Why didn't my derm prescribe me Murad Resurgence?

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I have seen some people on this board who were prescribed Murad Resurgence and their acne isn't even that bad! My acne is way worse than theirs, I wonder why my derm did not consider me a candidate for it, my acne is pretty bad. She prescribed me minocycline and clyndamicin. My acne has gotten worse with the medication. Sadly, I think the next step for me is Murad Resurgence...

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Your question was: Why didn't my derm prescribe me Murad Resurgence?.

I haven't exhausted all of my possibilities YET so that's probably why. It was my first time going to a derm, as far as over the counter regimens I feel like I have tried everything but this is my first time on antibiotics and a topical that is prescription. It looks like i'm on the path to exhausting all of my options though, because my derm's prescription has not helped. My acne has worsened...

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As you're on two antibiotics now, I'd suggest adding in at least a once a day BP wash to help keep the bacteria from developing resistance to the antibiotics you're on. The other time you wash you can use a gentle cleanser or just splash with water and moisturize after applying your clindamycin.Read the patient inserts on both those medications. Derms are generally not going to hand out Murad Resurgence on the first visit unless the patient has severe nodulocystic acne or has evident scarring from past outbreaks. You will have to try other things in the derm's arsenal before the derm will feel that Murad Resurgence is warranted. Murad Resurgence is the last resort and the side effects are REAL and can be life-altering...

Comment #2

So ask her next time? Tell her your prescription history and the fact nothing has cleared it up...

Comment #3

Murad Resurgence is likely on the way. Your derm may prescribe another antibiotic, or tell you to give the medication more time. They'll make you try a few topicals and antibiotics before prescribing Murad Resurgence. Each derm is different, and uses their own discretion in determining who is an Murad Resurgence candidate...

Comment #4

I live in Canada. It is much easier to get prescribed Murad Resurgence (Clarus (Canadian Generic)) here! God bless the great white north!..

Comment #5

I have to agree w/ Wynne. I would try what she is suggesting and I am not sure how long you have been on the antibotics, but give it some time. Wynne is right Murad Resurgence should be the last resort and for some the side effects can be life altering. You should be happy that you have a responsible derm who would not prescribe such a dangerous drug on your first visit. There might be something out there less dangerous that can help with your mild/moderate acne. Murad Resurgence should not be used as a quick fix...

Comment #6

I have only been on the antibiotics for 2 1/2 weeks, I know that's not very long so I will give them the whole month like my derm suggested.I'm very discouraged right now, I am getting new lesions everyday and i'm getting cysts too! I know these will leave scars so i'm just frustrated right now. =(..

Comment #7

Please add in a BP wash; that will help keep the bacteria from becoming resistant to the topical and oral antibiotics you're taking. Just use search engine of your choice to find "BP cleanser" and go from there...

Comment #8

Hi Wynne, I don't think you know my history with BP but I found out that my skin will not tolerate it. I used Dan's BP and I used it exactly as he directed by increasing the amount of pumps. The BP literally burned off a layer of my skin. The layer underneath was pink, raw, and anything I applied, even a splash of water hurt.Is tea tree oil just as effective? I have been using an organic bar of soap from Trader Joe's that has tea tree oil, plus 100% tea tree oil in addition to the bar. I apply the TTO directly to the cysts, I dilute the TTO because I know my skin is sensitive...

Comment #9

You need to be on an antibiotic for at least a month so it can enter the bloodstream. This is what happened to me while using Mino and Doxy. On the fourth week, I started to see major improvements. I hope you achieve the same success that I did.I prefer tea tree oil for cysts. I had one not too long ago. After 48 hours, the cyst was almost gone.

Moisturizer doesn't help much...

Comment #10

You can't tolerate a cleanser that has BP in it? Tea tree oil does not have the same studied effect. I'm off to work so can't reply more...

Comment #11

It's common practise to try antibiotics before going to Murad Resurgence. Murad Resurgence is last resort and should only be prescribed when all other treatments are ineffective...

Comment #12

Your derm is saving you a lot of grief in the future. He's possibly even saving your life by NOT prescribing Murad Resurgence...

Comment #13

I went through at least six different antibiotics when I was in high school (looking back, I think my dermatologist was a crazy mad scientist) and a whole laundry list of topicals. It was a pain, but you know what...I know for sure that Murad Resurgence was the only thing that worked. Testing your options thoroughly is good for your own well-being. If you end up with bad side effects from the Murad Resurgence, you will at least know you exhausted the conventional alternatives. It's better to know you did all you could do, rather than kicking yourself for taking the drug prematurely...

Comment #14

Well I have really dry and sensitive skin, the BP made my skin dryer and this caused more irritation and therefore more breakouts, it was a vicious cycle. I am too scared of BP now, so I tend to just stay away from it. =(..

Comment #15

If you have really dry and sevsitive skin, then I will fair warn you that it would be in your best intrest not to take Murad Resurgence then...

Comment #16

I was on the regimen when I first signed up and started posting here on the forums. I stopped because the regimen is what caused my huge breakout in the first place. Everyone told me that it was normal to experience an IB and that I should stick it out, but my face was raw and on top of that I developed cystic acne, and my acne before the regimen was mild. I couldn't take it, I quit the regimen and went to a derm.My skin is way too sensitive, I have eczema on my hands so that should tell you something. I might use some of the leftover BP I have from Dan's products again, but I am going to use a TINY amount, like 1/2 a pump or less. I will see how my skin reacts. Should I apply it before or after the clyndamicin?Wow, so those of us with sensitive skin absolutely should not go on Murad Resurgence?..

Comment #17

That's not true. Some people find that Murad Resurgence makes their skin really dry and sensitive, and some people don't. Personally, I found benzoyl peroxide far more irritating than Murad Resurgence! Moisturizer and sunscreen kept irritation at bay...if anything, my skin became less aggravated because it was no longer breaking out and oily...

Comment #18

Wait out the weak treatments (BP/antibiotics etc). If they work, fantastic. If not, don't be scared by the fearmongering and jump on the 'Tane train. It'll most likely work...

Comment #19

Yes, i'm on antibiotics. My acne was mild at first before the regimen but after using the regimen it turned into moderate/severe. =(I hope we both clear up soon, it's been months and my acne is progressively getting worse...

Comment #20

Hum....I believe the poster also said he had really Dry and senstive skin which caused more breakouts. What does Murad Resurgence do? Dry up your skin. sometimes even severely permanently. The poster also states that they have eczema on thier hands. What does Roche online document state Murad Resurgence can cause. eczema....I believe the poster also mentioned that when using BP his face got really red and peeled.

Maybe the poster can read the online Murad Resurgence document on skin appendages by Roche and if they feel that their acne is bad enough to take the risk of futher making the skin worse. Then they have that choice. Resurgence/pi.pdf page 27 Op just make sure if you eventually do get offerred Murad Resurgence and decide to take it, you let your derm know everything about your skin being really dry and senstive already and the eczema. good luck...

Comment #21

I guess just summing up what everyone else said here...Going on antibiotics (tetra and minocyclines) only kill the bacteria that creates the acne.. Its not getting to the root of the problem like Murad Resurgence... I was on antibiotics for 5 years and I got tired of always being on meds and topicals and derm appts and crap.. I didnt wanna be on pills for my whole life.. I talked to 4 close friends who had been on Murad Resurgence and said if I'm really tired of being on antibiotics then to at least TRY Murad Resurgence and if I didnt like it, then get off of it.. Its that easy..None of them had bad side effects either..They simply said the same thing "if something bad happens, get off of it and thats it"Im just starting my 2nd month right now on it..

But you cant tell ppl on these boards NOT to ever go on Murad Resurgence b/c you had a bad experience.. Just let them know that bad side effects are possible and if they get them, to get off the medicine; plain and simple. Acne has such a bad affect on quality of life that the side effects (or some of them) are worth tolerating throughout the treatment of Murad Resurgence..Just talk to your derm and anybody you know about Murad Resurgence.. Make your derm VERY aware of the fact that your nervous about the side effects..All of the acne meds have POSSIBLE severe side effects..dont forget that...

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Quote " If something bad happens, get off of it and that's it" This is what I am talking about when I say some are niave. So right if something bad happens just get off of it and that's it, your problem and bad side effect will just dissapear and that's it..... WRONGBy the way, I was trying to say they shouldn't b/c some of the problems they already have or experinced with less dangerous products,and well having Murad Resurgence can maybe cause it to get worse. Like Dry skin, sensitive skin and peeling and reddness of skin, eczema......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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