GoDaddy review : Should I use GoDaddy?? Who do YOU believe is the safest and most secure Registrar?

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In light of the recent cyber-crimes, I have one important question to ask to everyone. Who do YOU believe is the safest and most secure Registrar?.

Out of the 10 - dozen or so I have had domains at, my answer would probably be Moniker at this point.

Your thoughts.....

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Registrars possess domains not registrants. Hence, the safest registrar is having your own.

Of course for the vast majority of registrants that's not practical due to the costs involved, so the next best thing is careful monitoring of one's domains using a service, such as DomainTools.

I realize that doesn't directly answer your question, but in all honesty, no registrar can totally guarantee security of one's domains. So again, instead of focusing too much on what registrar to use, look at what info / email you're using in whois (don't use a freebie email nor whois privacy) and vigilant whois monitoring.


Comment #1

I honestly dont know what would be the best but Moniker appears pretty good to me security wise.

I can though say that Enom is the worst I have experienced having domains taken out of my account without notice and they happen to be the spammers best friend as a side issue, to put it bluntly.....they suck...

Comment #2

How could Moniker be the most secure registrar when they store customer passwords in clear ? This is a no-no in terms of IT security best practices...

Comment #3

They still do that? That's very bad.

And Moniker has had (and perhaps still does?) registry / registrar (.com and .net in particular) sync issues - they didn't truly know what domains they possessed. There were numerous instances in which registrants would transfer domains out of Moniker and yet Moniker, even months later, seemingly wouldn't be aware of what happened; no security notification of transfer out.


Comment #4

Thx for all of your responses so far everyone.

I created an account at Domain Monster...Oh about 6 months ago when they had a .TV special, and a coupla months back I had a couple sales of my DM domains. I remember it being a real chore to transfer out of there, which was a pain in the A$$ but is also a good thing.

I'll have to re-check that process and report back but now I have to go eat Ham and Eggs.

P.S. it would be worth it to me to spend $5. - $10. more per domain just as long as there was an overwhelming favorite Registrar with that 1 or 2 more steps of security, ya know?.

Happy Easter all...

Comment #5

There are definitely some things to be aware of with Enom. For starters, you have to be aware of what kind of account you have - whether you are a retail sub-account of a reseller or a direct account under Enom (or a direct ETP reseller). If there is a parent reseller above you, the risk exists that this person has the ability to manage your account. Another thing to be aware of at Enom is that they have a backdoor password access for individual domains ( so if you acquire a domain, make sure you change/erase any passwords in your management console.

I've been a direct ETP for 6 years now and have never had a problem with my reseller account. Not too long Enom added another level of security with a free account feature called "Account Validation". This was definitely a welcome improvement. But with any security at a registrar, if an evildoer somehow acquires your login/password information, the security measures can become worthless.

Overall, I believe Enom to be a trusted registrar... although their reseller system allows for individuals to take advantage of sub-accounts.

I am a bit surprised after reading the previous posts about Moniker. I always believed they were the most secure registrar because you have to jump through hoops to unlock/transfer domains out of their system. The last time I tried, I had to answer a phone call authorizing the transfer (in addition to the usual authorization process)...

Comment #6

For more details on the various Security options available at click here.

I would recommend using our E-lock for all Premium domains you own. This FREE lock basically freezes the domain down, so now registry changes can be made (DNS, transfer, whois updates, etc). And the only way the lock can be removed is by certain Fabulous employees.

The Fabulous Security key adds provides additional levels of security to sensitive areas of your account.

With one touch, it sends a unique one time pass code, ensuring that these actions are only performed by the authorized holder of the Fabulous Security Key. For example, you may choose to protect areas such as:.

" Sales.

" Transfers.

" Name Servers.

" Pushes.

" Domain Edits.

" Financial.

Using the Security Key. If anyone has any questions about the various Security options we offer, please let me know.



Comment #7

I like to keep most of my domains on US soil so I use godaddy with an email address created specifically for whois on my own domain behind ssl as most thefts occur from weak passwords or using free email accounts that can be hacked. I do think Fabulous is the best as far as security goes as they provide their e-lock free of charge where at Moniker you would pay for this or at Go Daddy you would need an executive account rep to do this which I do have but not everyone that uses them will be assigned one. Go Daddy with an executive account rep or Fabulous with their e-lock would be my choices...

Comment #8

Labrocca, and Paxton, I agree and My past experiences have been the same as yours, and like I said in my first Post I definitely thought Moniker was the safest of all the Registrars I have domains at.

Maxeaus, and Paxton thanks for your insights of the unsecure practices at Enom. I have had them since day 1 of domaining just for a few of my domains, and didn't realize how unsafe they actually are. Wow,.

Your monitoring of your own Domains thru DomainTools comment, That makes a lot of sense but That would seem to be a full time job? especially when you have a pretty large Portfolio like I do (which has to change soon...LOL) all at differrent Registrars, IMO.

And Yes, I agree with you as we all should do our due diligence in making ourselves less vulnerable (free email address, change pin, password, etc.) SDS,.

Sorry for my ignorance here but I don't understand your "store passwords in clear" comment..

Would you mind explaining that a little more for me? First off, Thank You for Posting here. I have to admit I have never used Fabulous before.

These 2 sentences from you seem very Powerful. And the only way the lock can be removed is by certain Fabulous employees.

The Fabulous Security key adds provides additional levels of security to sensitive areas of your account.

Safety and Security with fabulous sounds like it is second to none!.

Just curious though, What types of additional levels of security?.

And If only certain Fabulous employees can make your account changes would that be thru a pin # or verbal password??? I admit, I haven't clicked on your link kyet but will do so later.

Thank You Very Much,.

Vito. Thx SpareDomains,.

Yeah, I have an Executive Account over at GoDaddy right now but I believe I may be losing it soon. I have had over 1000 domains for over 2 years then this past year I am down to about 300, and still looking to downsize to hopefully 50 - 100 soon so My GD days might be limited as a Big Dog over there, LOL..

Comment #9

Just enter the list of domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info. only) to monitor and DomainTools Monitoring service does the rest automatically. Domain Monitor Service - Be alerted when a domain's status changes.

The above service scans for registry changes, which includes name server changes. I thought they also monitored for whois info changes, but it appears they don't. Some dropcatchers may offer a more detailed monitoring service, though. With that said, most domain thieves will change name servers and/or registrars and that's easy for monitoring services, such as DomainTools, to quickly spot.


Comment #10


I've had an account there forever and never even knew that feature existed..

I just read the info from the link, and found out it's free!.

I will definitely add all of my domains to the Domain Monitor over there..

Too bad they don't add .tv's since I have a lot of those..


Thank You,.


Comment #11

There are certain types of domains I would rather keep outside US jurisdiction: Enom takes away Cuba domain names: What it Means to You in light of the Snowe Bill | The Domains It means that they should keep the password encrypted (hashed) in their database, they have no need to know your actual password..

In case of a data breach, the hackers would have to derive the passwords from the hashes by brute force. If you choose a strong password they will have a hard time doing it. Well I just checked and instead of a password reminder I received a link in my E-mail, to assign a new password. So it looks they finally improved... yet that does not mean for sure the passwords are actually kept encrypted in their backend..

PS: feel free to try other registrars..

Comment #12

The different levels of Security we offer are:.

Domain Level security - E-lock.

Account Level Security - Challenge / Response Questions OR Fabulous Security Key.

More information on these can be found here.

In regards to removing the E-lock, customers set a "Condition" when placing the E-lock on a domain. The only way it can be removed is if that Condition is met.

For example, you could specify that we must contact a certain person via telephone for confirmation, or that the lock should only be removed if someone provides a specific password via email.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Comment #13

Fabulous seems great (Absolutely love their interface. Their free features as far as privacy and free maxlock type service is just wonderful), but as best I can tell, their pricing levels are almost exclusively geared towards large scale 'domainers' who maintain big portfolios and/or park their names.

For developers who own less names of higher quality and don't park them (because they're developed), they only offer full retail pricing, which is intolerably high (like, over $20 per name). I've bought a few names direct from resellers via Fabulous landers and will eventually have to transfer them out because of this, which is a huge bummer because they seem really good...

Comment #14


Thx for your explanation SDS, makes perfet sense Mike,.

That sounds absolutely incredible!.

I don't know of any registrar that offers anything remotely close to that.

I'm going to sign up over there and check out your pricing..

After reading Dongmans (Thx for your info/opinion Dong) statement, I may only be able to afford that service for prob. lesss than 10 or so.

Thx again,.

You just sold yourself on at least a small scale customer.


Comment #15

Hi Dongsman,.

Whilst we target professional domain owners, we are flexible on pricing.

Just sent you a PM.


Mike. Post added at 02:19 PM Previous post was at 02:04 PM Hi Vito,.

Same goes for you... just sent you a PM.

If anyone else is interested in a Fab account, feel free to PM me or email me (mike at fabulous dot com).



Comment #16

Yeah, so, I've been in touch with Mike and am now set up there..

I would *highly* suggest that people with decent portfolios drop Mike a line and see what he can do for you.

Moniker charges $19.99 for their "maxlock" service which Fab provides for free. Fab offers free privacy as yet another a value added service. Their pricing levels (which Mike will discuss with you) are VERY competitive.

If you're looking to shave pennies off impulsively registered crap names at Godaddy that are destined to expire this time next year when the lithium kicks in and your manic phase dies down, Fabulous might not be for you.

For people who own genuinely good names and want top level security services to protect them (without paying $20 a pop, or $150 a year for "portfolo maxlock") and don't have a problem paying a truly trivial amount extra per name over the "godaddy coupon baseline" to ensure that your domain doesn't wind up under the control of a 15 year old hacker in Muzaffarabad, Fabulous appears to be a total no brainer. Seriously. Who wouldn't pay an extra dime or quarter on their renewal for this incredibly high level of service and security?..

Comment #17

Yep, one gets what they pay for.

Deep-discount registrars have their place, but often not the best place for important / valuable domains.


Comment #18

Dongsman has it right; except depending on the tier you're on that might not even be the case. If you've got any decent number of domains, get int touch with them and get more than you will with anyone else for exceptionally reasonable prices.

Your $8 with GoDaddy Coupon might actually not be cheaper depending on the number of domains you have, and if you do a bulk transfer into Fabulous they can put you on a Transfer deal where the rate is insanely cheap. A couple of months ago Fabulous ran a promotion with $6.99 registrations (and without the 18 cent ICANN fee being hidden) regardless of tier as well.

The other benefit is that .net's aren't charged at the same rate as .com's, and you pay excellent rates for these as well. Email Mike, and get access to the single best platform available for domains...

Comment #19

I've been a Fabulous fangirl for several years - try them, you won't be disappointed..

BTW, if you're in the USA a quick "heads up": In the last year many US credit cards began imposing a "Foreign Transaction Fee" (around 3%) on out-of-country purchases, including domain registrations. Shop around - I was able to get a card without it...

Comment #20 - Most secure to use. - Easiest to use..

Comment #21

I use dynadot and like them, but why do you guys feel more secure with dynadot? Any reasons you can share?..

Comment #22

Moniker/Oversee doesn't seem so secure or organized to me right now...

Comment #23

Never lost a domain! We have a clean record and intend on keeping it that way!.



Comment #24

Dynadot does have the birth date for their transfer locking system.. is too easy. Hack the account and you get the names...

Comment #25


Thanks for the information. I never thought there is so many features offer by registrar on the security of the domain.

About what mention by mulligan about lost domain, I was wondering how do a lost domain happen in a customer account?.

For my opinion, I think this only can happen if the registrar specify a wrong account for the particular domain. Am I correct?..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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