Why are vegans so defensive of their Dukan Diet choice?

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Quick question... Why are vegans so defensive of their Dukan Diet choice? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Please please please! I was thrilled to have the Walden's Farm WW coupon last month! If anyone has the link to this month's coupon, I would really really appreciate it! I forgot to order the peanut butter spread and I have been DYING to try it!! (and I ordered the buy 5 get 5 free of other stuff!) Thanks soooooo much!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you help..

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Yep! That's the one I used last month....I guess I'll have to let my DD order it from her house since it says one per household..... that wouldn't be dishonest would it? nawwwww......

Comment #2

Umm do be warned that the WF pb spread has NOT received good reviews.

It's no cal and any resemblance to real peanuts is severely limited.


Comment #3

Oh no, really? I just ordered one bottle to give it a whirl. Oh & learn. Maybe it won't be so bad mixed in with other foods...

Comment #4

I thought that perhaps..if it didn't taste quite as good as I was hoping, that if I added a little PB2 that it would make up the difference? Has anyone tried this?..

Comment #5

Yes but, I mix a small bit of the WF pb spread with the PB2 to hide the icky flavor I add the WF pb spread to things I make with pb2 - like pb/choc shakes or the micro choc cake - but to be honest, it's just to use it up the stuff really is awful, in my opinon....

But it does stretch things that have enough flavor to hide it and you may not dislike it - just keep expectations low....


Comment #6

Well...that's not too encouraging!.

But like you said, maybe I'll be the one that actually likes it! I'm kind of strange..I can convince myself (sometimes) that I like something just because I know that (a) it's really low low fat and calorie (b) it's good for me. So, this fits (a) so I'm hoping!!!.

PS if anyone reads this that actually "likes" the WF pnut butter spread, Please send some encouragement my way!!..

Comment #7

Has anyone had any trouble with PB2 going bad? I still had one left from my order which was less than 1 yr. When I opened it it smelled musty and had no peanutty taste. I'm still using it because it's too expensive to toss. I always put the opened one in the fridge but I thought the sealed one would keep on the shelf. I live alone and don't use it everyday so I was kind of hoping it would last longer without having to put all four of them in the fridge..

Just thought I'd ask...

Comment #8

Walden Farms peanut butter spread tastes as much like anything resembling peanut butter as mud tastes like pate...jes sayin'..

Comment #9

Gramma, I have no clue, but I thought it's self life was definately longer than a year....something to look up most definately..

PAM! ugggggg! well, I'm a stubborn one and will still try it!..

Comment #10

Tnaks for the peanut Butter tip on Walden Farms. I was going to order it but took it off my order. I'll stick to PB2. I don't refigerate my opened PB2 and have never had a problem. The one thing I like about it is that I don't eat the whole jar and can keep it a long time, unlike the real stuff since you have to mix it! I have been known to taste it dry once in awhile though!!! He he..


Comment #11

Quick question...what is PB2 I keep seeing that named in the threads...

Comment #12

It's powdered peanuts that when mixed with water makes a paste that tastes a lot like peanut butter, but has a whole lot less fat (mostly because the powder is made from what is left after peanuts have been pressed to extract their oil - lmao).

Here's the web site.


Comment #13

Hello All.

Just an FYI - Most grocery stores carry Walden Farms products now.

The cost is much cheaper Market Basket stores have it on sale 2 bottle for $5.00. they keep them in the produce area not where the dressing are.

The cost for shipping at waldens alone is 8.95 added to the cost of 3.99 each item.

Trader Joes carries allot of the Lines items.

Shaw's - shop and save all carry it as well - they keep them in either place "diet - produce - dressing" area's. Check all 3 places in the grocery stores.

As the store manager If they don't carry it ask them to get it They will!! especially if you tell them all the other stores in the area carry them but his store is most convienent for your to shop...

Comment #14

Thanks for the reply....I now KNOW I have to try some of that! Headed to bellplantation now! <br>..

Comment #15

The facts are in...I received my order today with the WF Peanut butter spread. It's ...different. Actually their caramel and choc dips both have a similiar taste in them that is in the pnut spread. BUT! I mixed some FF cool whip with it tonight for a frosting for my choc. walnut muffin and talk about YUMMY! The cool whip added to the creaminess, and made it really really good! Try it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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