Why am I having a heard time stiking ti Nutrisystem?

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My question is Why am I having a heard time stiking ti Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... This post is actually for several things I just didn't want to spam new topics..

As the title says, things are still going good! Could be considered still great also!.

I hit my halfway point in the weight I want to lose!! Last Wednesday I hit 33lbs down. Now just 33 more to go! Looking forward to the scale tomorrow for my next weigh in!.

Couple of weeks ago I was at work and I was talking to a coworker in the evening, she told me she had been walking behind me that morning and couldn't tell it was me! That was awesome..

Today, I was walking in the door to work and a different coworker said he had to do a double take because he didn't recognize me. He even quipped that I'm half the man I use to be..

Yesterday yet another coworker mentioned my weight loss and he could obviously tell a huge difference in my gut. (I've lost so much of my belly).

I am very pleased with NutriSystem, I don't mind the food, I really like some of the entrees, and the results have been spectacular. But I have some questions and would like some feedback..

My g/f is trying to lose weight and she signed up for Weight Watchers. So it's making dinners interesting. She's either coming over and eating one of my Nutrisystem entree's which is leaving me short for the month. Or she's cooking her own meal and I'm eating Nutrisystem..

I'm very apprehensive about leaving a program that is working so well for me but I'd like to be able to sync up with the g/f. I can't afford to pay for 2 Nutrisystem subscriptions a month, and she can't afford her own..

Has anyone here try WW? Any suggestions? I've read that some people here do Nutrisystem while their families eat different food. How did that work out?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Congrats on the success with your weight loss (and all those cool compliments at work are fun, aren't they? LOL). I agree with losingw8now, just start "flexing" meals for the two of you. It should fit really well into her ww program, and you can still feel like you're on theNutrisystem"plan". I no longer get an AD from NS, but DH and I still try to folllow the flex guidelines to maintain..

Hang in there! Enjoy the rest of your journey..

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Great NSVs!! Isn't it fun when other people start to notice!!!.

For my family, I make a dinner for them that is similar to what I am eating. So when I eatNutrisystemmeatloaf, I make a meatloaf for the family and we all eat the same veggies and salad. They get potatoes..

We also do 'flex' meals like losing describes above..

Baked or grilled chicken.

Brown rice.

Veggies and salad.

For your fat, you can use oil on the veggies, or nuts, olives or low fat cheese in your salad, or low fat dressing...

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I've done WW twice. I lost 35lbs the first time & not much the second time. I succeeded the first time because I had a good support group of friends who were doing it with me, though I never made it to goal. The second time around, the women I joined with were not serious about losing weight, so I quit. I knew that without support, I'd just be wasting time & money..

Your GF can succeed with WW as long as she follows the plan. Just like the members above said, flexing withNutrisystemwill benefit both of you. I personally need the structure ofNutrisystemto help me with my weight loss, so I'm not ready to flex. If the two of you flex every other day, you can stretch a singleNutrisystemorder between the both of you. If you still need the structure thatNutrisystemoffers, then your GF needs to flex while you have your meals..

With all that said, I suggest that if she decides to flex using theNutrisystemguidelines, there is no reason to pay for WW while following NS. The two of you can create your own weigh-in events to keep her on track since the only thing you're really paying for is someone to weigh you each week, a few handouts & a points calculator, which you need to purchase on top of the start-up & weekly fees anyway..

If you have anymore questions about WW, send me a message. I did it in 2003-2004 & part of 2008. I haven't done it with their new points system, but I've read about it & I have a co-worker that is currently doing WW. I considered WW until I decided on NS. Like I said before, I need the structure of NS, so WW wasn't going to work for me this time..

Good luck!..

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Congrats! Looks like we are on the same weight loss track, I also hit 33 lbs last week, half way! I have tried WW several times, lost weight and gained it all back each time. It is a great plan as well but I hate cooking and grocery shopping so I much prefer NS, just so much more convenient. Besides even when I was on WW I still bought frozen low cal dinners as my meals with less variety than is offered on NS. Plus I love theNutrisystemfoods so even when I hit goal I can still maintain with eatingNutrisystemfoods and my own foods. On WW I couldn't wait to finish dieting because I was so bored with the same foods all the time mainly because I hate cooking. I think it will be easier to maintain once I hit goal on NS...

Comment #5

Congrats on your success so far! I can't wait to be there. Right now, all I'm getting is, "So, are you actually losing weight on that diet?".

I like everyone's suggestions. Another suggestion would be to stock your freezer with frozen meals that match your girlfriend's WW guidelines. You can eat yourNutrisystemmeal and she can eat her WW meal. If one of you feels like cooking, follow theNutrisystemguidelines above so you can eat the same meal together...

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I was very successful on WW but I gained it all back. What I didn't like about it was.... "I felt like I had to think about what I was going to eat all day". I hated all of the preparation and I know I won't do that again...

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That's how I felt, too! Both on WW & Curves. I did the Curves diet 2009-2010. I lost 50lbs in 2009, but all of 2010 was a struggle just to figure out what to eat. I ended up maintaining that entire year. At the start of 2011, I knew I had to try something different. That's when I decided to try NS..

I've lost a steady 1.5lbs/week, which I'm very proud of! If I keep it up, I should be down ~80lbs by my 1 yearNutrisystemanniversary & only 20lbs away from goal! Woo hoo!..

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Congrats on your weight loss!.

I've done WW (in every version) since I was in my 20's because I kept going up and down the same 15-20 pounds over the last 20 years! Basically,Nutrisystemis like the really old weight watchers (except the Lower GI Carb part). the old WW used to say you get so many proteins, so many carbs, etc. The newest version of weight watchers, "Points Plus" should fit perfectly with theNutrisystemflexing (yes, I always have the newest WW info because I do think if you can get yourself to stick to it, it does work). I bet if she follows the Flex day for a women onNutrisystemit would fit right into her points..

I switched toNutrisystemjust because I needed some discipline and needed to be told what to eat! I kept spending all my WW points on crap because I could!.

I don't think one is more expensive then the other really. In the end, they probably cost about the same...

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