Why can Yahoo,1&1, godaddy host domain names and we cant???

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My first question is: Why can Yahoo,1&1, godaddy host domain names and we cant???.

My next question is: How much do you think it will go for?..

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Your question was: Why can Yahoo,1&1, godaddy host domain names and we cant???.

More like 6 figure for me.

Ps: I got which I might sell for xx,xxx.

Who knows?..

Comment #1

The wild card is the reserve price actually. so maybe we will not find out just yet...

Comment #2

Auction is already at 160,000 USD with 18 bids so far..

My guess is that the reserve will be somewhere around 300000-350000 USD ...

Comment #3 reserve : +$1,000,000.

Reserve range listed for each HostGator here :

Comment #4

7 figures for sure..

I want a slice too..

Comment #5

Thanks for the info EG:- 20 bids so far.

I think the owner of this HostGator should invite some big companies like Dominos, PizzaHut, PapaJohns etc. to join the bidding war if he wont to meet his reserve.

Again if they join this auction, 1M reserve is an easily achievable target...

Comment #6

Why snoop, do you think the reserve is too high?.

I am new here, almost one year, so I thought it could go for $1,xxx,xxx..

Comment #7

Yes way too high, would have have said maybe 300-400k.

The current bidding is meaningless when sedo has stated the reserve is $1million+, expect bidding to end just below the reserve range...

Comment #8

Thanks for your answer.

Even it is $401,000 now I agree biddings will decrease in the next days..

Comment #9

I say it sells.


Just think of the business' that will want this domain.

Dominos Pizzahut I don't know what the other big pizza chains are but in Canada Pizza Pizza and they all have the money. doesn't the owner of Dominos own a baseball team and a football team and a stadium for each. a couple mill is a drop in the bucket. and the return is too great to pass.

The only down side is that the business have branded the domains they own. they would buy as a redirect. Or to buy it so the competition can't get it.

Just my 2 cents..

Comment #10

R you in dreamland?.

The bid has already reached 500K..

Comment #11

This should be a nice 7 figure sale in the works.


Comment #12

If a big company such as Dominos or PizzaHut got involved, then this would be a great asset for them to bid on...

Comment #13

There's no doubt in my mind that the big players know and are already patricipating in this... IMHO anything less than a million would be a bargain for this domain. There's can only be one and I'm suprised this one has surfaced so late in the HostGator game here, the owner has definitely held out for a good long while.....

Comment #14

I would be surprised if this didn't reached well into the millions. Pizza is eaten all over the world with it been big in Europe, US, Australia, UK plus. It is a multimillion dollar industry and many people order pizzas online or will a lot more in the future as the general public become accustomed to the web more. I have ordered pizzas online and checked out menus.

This really could define who becomes the more successful pizza chain in the next few decades, the stakes are huge!..

Comment #15

I am guessing 750k + if reserve is met...

Comment #16

This auction is less than 24 hours old and has already more than halfway to the reserve price of a million. It's easily going to break a million or probably a lot more by the time it's over.....

Comment #17

Nice, hope the sale goes through. Do you have the link ?

Comment #18

My guess is it will sell for $2,074,992.

Worddial apparently owns which spells "PIZZA" on a numeric keypad...

Comment #19

Yep here it is...

It's first on the homepage as well, the first featured listing..

Comment #20

It is at $601,000 right now but this isnt the main point.

If there are two big companies fighting for it it can go for even $xx,xxx,xxx.

Otherwise it can beat reserve price enough to be sold as it is possible to know at what range reserve price was set at..

Comment #21

Will be interesting to see who this enduser will be. Dominos, pizzahut, etc etc?.

My guess...

$1.25 mil..

Comment #22

Great HostGator for sure. 750K seems fair, but I could see 7 figs if the big corps are in on it.

I was bidding on on ebay about 2 years ago. Lost it by $50 for about $565 or so. 5 figure name now. Que sera.

..hold the anchovies!..

Comment #23

I dont think it will go above 1 million...

Comment #24

When was that? 19 oat cake.

Bummer, you screwed up if you did Its now at 621,000 USD.

Dominos, pizzahut etc work very hard to establish thier Brands, makes me think if they are bidding in this one it's just so the others can't own it.

Does anyone know how much traffic it gets ?


Comment #25

I wish it was my domain. I would feed it and walk it and love it everyday!..

Comment #26

You can get a Dog for that and they're FREE, I'd sell it and buy a Villa & a Yacht in the Med ! ...sorted !.

I don't even like Pizza !.


Comment #27

Def think 1m + for this, maybe around the 1.1-1.3, as everyone has said, it all depends if the big guns are bidding on it.

Sedo must be rubbing their hands together on this one $$$$$$$$$$$..

Comment #28

Its at 621k right now.

5 days left. Gonna sell prob 1.5-2.0 million...

Comment #29

It's at $999,999 now.

Next bidder would go over $1 million...

Comment #30

Wow, place you bets, Dominos, PizzaHut or .....other.


Comment #31

At this rate I won't be surprised if this gets to low $Xx,xxx,xxx but I think my original estimate was too low. at 1.75 mil maybe 4-5 million is a better guess...

Comment #32

I'll guess $1.75 mil... too rich for you? Check my sig.....

Comment #33

Just checked it out, it's now up to.


Comment #34

With 5 days left ... I'm looking at $5-8 million and maybe even more. I wonder if the seller is a member here.

I feel like adding a dollar just to be a part of the show ... lol..

Comment #35

I could add a dollar to that, but just a shame about the other 999,999 I cant raise!!!..

Comment #36

I see this name in the Mid $xxx,xxx range IMO...

Comment #37

Lol, the reserve is 1 million mentioned on a link in the 1st page...

Comment #38

It has already gone over 1,005,000. It makes all the other Featured Auctions on Sedo's home page look tiny in comparison...

Comment #39

Interesting, it does'nt surprise me though that they prefered their brands than a generic, also at the end of the day I would think the vast majority of Pizzas are actually bought from shops and NOT online.

A brand offers something that a generic does not...and vice versa.

Its just creeped over the 1 mill mark - now at $1,005,000.


Comment #40

Reserve met. I think it will reach 3-5 M.

Hope it's some big company acquiring it...

Comment #41

Are you sure?.

They got lots of Italian restaurants and I am sure lasagna will be available there...

Comment #42

Not yet, but it's probably getting there.

1,010,000 USD - Reserve not met.


Comment #43

I can totally see companies like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Ceaser and others buying this name for over a million. I'm not sure why they havn't already.

With more and more things being available online I think this name is a gold mine.

I live in a small town and even I can go online and order pizza from my local Dominos. And who doesn't like to have pizza delivered and not have to wait on hold on the phone.. I do!.

Heck, when I lived in Boston I did my grocery shopping online at, a Stop and Shop site...

Comment #44

I have been ordering pizza online for years. Seems the type in traffic a company like dominos would get from this great generic would easily pay for the name after a few years...

Comment #45

Wow, for whoever comes in second - I will offer up for 1/10 of 1% of the final bid price..

Comment #46

1,750,000 USD.

Reserve not met.

Pizza vs Vodka - Who will win?..

Comment #47

As thats reached $1.75 million already, I reckon it will go for 5 million.

What do you reckon mine will go for. I have which I was hoping to be put in this auction, but I applied to late!!!.


Comment #48

1.75MM? Interesting, thought the reserve was at 1MM - auction looks sketchy to me honestly...

I can see how could be worth the MM's...well best of luck to the seller...

Comment #49

My guess is the reserve is around $3 million. Why would.

Anyone sell it cheaper than that?..

Comment #50

The reserve is not 1 million, it is 1 million +.

That means it is a number OVER 1 million- we will only know the reserve, when it has been met-.

Pizza is a much better name than vodka- much better..

Comment #51

Would agree that Pizza is more of a brandable name than Vodka, but again it's all going to be down to the end user, whoever buys it is on a winner, along with Sedo!!.

JUST SEEN RESERVE MET AT $2M!!!!! Slightly suprised, thought it might have been a bit higher...

Comment #52

I guess we can expect bidding to surpass the reserve..

Comment #53

Good on the seller hope he gets a ton of cash...

Comment #54

Wow, and still 5 days to go Pizza Pizza !.

Yeah, can you imagine what it must be like for him watching this !.


Comment #55

Let's see how many bids come up now that the reserve is up...

Comment #56

If the buyer is outside the US, it's a great deal for the sinking dollar...

Comment #57

Buyer is from Australia , but originally from Italy.

But he loves Pizza more than anything else on this planet..

Comment #58

I`m bidding.

With the finance option everything is possible..

Comment #59

I think I answered your question.

You can check his information as well.

Username: italiandragon; name: Lorenzo; Location: Australia.

Are you really buying it, Lorenzo?..

Comment #60

Never seen any HostGator on 2 million with over 5 days to go!!!!.

This will get picked up by media and be good for industry.

Get emailing lol..

Comment #61

Does it look like I have 2 spare millions ?

I was being fool.

I wish......I really`s my absolute best dream......and I was buying it if I had the money...but to be honest I`ll rather put the 2 millions in a Pizza store..

Comment #62

I really didnt know... I was almost sure it wasnt you but after your posts.

Besides, LLLLs made a great profit for some people, I am not saying it brought millions though but we dont know about funds from other sources could be brought to domaining..

Comment #63

I'd sooner have a lot of other domains over this and 2 million alone could get them.

Great domain, having said all that.

Must be the Italian in you wanting to harness the pizza HostGator.

Maybe you could get for 6 figs ?

ROFL you gotta go PASTA.COM.

(BTW DO NOT skip intro).

(have your speakers ON)..

Comment #64

For now I guess I`ll cheer up with.

Comment #65

I guess it gonna sell for 4 - 5 M. or does it has a chance to beat ?

Comment #66

Buyers could possibly be Pizza Hut, Shakey's, Don Henrico's, The Pizza CompanyCould not think of any worldwide pizza brand. The first two are the only popular brands, I could find them even to the remotest part of world.

Personally, pizza is yucky! But it is not...

Comment #67

Umm what about dominos, papa johns, georgios, little ceasars, sbarros just to name a few..

Comment #68

And then there is the Largest Pizza makers in the World.

McCain at your grocers freezer.


ITALY lol..

Comment #69

Wow, does anyone think it's still a domainer at this price ? - I don't.


Comment #70

Its names like this that make me wish I was my current age back in 1995. I would have picked up so many good HostGator names. Obviously when I was 7 I wasn't to concerned with that stuff...

Comment #71

Too bad the HostGator was already registered in 1994..

Comment #72

Well lets hope it gets to 10mill. I still think my HostGator is pretty good and go really well with So they are welcome to bid on that if they want!!!..

Comment #73

This is a steal for under $10,000,000. Could you imagine having a system like PapaJohn's has? Order pizza online for delivery, pay with your debit card. PIZZA.COM..

Comment #74

Well, I have two pizza domains acquired many years ago:. - I recently found out that this is also a chain in another country.

I guess we all like pizza..

Comment #75

We sure do, maybe we should try and get them on sedo too!!!..

Comment #76

Dang... and I was going to borrow $1.2M to bid..

Comment #77

I really did not understand you Snoop no chance, because if this HostGator could not get $1,000,000 which at the start of the thread everyone thought was the reserve, I would be disappointed overall for domains, and all the stuff I read from Rick and Frank would have gone out the window. This is a category defining domain, with universal appeal. For those who said Pizza and Online do not go. The PapaJohns, Dominos and Pizza Hut around me offer a better deal with freebies and discounts online that if I call I am not offered. Nice to see the price where it is IMO because less than $1,000,000 I would say a lot of people could just drop entire portfolios of lesser quality domain. Again IMO..

Comment #78

And it STILL has :.

4 days 14 hours 13 min.

Left at the date of this post!.



Comment #79

And even better, it will be huge exposure for our business and may possibly rub off on my .com ( in Thai - and yes they are popular here)..

Comment #80

I'm not surprised at all! Not even 5 million would surprise me. Basically, IMO, whoever gets this HostGator name will have that much more credibility as the #1 pizza joint in the world!.

I think the bidders of this HostGator probably want it more as a status symbol than anything...

Comment #81

I'll be shocked if it doesn't reach over $5,000,000..

Comment #82

Yep yep... I was thinking the same thing... if I were selling it, I'd park it with Sedo the day or 2 before the auction ends and save $1mm!..

Comment #83

I am very surprised. I guess we will have to wait and see as to whether the bids are legitimate. In my opinion it really isn't one of the top .com's. It is a low margin business with very high barriers to entry in terms of selling nationwide. Aside from selling to an established operator where is the obvious business model with this name? Current bidding really makes no sense to me...

Comment #84

Im surprised you say that but you might be right, the bids could be illegitimate, but I doubt so.

Pizza has to be one of the most popular foods in the USA and probably in the world. Also pizza has got to be one of the most ordered and delivered foods in the world. How is not a premium, top-notch, name? The traffic that the name brings to the end user alone might be worth the investment within a few years or more, not to mention the status..

Also if you look at the pizza industry I could imagine that some prime/historic locations in down town Chicago, NewYork, L.A. etc, would sell in the millions. Granted a building in downtown Chicago is tangible but, no more of a status sybol than owning I have not a clue as to actual profit centers and real stats, this is all guesstimations but I think some can see my point.

IMO it really is a huge status symbol to be a pizza franchise and also own Owning is kind of like putting up a billboard near every one of your stores in the world. It's a HUGE advertising bonus!.

This is all IMO of course...

Comment #85

Wow this tread is HOTTER than the rick latona thread.... (excuse the pun)..

Comment #86

It;s a great name, Im curious to see the final results for sure...

Comment #87

It's reached half way. Chances are, it may go more than 5 million...

Comment #88

Who would be telling the SEOs (if the current bids are by companies) that this is a good deal? would it be in house advice, or an advertising company?.

I agree with ^ comments about this being worth more than a single piece of real estate. but I would've thought most companies wouldn't be so far sighted yet, and would get stuck on thinking only or whatever...

Comment #89

Probably marketing firms putting money to work in the "vice" space..

Comment #90

Agree with snoop.

Many of the top chains would be just diluting their brand by buying this.

I seriously doubt Pizza Hut in example would even make back the $1M in additional sales. Anyone not living in a cave and having an internet connection not heard of Pizza Hut?..

Comment #91

According to EstiBot (I know the info isn't very accurate, but if you use it as a pinpoint) makes almost $2000 on PPC ads, DAILY! I don't know how these numbers are added up, but if that estimate is close to reality, the HostGator makes about $700,000 annualy on PPC alone..

Comment #92

No clue what it's actual rev/day is and if we take that to be accurate, well then current bids are still a bit low. Honestly, I see this HostGator only being worth a multiple of it's earnings and am not aware of many very large chains which could *potentially* implement this successfully without cannibalizing sales at their current URL - or worse, confusing customers over what their website is. Many large pizza chains are franchises. Who exactly would be the one to caugh up the 1M+ ? Head office?.

Redirecting to the main site could work, but how many pizzas would you have to sell to make that kind of money? I'd be guessing 500k+ for most of the pizza players (eg. $2 profit per pizza).

I have no clue how online sales are in the USA, but where I live in Canada, they're almost non-existent on food...

Comment #93

According to the stats I looked at top ppc bids for the term are around 13 cents. With the few hundred uniques per day that this name would likely have I don't really buy the argument that this HostGator is going to pay for it self by way of current traffic (not that the name is ever likely to be valued in that way though)...

Comment #94

Snoop you and Reece make some valid points. I just know that if I were the owner of a pizza company I would love to have that HostGator name even if it meant taking a bit of a loss.

If you Google "", is a top bar, highlighted, sponsored link for that keyword, the only one. Yet when I search "pizza" there are no top bar sponsored links. I wonder if that means anything, or it might just be smart adwords campaigning, I'm not sure...

Comment #95

Info about pizza in so paulo, the largest city in brazil.

So paulo has 5,000+ pizza houses and people eat 1,000,000 pizzas per day... they even have pizza day (july 10); just in NYC people eat more pizzas in the world than so paulo.

As you said Reece, if estibot data, provided bt ThreeD is accurate, I agree with you bids are yet low but I dont think it would cannibalize sales in their own site.

I believe they will have more clients if they know (and they do know) how to promote a generic name.

An end-user wouldnt buy a name spending millions of dollars before studying it's potential if this name were in the market, dont you agree?..

Comment #96

I'm not is the pizza business, so only basing what I say on where I've eaten - how's that for facts?.

I think the real potential for this name might be an established pizza company flush with cash but not necessarily at that Pizza Hut / Domino's Pizza level of name brand recognition. According to WT, Pizza Hut gets searched more often than pizza... I haven't done any research on this name, just to get that out there first off...

It would be interesting to see where the traffic breakdown (in terms of countries) comes from. The one major downside of smaller pizza companies is that they might not be able to take advantage of a large portion of that traffic (eg. they don't operate in those countries)...

Comment #97

Would the type-in traffic for "pizza" (redirecting to say) be worth anything significant? good point. and hence the big boys might pay to keep it out of their hands......

Comment #98

That's a good point as well.

But... Are they that smart?..

Comment #99

This name will go for $16.740.000 and still be a bargain...

Comment #100

It will go for $2,222,222 to (need to be from Winnipeg or observant to get this)..

Comment #101 is such a powerful name it could be a a national brand overnight, with pizza orders taken via the Web. If you wanted to create a coast to coast chain of pizza huts and grab a big slice of market share, starting with a HostGator name like would be a great way to do it.

My other thought is a coast to coast franchise operation. Sell thousands of franchises and lock each franchise to blocks of IP addresses. The local franchise gets the sale and delivers the pizza...

Comment #102

Yes it's a marketers dream tool, it could become a huge brand overnight.

Since I moved recently then I can say the difference between a fast food pizza and one cooked like the Italians make is very significant. We only had a well known pizza chain were I lived close by and I would use the web quite a bit to order pizza's plus get their coupons. But now I moved to a bit more "up with the times" place and they have this award winning affordable proper Italian restaurant/take away nearby. This is the real deal pizza's with the dough made how it should be and the ingredients used are freshly made to order. I could never go back to the pre prepared cheap pizzas again. I just wish a proper Italian restaurant that knows how pizzas should be made acquires this domain...

Comment #103

Any Italian with money to wipe their bottom won`t care a cent about PPC and woul dbe just PROUD to own it.


Comment #104

So your suggested business model is something that requires enough outlets to cover the entire nation (thousands?). I'm guessing this would cost several hundred million dollars to establish so it doesn't exactly soumd like an "obvious business model" for the owner of this name. It is a bit like telling the owner of he should start manufacturing cameras and compete with Nikon...

Comment #105

Snoop.....let me guess: are you advicing people to do not bid on either right?.

Don`t worry....I doubt there are people here able to bid at this level.

Sometimes, I really wonder if you are here just to criticize EVERY single HostGator or actually because you like just to criticize everything...

Comment #106

I agree with you Reece, that's probably why HostGator forwarding to the winners brand HostGator would be the best bet.

Unless they find a really smart way to implement the HostGator with their current pizza brand name..

Comment #107

I agree, makes sense to me, sometimes things can be way too big to be practical.

I can think of alot of names I would want before this one....although I would'nt say no.


Comment #108

Those who think that they would just redirect to etc have to also realize that many companies buy HostGator names for marketing purposes. I can't remember off hand but a hypothetically example might be Coke buying a name like and running a contest using that name. There are many possibilities for to be used for marketing for companies like Domino's & Pizza Hut...

Comment #109

I am wondering how much Pizza Hut is paying for that ad plus all other advertisements online..

What if they spend $5 mil/year?.

They could get their money back in two years even if they pay $10 mil for it..

That's very sound business decision..

Or, is $5 mil/year online ads too much?.

They can recoup in ten years if they spend only $1 mil/year and end up buying for $10 mil..

I would say it's still good deal by getting

Comment #110

I agree with you, but I'm pretty sure they'd come up with a more original name than

Comment #111

I think it's a powerful name, in the right hands... PizzaHut, PizzaInn, Domino's... because they already have the successful infrastructure in place to immediately capitalize on the pure iconic value of this domain, and maintain it long term.

On the other hand, these companies have already spent millions of dollars to brand their existing company names, logos, products, websites... and this would be, in a sense... 'starting-over'.

I think "pizza" is an amazing icon... generic... wonderful word. But I have my doubts about how much owning the name would help their existing Internet business. It would almost seem to be more of a status symbol for them, if they purchased it. A very-nice very-expensive status symbol...

Comment #112

3 days left and it is already over 2. It might close at 4 or even 5 million...

Comment #113

True, maybe they just don't want the competition owning it....ideal scenario for the seller if this is the case.

I'm sure Honda would'nt want their HostGator getting into the hands of Yamaha.

Exciting stuff.


Comment #114

As I heared in India weekly they open hundreds of Pizza Shops, so I think this HostGator is a cheap go under USD 5 million.

This is not an expenditure, it's a real good investment for the future.

Maybe I can sell my for a few dollars more now. Some people like tacos..

Comment #115 - first registered on 17-Jun-1994 1996.

Domino's launches it's web site on the Internet (

Domino's rolls out flavored crusts, for limited time only promotions, nationally for the first time in company history.

The company reaches record sales of $2.8 billion system-wide in 1996. jump forward to 2001.

Domino's Pizza International division establishes Domino's first regional resource center with the majority stake purchase of the franchise in The Netherlands, setting the stage for expansion on the European continent. Domino's pizza announces record results for 2001. Worldwide sales exceed $3.78 billion. Revenues increased 6.8% over 2000.

Wow, a couple of million does'nt look so big after reading this !.

If there are a few of the big companies in this it may go waaaay up there.

Is this the perfect storm ?


Comment #116

I hope that the seller takes some, if not a good amount of the profits and re-invests back into the HostGator name market. That would really make this a good sale for us all!..

Comment #117

Thank you for sharing that gazzip.

I wasn't aware Honda owned that name.

Hmmm... perhaps that says something?.

On a related note, I recently realized was owned by CarlsJr / Hardees...

Comment #118

Not saying that it won't go higher or that any of what you said isn't 100% true, but this is starting to sound alot like 99-00 mentality. Bubble 2.0 ahead?..

Comment #119

Taco Bell owns

Hidden Valley owns

I'll try to find some more...

Comment #120

And Pizza Hut's parent company owns Taco Bell... Hmmm, interesting possibilities.

Thanks for the link never knew!..

Comment #121

That's exactly what I was thinking..

Skippy owns

Clorox owns

It's actually not that easy to find companies that own there products .com. Seems alot of the good generic foods/consumables .com's are parked or some sort of directory site/product review site, or a smaller companies site....

Comment #122

I believe it's a small group of Taco Bell franchisees that own the HostGator - Not the actual parent company "YUM" owners of the Taco Bell brand...

Comment #123

You are right, I see that now. Good call!..

Comment #124

My own quick research on this topic (a few days ago) revealed the following... - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - 1-page site, describing importance of a good HostGator name. LOL Beautiful. - nothing, dead page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - nothing, not even a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - just a parking page.. - Currently for sale, in auction format, at - Carl's Jr. (Hardees) restaurant.. - Nestle Corp / Dreyers. - Taco Villa restaurant.. - Mini-site, owned by a group of Taco Bell franchisees. 18 prime food domains... only 4 are owned or developed by food companies.

I'm writing an article about this for a new food related site I'm working on. Pretty cool huh, I found a way to combine my love of food and domains.

For those who might not have known... - The parent company of "Taco Bell", "Pizza Hut", "KFC" (KentuckyFriedChicken) and "Long-John-Silver's"...

Comment #125

This might have been posted here... but this is sounding like a Rick Schwartz dream...

It seems is getting about 1500 visits a day (and that's without any real reason to go there yet..!)..

Comment #126

Lets hope not, I'm still poor.

There's alot more in this post


Comment #127

Hi, where do you get the 1,500 visits daily?.


Comment #128

Hey, I just threw that in there..

It's probably unreliable but I used this tool. there are loads of similar ones out there, and they'll all probably tell you different figures..

I thought the numbers in the article were interesting tho: 1- 1.5k (people) a day (via type-ins) for (does that make it a "pizza"?), "many" that get 1.5 - 25k a day, and at 200k a day...

Comment #129

Still remains on 2.5 million. Few days to go...

Comment #130

Just regged - do yo think the hyphens affect the price much?..

Comment #131

Nooooooooooo, I`m sure you`ll get 2 or 3 millions for it since it`s plural.....

Comment #132

Great news for the HostGator industry the PR is priceless.. last hour of auction should see some fireworks...

Comment #133

Well, I quit reading odd arguments here, as I love to present facts....

According to recent data:.

Number of monthly searches for the exact word:.

Pizza - 201,431.

Fot the word pizza alone.... this might mean 1 million fer day for long tail...

Any decent SEO can get this to #1 at G and Y and M in 1 year...

Average CPC at Google - 0.17.

Easy 10% CTR... I have more that that at some crappy sites.

This is EASY $200k per month in advertising only.

BIG companies look for the long term 5+ years. is one of the best domains I've ever heard of that is for sale.

$2 million is cheap.

$5 million is appopriate.

$10 is the target.

IMHO <<<< Read again 100 times..

Comment #134

I guess all bidders are waiting till near end...

Comment #135

If $10 is the target this HostGator is doing REALLY good.


Comment #136

Around when (which year) did you sell it?.



Comment #137

I guess she doesn't get enough deep-dish...err, yeah I'm from Chicago.

Anyway, this goes to show, if you want the big numbers you gotta go after big business. Not "end users", "end corporations"...

Comment #138

The amount still remains on 2,505,000 and no change since 2 days. Is this the last bid ?

Comment #139

It could be but I doubt it. Most auctions that I've participated in seem to get the majority of bids during the final hours. Things might be different for this high dollar of a sale though...

Comment #140

I also thinhk there will be more bids close to it's end; this is a common pattern..

Comment #141

Are you kidding me?.

All those efforts....sweat.....timing....worries.......for just a 2 seconds pleasure?.

Instead a nice Pizza can last a good 30 minutes of INTENSE SATISFACTION (you`ll feel better if you skipped lunch)..

Comment #142

Sh** I just placed a bid on by mistake, anyone know Sedo's phone number ??.


Comment #143

Let's say it's going to sell for $5m in 2 days. Now, if you had that money would you buy it? one of the best ever .coms put on sale - in other words what would you value it at in, say, 1-2 years, with no development .. (remember the bank pays 5% pa max)..

Comment #144

If we all chip in we could snatch it.

That should be...we could each have a slice of it.

Boom boom..

Comment #145

I'll throw in a few bucks to get a slice of!..

Comment #146

Pizza is a $30.9 billion industry. Who is going to care about a couple million on this HostGator name?..

Comment #147

That's pretty much what I've been thinking. Great name, huge industy, lots of competitors. This is a sure fire way to get instant brand recognition...

Comment #148

Well, I suppose if the pizza-food giants are going to be loose with their money, they could justify the purchase by simply knowing it kept their direct competitors from getting the name...

Comment #149

Sure, but how many people out there associate word "pizza" with actual word "pizza .com" and how many millions associate it with either the word "Dominos" or "PizzaHut"? When people think "pizza", they think existing brand names, not the actual product. Same for the soft drink industry. Coka Cola or Pepsi doesn't care for "" domain. They know when you think "soft drinks" you think of either brand. I bet they would rather spend those few millions on some high PR ad campaign around their brand name rather a HostGator name that might actually promote their competing brands at the same time.

I think the HostGator name is only valuable to a new startup who wants to build a pizza brand called (a very 2.0 way of ordering pizza - imagine doing so through Facebook, MySpace... with orders going to your local franchise shops... big potential)...

Comment #150

I hear what you are saying with the soda. But I think that pizza is a different story. I myself love to eat at a variety of pizza shops. When I think of pizza I think of cheese, sauce and flat bread. I don't think of a brand.

From the local small town pizza places to the big name chains. I would imagine the number of softdrink companies is small when compared to the number of pizza brands/resturaunts. Also the term "soft drink, soda, pop, sodie-pop, sodie" still seems quite vauge in comparison to the term "pizza". Is the soft drink or soda a cola, citrus drink, kool-aid, energy drink, seltzer water, etc..etc.. IMO.

Pizza is Pizza...

Comment #151

We are alike when it comes to thinking of "pizza". However, most people, ourselves included, still can relate the word pizza to biggest pizza brands in the world. Even ready-to-eat, frozen pizzas have their own recognizable brands nowadays. Those famous commercials: "Its not delivery, it's "_______"." Why won't they market the word "pizza" in the ads? They focus on their brand because that's what sells.

As far as the rest of pizza places our there, if you look closely, are usually locally run places. They are boutique pizza resto/bars, but usually they are not big chains, deep majority of them are family run shops. Few of them will afford a few million on a HostGator name.

Anyway, I just hope that whoever is getting the name understands it's nature and make the best of it. Or, if it is a large chain acquiring it, it will most likely be used for PR purposes...

Comment #152

Hmm. I wonder if the bidder backed out, was a mistake bid or if Sedo investigated the bid and found it to be faudulent. Curious...

Comment #153

2.6 million to create a cyber world advertising ?

From a media site, 2.6 million is a very reasonable prices .........

2.6 million ? what type of advertising space you have in real world ???.

And the slogan can be " you are watching 2.6 million Pizza"..

Comment #154

This name will pay for itself a few times over in the years to come.

Best wishes,.


Comment #155

C'mon then all you domainers - you all know your stuff - and you know domains better than anyone - what would YOU pay for IF you had $20m in the bank .... or would you?..

Comment #156

No I would'nt, I'd rather have a few country names to develop like

....To be honest if I had $20m in the bank I'd be doing other things instead, life is short and you only get one !.


Comment #157

I wouldn't pay more than $100k for, and that is only if I had an actual business model ready for exploitation for it as well...

Comment #158

If a company is ready to splash out 2.5 mill or more for a domain, they better have a good business model up their sleeve..

Comment #159

Well stipulated. So we can take it you're not bidding on this?.

Would be curious what the reserve would be 'if' one of y'all owned this name.....

Comment #160

Why not just as an investment, like many other high profile domains?.

It would be a waste , of course...

Comment #161

Current bid 2.6M.

I think the problem was "bidder 23" .. 6 bids removed...

Comment #162

Some people find it amusing to place bids for fun on sedoThe last month it happened me twice that a buyer backs out... Maybe Sedo should ask for more information before they let people bid on Sedo..

Comment #163


We all agree on this..

For a sale of this kind the bidders should have to be scrutinised and approved in some way..

Comment #164

I'd be sailing around in my luxury suite on Caribbean cruises drinking champagne and cocktails..

Comment #165

Yeah it's a bit of a joke that anyone could bid on a Sedo auction from what I hear, someone could just walk into an Internet cafe, create a new account and bid 3 million.....

Comment #166

Very true. But now that I think of it that could happen at alot of the HostGator name auction sites. I wonder which sites require the most information to place a bid?..

Comment #167

A buyer accepted my offer for a pretty nice name for $3K a couple months back, however, the buyer never paid. Sedo gave me their personal info but I decided not to pursue it. Just a waste of my time. Sedo should definitely take the necessary actions to avoid these ridiculous situations.

Best Wishes,.


Comment #168

Simply post warnings with all "buyers" details on all the forums you are aware of.

Will give you a certain amount of satisfaction and may help others.

Done it a few times myself.

$2,605,000 bidder 24 & 22 seem to be the forerunners...

Comment #169

This will be well worth the money - even to a start-up. Just imagine: set up and advertise the heck out of it. You don't even need to sell pizzas to make this work. Just make deals with a pizza company in each city/country, so no matter where you are in the world, you order from and get a pizza to your door half an hour later. The website takes 10% for arranging the order (and doing nothing else). Little or no overhead. License to print money.....

Comment #170

Hello people! I am excited about this auction.

I have owned " for awhile! thats for Pizza Open 365 days a yr!.

Do you guys think it would be worth something after the auction???.

Hit me with your opinions!.

I'll start it off!!! Reg fee!!! Lol..

Comment #171

Should be some flow on effect for the value of pizza247..

Comment #172

High profile bidders are manually credit checked by sedo.

I mentioned this auction to my brother and current price and his first reaction was 'more to this than meets the eye' - he has got me thinking - this is an amazing name to surface - who currently owns it? What have they been doing with it - why are they selling it?.

Hmmmm... that's all...

Comment #173

I own I am satisfied with XX XXX Range..

Comment #174

Isn't this pretty much what the current site does? So can we presume they are not making much money from it?.

Although I notice the website is not for sale , only the HostGator name ..

Have they got a new HostGator lined up for their pizza finder?..

Comment #175

You need to enroll for buyer certification to bid on names...

Comment #176

It sucks to see good domains without bids on this auction..

Comment #177

I already wrote about this: too many auctions ending at the same time = bad way to auction..

Comment #178

I already blogged the news lol.

Hurry up hurry`s 4.20 AM here...I need to go to sleep!!..

Comment #179

How high will it go?.

Takes $$ to make $$, eh?..

Comment #180

Actually doesn't seem to bad of a price. But I just don't see what it would be use for? It's just to general of a name for a pizza company to buy it unless their going to redirect it...

Comment #181

Auction closes at 2,605,000 USD !.

Pretty decent price IMHO, for the power of that domain... fair play!..

Comment #182

I'm anxious to see what type of site develops on the HostGator name.

A big name or a directory / finder? Hmm...

I notice that it was parked during the sale but not it's back to it's original pizza info site...

Comment #183

I can't wait to see ... who the buyer is, and plans for the site!.


Comment #184

Seller is very happy and confident of sale outcome it seems..

A life changing sale for him: Story and Link here..

Comment #185

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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