Who should I register domains with? 1&1, GoDaddy, or someone else? I hear GoDaddy has some shady pra?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Who should I register domains with? 1&1, GoDaddy, or someone else? I hear GoDaddy has some shady pra?.

My 2nd question is: I've been domaining since May 06. I finally earned my $20 payout on Sedo after a year and a half of parking. Granted, I don't own a lot of domains and my focus has never been on parking.

Lately I've been thinking about this a bit more. I'd like to find some nice domains with traffic. I have registered domains in the past that I thought would receive decent traffic while experimenting with Moniker's Grace Period. However, these always proved to be complete duds.

So I would like to ask for some advice on finding traffic names or maybe someone with experience would be willing to take me under their wing so to speak.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you do post some tips in this thread, I am sure it will be helpful to others as well...

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Your question was: Who should I register domains with? 1&1, GoDaddy, or someone else? I hear GoDaddy has some shady pra?.

I bought a HostGator from the aftermarket 3 days ago at $70. It has earned me $10 at ParkingPanel already. Do PM me if you need a referral code. I'm a satisfied ParkingPanel customer.

So, my advice to you would be, look in the aftermarkets...

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So fast to earn money $10..

How many $ per click?.

Sedo give $0.02 - 0.05 per click?..

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RPC is about $0.16 to $0.20 a click. So far I've only parked this HostGator with ParkingPanel. It could be higher at other places. Might try it out later with Parked...

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Sedo is great for selling your domains, but PPC is really too low....

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I feel your pain... I've got a few domains that bring in 30-50 uniques per day but nobody clicks on anything!..

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I purchased a HostGator name not long ago for $60 - that is generating on average about $1.50 per day. It gets about 10-20 uniques with a high ctr of about 75% - this is through I own almost 1k HostGator names, but only about 35 of them generate enough income via parking to even pay for there own renewals... it's a tough game.


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The truth has been spoken.

COmmon culture is a way to find traffic HostGator names. You can think about related things in our world. e.g: indian technology, australian kangaroos, french wine, etc. If they are very popular, or talked about alot, this occurs with decent broadband penetration in those countries, you can easily stumble into traffic HostGator names. I regged 2 months ago, and it's my best performing HostGator names in my Parked portfolio. I just thought nigerians are very passionate about religion, so I saw it was available and I regged it. It might be a bit harder with more advanced countries, but there are probably some available...

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I monetize most of my domains and the ppc pays for the reg plus profit. If you are interested then there is a "parking and traffic monetization" thread that is useful. The most fundamental advice though is to look for terms people are looking for... To do this there are several paid keyword tools, and a few good free ones. Goodle adwords is excellent, so if you don't already have a free adwords account, goto and signup. Once you have an account (may you can do this without an account) goto the tab "campaign management", and then click on "Tools", and then click "keyword tool", or just go here:

Now enter a term in the box that is popular, like "auto sales" (WITHOUT quotes).

You get a page that tells you how often users enter "auto sales" into the google search box, and the advertiser competition using the keyword "auto sales". The next things is to check the number of times the phrase occurs in the google index by search for "auto sales" (WITH quotes). Obviously you want to see a large number of pages. Then follow the other tips around here like looking for the keywords in the title and url. Now if you do this and only pick the strong candidates in the three categories you can make a profit at parking. There are other things to look at, but good traffic names also make good selling names.


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Buying and selling names is like an art, you develope a keen eye after awhile (Example:Spade) I don't know as far as myself sometimes my instincts are great, but other times it's like throwing pasta on the wall; to see what sticks, so it could be a numbers thing. I started to do better with my parking earnings.

When I bought names in the aftermarket, and stopped regging hypen, .name and other noobie mistakes. My favorite are type-in names, becuase the traffic will hold out longer. Sedo pays so little, but I have had good luck selling, enough to make a profit with all my renewals (150 names and counting)..

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I have found some success making a mini site with ads like google adsense. Search engines love original content so I like to type out some original content on my sites...

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Make your HostGator an amazon affiliate site.One of my domains makes $125.00 a month and more...

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Wow! I've earned 17$ for three months parking and thought I am the last looser. Thanks for your posting!.

In fact it is very hard to make good money on parking (except you own good keyword domains), so I would advice to look for AdWords or affilate programs. They require some development but I think it is woryh trying..

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Simple ......... dont park at sedo !!!! same deal for me , $20. a year from parking is no good , look elsewhere , read the parking threads to find the best for you..

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Sedo sucks. I also used to be with them but made only 1-2 cents per click. Joined up with ParkingPanel & have been happy, especially with Adult names there...

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Thank you everyone for the responses. As far as monetizing domains I already own, thats not really the issue. I have some development plans for a few domains, but generally speaking, my current domains don't yield a lot of quality traffic. I didn't register them for traffic, I registered them because I thought they were quality names. Sure it'd be nice if they could pay for their own registration fees, but most of them don't receive enough traffic to do that regardless of my monetization methods.

Also HostGator sales are not the issue either. Since I started domaining, most of my domains have been acquired at reg fee - $xx and I've had many nice sales from them that I am more than happy with, though a higher frequency would be nice.

I guess my main issue was that I wanted to learn how to find domains with traffic so I can start building a portfolio of traffic names that earn every month. I know people have had success with typos, ccTLD regs, etc... However, I never seem to have any luck when I try it. I know about the keyword tools and such, but those aren't very helpful considering that most keywords are already registered I'm not sure exactly what kind of tips I am looking for, I just feel like someone knows something that I don't.

Maybe some examples of domains that people registered that have decent traffic would be more helpful. Also some insight into the mindset involved when deciding to register a name for traffic.

Thanks again for all of the help!..

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I've experimented with parking but I think developing is a lot more prosperous although a bit more work...

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