Which website host should I use to host my website - or ?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Which website host should I use to host my website - or ?

My 2nd question is: Your Industry - Your Choice.

The programmers are working... The web designers are working... Soon it will be all up to you!.

Starting on or about December 1, 2007, we will be accepting nominations for the first annual Domainers Choice Awards!.

Who do YOU think has been the shining star in representing domainers ethics and standards of behavior? Which hosting company, registrar, parking company has done the best?.

Is there somebody out there that has gone above and beyond for all of us? Who, in your opinion, is advancing domainers and the industry?.

Make your voice heard! Be here for the unveiling on December 1, 2007!.

Winners will be announced at DOMAINfest Global '08 in Hollywood, California, Home of ALL the stars January 21 -23, 2008 at the glamorous Renaissance Hotel..

To submit your category suggestions or request sponsorship information, please contact Donna Mahony or Sally Letzer.

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Your question was: Which website host should I use to host my website - or ?

Yes I thought the exact same thing when I was sent this...

Comment #1

I just saw this thread and I think it's great!.

Thanks for sharing John.

For those of you that think you might want to be a part of this,.

Check out:

For more info.

This is the real deal, and your votes and input will determine.

What categories and which nominees are recognized.

Here is Donna Mahony's revised info blurb: Peace,.


Comment #2

Its it great idea Cyberian , Domainers deserve recognition as well...

Comment #3

Excuse me, but I dont see why our members are not interested in this project..

This is an outstanding idea and could do wonders to promote our industry to the mainstream.

Instead of reading about the squatters, and the tragedy reg'rs here is a chance to prove the quality and ethical standards of the majority of domainers to the pubic at large.

Lets show that NamePros has a voice.


Comment #4

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing that with us. I'll be interested in seeing where it goes...

Comment #5

I think this is a great idea and would love to find out more.

So does everyone one get to vote and do we have to join some type of union/society in order to vote?.

I submitted as 'Best HostGator Tool'.

- Bob..

Comment #6

Should be interesting.

Btw, are you looking at only the big domainers, or can it be anyone from the forums? If so, I already have some NP members on my lits I would love to vote for!..

Comment #7

Wanted to bump this since the site is now open for nominations. Well said.

This is a great opportunity to recognize those who you believe are the class of the industry.

Here's the link to the Polls: Submit Nominations..

Comment #8

I am very happy you folks have embraced this! Nominations are now open. I have not prepopulated any category...what you see are the write ins being can either write in your choice..big or small, corporate or individual, or choose one previously nominated. If you nominate an individual, please use first and last names...

Comment #9

I see NP own Ron James has a nomination, congrats Ron!..

Comment #10

I'm in the running as well (Steven Biars) in the category "Domainers Rising Stars"..

Comment #11

Does anyone know who I can contact in order to get into the category 'BEST DOMAINER TOOLS'?.

I think the site fully qualifies and deserves the recognition. But I am having a hard time finding the person to contact to in order to add this great site to the category.

If anyone knows the namepros user that is in charge of domainerschoiceawards, please let me know.

- Bob..

Comment #12


Is freshdrop your site?.

And, member

Winfreecash is the organizer...

Comment #13

Thanks Cyberian,.

Just contacted Donna.

Yes, I'm one of the architects for

- Bob..

Comment #14

This entire process is community choices, all it takes is for somebody to write you in as a nomination..sorry I haven't had the chance to get back to you but as you can guess, I am pretty buried here right now, enjoy and good luck!.

Donna Mahony..

Comment #15

Let me add, the spirit of the Domainers Choice Awards is not about self promotion.

Lets keep this real...

Comment #16

I agree that this is not about self promotion, but it is also about creating awareness and giving credit to everyone in the industry that deserves recognition.

- Bob..

Comment #17

Well Estibot is missing from the domainer choice awards in the tools category.

Hope it is included.

So when does the polls close?..

Comment #18

See post 21 above and the bold print at the top of the Polls Page:.

"If you don't see the choice you want, write it in and it will be added to the list."..

Comment #19

For each category, are the candidates for each category listed in order of most votes or is it a random order?.

- Bob..

Comment #20

Does Final Round of Voting mean that all prior votes are null and void and now we begin a new vote between the final 3 ...


Does it mean that the votes from the previous rounds also get counted in the grand total?.

- Bob..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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