Who sings the song It's Raining Men in the Nutrisystem ad with Kirstie Alley?

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My 1st question is: Who sings the song It's Raining Men in the Nutrisystem ad with Kirstie Alley? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. And I have no one to blame but me..

No I haven't had more chips and queso - but little "cheats" here and there - extra protein - extra slice of rye - Hey no one sees me so it doesn't count right? I am figuring out that calories don't work that way and they are ALWAYS watching..

Honestly I felt ashamed I have been cheating myself and that is the main reason I haven't been posting here..

Press on - I will endeavor to stop the "small" cheats - because for us fat guys - they are never small..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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I was wondering what happened to you ....

Look ... It has to start NOW, man! No more little cheats. If you add 'em all up you're taking in an extra few hundred calories a day just with a little nibble here and there. You just can do it. Your body needs to get used to the plan and you're not letting it do that..

Get your head in the game Dan!! You're a bigger man than most for posting in here but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I want to start seeing some positive posts out of you!!.

You can do this..


No cheats!!.

The guys used to crack on me in here for what I'm about to tell you ... but it's true:.

16 grapes means 16 grapes.

.... not 15. not 18. 16. Once you start being disciplined like that (and continue to measure everything!!) the weight will start to melt off of you..

I honestly wish I could just yell at some of you face to face sometimes!! Damn this forum deal gets frustrating!!.

Get on it, Dan!!!..

Comment #2

Generally Dan, "extra" is not good. But you know that already.

You also know that when you string a few 100% days together (really complete them 100%) that some sort of 'engine' starts upat least that's how I thought of it and how it happened for me..

In other words, I go along with a couple 100% days and toss in a couple 90% days (for lack of a better term) and maybe I would lose a lb or two..

Throw 6-7-8 100% days together and overdrive would kick in and I'd lose 8 lbs!.

Not sure everyone has that experience, but it's a motivator for doing it 'right' more than a couple days at a time..

In my case, once I'd get that engine started (and increased walking seemed to be another triggernot like double the walking, just little increases every night), I would really start shedding lbs..

Hang in there. As always, you deserve your best effort in this..

~J~ (still losing after NS!)..

Comment #3

That Sean guy is one tough mother..

I'll miss him when he's gone and we're left to fend for ourselves.....

You're just a glutton -.

For punishment!.

Now forge ahead - not.



Comment #4

I'm so damn bored at work right now I can't help but give y'all some advice. Once things pick up in the office I'm going to be MIA for awhile...

Comment #5

That's the life of an art guy: when it rains it pours..

Ps - hope you didn't mind me moving ahead with the excellent finger idea...

Comment #6

Naw, man ... that's awesome! I like your title too. I tried to change it to "Finger Food" but it didn't work..

Comment #7

Sorry to hijack the thread -.

I vote you start a new one with your pics and I'll add mine..

Over a period of time it could be pretty funny..

My $0.2..

Comment #8

Dan, I think there are many here and who flash in who need to see the truth you wrote. There are far too many people who think "I am eating healthy food, therefore I should lose weight." You know you did wrong and you know you can't do that if you want to get control of your weight and life. This is the real world and we have to live in it. Adding cheats do not work. Stick to the plan and you will lose weight!..

Comment #9

Just stop the cheats and follow the plan. Temptations will always be out there but you have to master yourself take control of what you eat. You need to start and break the bad habits. A slice of this or a handfull of that. It all adds up and what got us fat in the first place. Follow the plan and the weight will come off...

Comment #10

Hey Dan, happens to all of us. I can be a cheating fool at times. What's important - to me anyway - is to nip it in the bud before before it bites you in the a$$. If you mess up, just get back on plan and don't look back. And keep posting in here. Rob is right, you're a stand up guy for coming in here and admitting your failures to this shark tank, just get back on plan and don't beat yourself up about what happened. It's in the past, leave it there...

Comment #11

Pretty much. I don't like being known on these forums as the guy who just posts about cheating on the diet. I don't post here for yall - I do it as accountability for me. I figure if I embarrass myself enough I will fly right in the end..

Comment #12

Hey Dan -.

It may not be your bag but the charts I've been using really help me to stay on course..

I think the main thing is - just go 100%..

Eat the daily stuff you get on "My Program" and keep it filled out EVERY DAY..

Drink all your water..


It's really pretty simple, right?.

Signed - Mister Obvious..

Comment #13

Man up Dano!.

Walk the walk, talk the talk..

Go 100% and lose it. Dang, it's so darn easy with NS, you don't have to think about it..

Do it..

Own everything that goes into the pie hole...

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