Why did I lose 4 lbs with Medifast?

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So I officially started my plan yesterday now that I have my ninja and other things I wanted to make sure I have such as a scale for food but I for some reason stepped on the scale this afternoon and I am 4lbs lighter than I was yesterday. Is this normal? I am not complaining lol but I am not sure how that happened. Has anyone else had this happen in their first couple days?..

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Yep that is not abnormal, it's the water going bye bye the first couple of days...

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Yep.. very normal. Your body is detoxing all the gunk out of itself. Hang in there! 1st week is the hardest but the rewards are great if you stay on plan...

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Thank you ladies! Yeah I am kind of light headed and not sure where I went wrong this morning I tried a Dutch Shake and it was kind of gritty. How do you ladies make your shakes. I must say I love the scrambled eggs LOL...

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I make the all the shakes in the blender with ice. For the chocolate shakes, I make with coffee instead of water or instant coffee with water. The chocolate shakes are also good made with diet Sunkist orange pop or diet cream soda. The fruit shakes, I use diet Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade and a sprinkle of Crystal Light Lemonade powder. Just check any kind of soda you use for the carb and calorie level. Not all diet sodas are equal...

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I add a drop or two of extract to my shakes, either almond or peppermint. I also make mine in the blender with ice and water...

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The Blender Bottle shakers are the best for making shakes without a blender! You can get one from Medifast but you can find them in other stores too. They are cheaper on Amazon but the shipping can get expensive. They come with a wire whisk ball inside and it mixes the shakes super well.

Congrats on getting started..

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Congratulations on starting MF. You can always have the optional pickle snack or the boullion/broth, if you feel really light headed. That just lasts a few days for most people, if at all...

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I actually got a free blender bottle when I ordered some things from! Flat shipping + bonus gift! I have the medifast one, too, which helps me keep one in the office, where I need it most often, since I don't have a blender there..

At the office, I generally try to mix the shakes or drinks at least an hour before I plan to eat them, with about 3/4 of the water I normally would use, and then mix in a big mug with coffee (or tea, for a few flavors). It definitely makes the texture better, IMO...

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For some reason I am feeling like this is too much food. I still have two more medifast meals to eat before the end of the day but with all this food and 100 ounces of water I am really full but I know I need to finish the last two otherwise I am only going to be at 600 calories..

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I make all my foods the night before, it helps with the gritty/chalky texture.

Yep, you've got to eat all of your Medifast meals so you are getting the proper nutrients and to keep you from going into starvation mode. Make sure you are spacing them out throughout the day and starting your first meal within a half hour of waking...

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Hi Misssun!!!!! Welcome to the journey...Here is my health coach if you need one she is wonderful.she has lost 165lbs.Good luck your doing great so far, Mia.

Better Together,.

Carol Roberts, TSFL Certified Health Coach.

304 757 8568.

304 687 9022..

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That's exactly what I do as well - mix the night before and put in the fridge. Other than the brownies and (I just discovered) hot chocolate - which do just fine mixed on the spot, and the chocolate chip pancakes IF I'm going to nuke it into a muffin instead of making pancakes..

For the shakes I use the ninja to make "snow" out of ice, then add the pre-mixed and re-stirred (because it separates in the container in the fridge overnight) shake to the snow and blend a bit more. YUMMY. Also it FILLS one of those red party cups (20 or 24oz?) when made this way, so it seems like more :-) I drink mine with a straw..

Welcome to MF, and congrats on your great start!..

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Are you eating every 3 hours you are awake? I was told that it's important to do that to keep your metabolism going. When you stop eating your body starts shutting down in response to that and it becomes harder to burn those calories. As for lightheaded, yes the first week it tough and that is one of the reasons they tell you to not exercise a whole lot that first couple weeks, but hang in there, the rewards are better than you can imagine, both physically and emotionally...

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I am eating every three hours, I am just not feeling hungry when it's time to eat again. I did wake up this morning to another 3lbs lighter so if that means I have to stuff myself then so be it LOL...

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I REALLY blend the shakes. I put them in the magic bullet and let them blend for like a whole minute. It really makes it into a more ice cream type shake. You can tell because the color starts to look more smooth and creamy. I love the dutch shake with a drop of peppermint extract. I am looking for more flavors for after the holidays...

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MissSun: I make all my soups and shakes the night before. This helps with the grit and also you will get used to it and not notice it soon (at least that has been my experience). I don't blend anything with ice (too cold in Oregon) or add syrups. I held out and got used to all of it so now I don't need to add anything. I also use a whisk that is made for salad dressings. I whip everything like I am trying to whip cream.

It's about 4 inches long and one inch wide at the business end. Easiest tool in the world to clean...

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