Which slimming club is the best, Nutrisystem or Slimming world?

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First question I have is Which slimming club is the best, Nutrisystem or Slimming world? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Happy New Year!!.

I'm starting the new year "overweight" as opposed to "obese" so I'm very happy about that!! Will be even happier to be in the "normal" weight range this time next year, having maintained for several months!.

That's my biggest goal for 2011, to reach my goal weight. Finding other work is right up there along with getting my house and finances in order. Now to ACCOMPLISH them and not just TALK about it! That's the real work..

Make it a great day!.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Yep, I'm on tha wagon today! Wish me luck...I'm hungry!! Snacking on almonds...bbl, Maria.

Oh and Happy Belated New Year!!!..

Comment #2

Sorry I forgot the green arrow when I started the thread. Now I can't find it without going to my page. Oh well..

My water heater exploded on Friday evening while I was showering to go out Friday night. So I roughed it all weekend and called the plumber this morning. They were here by 8 a.m. and I now have a new water heater, a couple new water pipes and a new gas line. I went with their heater as opposed to going to Home Depot and getting one, trying to figure out how to get it in and out of my car, etc. Wouldn't have saved that much, plus I get their warranty..

Scale was up a little this morning. I meant to measure on the first. Still haven't done it. Will have to put the tape measure on the bathroom sink so I remember..

Allison ~ I love getting a new box of food. It is so motivating! I know you'll kick those #s to the curb before you know it!.

Maria ~ Happy New year! Glad you found us. Are you doing NS,Nutrisystemon your own, or another program? You know what to do. What are your goals for the month, other than getting your gym set up?.

For January, my goal is to lose 10#, exercise 6x/week, get back to the gym and do strength training, and of course to eat on plan every day! Water usually is not an issue for me..

Make it a great day!.


Comment #3

Sorry I did not post yesterday-I thought I had. How odd!.

For January, I would like to lose at least 5 but hopefully 8...Amazing how easy it is to do damage. I will try to log my food-which I know helps and up my water..

I bought a "clean" tea with dandelion Fran-I remember you use this type of tea....Waiting for my shipment hoping by Thurs...Got in 2 workouts today a class and an hour walk..gotta run!..

Comment #4

Good morning:.

In a time crunch to get to an appointment. Did well yesterday. Hoping for the same today,.

Make today count!!!..

Comment #5

Hey, Allison! Good job sticking to plan while waiting for your food to arrive. Dandelion tea is a really good diuretic. Well, it works for me anyway. Hope it works well for you too. Posts tend to disappear into cyberspace at times. Hope your appointment went well..

Last night I had an ocular migraine just as my class was ending. So I stayed up until about 3 a.m. to make sure I wasn't going to die in my sleep. They make me more mad than anything else ~ major annoyance and inconvenience. And the whole fractured vision is kinda scary. Woke up this morning feeling bloated and pudgy.

I'm down over 10" since 11/1 and 26+" since 9/1 (not to mention the 47+#). YAY!! YAY!!! YAY!!! Oh ~ I'm also 3# from 90 lost from my all time high and about 15 from myNutrisystemlow weight. Won't be long now!.

My Big Lots had a bunch ofNutrisystemNourish soup cup soups and meals, so I picked up some of those. Also found a sugar free International Suisse Mocha with 30 calories and 2g carbs, which is half the carbs of Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa at 25 calories and 4 carbs. So I think my Suisse Mocha and half serving of chocolate teddy grahams might have helped trigger the migraine. Who knows? I know ~ not the best snack, but was a good chocolate fix ~ only 18 total carbs for the day..

Got into it with Mom the other night. Started criticising me for not buying the water heater myself at Home Depot or wherever and having my BIL install it. I told her please don't criticize me, I can't handle it right now. I'm still hurting from my breakup and feeling fragile and don't need criticism. Constructive comments are fine, otherwise keep it to yourself. Of course she denied being critical, just wanted to save me some money.

This way it's done ~ time was of the essence as it was. PLUS, things cost more here in the suburbs than they do in the sticks where she lives. So lay off. Please. She didn't apologize but at least I spoke my peace.

I don't always call her on her comments ~ often I do, but not often enough..

Hope you all are having a great OP day! So far so good for me!.

Have a great evening!.


Comment #6

Fran-Congrats on the next lower decade!! I hope your migraine is better -that sounds scary. Moms can be a pain and it gets worse the older they get (or is it the older we get). I agree the inconvenience and the extra time it would have taken to get a "cheaper" heater was a good trade-off. Also, if anything should break you will not be "stuck". Anything that saves time and stress is worth it! We have enough stress without that..

Box came yesterday-doing pretty well today. However, I am feeling a bit down and uncertain what the future looks like for me. I also did not stand up for myself when I went to the dr to get new prescriptions. I know my plan will only pay for 90 days-and I let the dr convince me otherwise. Now I have to go back and deal with it...Scale was not pretty today but hoping to get it back down by Sat-Have a good day!!..

Comment #7

Good morning:.

The scale did not reward me for yesterday....I will keep plugging away..

Make it a great day!..

Comment #8

Allison ~ sometimes it takes a day or two for the scale to react and your body to flush out all the stuff that doesn't belong there. Hang in there, stick to your plan, and you will see results..

Not to sound too much like Pollyanna, but ... Allison, you have an opportunity for the future to be whatever you want it to be. Imagine your perfect life, your perfect work. Then believe it. You will see it come to pass..

And that goes for you too, Fran! lol.

Thanks for letting me vent the other night. I tend to keep stuff in, especially where Mom is involved, and it's not good for me..

Went to a happy hour last night ~ stayed about an hour. Didn't mingle as much as I wanted because we were sitting at tables rather than circulating. Tomorrow night I'm going to listen to a good local band with another Meetup group ~ no, not Dave's band! (That said, is it wrong of me to want him to see me having lost all this weight?).

Have a great night!..

Comment #9

Hi Fran-.

Still no scale movement here but doing better on water. You are right-I have to get to a place where I can think positive thoughts about my future rather than "I should have done this or that and now it is too late". The only certainty is that time marches on..

Always feel free to vent....I don't blame you for wanting Dave to see you thin...let him eat his heart out!! Have fun tonight-let us know how it goes....


Comment #10

Gotta quit posting from my laptop ~ just lost my whole post! Ugh!.

Friday night I started getting a tickle in my throat that's making me cough. Yesterday when I did my 4 mile walk/jog my arms and legs felt like lead. I stayed home last night so I don't get any sicker..

Spoke to my "friend" Sherri on Sat ~ she is organizing a girl's night out with about a dozen friends from HS ... at a favorite hometown hangout ~ a PIZZA parlor!! Oh well. I mentioned that I was glad that I had 2 weeks to psyche myself up for it and she said, "It's one night, one meal ~ it won't kill you." Very supportive of her, don't you think? Before I could rip her a new one she said, "I guess that's like telling an alcoholic that it's okay to have just one drink." Ya think? I told her bread is like poison to me ~ whether I'm addicted to it or allergic to it, once I start eating it, I cannot stop and the cravings for other carbs are uncontrollable. Really glad that I am not talking to her everyday. Hmmm. Could be the other reason that I've lost so much weight so quickly ~ quit talking to her about the same time I quit talking to Dave.

When I told her that I've lost 50#, I got the feeling that she was insecure about that ~ last time I saw her I weighed 190-something to her 150. I also feel like it isn't healthy competition that she's in with me, almost more like an obsession. Kinda creepy. Anyway, it's just a sense I have. Could be wrong..

Allison ~ learning from the past is a good thing. Dwelling on it can be unhealthy. I feel like there is a fine line between the two and I struggle to find it..

Now it sounds like my furnace is going out ~ it doesn't want to kick on. Sure hope I can get all these repairs out of the way and it's not an indication of the year to come!! Ugh!.

Have a great night!.


Comment #11

Good Monday Morning!.

Gosh Fran, you've had a week, huh? Hope your furnace works after all. Its not the time of year to have a broken heater! Hope you are feeling better too..

Allison, with all the activity you do, I'm amazed your scale isn't rewarding you. Could it be that you are so close to where you should be that your body is fighting the loss? Just guessing....

Well, I'm trying Dr. Oz's Move it to lose it challenge...I signed up last week, but am still kinda figuring out the "plan". I figured I do better when "told" what to do. My eating has been pretty healthy, not really counting calories but my portion sizes are getting back in check. I'm becoming less hungry by the day! Hubby may have job around the 31st of this month. Once he goes to work, I can get myself and my teenager to the gym.

Well, better get off the internet at work, well, at least switch to my phone! Have a good day everyone! Maria..

Comment #12

Good evening-.

Sorry I have not posted. Had a rough weekend as we were all sick with a stomach bug. It started with Matty on Fri, then Jon, then Scott and finally me..There is a nasty storm coming here so will have plenty of time to post..

Have done pretty good except today was not great-I think it's emotional exhaustion..

On another note, went to hear a speaker at the library on organization-I think my mantra for 2011 will be "simplify" and "declutter"..


- Hard to avoid pizza these days-especially hard in Chicago! I give you credit for just saying "no". It is not like an alcoholic since we can't not eat. However, you may want to go and socialize with the others. Would you be able to get a salad?.

I hear you on the carbs -I am also sensitive-and it made me think so thanks!.


-Glad to see you and hope you are doing well...good luck with the challenge!..

Comment #13


Not sure I'm gonna follow thru on the Dr. Oz challenge, it requires cleaning out the fridge and rebuying a lot of things. I simply cant afford that right now.

I still am going to try to follow along, but the meals will have to be adjusted so that my family eats too! My doctor cleared me to start exercising again YAY! He just said to take it easy at first until I know if my knee can take it or not. I think it can. Treadmill is calling my name, and the weight machine is crying out "fix me" LOL!!.

Allison, I like your mantra's!! What happened to Fran? Hope you guys are doing well!! Maria..

Comment #14

Still sick ~ now no voice either since I talked too much yesterday..

Got lots of compliments on my weight loss yesterday. I felt proud of myself..

Scale is stalled ... probably because of all this congestion, eating more and not exercising (it's too exhausting for me while I'm sick ~ but I tried out the Basics on my new Zumba dvd on Monday). I feel smaller, but the scale isn't confirming that for me right now..

Allison ~ Keeping it simple is a great idea! Good luck with the decluttering ~ seems like it is an ongoing process..

Meri ~ can you modify the Dr. Oz Challenge so that you CAN participate? Just because the "bad" food is there doesn't mean you have to eat it. (I know ~ the family shouldn't be eating either.) Good advice to take it easy on the knee. Have fun and don't overdo!.

Make it a great OP day!.


Comment #15

My voice is back a little today. Feel like I'm still puffy around the eyes and face. Sleep would help a lot ~ cough too much at night..

Somehow I managed to drop 1.8# this week! Yay!.

Have a Fabuloss Friday!.


Comment #16


-I hope you are better...and are able to rest. Great job on losing and then holding. De-cluttering is an ongoing process since more and more stuff accumulates. However, you have start with the stuff you already have. Cute pun on the "Fabuloss".


-I have lots of foods that are off-limits too since I have kids. Its really about clearing your mind and motivation rather than what is in the house. However, I try to keep major temptations out..the kids do not "need" chips..

You have to do what is realistic for your lifestyle..

My weight loss is not going as well as I would have hoped. We went out for a dinner on Thurs. I am back on track and will go to an exercise class at 8:30am...

Make today count!..

Comment #17

This illness is starting to tick me off!! I feel too weak to exercise and don't want to have a coughing fit. My voice is improving ~ about 50%. Scale down another .2# this morning ~ I'll take it! A little disappointed with that though because I haven't been eating that much and certainly no junk. Once I feel like exercising again the scale will move..

Allison ~ girl, you are so tough on yourself!! I feel your pain but please don't take it out on yourself. Be gentle. Yes, there is disappointment and guilt involved when we eat or drink off plan. If you make the best choices you can at the time, that's all you can do. There also is an opportunity to get right back on plan at the next meal. You know what to do..

Hi to Maria!.

Have a great weekend!.


Comment #18

Fran-You take care of yourself...I hope you are better....

I am disappointed that it is so tough for me lately to stick to it...Today is a new day and you are right -I can only change it going forward...Thanks for the advice!!!.

Have a good MLK day!..

Comment #19

Today is Day 1 for me ~ starting fresh as yesterday was a debacle! Got into some Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bars and next thing I knew the box was gone! My stats for the day ended up being in the range for a normal diet, but doesn't work with low carb at all. Then there are the side effects from too much sugar alcohols. Ugh. So far so good today ~ did some exercise and staying hydrated today. Voice is at about 90% in spite of little or no sleep..

Allison ~ I get how tough it is to stick to it. As long as you keep picking yourself up when you fall you are not a failure. For me the pain of being fat is worse than the pain of not eating certain foods. The real work will start for me once I reach my goal ~ this whole maintenance issue is a big one. I know I DO NOT want to be fat ever again and once I get out of the overweight category I WILL NOT return. How I accomplish that is a mystery to me right now..

Have a great OP day!!.


Comment #20


-Glad you are feeling better!!! I agree the pain of skin tight pants is worse than giving up certain foods. I have the most issues with foods in bags since I eat for stress boredom. The worst part of it (besides the weight) is the out of control feeling. Otherwise, if certain foods didn't set us off-we could occassionally have a piece of "real" cake, ice cream or whatever. But who could eat one serving?.

Have you thought about your goal and where it will be? Maintenance is tough no doubt but you will do it....

It is an icy mess here-both boys schools are closed because it is an icy snowy mess here! We got a couple of inches and now it has turned to freezing rain! This is after being closed yesterday for MLK day and Scott also did not have school last Friday..I was sooo looking forward to them going back!!! I have a ton of projects I wanted to do. I am a chicken when it comes to driving in ice so I will opt for the TM at home over class. I will stick toNutrisystemfoods today!!!!.


Comment #21

Hi guys....

Fran, glad you are getting better, sick sucks!.

Allison, I know how you feel about the ice! That's the one good thing about my DH being unemployed all winter, he can drive me to work!.

Don't you guys think that this weight loss thing is a cycle? I think we all go thru times of it being really hard to stick to the program. I know I can be really motivated one week, and then not motivated at all the next week. I think gaining momentum has a lot to do with "being good" long term. It seems like the better you do, the more you want to do it. If you let it go, then it's sooo hard to start up again. Good news is, every day can be a new start.

One thing I'm trying to do again is to include more fruits and veggies. I kind of got away from that lately, and I think it might help keep the hunger away. This weekend I am driving to Jackson (next town over) and buying myself enough greek yogurt to last me 2 weeks, until next payday. I've decided that even if I'm broke, that one little thing will help me like it did before, and I deserve it! Not sure if the bill collectors would agree right now, but I'm only one person, they will get paid ASAP anyway. I don't think $20 will make much of a difference! Is that wrong??.

Oh well, must go clock in...late shift this week, 9-6. Early internet shouldn't count against me, right??.

Have a great day! Maria..

Comment #22

Voice is improving every day. Coughing less ~ usually in the morning until things settle down then I'm good to go. Throat is sore ~ this is new. Think the elephant sitting on my chest is adding some tonnage to the scale. Can't wait to feel better and have him GONE!!! The other thing is that I want to eat all the time when I have a cold like this. Not good..

Allison ~ be careful out there. It's the other drivers that I worry about. But last night it was so warm I didn't realize that the roads were slick and was driving too fast for conditions. No accident, thanks to antilock brakes, but was concerned enough to slow down after that. I am taking it one day at a time weight wise. My first goal is to get back to myNutrisystemlow weight ~ about 15# to go.

Ultimately I would love to get down to 120 or less because I'm only 5'2". Gotta take these baby steps first. From there, we'll see. It will depend on my lean body mass at that point..

Maria ~ I agree with your cycle theory. Sometimes it's a VICIOUS cycle!! For me, it is really the most frustrating to be 100% and see no results. I think, why do I bother? Next thing you know, I'm eating stuff I normally wouldn't dream of eating (off plan) and the scale is going up instead of down. In the past, I figured once I blew it, that was it. Now I know I can start over at the next meal. Glad your weigh machine is together.

As far as the yogurt goes, hey ~ you gotta take care of yourself first or the bill collectors won't have anyone to hound!.

Have a great evening!!.


Comment #23

Good morning:.

I was quite busy yesterday. I do not like when I do not check in..


-I hope you are feeling better!.


-I totally subscribe to the cycle theory too. The key is getting on the good part of the cycle..

More snow expected here!!!.

I am going to hear an author speak tonight locally. Her book is called "Crazy Sexy Diet" written by a cancer survivor. She had a movie "Crazy, Sexy Cancer". Yesterday was decent foodwise so hopefully I am on the good side of the cycle...

Comment #24

Good Morning!.

My body is sore! I suppose that's a good thing. Expecting 3-6 inches of snow, and I have to drive home :O Hopefully it'll hold off until I get home..

Found out yesterday that my 16 yr old son had to have his wisdom teeth cut out. Right now, he has the most perfect teeth I've ever seen on anyone in my family. The Xray showed that his wisdom teeth are fully formed but angled so that they are putting pressure on the rest. Insurance covers roughly half of the surgery. Somehow I have to come up with the rest. YIKES! With the year I'm coming off of, that will be a challenge.

Sooo, I will have to come up with all of it, then take him to court to get his part. Fun fun fun! Maybe tax refunds will happen this year and that'll cover's always something!!.

Fran, hope your elephant leaves soon!! Try drinking chicken boullion, low cal and should help your throat!.

Allison, have fun at the reading. Let us know if there's any good tips!.

Well, should get back to work.


Comment #25

Happy Thursday! Man, the time is just flying by!.

Anyway, was hoping for 157.8 or less this morning and got 158.0 so I'm close. Need to be under 157.2 by tomorrow to have any official progress (-.2) for the week. Should not be a problem as I've been 100% today so far and exercised too..

My latest guilty pleasure is chopping 6-8 ice cubes in my blender, adding 1 tsp instant decaf coffee, 2T walden farms chocolate syrup, 1 atkins shake ~ vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate mocha, sometimes I add 1T whipped topping, blend it and enjoy! I don't add the chocolate syrup to the chocolate or chocolate mocha shakes. You could make it with Almond Dream and chocolate whey protein powder. I don't mind shivering because I know I'm burning off calories..

Maria ~ I make an egg drop soup ~ 1 cup low sodium chicken broth, heat to boiling, add a beaten egg (or whites) while stirring, to make a ribbon. Sometimes I'll add additional chicken (after the egg) as I always have some cooked on hand. Can't overindulge in this though ~ even the low sodium broth has 570mg and can stall me or make me retain fluid..

Hope everything works out with your son's teeth and you can get the ex to chip in..

Allison ~ sounds like you are doing better. Enjoy the outing tonight ~ it will be fun and interesting!! I know what you mean about not checking in. I need the accountability..

Have a great evening!!.


Comment #26

Good morning!!.

I realize I need to get up earlier in the AM, post right after I make coffee otherwise the day just disappears into thin air. I enjoy the AM quiet before everyone is up. Snow today-doesn't look like more than a few inches but both boys' schools are closed. Had a very eventful day yesterday besides the lecture-went to a meeting with several school officials to determine if Matthew should get additional services. It was difficult-his teacher was there and they kept trying to twist what she was saying. He needs to go through a batch of testing to determine if anything else is warranted..

The lecture was interesting. Kris Carr, the speaker had Stage 4 cancer..

She believes diet is key. She is on a different than we are, so it can be confusing to hear other people's path. She follows a strict vegan diet. No dairy, watches soy intake. No coffee. Believes that pH levels in the blood are very important-coffee is too acidic.


-My son had a tooth pulled yesterday. It was only a baby tooth. I hope you can get your ex to contribute..


-Thanks for the recipe!! It sounds yummy....


Comment #27

Good morning:.

The freeze continues here...2 week countdown to this Bat Mitzvah. Hoping to lose 5#. Disappointed that it has taken so long to get on track!!!.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!..

Comment #28

Hi everyone!.

Not much new here, made chicken egg rolls with hubby today. I hope they are diet friendly. A few years back, they translated into 2 WW points, not sure what that means anymore, but I don't think they are too bad. We went to Krogers in Jackson, got my greek yogurt YAY and I also have another new favorite! Coconut milk YUM! Next one I'm trying is almond milk, it's even less calories, hopefully it's good too..

Well, gotta do more laundry and hopefully lift some weights before bedtime. Have a good night, Maria..

Comment #29

I like almond milk too!! Have a good night......

Comment #30

Maria ~ I use the unsweetened Almond Breeze. Coconut milk sounds great too..

Allison ~ you can make good progress in 2 weeks!! Just gotta find your way back to the zone and you'll be okay..

Did really well with the girls' night out last night ~ @ pizza place, didn't eat crust or drink any alcohol. No change on scale today. Back to where I was after week one this month ~ ready to make great progress for this last week of the month and get the rest of my 10# goal GONE!! My cold is gone for the most part and I've been able to exercise all week..

Just changed my order to include some of the new foods, but will call tomorrow to delay as long as I can. Gotta watch the expiration dates on my coupons. Still have so muchNutrisystemfood. Been trying to use them even with my low carb. Lots of beef patties and chicken breasts that I can use..

Have a great night!!..

Comment #31

Good morning!!.

Scale down another .6# so I'm back on the losing trail and passed the 90# mark. Yay! My friend Tammy from the low carb board challenged me to a week of 100% on plan eating and I agreed. So far so good... but it's early!.

Delayed my order ~ will ship at end of March, which should be perfect. Will make a big dent in theNutrisystemfood I have on hand by then..

Better scoot! Make it a great day!!.


Comment #32

Quick late check-in...Pretty tired from a long day..Day was annoying. Because I stopped at TJs and another errand I missed the mailman who came early with an important document. They will re-deliver tomorrow and I hope I do not miss it,,,I literally saw him driving away from the street as I was coming back...


-Can I do the challenge with you? I am doing a no wine challenge as well. Congrats on your milestone!! Also, are you aware of this "rollback" pricing-the program I signed up for is now $40 cheaper and they are giving existing customers the same break...Check it out by logging out and going back in without your ID.....

Comment #33

Allison ~ looks like I just missed you. Yes, PLEASE do the challenge with me!! I need all the support I can get. I am 100% today. We can make really good progress by the end of the month next Monday!! Thx for the headsup on the price drop. My latest order was scheduled to ship at the same price, less AD discount and 1 DD coupon. Deferred 2 months, so not sure for how long this price drop is good ~ the CS rep didn't say anything or offer discounts to ship now or anything else like they usually do.

How's Maria doing?.

Have a great night!..

Comment #34

Fran-Great-you are on!!! Miserable weather here..need to leave earlier for class. For bkfst, I hadNutrisystemfrozen omelette on a 1/2 sandwich thin and skim milk w/ coffee. Will have fruit later....Trying to get thru 16 oz H2o before class!!! Lets put everything in for the homestretch this week!.

I will check in later..

Comment #35

Long day on Tues. Ugh. Starting many projects, having hard time finishing them. On plan today, even with dinner out ~ had fish and double order of veggies (broccoli & cauliflower), chicken soup but ate only the broth. No bread, rice, noodles or carrots..

Down 8.8# for the month and I'm so excited because I'm about 10# from myNutrisystemlow weight. Cannot believe it!! This time I'm gonna break that barrier and get out of the overweight category!! Getting lots of compliments wherever I go, which is really nice and keeps up the motivation!.

Sleep well!..

Comment #36

Fran-Congrats!!!! It would be great if we can break the next decade together!! I lost 1# yesterday and so far so good today. Had a very upsetting call with a friend(soon to be ex friend) yesterday who questioned something I did. She did not have her facts straight and I told her that. I think sometimes as painful as it is we need to move on..I was going to call her back in a few days but now I do not think so. I feel very depressed but the good news is I did not eat or drink over it. Today it is snowing (again!) and my exercise session got cancelled.


Comment #37

Hi guys!.

Gosh it doesnt seem like 3 days since I posted! Anyway, I tried the almond milk, and it's good, but the vanilla flavored coconut milk is my favorite...last night I did the biggest loser yoga weight loss workout...well, I didn't "do" it, I attempted it is more like it! I have noooo balance and only made it about 10 minutes. Shameful! I am going to do it until I get it. I liked this one better than the Jillian Michaels because it was slower, but now I'm thinking faster might be easier, just for the fact that I was shakin just trying to hold the poses. I now have a DVD player in my bedroom, so no excuses anymore for not working out. I also have the biggest loser cardio max to try. Hopefully it'll be fun so I can change it up!.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! Snowing here, hopefully roads will be good for the commute home! Hubby's last night home, so tomorrow I'll be 100% with healthy eating and exercising, and hopefully sleep! Might even weigh myself tomorrow morning if I can..


Comment #38

Allison ~ It's hard to lose friends like that. You will be okay..

Meri ~ you snuck in when I was posting. Good job with the exercise!! Take those baby steps. Keep it up!.

Guess I wasn't as good yesterday as I thought 'cuz I'm up almost a pound. It should flush out today. Have a headache too. Ugh. Looking to make more good progress this week!!.

Make it a great one!..

Comment #39

Good morning!.

I had a headache yesterday and the day before too...I was not as good as I could have been yesterday-I would grade myself an 80% -not good enough. Today will be better. I have gone back to logging on the DP-it is even more time consuming now!! Once I get the hang of it again, I am hoping it will be easier......

Fran-Are you gearing up for tax season yet?.

Meri-Keep on exercising.......

Comment #40

After yesterday's ounce bounce, I'm back down again today. Looking forward to my official weigh in tomorrow. Hoping to record a new number!.

Allison ~ just do your best every day. That's all you can do. 80% is pretty darn good. Better than only 20% or less!! Logging your food really helps to be accountable and if nothing else tells you where you're at calorie-, carb- and protein-wise. I log everything that goes in my mouth ~ guessed as good as I could to find substitutions for Christmas cookies and treats on which I overindulged. You'll find your way back.

Sending big hugs your way! xoxo.

Maria ~ is your biggest loser done or did you start another one? Or Dr. Oz? What did you decide? I'd go for it and do the best you can without completely emptying your cupboards. Just replace with better choices when you run out of the old stuff..

I'm not really ready for busy season and it's here. Got the wild idea to strip the wallpaper in my dining room, which is an open floorplan with my living room. Because I have clients in my home I've got to finish stripping and painting by my first appointment on Saturday morning. Guess what I've been doing today ~ just taking a break now. It wouldn't have been so bad but the lower part of the chair rail was that vinyl type wallpaper that takes steaming to get the paper off the wall. Better get back at it..

Make it a great one!.


Comment #41

Yep! A new number on the scale this morning ~ 153.6! Yay!!! 3.6# loss for the week, 9.8# for the month so far. Very happy with that! Looking to see the 140's next week! Getting closer to myNutrisystemlow at this point, and ready to surpass it and start earning some more bears!!.

Got the wallpaper stripped yesterday, washed the walls, vacuumed up the mess, put the furniture back where it belongs. So I skipped my usual workout yesterday. Will probably wait until Saturday to paint..

Have a Fabuloss Friday!..

Comment #42

Fran-WTG, girl!!! I cannot believe you have your first client on Saturday!! I don't even have all of my info yet.....

Dealing with this depression which has taken a big turn for the worse this week has been tough. I cannot motivate without alot of difficulty-I hope I can have the strength to also hit the 140s....Next weekend we are away..

Lunch and dinner out today but made good lunch choice...


Comment #43

Allison ~ I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a hard time lately and dealing with depression. I totally understand where you are coming from when you talk about the lack of motivation ... I have been dealing with the same issue for several months. You deserve to be happy. So do I. I hope we both can find our way into the light.



Comment #44

Thanks for the hugs!!!.

Well, it's the last Saturday in January...Went out to dinner last nite so did not weigh this AM...We split dessert and I had wine. I am off to exercise and I will be sure to drink all of my water and by tomorrow I think it will be fine. Would much rather enjoy good food at a nice restaurant than mindless munching a bag of chips.....


-Thanks for the hugs and support. Sending them back to you. Good luck with your "early bird" client...

Comment #45

Oh my gosh! I met with another client yesterday (normally I don't work on Sunday but they live in my hometown and met with them between my parental visits) and I still don't have my tax program up and running!! Yikes!!!.

Made my 10# goal for the month of Jan with .2 more. Looking forward not only to breaking into the 140's and also getting below my previousNutrisystemlow weight of 144.2. February is my month!! Making my goal another 10#, which will put me at 143-something and about 6-7# from being out of the overweight category!! Woo HOO!! Then I'll see how low I want to go. Right now I still have lots of jiggly parts. Yikes! Still can't wear most of my size 8's. I'm sure that will change with 10 more pounds..

Allison ~ hope you are having a great OP day! Thanks for the hugs back. I need all the help I can get!.

Maria ~ how's it going?.

Make it a great night!.


Comment #46

Fran-Congrats!! I am staying mostly on track but I feel I can do better....That is awesome on the 140s!! You can do it!!!.

How is the weather there? We are supposed to get more bad weather here!..

Comment #47

Fran-I hope you are ok with all of this weather. Heard your area really got hit...Stay safe!!!!..

Comment #48

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