Who does Nutrisystem and what are some good chocolately treats with low points?

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My 1st question is: Who does Nutrisystem and what are some good chocolately treats with low points? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... OK, Gutter Gang, I've got a little challenge for y'all: 10 minutes of exercise every day this week. Ten little minutes, you pick the exercise. Walking, biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, tennis, golf (I WISH!), canoing, snowshoeing. Your choice, anything counts as long as you're moving your body..

Who's going to rise to the challenge?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

You know this Gutter Guy is always able to rise to any challenge.

I love 10 minutes first thing in the morning, what a great way to start the day..

Comment #2

10 minutes a day huh?.

......ok long story/day here today.

I'm stranded in Milwaukee tonight.....flight delays & missed connections ect.

They can't get me into Nashville from here until 11pm tomorrow.

So I am now booked to fly to Dallas at 8am @ onto Nashville from there...should arrive by 2pm I HOPE!!!.

Actually have been having a fun time meeting some interesting people along the way.

Can anybody help me with those 10 minutes??..

Comment #3

Gene, sorry to hear about all the flight ickiness and I will definately help you with those ten minutes!..

Comment #4

Looks like ds1 broke something in his foot/ankle yesterday (football game during PT), radiologist said he saw a fracture but they need to re xray as too swollen at this point..

Now I am trying REALLY hard not to be a bad MIL but then saw a fb post from DIL saying she and the grandson are heading down here Tuesday thru I wrong to be more than a bit peeved that she is bailing on DS when he most likely is injured? So far I have kept my tongue firmly bitten...any and all input appreciated...

Comment #5

Had a WONDERFUL KIDLESS night with DH last night!.

Very rare that they are both outta here at the same time!..

Comment #6

Is it possible that he would prefer to have a little time to himself while nursing his injury? (might get more sleep that way)..

Comment #7

Just had breakfast. Cheerios with Strawberries and Blueberries covered in Dannon Lite and Fit Yougurt..

I start every day with great intentions and get derailed during the day...

Comment #8

Good morning EC. I am sorry you are in hell today..

Comment #9

Me! Me! Me!.

Me neither. What is it with men and their 10 minutes in the morning? Ugh!!..

Comment #10

Thanks HopOnPop. I'm sorry to be here too. I'm in wait mode right now..

How are you doing today? How was the "nap" yesterday?..

Comment #11

It was really a nap.

But there is a good end to the story!!!.

It was a good way to start the day. Not sure if it qualifies for Vicki's 10 minute a day pledge though..... Just didn't seem like exercise..

Comment #12

G'morning Gutter! Who wants to help me exercise today?..

Comment #13

I am getting on the exercise bike in a few minutes. Not sure if that is what yoju mean Rob..

BTW, WTF did you disappear to? Good to see you again..

Comment #14

Not in wait mode anymore and the stress is making me want a piece of that King Cake that one of the minions brought in...

Comment #15

Morning all...radiologist said he saw the fracture, primary doc said come back in 7 days (gotta love army hospitals), he is ok, except when he puts any weight on that foot. Have offered to come up if he needs/wants me too as DIL will be down here. He does tend to be like his mom, re: go ahead and do whatever you want LOL, so we shall see....thanks for all the input and he did tell me he has a lot of buddies that will be helping him out...

Comment #16

OH NO!!!!! Depends on what he wants. But he should be staying off of it as much as he can and elevating it..

OH NO!!! Hope you get home soon.

WOOT!!! Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Morning love!!!! how are ya?..

Comment #17

I am very bad at multi tasking. I cannot txt and gutter at the same time lol..

Comment #18

I am doing well sweetie, except I need to go to Walmart soon UGH UGH UGH..

Comment #19

Thanks everyone for the input re: DS1, there is a bit more to the story or at least why I am feeling pissy towards DIL. Sorry forgive the follow rant...she callled Thursday to see if I would go up there Monday night/Tuesday so she could go to the doctor WTH?? After talking with her further found out she wanted me to watch grandson because she was afraid he might get hungry while at the docs, I told her (nicely) that she could handle it, but I do admit thinking WTF??.

And now, with her coming down here to visit instead of taking care of DS1 just put me over the edge a bit.

Haven't said a thing to her, and I will get over it, it is after all not MY life!.

Ok I feel better now, thanks!..

Comment #20

How much do I have to rise.

!? I not a morning person either but up for the challenge even if it's at 5min. incriments. Really want to get this extra weight off. Been hanging around way too long..

I know WTH...I skeeeerd.

I think getting out of bed is an accomplishment.


Your not alone on that Rick/Rock.



Oh yah, it so does qualify IMHO!.

Step away from the cake can do it!! Just snap out of it.


Good to hear Beth. Morning to yah.

Howdy Ginger!!!!.

Heidi hope your weekend is relaxing..

Gene safe and happy travels..

Morning Roddy, Sally, Bunziee and all who follows.


Comment #21

Wear something crazy so we can look for ya on people of walmart!..

Comment #22

LOL I usually go there post wo, so I fit in with the folks!.

Nothing says Walmart quite like sweaty smelly people!..

Comment #23

Hope ya'll have a great day. WIll bounce back in to get some cleaning done. Going to try to get the DH to help me shampoo the carpets. 3 dogs...3 get the picture. I'm getting Got the phone on...feel free to txt lol. Wish I could figure out an easy way to chat on here on my phone!..

Comment #24

I am glad I was able to help!!!! That is what I am here for..

And other things that are just not as important..

Comment #25

It appears that I am talking to myself..

I did get in 40 minutes of Bike Time so I really need a shower. Or maybe a trip to Walmart with Beth..

Comment #26

I would LOVE the company Handsome!! I ABHOR that place!!!!..

Comment #27

DD1 just got here so think I found someone who will brave Walmart with me!!!..

Comment #28

Maybe we can all go and stink up the joint..

Comment #29

Are you kidding? You guys make me feel like a slug with your 5Ks!..

Comment #30

Sally dear, mine is the slowest, pokiest 5k in the world...but it's better than nothing!.

I'm going to experiment with some new pilates DVDs later this evening, when DH is at band rehearsal. No, RickRock, no photos.....

Now to pick my car up from servicing. Will check back soon. So so good to see everyone. Forgot how much fun it is over here (and I needed the extra motivation to crack open that set of DVDs, so Vicki's challenge is a great excuse)...

Comment #31

5 minute intervals definitely count! Heck, 10 one minute intervals work too! Fortunately, us shorties don't have far to go to rise to the occasion...

Comment #32

First Walmart, then shower. Gives me time to get the gutter cam ready...

Comment #33

I'm the slug these days. My workouts have been non-existent..

Really need to find a way to balance workouts, me time, and this crazy new schedule of ours...

Comment #34

Woot! I cracked open my new workout DVDs too. Even put one in the DVD player. Now I need to press play (4 hours later!)...

Comment #35

No spurs, but I do have cowboy boots on...

Comment #36

I'm sorry you're trapped in hell today. You ok?..

Comment #37

One time we saw an article where someone mentioned that they like to shop at Dollar General because didn't have to dress up like they did to go to Walmart!.

(What in the name of God do they wear to Dollar General???) So now whenever DH (who as a retiree is normally VERY dressed down) dresses up at all he says he says he is in his Sunday-go-to-Walmart clothes...

Comment #38

Waaaaa. But what about my off day? waaaaaa.

Too late. I hate 3 bites of a small piece then threw the rest away. The stress is killing me. Stupid demons!!! They tell me I have 1.5 hours to make the changes I need before they bring up the new system so I come in at 7:30am....supposed to have til 9am to do what I need to do. HA!!! I think they lie to me just to watch me sweat. So I had to accomplish what I needed to do in 20 minutes, first thing when I walked in the frikkin door..

I need cheese now to go with my wine party I'm having for myself..

That's all you're wearing is cowboy boots?..

Comment #39

It's chilly here so I'm wearing a scarf too..

Want me to call you a waaaaaaaaaambulance? Quick! Somebody call whine one one!.

Whine away, CC. Demons suck!..

Comment #40

This place is just crazy. It makes me want to drink heavily. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I now totally understand why the systems programmers of the past had Jack Daniels in their desk drawers..

ROFLMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh Sally! That's too funny...

Comment #41

That's so funny! I remember the first time you texted me that about 6 months ago. I'll never forget that. It made me laugh. Thanks!.

How's you today? How are the kiddos? And how is DS1 after his day yesterday?..

Comment #42

LOL. I'm so mature..

DS1 is great. Actually, he was fine once he left school yesterday..

They had a substitute teacher all week and there's and upcoming schedule change next week that's causing him some anxiety. Unfortunately he chose less than positive ways to express his distress and had to suffer the consequences. (An entire afternoon/evening electronice free, no dessert, and a $2 allowance fine. Yeah, it was THAT bad..


DS1 and I seem to be on the mend as far as colds go. DS2 is miserable today but he didn't come down with it until a day or two after DS1 and I did...

Comment #43

Oh Sweetie, I could tell you stories about Erik's meltdowns!!! Did I ever tell you the one about when he wanted to quit his job at the library?? It is epic - a legend throughout New England...

Comment #44

Yikes! I've only seen him have a complete meltdown once. I was walking in the front door of the school for some PTO business and heard a kid screaming. I thought for sure someone was dying or at least had broken a bone. Then I realized it was MY kid screaming and went to investigate. He was having a meltdown over a lego piece and it ended as soon as he saw me. He doesn't have meltdowns at home usually...

Comment #45

Wow. I just experienced something I thought I'd never experience. I can't buy the swim suit I want from Eddie Bauer because they don't come in my size. They don't make them small enough. How is that possible?.


Bummer. Everything is 30% off today...

Comment #46

Sally - Where do you buy yours? Juniors swimsuits just aren't modest enough for me when it comes to running around a water park with my kiddos...

Comment #47

Actually, the ones I have I bought on Ebay...

Comment #48

LOL. I had on a tankini that was a little looser than it should have been the last time we went to Great Wolf Lodge. Nearly lost the bottoms when the giant bucket dumped water on us...

Comment #49

Oh goodness, I've never been in a Dollar General there a dress code website for that store too? (I know this all may make me sound like a snob, but I just KNOW so much of that stuff in both stores is very poorly made. Not meaning to sound preachyit's just not for me. I'd rather go without than buy something only to find it's toxic or has been made by 7 year old kids in Third World countries.) I recently signed up for a recall bulletin announcement alert from the government (for work), and 99% of the stuff that has been recalled is from China. I think I saw one thing so far from IKEA that was made in Romania. It's really scary..

I can't believe the garbage they subject you to there CC. It seems completely unrealistic. But the problem is, because you complete the tasks as they throw them your way, they'll always know you can accomplish the impossible. That's the problem with being a perfectionist..

Whine One One! That's funny..

Have you guys tried Lands End for swimwear? They have some reasonably priced stuff, but not terribly sexy....

Ugh! Just caught Nigel eating a gigantic splat of discarded chewing gum my DH deposited in the trash. Why is that kitty SO naughty???..

Comment #50

Well, I'm glad y'all are on the mend from your colds and that DS1 is doing good, despite have not electronics, dessert, and a fine. I'd be sulking if that were me. LOL.

But sorry to hear DS2 is feeling lousy today. Poor guys. Y'all must be so ready for warmer temps...

Comment #51

Heidi What is this website? I'd be interested to read some of that stuff. LOL on naughty kitty Nigel. Squeaker cat would never do something like that, but she does eat paper..

Lands End for swimwear? I'm not really looking for something sexy...I just need something that will support the girls, make me look good, and STAY IN PLACE! I can't stand when the bottoms accidentally.

Come off..

Seriously, my bottoms almost came off while on a tubing trip last summer...

Comment #52

Must admit the suits that seem to fit come from Walmart of all places LOL, their OP bikinis are pretty cute and picked up a new one today!!..

Comment #53

The site is:.


I signed up for the listserv because a lot of the stuff sold to commercial facilities (my magazine's audience) could/does appear on there. I try to blog about a recalled product whenever possible now..

Here's the link to the Lands End overstocks page (love the swim mini w/ruffle!):.


You can check the regular stuff too. I like it because you can mix and match the two piece jobsmy bottom and top are not exactly ideal for swimwear, since I usually need a bigger top and a smaller bottom.....

Comment #54

Thank God for the Underwater Gutter Cam. I caught that Video...

Comment #55

Again the Underwater Gutter Cam was on the scene and I did get to see the Video..

I voted for a bottoms off contest between EC and Gorgeous Vicki but alas. it never came about...

Comment #56

Really cute, CC! It would look great on youand the price isn't bad at all! But what does RickRock say? Also, read the reviewssounds like a few customers were unhappy because of short torso issues. Wedgie!?..

Comment #57

I love it when I can make you laugh!!!..

Comment #58

Holey crap, are you still at work?!.

How was moon pie parade?..

Comment #59

Now she has me looking for a bathing suit and I have no reason to purchase one. There is still snow out there!..

Comment #60

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