old all day long without getting tired.

I love my house more now, because I have the energy to stay on top of cleaning/laundry etc without it feeling like such a chore, and because I have the energy now to not only START, but FINISH projects around here!.

I could go on and on... But I won't. I say hang in here, lose the weight - and the only thing you'll regret, is holding on to the excess weight for so long..

Good luck!..

Comment #6

Just do the plan according to the Medifast guidelines and don't cheat. If you do that, you won't be hungry, EVER. Drink 1/2 your body weight in water each day.

You either want to live a long, healthy life, or you want the temporary pleasure of something gooey and sweet. Your choice.



Comment #7

It's not something that anyone else can convince you of. You must convince yourself, and then just do it.

I found that in the beginning, looking at the "before and after" pictures was helpful for me. You must find ways to motivate yourself...

Comment #8

Er.. TexasLiz, sometimes people DO get hungry while medifasting, even if perfectly on plan. Especially if we exercise a bit more in a certain day. I find I get ravenous right before a big drop in weight, it's not due to cheating because I didn't...

Comment #9

Get thee to the nearest bookstore and buy The Beck Diet Solution - like tomorrow! If you read it and do the program along with Medifast, you will be able to answer all those questions (the right way, mind you!) and you will succeed. YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!!!.

I used to try to feed myself the "fat and happy" line. It was a lie, and I knew it. I don't buy it from anyone, including you, sister! There is no food yummy enough to justify making yourself unhealthy and less attractive..

I'm saying this in the most loving and supportive tone I can: be your own best friend and just do this thing! You can do it! It is SO worth it! We're all here to cheer you on!..

Comment #10

Hate to sound negative but maybe you're just not ready to lose weight. I got married 10 years ago and gained about 50 lbs. I worked and lost 20 on my own and kept it off more or less but could never do anymore. I tried Alli, joining gyms, walking at lunch, 1000 calorie a day diets but nothing worked. I thought I wanted to lose weight but I wasn't ready to commit to it. Medifast has been different for me and I think it's because I was really ready this time.

In about 6 weeks, I'm down 11 pounds. I know that is slow compared to some but it doesn't matter because I feel committed this time. Medifast is a great program but it's not a miracle cure. If you're not ready, it's not going to work for you. But if you can, do try to hang in a little longer..

Comment #11

It's not negative, it's true. Unless you are ready to commit, no diet in the world can help you succeed.

What worked for me - what brought me back to Medifast for good this time - was to start working on myself. I had to identify why I ate. Not just the usual "I was stressed", "I was unhappy", "I was bored", but why did I want food. What about food made me feel better? What could replace food to make me feel better? I also had to learn how to catch the unconscious eating - the times that you kind of "wake up" and find yourself stuffing the last of a bag of chips in your mouth and you don't really remember starting to eat. It's changing age-old habits and behaviors. It's very personal and everyone has different triggers and issues so we can't give you all the answers..

MF is not a miracle in that it doesn't fix you. You have to fix you. Medifast provides you tools to do that - a good balanced meal program, resources, a community of support to help with ups, downs, tips and tricks. You can do this if you believe you can. No one but you can provide the belief..

I hope you stay and commit. I hope you can lose the weight you want. I'm willing to help you. But it's your life and your decision. Just let us know....


Comment #12

Fitat48... great advice.. The biggest problem with any program is not being 100% committed. Nothing can work on it's own we have to make it work.. Medifast gives us all the tools we need to accomplish our weight loss journey, but we have to have the commitment & desire to get us there. It's not an easy journey but the support here is great.

When you are ready the program will work for you. I am down 7.4lbs in 3 weeks and I feel great.. Good luck!..

Comment #13

May I ask how much weight you have to lose? There is a lot of advice on this thread and knowing how overweight you are would be valuable...

Comment #14

I did quit! I was 9.5 pounds from my goal and all of a sudden I started to take a little piece of this and that. Then before I knew it, I was almost back to my same old eating habits. Now I am 15 pounds away from that goal. I feel like such an ***. I was so close! I was thinking the same thoughts too! I would think about how close to my goal I was and how I was able to get into my clothes again - then BAM! I was eating crap food again and it did not taste all that good either. Losing the weight felt so much better then that Taco Bell I had...

Comment #15

This is such a great response. A great reality check is right. Thanks for reminding me how much exercise it takes to lose even one pound. Food intake adjustment is definitely necessary for me right now to lose this weight. And when I get those sabatoging thoughts, I need to remind myself of this post. I definitely need Medifast right now...

Comment #16

Another fantastic response. So true, there are no miracle programs, I need to fix myself. I'm grateful Medifast is here to help me on that journey...

Comment #17

I just want to say this is an AWESOME thread. People here are insightful and your answers are easy to understand and just gave me some a-ha moments! I often need that kick in the rear. Glad I read it!..

Comment #18

Hang in there! You can be successful but it is your choice whether or not to do the program. Do you want to feel better? Do you want to get rid of the large size clothes in your closet and replace them with smaller clothes? Do you want to have an easier time walking through the mall? Do you want to feel really good about yourself?.

It is an easy program but we are not perfect so sometimes we slip. If you do, just get back on the program and forgive yourself. But give yourself a chance by trying the program for a month and see how you do. You will be surprised at how much you lose the first week and the first month. You just have to make the choice to try it.

I hope you will realize that you are not alone in this endeavor and that we all go through adjustments and need support from each other....

Comment #19

I fall into that trap a lot..we can afterall, be our own worst enemies. What I think it necessary is to re-train your brain into not associating food with happiness. It should really be fuel/energy for your body, not a matter of indulging everytime you eat something. Everything in moderation - but in the meanwhile, we must learn control and willpower..

Good luck!..

Comment #20

Hi Jennie!.

-Why should I deprive myself of all the wonderful foods I love to eat?.

My answer when I was on MF. Because it gets me to goal. And, let's be honest...we probably spent a lot of time not denying ourselves way too much of that food we love to eat. Plus, it won't be forever. You can still have those foods you love when you get to goal....if they are well planned and in moderation. Right now though....not so much.

-I can just exercise more and try to burn off the crap I put in my mouth....

Because that doesn't tend to work. One, if you want your workouts to be the most have to NOT feed your body crap. Do marathon runners eat crappy food? Nope. They eat food that fuels their body...because without it, they are never going to be able to compete at that level. Sure, we can limit some of the damage with exercise...but every single diet and healthy lifestyle program recommends a balance of diet and exercise....why? Because it works.

-What's so bad with being overweight?...I mean am I really that unhappy?.

I would hope that people would find happiness in their matter their weight. However, reality check time....can you really say you wouldn't be happier if you were at a healthy body weight??? For me, I still had a great life when I was fat. Had a great family, great friends, great education, great career. However....hands life is SO much better that I am at goal...and sporting a healthy body weight two years and counting. I no longer hide from the camera. I don't avoid certain activities because I am self-conscious about my body...I look to do activities where I can be active.

I don't think anyone who has not only researched but ordered a program like at all content with their body and their health. And if you convince yourself of that....well, you are kidding yourself.

-How I am going to maintain this weight loss? (very nervous about this one).

I had this one too. I had been on so many diets...and been moderately successful, but never truly got to goal and never been able to maintain. A few comments. One...that thought is sheer and blatant sabotage. If you decide you can't it seems futile to try, it just lets you off the hook. Hey...maintaining is lie...but the honest truth is you will never get the chance if you don't get to goal..

I hear you though. I was there. When I got to goal...I was terrified since I had never been successful at it before. I had spent a lot of time losing and gaining weight and NO TIME maintaining. When you get there....MF has a great transition and maintenance program. I felt like the program set me up to succeed instead of to fail.

I got to slowly add in those real foods....and not just freak out and eat everything in my house.

-What if it doesn't work for me?.

I can guarantee you that it won't work for you...if you quit. If you commit to it...and REALLY commit to it, it works. Science is science. Trust it. They are doctors and researchers and basically....a lot of smarty pants going on. The program is incredibly simple...but not always easy.

-I'm hungry!.

Give it time. If you stay on plan....and trudge, being in ketosis tends to reduce your hunger. Not gonna lie though...there are days and hours and minutes that you are still gonna be hungry. However...the plan also teaches you how to deal with hunger.

Best of luck to you! I hope that you do commit to the thing I ever did. And...whoever suggested you pick up a copy of the Beck Diet Solution...I totally agree. It deals with those nagging sabotaging thoughts....and I think that could really help you, no matter which plan you choose..

Hugs and best of luck,.


Comment #21

Shelley, that was beautifully said! Even if the OP is no longer here, I hope she eventually has that light bulb moment and realizes everything you said is spot on. Your post is invaluable for everyone who is questioning themselves and questioning why they should do the hard work that getting and staying healthy requires...

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Comment #23

This IS a great thread, Sue!.

I hope you're still here, Jennie you sound just like I used to feel all the time. Something was really striking to me about your post. This:.

Plus this:.

= the answer to your question.

YES you are unhappy otherwise you wouldn't keep going on every diet within the realm of imagination. You CAN do this and in some ways, I wish I would have tried Medifast earlier, but then I wonder if I was ready back then... I hope the great advice you've received from these experienced folks convinces you to stay and kick the extra weight's butt this time..

All the best to you!..

Comment #24

This is a fantastic thread!!!! What great reminders to ALL of us why we are doing this..

JJ, you are just starting and the first 3-5 days are the hardest. You will want to quit, you will feel bad - so you MUST go into this with a positive attitude..

If you follow this plan, you WILL lose weight..

If you follow this plan, you WILL feel better..

If you follow this plan, you will Succeed..

We live in a world where instant gratification is worshiped. We are not taught that it is OK to deny yourself today so that you benefit tomorrow. Wanting all our food when we want it has only gotten us morbidly obese..

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got. If you choose (and it is a daily choice) to quit then you will continue to gain weight. If you choose to do the program, you will lose weight, gain years on your life, gain energy, etc..

Medifast is NOT the magic pill. It does take work and daily denial, however, you can do this...

Comment #25

Wow, Shelly, what an inspirational post and all of it so very true!.


Comment #26

You know..... everyone needs this post because everyone feels this way. Why else would we be here? We are fat, and unhappy... OK, sometimes we have been so entrenched with being fat that we accept the tiredness, the achy joints, the ugly remarks, the shifting eyes (our OWN when we pass a mirror). Truth of the matter is, you WANT to be here, you WANT to be successful, you just don't want to do the hard work (like the rest of us dear...) the cool thing is, there are some great people here who have gone before us, and they say that if you can "tough it out" for just 10 minutes, and DO something with your hands, (just ONE thing) the intense cravings slack up. Count down 2 hours...

Drink water, post a blog, someone, somewhere has been here before and will lift you up. IF YOU DON'T QUIT!! Everyone is with you, we are all YOU in different forms. We are here to help each other. A little taste of success is heaven! We can DO it. Also, I found that the 3rd-5th days (after a fall off of plan) are the absolute WORST!! Mark off the days on a calendar or something, and see what happens after the first 5 days! Good luck, and God Bless us ALL on our journey! Mary..

Comment #27

Truly....what a great thread. I love getting the answers to my own sabotaging thoughts. Thanks everyone. So many success stories here, such great inspiration to keep going for me...

Comment #28

Shelley, your post was fantastic, even for those of us who don't want to quit. Thank you...

Comment #29

I thought I was alone but after reading this thread I realize that so many others struggle with the same feelings I do. I also wonder WHY I always give up and why I am so scared to be thin. But this time I am 100% dedicated. I am just done and I honestly am SO HAPPY to have started this diet. For the first time ever...I am thinking "I AM going to do it. I KNOW I am going to do it!"..

Comment #30

I want to thank each and every one of you for posting a reply to my question. It has been a few months since I did post this and never did I expect the number of reponses that I got. And ya'll are all correct - I wasn't ready, I wasn't committed to the plan much less my health. Each and every one of you gave me so much to think about....

I needed that slap in the face and swift kick in the pants...and it hurt, no lie...I didn't want to hear the comments about I'm not ready, that I'm cheating myself and my kids out of a great life. I didn't want to think about what food meant to me and why I'm all about instant gratification (so right! ) But that is what I needed to hear and so here I am going back to Medifast because I know it works. I have been trolling the success pics and see right before my eyes people disappearing and I'm so happy for these people and I want that so badly.

So after these three months of doing some gut checks and soul searching I'm ready to get back on plan...for good..

I will stay on these forums and know that I have some really awesome people here to help me on my way!.

Love to all,.


Comment #31

Hi Viva -.

I liked your response, because I saw myself in it. I'm also very scared, and have sabotaged myself countless times. I am on Day4 of my journey, and am envious of all the success that I see. And...that I want for myself. Reading the posts really help - thanks for your words of wisdom!..

Comment #32

Please, please read Jeneen Roth's Book, "Women, Food & God". I have suggested this book on other theads, but I have found it to be so very useful. Her book is that we don't eat because we are hungry for food...we eat because we are hungry for.....???? That is the question that we need to figure out. She was also on Oprah and thank goodness I recorded it because I watch it over and over. We are eating because there is "something" that we are trying to push away when we have the comfort and busy-ness of eating. It does not have to be some deep dark secret from out past either.

I think once we sort of understand her position, it is not too hard to try to work on it..

She does state that once you get things figured out, you won't be a compulsive over-eater and will just eat naturally. Now...for me.... I think I will always have to be very careful what I eat, but I think I have a much better understanding of WHY I eat like I do.

I feel between Geneen Roth and Medifast...I can't go wrong!.

She also has a

This has really helped me and maybe it can help others...

Comment #33

Jennie, I'm happy to hear that you are back and committed. Welcome!!!..

Comment #34


I am happy to see you back - I am also coming back myself. Lets do this together ladies!!!!..

Comment #35

Wow I soooo needed to see this thread today!!! Must be the moon, the day, I dont know but this is totally how I feel and thank you, thank you to all!!!..

Comment #36

Jennie - I only read your first post and my first response to all those reasons, stories and excuses you listed is that "there's her addiction talking.".

I have just recently admitted to myself and others that I have been a food addict, using food for all the wrong reasons, basically to medicate and insulate myself and my emotions..

I don't know if you're a food addict, but it's worth a look to see. As with any addiction, breaking the habit is possible. It takes hard work, self-awareness, a commitment to do whatever it takes to love yourself more than the drug of choice that is making you give up on your excellence. You can do it when you make the choice and back it up with action.

Medifast works and has transformed my relationship with food. It will work for you too, so what are you waiting for?.

In support, Allison..

Comment #37

Welcome back Jenn....I am on day 5 of my start back. It is a struggle, hang in there past the first 3 - 4 days and you will find it gets easier. Each time I start back, it gets harder, so I am hoping that I am committed to doing this for me now.

Have a great day/ can do it. One meal at a time. You are worth it. :-)..

Comment #38

Hey jjladybug, I am so glad that you have come back and are ready to start. The first 3-4 days are the toughest. Enlist some help from your closest ally. Might be your husband, best friend, mom, whoever will be in your corner and play bad cop when you are tempted to fall off during this tough period. Let them know that it's hard for you to get past this point and that you will really, really need them to help you, to tell you you can make it and swat down those negative thoughts when the pop up. After day 4 the headaches and hungries will be gone and you will start to see the lbs drop off the first week.

We're here if you need us, please hang in there...

Comment #39

I look at it like this....

I am not failing if I do not succeed, I am merely on a "practice" run. Each time I try, I will know a little more, get a little farther and eventually WILL succeed my goals. So you worry that you will regain the weight. That alone is SO much pressure on yourself because you are doubting your ability to do it. Just go with the flow, one day, sometimes one minute, at a time and you WILL get there. You may fall at times but just keep on keepin on.... YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!!!..

Comment #40

Wow I am glad I read your post Tammy because I am on day 3 of Medifast and was wondering about the headaches and being hungry alot. I am hanging in there and praying it gets easier soon. Happy I came across the post thanks..

Comment #41

Hang will get better. Drink lots of water and make sure to eat all your meals. Weigh your L&G, it's a lot of food. Sometimes I break it into 2 meals so I feel like I'm getting 2 real meals per day on top of my 5 MF...

Comment #42

Sure hope that you are staying op,. as well all who feel like this sometimes!..

Comment #43

Welcome back Jenn! So glad that I read through all of the responses as I really and truly needed to hear this tonight. I really think the moon and/or stars are messing with me this week.

Anyhow, so glad to see that you came back. The support and love and inspiration that I have found here is the main reason that I am succeeding. You can do this! You are so worth it. Hang in there and keep rocking it!!!!.


Comment #44

I want to say thanks again for the kind words and wonderful perspectives that all of ya'll have given me. I officially started Medifast on Monday and am just finishing the third day. I'm hanging in there and have re-read many of your posts. I never expected to recieve so many responses and because of ya'll I am back. I was reading a blog the other day on Medifast and the writer said this diet isn't about willpower but it's about committment. That is the ticker tape I want running in my be fully and completely committed to a better life - one that I deserve and know I have to work hard for.

Oh, so much to think about and really work through! What a journey this will be...

Love to all,.


Comment #45

WOW just the inspirational thoughts I needed for the day!!.

Thanks so much!!..

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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