Why did they change Medifast pretzels?

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Ugh! I ordered many boxes of the pretzels BEFORE the change (so I thought) and they are my only meals left! It's been torture trying to choke them down - why oh why did they change the pretzels???? :..

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If you are on autoship, you can go in and bump up your next order I ordered a lot of variety that I ended up hating and had to do that, and personally, I won't eat stuff if I don't like it (although if that were the difference between going off plan or not, I'd probably soldier through too :P Fortunately, I've never been quite that dire.).

You can get rid of your stuff on ebay or craiglist, and get new stuff there too. Just a thought..

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I feel your pain I was like that with vanilla pudding they sent me 3 boxes on my month supply and I made the mistake of waiting until the end to eat them It was terrible ... but I ate them anyways even though I really hate vanilla pudding ... I'd recommend a rush order... I should have LOL..

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Boo on the new pretzels! Hang in there, Maryann!..

Comment #3

Yep I have a lot of soup in the back corner of my closet that I need to tackle. mawolf and carissa you have encouraged me to dig out the soup boxes, rather than dig out my credit card and buy more of what I like. thank you for that.

I hae some pudding too that I cant eat...very allergic to it for some odd reason.

We will bear it together..

Comment #4

I bought the new pretzels off my niece last night (they made her gag) and they weren't as good tasting as the old ones, and they were all broken, as others have mentioned. Not one pretzel was whole. I felt all the bags and I think they are not as full of air to protect them as the old ones were. Certainly quality control at Medifast should get involved. I'm getting my own order this week, we'll see if the issues are consistent...

Comment #5

Okay, you said they are ALL you have left - right? Eek..... time for some creativity. I wonder if you can crush them and make something...

Comment #6

I find they are okay with a big cup of tea....that way you get water in too! Good luck!..

Comment #7

The honey mustard ones make a great.


For baked chicken..

Or as a crumble topper for a baked dish like a veggie or an OnPlan 'casserole' type of meal..

The cinnamon ones are a nice addition to a serving of SFJello..

I always said I'd eat the boxes this stuff comes in if it gets me healthy, of course my teammates reminded me that might be too much fiber on 5&1, tho...

Comment #8

What do you mean "before the change"? I have found with every order they have changed....NEVER consistent. BAD quality control!! Maybe i'm missing something though....did they make a REAL change to them, or did you just get a bad batch? (which seems to happen 50/50).

I have a bad batch of honey mustard pretzels to finish, and just finished my greasy chili puffs and totally tasteless parmasan puffs. All the pretzels and puffs in my last order were 'off'. I really don't like the fact that I never know what i'm getting. They charge so much, you'd think they could afford some quality control!..

Comment #9

The pretzels are in a new form..

They old ones were like skinny little pretzel sticks the new ones are sorta short and stubby..

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I typed that I wonder if there is a subliminal message there.


Comment #10

Thanks Chatty for the info. I have an order on the least I won't be shocked. I only ordered the cinnamon pretzels and chili puffs this time instead all 4 of them. Have the taste changed at all, or just the form? Are the puffs the same?..

Comment #11

I got the new cinnamon pretzels in my most recent order and they are just gross. When I first chewed one, I thought they might be alright. But after I swallowed it, YUCK. The aftertaste was what I imagine one might experience after licking a Sweet N Low wrapper. Plus the "pretzels" were all crushed into little bitty pieces. I basically had to pinch crumbs from the bag.

It will probably cost $10 to mail the 2 boxes back.

I did notice that these have only 1g of sugar per serving, so they might be a good option for those who are really sensitive to sugar...

Comment #12

BWAHahahahahaha!!!!!! Now that's the clever little Rogue we don't see too often!!..

Comment #13

On the Official Medifast Support discussion board (MF Bulletin Board) there are 283 posts about the new pretzels. Most of the posts are not positive.

I haven't tried the new pretzels. Expecting honey mustard in my order tomorrow. I sure hope I like them because I like some crunch from time to time...

Comment #14

LOL it's nice to know I am not the only one! I only order the things I like and the old pretzels were my favs - ate four per day and then a brownie. Time to change the menu. I liked them for the taste, crunch and how long it takes me to eat versus 10 secs to eat a crunch bar lol (jk of course)!..

Comment #15

I loved them at first, but then the second order I made in May - they didn't taste like much and they were chemically-y..


Comment #16

Out of curiosity, I ordered a box of the new cinnamon pretzels. I'm starting to regret it reading this thread!..

Comment #17

No kidding, right? I have a box of the new honey mustard, well, I will have whenever FedEx manages to get here with the package that was due to be delivered last Wed. I'm a leetle skeered!..

Comment #18

Well, Freya, Be askeered be very askeered!.

My first order of the new cin ones is due here this week. I hopey hope hope hope they are ok. But then I must go back and read my comment.

Boxes, boxes boxes. Hummmmm which one for lunch?..

Comment #19

Hi honey. I wuvs you 2 pizzas, ya know!..

Comment #20

Those freaking pretzels and tasteless puffs and most of the food on Medifast which is not in any way shape or form similar to real food is peeling weight off this old behind. I'll deal with it, because the "real" food on WW sure wasn't working. I'm learning to love every nasty bite! At 300+ pounds I can't wait around for Medifast to go gourmet! LOL!.


Comment #21

I agree. It's better just to eat them, keep losing the weightvs. obsessing about the taste, which always just made me seriously overeat in the past...

Comment #22

I'm in a small minority of people who now absolutely love the new pretzels. I have two bags of the old ones sitting in my pantry and I keep choosing the new ones over them. :P..

Comment #23

Have I mentioned lately that I am sad that they now have wheat...

Comment #24

Oh, that is kind of rude, to take away a gluten-free option w/o notice. I'm sorry...

Comment #25

The old ones weren't certified gluten free but they were wheat free and I had one pack a day without symptoms.

Oh well...whine, whine, whine...

Comment #26

I am confused. I ordered the honey mustard sticks and so did my mom. We each got a different pretzel. Mine were the skinny ones that look like pretzels and said NEW! on the bag (yellow bag) and my moms were the short and stubby ones in a green bag. So I'm confused...why did my bag say NEW if they are the "old" pretzels?..

Comment #27

Hey Glenn your post made my day..

WTG buddy!..

Comment #28

Rats!! My order is supposed to arrive today...I only ordered one of the new honey mustard pretzel packs but the more I read, the less excited I am to try the new recipe.

Will report back with my findings.....

Comment #29

I would say your bag says "NEW" because they never changed the packaging they introduced them with. Large print runs, you know?..

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Comment #31

Everybody should send me all the pretzels they don't like!..

Comment #32

You know, if everyone who has complained on these threads PM'd Medifast support, maybe something would be done. If you don't go directly to the source, you are not likely to be heard by the right people...

Comment #33


Glad to help. I'm just thinking that, at least for me, it's pay the piper time. I no longer have the luxury of being choosy!.


Comment #34

Got the new pretzels and tried. (Honey Mustard.) Different from the old ones for sure.

What I noticed was a slight "burnt" taste to mine. I personally don't think any of the Medifast foods are anything to go nuts over flavorwise but I'm OK with that as long as I'm losing weight and in a overall healthy manner. I did like the old recipe much better but will at least finish the box of new ones that just arrived..

The new pretzels in this most recent order actually were not broken into bits like others have reported. The new pretzel box is different, more flimsy than the old corregated cardboard box for the discontinued style of pretzel. My new pretzels were also placed in the center of the shipping box so were protected by shake and bar boxes. I'm wondering if those that got pulverized pieces instead of actual pretzel sticks had the boxes placed on the outside edges by whoever at Medifast packed their shipment..

Well that's my report, hope you all enjoyed - lol.


Comment #35

Try dipping them in your cream cheese or mustard..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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