Who here loves the Nutrisystem program? Is having patience a challenge for you?

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My first question is Who here loves the Nutrisystem program? Is having patience a challenge for you? Hoping for any response. Another question... A raise of hands for those of you who have ventured onto the Nutrisystem MeetUp page. *raises hand*.

What do you think about it?.

I was thinking about trying it. Although I don't know if I would have time..

But then that's always my problem... I need to make more time for weight-loss activities..

But this got me thinking.... If there were one thing that you could add, or takeaway, from the Nutrisystem website... what would it be?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Morning... I have looked at the Meetup page, would be cool to meet some folks in my area and hang out. Unfortunately, no meetings in my area..

What would I like to see added ot taken away from theNutrisystemwebsite? Hmmm... I don't know, I like it just as is I guess..

Well Fiesta Friday is among us folks... whatcha gonna do this weekend? Baseball game tonight, me and Beaner headed to the Budweiser Shootout tomorrow in Daytona and then Sunday taking Kay to Carabba's for a pre-Valentine Day dinner and a movie. Monday's just not gonna work, so we'll celebrate V-day on Sunday!.

Alright, game-on folks... let's get this party started!..

Comment #2

Well.... I can help with one thing..


Yeah the survey things are annoying. They should have one of those options for "Don't ask me again".

I agree... but we will... soon..

Lucky you! Sounds like a great weekend. I'm meeting up with an old friend again. I think she mentioned meeting for lunch or something..

Don't remember. I only have work on the brain. lol. Which is where I need to go. So I'm going to get purdy..

I'm will try, yet again, to get on from work. If I can't.

Then I'm going to b***h to the mall office..

Have a fantastic friday!..

Comment #3

Mikey, sounds like a great weekend that will be gentle on your back. Well... at least until Sunday night..

Haven't been to Caraba's yet. Seems awful popular in FL though...

Comment #4

Caraba's is really really really good Italian food; it's owned by the same folks that own Outback Steakhouse, g'day mates!.

It's supposed to be homestyle-authentic Italian food, like an Olive Garden on steroids!.

Not realNutrisystemfriendly, but hey it's Valentine's Day... what my baby wants, my baby gets!..

Comment #5

Good morning Zoners! Hopoe you all have a fabulous weekend...

Comment #6

Hey doll face ... I wanna go to the spa!!!!! oh man a whole hour of a massage they would be waking me up on the table ... maam ... maam... uh wake up LMAO ...i think meeting up would be SO much fun! it's always in the back of my head.

Ooo sounds like a lovely vday .. I have to go order ds2's gf some flowers today.

Even tho they are fighting and on the "verge" blah so I do it hoping it is gonna help .. poor kid hes so tender hearted. I dunno what I will do for dh tho lol .. he dont zactly do flowers and there isnt zactly great places to eat round here.

Sure I'll think of something fun tho.



Hey Linda gm.

Alie dahhhlink ... gm girly girl ... I have to work this weekend so no real fun plans at all.

I pretty much am ok w/the website and I havent ventured over to that other meet up thing lol dint even know they had something like that ....

G'morning to any of you that come in after too ... I gotta get me some coffee!..

Comment #7

Howdy all- got in early this morningI haven't gone into the meet up page, but I've done meet ups from others sites and made some great friends, but in a big group there always seems to be one person who causes a rabble in real life- so theres always been some drama at the meet and greets i've been to-but I guess thats the way RL is!.

Last day of valentine/sucker sales today- so glad- I've been stomped into a mud puddle and walked dry as my DH would say-.

Back later- everyone have a great day!.

Oh, I think I'd add an IM to the site if there was one thing..

Comment #8

Well they do PM's gf if you right click on someones name you can send private messages here instead of going to their paid and sending like a lil email. oooo sucker sale lol good luck I gotta go order some flowers for my sons gf today personally I think a balloon bouquet would be cuter with a lil stuffed animal but wtf do I know Im just mom ffs ... blah!..

Comment #9

My poor son going thru the ups n downs of gf's.

Im off to go buy some valentines day flowers for his gf to be delivered at school on monday.

Even tho she doesnt want to talk to him right now lol go figure that lol..

Thennnnnnn I'm thinking a nap is way in order.

See you tonight my friends..

Comment #10

Hey gang! Let's see if my post goes through today.

Marie, I like the IM thing. That's a good idea..

Mikey, we have a Caraba's right next to Olive Garden. lol Guess one day Ill have to try it..

Lovely to see you as always Linda.

Aeri, I think it's sweet you are doing that. Maybe she'll be talking to him Monday then..

I'm on lunch... back to work in a bit.....

Comment #11

OK gang... headed out for a fun weekend! Everybody have fun tonight... everybody wang chung tonight! Seriously, I hope you all have a blast. See you Monday if not sooner!..

Comment #12

Have a great weekend Mikey!.

I'm about to close up shop... so if I don't see any of you, I hope you all have a great weekend too...

Comment #13

I guess the Zone has closed down for the night..


Has everyone picked up their SO's (or their own) Valentine's gift? DH doesn't celebrate it much, we really don't do anything. Just a card and a little love..

But I got him this mini b&w sock monkey with a big red heart on it's chest..

I'll probably get him a cute card too..

I'd send ya all chocolate but that'd be waste since none of us would eat it..

I hope everyone is enjoying their night. I might cozy up to a warm glass of "milk" and hang out...

Comment #14

Tonight marks the death of Heart..

Chewie finally found his way into the center and started eating the stuffing. Poor Heart. He lasted so long.......

Comment #15

R.I.P. Heart! Ya lasted way longer than I thought possible!..

Comment #16

Lol Me too! Sad to see him in the box of dead toys though...

Comment #17

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, I got to sleep late and for most of today I am going to do nothing but go hang out with a friend..

What are you up to?..

Comment #18

Good news. My MIL is home. Surprisingly they let her go on a Saturday...

Comment #19

Im just a sucker for my kids ugh weak !!!!!!!.

Have a super vday with ya woman! enjoy your dinner ... saw you in a new commercial today.

Well maybe it wasnt new but I had never seen it.

You n da dog walking on like the sidewalk you were in a blue shirt.

Thats our sexy supahstah.

We really dont do much either I got DH a card all mushy n stuff might make a nice dinner tomorrow nite for him I have zumba on monday so ....

Awwwwww LMAO at the box of dead toys.

Morning chicky I been up since 10, made breakfast then sat down to work on the computer and make up couple hours I'm burnt out .. now I gotta quickly wiz thru he house with a lil light cleaning and head to the nap! work tonite!.

Yeah rick! good news for you..

Comment #20

Headed to shower and get all gussied up.

Have a great nite friends..

Comment #21

Yay for Amazing Grace who dragged my butt out for a 3 mile walk!!!.

I was kicking and screaming but now that I am back I feel good about it..

Comment #22

That IS good news.

If I got a mushy card for anyone, they'd probably laugh at me!.

Especially DH..

But I may do it this year just because. I get caught up reading all the cards and usually end up getting two..

How was work last night?.

Morning Rick! How is your weekend so far?..

Comment #23

I have been in bed ALL day AGAIN.

After leaving work last nite omg I felt so sick .... grrrr.

So Im headed to bed early but I'm gonna try and make the thread for tomorrow justttttt incase I'm sick in the am..

Comment #24

Good for you!.

Work sucked HUGE no singers till like 11pm so I sang constantly and then a HUGE huge huge group of way drunk peeps came in and good gawd it was even worse then.

Cuz they all think it's american idol auditions then .....

Comment #25


Follow the trail of rose petals to our valentines thread .....

Comment #26

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