Which website hosting (Godaddy, Yahoo, etc) company is the best ?

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My first question is: Which website hosting (Godaddy, Yahoo, etc) company is the best ?

My next question is: I've put a quikish site for one of my .asia domains - will be developing two more over the next couple of weeks. I've seen tons of domains parked but not many developed ones. The ones I did find I added them to my .asia website directory. Need to add a few more to get the site going.

If you've seen a developed site - thats not your then you can post it here and I'll add it to the list. If it is your site, then add it by visiting - or PM me if you need any help...

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Your question was: Which website hosting (Godaddy, Yahoo, etc) company is the best ?

Thanks Bulldog! Good idea with your site. I'll use it to find some sites later...

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How you guy manage to create the site ???.

I can't even change the dns .... (they said 60 day)..

Comment #3

Thanks, good to see people developing some domains. Must be more people here with more developed sites though! Is this yours? Well done if it is, great name to have. Feel free to add it to the developed websites directory.

Same goes to anyone else with a developed .asia site. Its free to add to the directory and hopefully once it gets going it will help to drive some traffic in both direction...

Comment #4, Now thats a nice .asia name, would like to have though.

Nice for 'western' tourism, exactly what .asia is ideal for.


Comment #5

Yep, totally agree. Haven't seen many useful / relative .asia domains like this one. would be great but I like both equally as much...

Comment #6

Yep, nice names Both and, or would be awesome to have too, especially countries of the Orient meets west wholesale trade portals.


Comment #7 is not mine, although I wish it was. It's just a developed .asia I know about. And it's an amazing domain...

Comment #8

Ah ok, well it's a nice HostGator thats for sure. Thanks for posting it here, let me know if you come across other developed sites...

Comment #9 .....

Will install the forum script soon .....

Comment #10

Add your sites to the dotAsia websites directory -

If you have any problems with adding sites, PM me here or use the "contact us" form on the site...

Comment #11

Very funny and nice site!.

I like very much Stephen Chow, Kung Fu Hustle is a wonderful movie..

Comment #12

Here's one created by one of the biggest legends of the Asian region:

Hopefully more of these Asian celebrities develop their .asia sites very soon...

Comment #13

Thanks for your site submission, Island Cruises has been added to the Asia Website Directory...

Comment #14

I came acroos this one yesterday...i have nothing to do with it but it's a nice looking site and being heavily promoted

Comment #15

Ive typed in a bunch of random dictionary words in a browser to see if they were developed.. interestingly alot forward to this..

Try for instance.. lol..

Comment #16

Thats interesting... quite an ugly website to forward to :-/.


Comment #17

Thanks Jeffrey, both have been added to the directory...

Comment #18 just develop yesterday and surprisingly, I in the top spot of google by this key word " MX5 Asia" " MX5 in Asia" " MX5 at Asia " " MX5 @ Asia" (reverse include) ......

Less then 20 hour I done the site .....

Comment #19

Now the namepros thread is beating you out. Interesting though that you made it up there that quickly...

Comment #20

I'm having a bit of trouble with at the moment, looks like it's not letting people add or submit their sites to the directory.

Hope to have it fixed asap. Will keep you all updated...

Comment #21

I have If anyone is interested in doing a little mini site for this let me know...

Comment #22

I have just developed one of my .asias

Check it out...still need to add gallery and videos etc but I think looks pretty decent so far imho..

Comment #23

Looks neat. Keep at it. I'll add it to the directory when I get a chance, feel free to link to

Comment #24


Added you to the front page links - ".Asia Developed Sites"..

Comment #25

There seems to be an error in the categories when you click the on a category, looks like something fairly simple to fix by the looks of the error message.


Comment #26

Great stuff guys, I think it's great to see these names being developed rather than just sitting parked, collecting dust. Its the developed sites that will make or break this extension...

Comment #27


Have a couple of others also that I am working on.....

Comment #28


Nice site my son loved it.


Comment #29

Any idea how long it usually takes for a site to get indexed by Google? Mine still isn't indexed.....

Comment #30

Threw up today.

Check back again later though as this was a quick hack for now..

Comment #31

Cool, good start, like the HostGator name itself...good catch..

Comment #32

Here is my first dot asia website. Launch ready but much more info to be added.

Comment #33 is back up and running. I had to change the template and update the software to ensure security and better functionality.

Anyway it's all good now, you can submit your sites to the directory once again! ADD YOUR SITE TO MYSITES.ASIA FREE DIRECTORY.

Post in here or pm me if you need any help. And don't forget to link to - thx..

Comment #34

Will the entries in there before still be there or do they need to be resubmitted?..

Comment #35

Old entries are still there, no need to be resubmitted. The old database was imported to the new software...

Comment #36

Are you aware that Seychelles and Mauritius are African and NOT Asian islands?.

I just don't like it when people spread incorrect information...

Comment #37

Yeah but I have and they arent in asia?.


Comment #38

I don't think he meant what extension or HostGator you have registered, he was referring to the site IslandCruises which I think lists those two places as being in asia - and dez is saying they aren't...

Comment #39

Good start, don't forget to add your site to the free directory. Click here.

Link backs would be much appreciated... please use the following code if you want to link back to the directory: or link directly to the section of the directory where you submit your site... more traffic to means more traffic to your sites that are listed there!.


Comment #40

Thank you.

I add 2 sites one with Reciprocal Link..

Comment #41

Both sites have been approved and added to the directory in the following sections:.

- Asian Travel Sites.

- Asian Internet Sites.

Thanks awal...

Comment #42

Don't post adult sites here on NP! Try to be considerate please!..

Comment #43

Developed another...

I think this is where .asia can be successful - do a google search for: broadway musicals asia.

And my site is first in the list, out of ~650K results. The point is, having 'asia' in the extension really does help I think, especially if your site is in some way relevant to asia..

Comment #44

I've decided to allow all asia based ext (tld's) to be sumbitted on - so if you have developed .in / .au / .cn etc. sites then they can be added to the directory too.

What do you guys think of allowing all asian extensions? Or do you think I should just keep it as .asia only?..

Comment #45

Probably the best is to accept only .asia domains.

Do you accept also .asia websites which are not in english?..

Comment #46

That is a surreal question that deserves a surreal answer!..

Comment #47

Yes all .asia sites are excepted provided they are developed. Doesn't matter which language it's in.

RubberDuck: the question was what you think of me allowing all sites... not whether or not I should. Just want to know if it's a good or bad idea. The second part of the question - basically if you think I should just stick to .asia sites only. If you feel so touched, then kindly find your way to another thread...

Comment #48

Why? asia is also a spanish, portuguese, italian, romanian word, not only an english one..

Comment #49

My point is that most people on that content for which the domains are supposedly reserved don't even speak English!..

Comment #50

This is my new .asia website:

Pechino means Beijing in Italian. Italians don't use the word Beijing at all..

I will list in your directory, thanks..

Comment #51

I think you'd be surprised about that one, dude. The following asian countries off the top of my head speak english very well...



Hong Kong.


India (1.1 Billion people).


Sri Lanka.


Indonesia (major cities).

..... Nice site, dude. Well done. Really decent presentation and design. I cant speak Italian, but from a developers perspective I quite like it...

Comment #52

Well I am a little unsure as to why Australia and New Zealand are considered Asia. They certainly weren't when I went to school. Most of these other places won't consider themselves Asian either. It is just not a common identifier amongst the people themselves. It tends to be a label that the West has placed upon them.

As for being English speaking, the Sri Lankan's are still in a virtual state of civil war over two languages neither of which is English. In India less than 5% will regard English as their first language. A good test of this is what they speak at home.

Dot Asia only really has a chance if it aliased into local IDN extensions to address local web content.

Sure there a significant number of competent English speakers that will wish to access American content, but these will just visit standard dot com sites rather being segmented into a dot Asia ghetto...

Comment #53


I hope to gain the first position in the Serp. Your website demonstrates that it is possible, despite the use of the .asia TLD..

Comment #54 is getting some decent hits from Google now. Its ranking better for certain keywords. Still lots of improvements to come, I've been really busy with developing 5 other sites (2 for clients).

Anyway, there are a few other people on NP offering to list .asia names on their websites - so I suggest everyone takes up the offer and gets a few backlinks. Like I said before, we should all try to link to eachother and help the traffic rankings for .asia..

Comment #55

Have just completed

Check it out, comments and crits appreciated. Has just gone live so not much content yet but we're working on it.


Comment #56

Only a very simple html page with information on the discovery of the 4th fundamental circuit element, the memristor.

Oh, I thought it's reciprocal linking...

It asks me for 20 $ lol..

Comment #57

I went -> "add url" and put in all the information, submitted and it asked me kindly for $20 and showed a paypal link.

I'll try again...

Well ok, I tried again.. this time it told me that the HostGator already exists in the category science & technology..

However I couldn't find it there.. maybe still pending..



Comment #58

Philippines- a lot of people speak English, about 80 to 90 percent. It's a former US colony...

Comment #59

Ouch! Now that is below the belt. Surely nothing can even come close to being a .travel..

Comment #60

I have a handfull more that I might get around to developing soon.

Kuka from

Comment #61

Good work Kuka, make sure you add your sites to - free asia website directory...

Comment #62

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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