Who is the lady in the fahrenhiet Dukan Diet pill commercial?

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First question I have is Who is the lady in the fahrenhiet Dukan Diet pill commercial? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Howdy all. I just bought on EBAY a 1990 Nutri/System "Flavor Set-point Weight Loss Cookbook" Over 300 pages, lots or recipes, some of which sound like Dukan Diet entrees..

I don't know how much I can share based on the copyright of the book, but I intend to pass on my results and thoughts as I try each recipe...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could help you..

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I just bought one on ebay also...there are several. I figured you can't go wrong for the price; there has got to be at least a handful of things that I'll like as is or be able to modify to my liking..

- my total (incl shipping) was only $ 7.19..

Comment #2

John your stats are amazing! Continued good luck on maintenance!!..

Comment #3

I don't believe it! The OP's message made me look for the cookbook online. As soon as I saw the picture of the cover, I said to myself, "I have that cookbook already." Sure enough, I went to the shelves where I keep recipes, etc. and there it was! I got it when I was on the program many years ago when you went to a center each week to be weighed, get counseling and pick up food for the following week..

I can't wait to check out the recipes...

Comment #4

Made the.

Steamed Spinach Dumplings.

Tonight. Over 1 hour of prep and cook but were they tasty. 25 calories each, with ground turkey, scallions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, lemon peel all in a wonton wrapper. We made a dipping sauce of plum sauce and soy sauce. For those that have the book it is on page 65/66. I would buy round wonton wrappers next time (I used square ones) and I tried both cooked spinach and fresh spinach in the wontons around the meat balls...I like the fresh spinach better.

Next week, Turkey Stuffed Peppers....stay tuned...

Comment #5

Amazon also has the book - used copies start at 28 shipping.....

Comment #6


How many dumplings did you have and how did you count them? I'm still trying to figure out these kinds of things. The dumplings sound really good. Thanks for pointing them out...

Comment #7

Ok, you guys got me! I couldn't wait for more recipes, I went to Amazon & ordered a copy. Thanks for the great info!..

Comment #8

Me too! Can't beat that price! Even found one in "good" at $.28 with 5 star vendor!..

Comment #9

Tks just got mine had to pay 5.00 but I hate old books..

Comment #10

Susan, At 25 calories a piece, I had 20!!!! for 500 calories. Yesterday was a ski day and I had burned over 1000 calories out on the slopes (18-1000 foot vertical runs@60 calories each) so I felt like I could afford it. The dumplings were my main course. I also had steamed broccoli and a salad with lite dressing with several cups of hot green tea. I assumed the wonton wrappers would count as my dinner carb. My total calories eaten for the day were ~2300, which is only 100 over my maintenance level. JT..

Comment #11

Are these recipes in lieu of eating the Dukan Diet entrees or do they incorporate the entrees into the dish? Would it be good to get this book if I am still new to the program? Thanks!..

Comment #12

Daina, this particular cookbook was written long before Dukan Diet started the low-glycemic regime it follows now. The recipes are great and are low-calorie & low-fat, but they are not necessarily low-glycemic. I do think it's a great cookbook, but I recommend that you wait until you really understand how this whole thing works, so that you can make any adjustments you might need to the recipes to make them consistent with the program you are following now...

Comment #13

Thanks, Judi! Sounds like something I will keep in mind for later...

Comment #14

Evening....tonights adventure was.

Turkey-Stuffed Peppers.

(page 186). Made with ground turkey, onions, garlic, tomato paste, corn, brown rice,worchetershire sauce, parsley, black pepper, low fat cheese and of course green, yellow or red bell peppers. The meal was easy to prepare and at 189 calories, 13 grams of protein and 6.2 grams total fat, quite filling. I will make the recipe again. My wife liked it because unlike stuffed peppers made with beef, this was less greasy. It was however a little bland and next time I will add some oregano and paprika to spice things up.


Comment #15

Daina, Judi is right on. I am adapting the recipes to be lower in Glycemic Index as I go, but I have been on Dukan Diet for 8 months now. Good luck on your Dukan Diet journey. JT..

Comment #16

Sunday, Made the.

Chicken Enchiladas.

(page 177) with Enchilada Sauce (page 130). Very tasty, a definite keeper. The sauce was quite good (onions, garlic, tomato paste, chili powder, oregano, yogurt) but I should have made a double recipe as I had to use a can of store bought sauce to have enough to cover the enchiladas in the baking pan. This is a great way to dress up plain chicken. The corn tortilla counts as your low GI carb. 151 Calories a serving with 15 grams of protein and only 3.4 grams of fats.

Sometime this week we are going to try the Curried Chicken Crepes. Have a great week everyone. JT..

Comment #17

Got mine from Amazon for a penny, but paid 3.99 shipping. Still new to program and not quite sure how to adapt the recipes yet...

Comment #18

So do you think that this cookbook would be worthwhile for a vegetarian, or do the majority of the recipes have meat?..

Comment #19

Good question...I will check tonight and get back to the board...JT..

Comment #20

John, you're an inspiration. As a matter of fact, we're coming from and going to the same neighborhood. I'm going to root for you to keep on keeping on!..

Comment #21

Thank you so much......I got one too.....I cannot wait to try some of the recipes........I did that back in those days too...lost 52 pounds on that old fact.......I think I liked the food better then than now........or maybe I just don't remember well these days.LOL........but I do remember I did it and I know I can do it again.......YES!!!....One Day AT A Time..

Comment #22

I got my 28 cent book today - it is in mint condition! Can't wait to delve into some of the recipes...

Comment #23

There are quite a few recipes that are vegetarian friendly in the Appetizer, Soups, Salads, Vegetables and Pasta sections. There are also large sections on Fish, Fowl and Meat. On balance if you can pick one up really cheap then I think it would be worth while. Some of the more interesting veggie recipes: Crustless Spinach Mushroom Quiche, Spicy Bean Sprout Salad, Spinach Sag Paneer (Indian), Baby Corn-Bok Choy-Tofu Stir Fry and Veggie Lasagna...Also one called Pasta Tutti that is all veggie and really interesting...I may even make this with whole wheat pasta myself. Hope this helps. JT..

Comment #24

You guys bought all the cheap ones up.

But I got one for 3.99 today. There are not many left on amazon, and they start charging over $30!.

I recently also bought some old WW cookbooks. It's fun sometimes to go 'retro', even with Dukan Diet books.

The Nourish Dukan Diet Book also has a lot of recipes in them, and many of them are vegetarian...

Comment #25

I ordered one last night from for a penny. The shipping to me in Canada was $6.50 Canadian. Funny though, the book is being shipped from the U.S. I would think that anyone could buy from the site if they live in the States as that is where it is coming from. It is worth a look if you are interested in obtaining one. I believe the U.S.

The company selling it is Atlanta Book Company Part of the Thriftbooks family of bookstores...

Comment #26

I noticed there were quite a few 1 cent ones left. I decided to get hardcover/new though. Don't like old books either. I can hardly wait to get this cookbook and start using it. Especially since I'm doing the "week-ends off" program so I need ideas for things to cook. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, John...

Comment #27

It is completely against my nature to spend more on anything than absolutely necessary - half my new small-sized wardrobe came from Goodwill (average about $2 per item, and I get complimented constantly on the items), and the other half came from an extreme sale from a clearance outlet that was closing (again everyone compliments me on the clothes, which averaged something less than $10 per item, including several leather and suede blazers, suits, etc). The 28 cent copy I bought was quite literally like brand new. I am pretty lucky when it comes to finding good buys...

Comment #28

My comment about "old books" was not meant to offend anyone..

I have found some nice things at thrift stores also At least those items I can bring home and throw them in the wash. But when it comes to cookbooks, especially off amazon, you never know what you're getting and I just preferred to have one that wasn't full of food stains and such. And I prefer hardcover cookbooks to paperbacks. They rest easier on my recipe holder. I didn't pay a fortune for it. It was only $13.00...

Comment #29

I wasn't offended - I am just poking fun at my own cheapness (and letting people know, if they are hesitant about the super cheap books, that they aren't necessarily icky). But I know what you mean about the cleanliness issue - I have bought some vintage games for my autistic son (who can drive you up a wall when he is obsessed about acquiring something, so isn't going to be deterred by such issues) that arrived reeking of cigarette smoke...

Comment #30

I got you beat CyberSally. I just got one for $.01 in good condition with a 5-star vendor! Crazy cheap!..

Comment #31

OK, now I feel like I'm in some alternate universe or something. My email confirmation from Amazon said that my book is hardcover (which I hadn't really even noticed when I ordered it). After I posted my first response a minute ago, I read a couple more of the pages in this thread. I saw people saying that they had gone on there today and there were no more cheap cookbooks. So, I went back in to see if I could find where I had clicked myself to, to get to that $.01 hardback book. I couldn't find anything remotely like it, and I remember now that it was not in those first couple of categories that came up.

I know you probably don't understand what I'm saying, but there were several cheap books in the area that I wound up in. So, if I actually AM in some alternate universe right now, I hope you guys can click your way into it also! Kind of feels like The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe....the door just disappeared! Now, if I see a little man with hoofs, I'm gonna get really scared..

Oh, and btw, maybe I'll discover that I got the book for $.01 because somebody's kid barfed on it or something!..

Comment #32

LOL @ Luz....

I know just the area you are talking about because that's where I saw all the 1 cent books listed yesterday. I think you have to click a button under the book desription that says "Also available"...however it looks like they are all hardcover books. There's still quite a few listed if anyone is interested...

Comment #33

I bought one yesterday from Amazon for $1.88, but also bought some WW cookbooks plus some other books since I like to read. Looking forward to getting the cookbooks. I'm glad that I saw this post yesterday...

Comment #34

Tonight we tried the.

Chicken Paprikash.

(page 166) which was basically chicken, chicken stock, onions, garlic, mushrooms, yogurt and paprika. It was moist and very easy to prepare (all in one skillet). 223 calories a serving with 29 grams of protein and 6.5 grams of fat. We used canned mushrooms and next time I would use fresh mushrooms so that they would pick up a little more chicken flavor. I keep wanting to try the curry recipe but our guest tonight did not like curry so Plan B....This book continues to please me. For the couple of bucks I paid for it, I really got my money's worth...

Comment #35

I got one through e-bay before seeing this....paid about $8 bucks including shipping. I am glad to hear the recipes are good and easy...

Comment #36

Hi Johnth, that sounds great I would definetly be interested in the outcome of the book thanks for the tip!!.


Comment #37

I was wondering if someone could explain how to copy and paste the ticker counter I tried to do it but i'm not sure how, pleasse advise!!! I'm new I just started a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!!!.


Comment #38

The weight ticker comes from you register and create a ticker, go back to the front page on W8Book and copy the BBcode for your ticker to your discussion board signature....on the discussion boards go to User Preferences, Edit Signature....preview first then save....Hope this helps. It took me a long time to figure out as well. JT..

Comment #39

My book arrived today. Was able to thumb through it and saw some great recipes! Can hardly wait to start using it...

Comment #40

My DW made.

Thai Turkey with Eggplant.

(page 185) tonight. This is a great way to dress up ground turkey. She doesn't like spicy food so we left out the red pepper flakes but put in the rest of the kitchen (onion, ginger, tomato paste, eggplant, soy sauce, worchetershire sauce, basil, scallions and lime juice). Because of the eggplant she thought of it as more a Greek food. At only 186 calories a serving with 26.2g of Protein it is a very filling meal with a small caloric punch. Two thumbs up. A keeper...

Comment #41

John - thanks for the suggestion on this book. Mine finally showed up (same day as Christina's cookbook) so I have lots of recipes to chose from for awhile...

Comment #42

My 1-cent book showed up today, and it doesn't even look like someone's kid barfed on it or anything!.

It's in great shape. Can't wait to sit down and look at it...

Comment #43

John, thank you for doing this thread!!! I've had this cookbook for so many years, just sitting there, but of course, when I first got it, there was no way I would have eaten veggies! After almost 4 years with NS, I read your post re turkey w/eggplant... and I couldn't believe that something with eggplant sounded good enough for me to go get the book out!!! I'm off to the market!!!..

Comment #44

Judi, the Turkey with Eggplant was so good, I had the leftovers for lunch today. Something about the texture of the eggplant and the taste of the basil....really very satisfying and different from what my DW and I have been eating for the 32 years we have been married. Different is good...

Comment #45

Now that we have a few folks with the cookbook, how about posting reviews of recipes you have made. Please cite the page number so that everyone can find it easily. Happy dining...

Comment #46

Tonight we made.

Turkey Moussaka.

(page 184) with ground turkey, eggplant, onions, tomato paste, nutmeg, thyme, paprika, egg whites, vegetable juice and bulgar wheat. This is pretty clever because you can't even tell it has bulgar wheat because of the mixture of everything. Once assembled, it is all topped with a pretty low fat white sauce (thickened with Parmesan cheese and a little flour). Total damage, 253 calories a serving with 22g carbs, 20g protein and 10 g fat.The casserole was very good but next time we will add a little fresh garlic to the onion/turkey mixture. I never knew ground turkey could be so versatile and taste so good. Another keeper recipe. It makes enough for 4 to 6 people as a main course so we have enough leftovers that we will have it again on Monday...

Comment #47

I paid 41 cents for mine. It is in great shape, looks brand new..

Of course I won't be cooking anytime soon. I went to big Lots today and loaded up on foods good until 2010. Mostly I got the pancake mix because it makes such great bundt cakes...

Comment #48

If you want the 1-cent version ($4 including shipping) here's how to find it:.

Go to, on search boxes select "books" and enter "The Nutri-System Flavor Set-Point Weight-Loss Cookbook". The first selection that comes up has a red-typed link at the bottom that says "Other versions: hardcover" or something like that. Click THAT link (not the main first link), and it takes you to a product page where under "Used" there are about 150 listed, starting at 1 cent. Mine is from a 5-star vendor that says it is "Fulfilled By Amazon." I think that means Amazon ships it, not that one finds spiritul fulfillment from Amazon!.

Though sometimes I do, I'm a bookaholic..

And obviously I'll walk a mile for a bargain..

Just ordered mine, will report back...

Comment #49

Chicken with Tarragon Sauce.

(page 164) tonight. We used deboned chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts and was it delish. The sauce was so good you wanted to soak it all up in something so you didn't miss a drop. The recipe has onions, garlic, tarragon, chicken stock, carrots, lemon or lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard and a little corn starch. It is 218 calories per serving with 25.7g Protein, 11g Carbs and 6.7g Fat. It was wonderful and easy to prepare.

The rest was mix and throw in kind of meal all in one skillet. This is pretty high in protein so I was able to have corn and a sourdough roll as sides to round out the carbs. My DW felt that next time we would pair this with a rice side dish (Brown Basmati maybe) or whole wheat noodles. Another keeper...we have yet to find a clunker in this book...

Comment #50

I'm so happy to have discovered this thread. I have this cookbook and the Nourish one. I use both of them often. I'll post, with picture time provided, next time I make something from one of them!..

Comment #51

Just received cookbook (amazing because I ordered on a Saturday, no mail Sunday or Monday a holiday) and it looks like it's never been opened. Which is a shame, because the recipes look great..

I'm on the food plan and won't be likely to cook this just for myself until I'm on maintenance. However, I do like to entertain, and many appetizers and main courses would be wonderful for company. No one will know it's Dukan Diet food. Company can have seconds or more if they like. If I mind my portions, I'll still be on plan!.

Thanks so much Johnth for beginning this thread...

Comment #52

I just ordered the book from for $0.75; it wasn't til after I ordered it that I found the $0.01 version on! Well, I'm not going to pout over $0.74!! The recipes sound great and I look forward to trying some especially since the sauces are raved about...

Comment #53

Evening all, DW and I just had a dinner of.

Three Herb Crab Cakes.

(page 146). The three herbs taking center stage are chopped Tarragon, Dill and Basil, all need to be fresh. Also celery, white pepper, paprika, low fat mayo and finely ground fresh bread crumbs (I used sourdough bread in a toaster oven at 200 for 30 minutes then blended to crumb) dumped in a bowl, hand mixed and patted into cakes. The recipe calls for 1 pound of crab meat which is not cheap (we paid $22) but the results were wonderful. The crab cakes were light but held together well and under the broiler they browned slowly to make a nice visual presentation. The taste was almost sweet with each of the herbs detectable but well matched.

The recipe called for making 4 cakes. Each cake has 155 calories, 23g of protein, 4.7g of fat and 3.1g of carbs. I had two as a main course. I could see where this could also be an appetizer if you made the cakes bite size. DW and I agreed that this was a great crab cake, different than the Maryland Old Bay style, but we would not change a thing.

Now we can have crab cakes at home and know they will be healthy and done just so..

How about some other folks sharing their experiences with this cook book?..

Comment #54

You're doing a great job with this thread. Thanks for continuing to post...

Comment #55


, I am having lots of fun with this cookbook. Now that I am on maintenance and 100% off of NS, I need ideas for main courses that are low in fat and this book fits the bill. Tomorrow night we are cycling back to Chicken with Tarragon Sauce and pairing it with brown basmati rice. I really like that recipe and we may make it a monthly staple. After that, I am thinking about the Jambalaya (I do like spicy food) or Salmon and Spinach in many good choices...

Comment #56


I want to come live with you and your wife and taste these yummy dishes! My mouth is watering!!.


Comment #57

Tonight we made.

Salmon Wrapped in Phyllo.

(page 150). Each serving has 4 oz of fresh salmon, course ground mustard and spinach all wrapped in two sheets of phyllo for 259 calories, 26g Protein, 17g Carbs and 9.5G Fat. I was a little nervous about using phyllo for the first time but once we got beyond having to thaw it before use (duh!) it was pretty easy. My DW thought it made an elegent complete Dukan Diet meal (protein, veggie and carb all in one). The recipe called for baking for 10 minutes but either our oven temp is low or it just takes longer because we had it in for 15 minutes and they were perfect. The best way to gauge is to watch the phyllo, when the outside is uniformly brown, the inside is cooked just right.

I may try and create my own Mini-Lamb Wellingtons, or use the phyllo to wrap curried chicken (page 178) instead of crepes....decisions, decisions......

Comment #58

A little experiment today with.

Curried Chicken Crepes.

, page 178. The experiment was we used phyllo instead of the crepes. We had a half package of phyllo left over from Monday so we took a flyer and it turned out pretty good. This recipe makes a light but flavorful curry sauce and DW thought she would use the curry sauce again on other items (like lamb shanks). The basic chicken prep is to poach the chicken in stock with raisins and mushrooms. The curry sauce is shallots (or onions), more chicken stock, a small amount of flour, butter and skin milk with spices.

The recipe makes 8 servings and each serving has 195 calories, 20.5g protein, 18.3g carbs and 4g of fat. I had two servings for my maintenance main course. Prep time was a little long at 45 minutes but well worth it...

Comment #59



Is great, so I'll definitely look this one up!!! Thanks so much for doing this thread, John!!..

Comment #60

Another Saturday night and another new recipe.....

Lamb and Eggplant Stew.

, page 197. This was a super easy recipe that produced tender lamb with a flavorful and firm sauce. The eggplant completely dissappears into the sauce. Besides the title ingredients it calls for Beef Stock, tomato paste, apple juice, lemon juice, cinnamon, fresh ginger, coriander, and cilantro. DW and I both liked it but thought the ginger was a little much....the recipe called for a tablespoon and I think next time I will use a teaspoon instead. Also I would have liked to seen some eggplant chunks so I will reserve 1/4 of the eggplant and add it with 10 minutes to go so that it doesn't breakdown.

With an added piece of Low GI Bread and some butter it is a balanced 40/30/30 meal. Tomorrow night we are going to try a different cook book..

The Low GI Dukan Diet Cookbook.

From Australia. Anyone want some Veal Tagine with Sweet Potatoes?..

Comment #61

Cybersally ... I'm with you ! We went shopping today to the Goodwill and salvation arm...3 big sacks of clothes and we only spend $30 dollars. I love finding the bargains. plus I did take a big sack basg to then. I have found the best buys with the store tag pm..

Comment #62

I just ordered my .01 Hardcover! I can wait to get mine and start posting some reviews of my own!!..

Comment #63

Tonight we tried.

Flounder Stuffed with Crab and Basil.

, page 147. This was super easy. The hardest part of the recipe was finding my garlic press in the junk drawer (LOL). You use 4 flounder filets (I used individually packaged filets from China, super cheap), a 4 oz can of crab, some garlic, fresh basil and calorie reduced mayonaise. You combine the crab, mayo, salt and garlic into a mixture, coat the flounder lightly in bread crumbs, fill with some of the stuffing and roll them up. They go in a baking dish at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Each roll has 146 calories with 22.3g Protein, 5.8g Carbs and 3.1g Fat. From start to table was less than 20 minutes. I used two rolls as my main course for dinner. To compliment the seafood main course I had Miso Ginger Wasabi dressing on my salad. I could have also had a glass of white wine with dinner and stayed well under my calorie target..

Comment #64

A twofer this weekend. Sunday we made.

Chicken and Pasta with Broccoli.

Page 167. In order to lower the glycemic index I used whole wheat spagetti instead of the regular fettuccine called for and I measured it to have exactly two 2 oz (dry) portions. This is a very easy dish with only the chicken, onions and basil needing to be cut up. The creamy cheese sauce is made with a little butter, flour, skim milk and parmesan cheese. Start to finish was 25 minutes. I cheated a little and used a microwave bag of frozen mixed veggies to sub for fresh broccoli.

Each serving has 257 calories, 24g Protein, 24g Carb, and 7g Fat. Next time I would add a few chopped garlic cloves to the mix and maybe some dried italian spices. Have a great week folks....I keep looking for others to start posting their results here. Later this week we are going to have Seafood Newburg (shrimp, crab and flounder) with Asparagus...

Comment #65

This was posted by.


On another thread. I thought I would post it here to keep the thread going. Thanks.



Spaghetti Squash with Chicken.

Here is another recipe that I have adapted from an old, not so Dukan Diet friendly version to a more Dukan Diet friendly version..

I had an old recipe for arroz con pollo from when I lived in Mexico for two summers studying. I was really missing the flavors from the meal and at the same time had a bumper crop of spaghetti squash in my garden so I changed it up to be a little more Dukan Diet friendly..

This makes two servings..

6-7 ounces of chicken breast, cut up..

1 ounce of turkey or other low fat sausage..

1 medium onion, chopped..

1 green chile ( you can choose your hotness level) medium size. Chopped..

Salt ( optional) 1/4 teaspoon.

Pepper 1/4 teaspoon ( or a few fresh grinds).

Garlic ( either seasoning or I prefer fresh chopped), 1-2 cloves.

1/2 cup chicken broth.

2-3 cups of cooked spaghetti squash..

Two teaspoon olive oil.

Cook the chicken and onion in the olive oil. When it is almost done, break up the sausage and add it to the chicken until cooked. Add the garlic and the salt and pepper and the green chile. Cook on medium heat until the chile and garlic soften ( just a few minutes). Add chicken broth to this and simmer for 5 minutes or so to let the flavors meld..

Stir in the spaghetti squash. Mix well and heat through and serve..

Again, this makes two servings. I count it as my protein, veggies and dinner fat. Plus a couple of free foods...

Comment #66

Making Apple Strudel tonight for dessert...just came out of the oven...smells good. Will report later how it tasted...

Comment #67

Easter dessert was.

Apple Strudel.

, page 274. Basically tart apples, lemon juice and apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, nutmeg and a few chopped dates wrapped in a few layers of phyllo dough. It was easy to make and quite good. The recipe is supposed to make 8 servings but that would be a little skimpy so figure 4. It calls for only 2 sheets of phyllo, but again, too skimpy to hold up to the apples....I used 4 sheets and that was fine. I would not hessitate to make this again.

Each slice (for 8 servings) has 43 calories, .4g protein, 1.2g fat and 8.6g carbs. Double these if you go for 4 servings per recipe. Enjoy...

Comment #68

I did the same thing! I love how you phrased that "clicked my way into someplace I can't find again!" It is still possible to find the .01 ones as I just ordered it (hardback too) with 3.99 shipping my order total came to 4.00. The site said they have hundreds left. Thanks for the tip with this thread!..

Comment #69

Thank you for the info on the book. I just ordered it from Amazon for a penny and with shipping and handeling it comes to $4.00. I'll let you know of the condition but for $4.00 who wants to be picky??? You are all an inspiration and movtivation to me...thanks for the reviews too!!!..

Comment #70

Okay I couldnt find any book for low price....I just ordered my Nutrisystem and waiting for it to get here....I am kinda worried about the food....i am not think a granola bar for breakfast is going to fill me up. So, I guess ill keep looking for some good cook books..

Comment #71

Cool - I'd love to see how it adds up to the program now, you know?.

I bet they have it at my local Half Price Books...they have everything!!..

Comment #72

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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