Which one is better? Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers?

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First off, Which one is better? Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: That 6/1/10 goal thread was a big motivator for me this past month. After folks do their final weigh-in tomorrow, let's get the July challenge rolling....

Thanks to the June challenge, I'm at 312.4 (may be 312 by tomorrow). In any case, my target for July 1 is to leave the 300's behind! I'm setting a goal of 299 (13 pounds) but will try to see how far below 300 I can get by the end of the month...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

SW: 263.8.

Goal: 249.8.

Left to lose: 14 pounds.

If I can achieve that, then I'll be over half way to my 175 pound bear...

Comment #2

Haven't weighed in for a couple days, I'll come back and adjust this lower if needed but I'm in..

Start May 31st - 238 lbs.

July 1st - 226 lbs.

Goal 12 lbs loss..

Comment #3

Bring on July 1st!.

My daily 100% definition:.

1) Follow mens plan 100%, including water..

2) Exercise at least 5 days a week. Exercise = Jogging, biking, or strength training. Walking counts if I sweat for at least 30 minutes..

3) Report morning weight daily..

June Goals:.

1) Develop a strength program. I dont know enough at the moment to be more specific..

2) Weigh 213 pounds by July 1st.

3) Achieve 200 miles of excercise for 2010..

Comment #4

I'm in, as always..

Ante-in weight (as of 5/31): 195.2.

July 1 goal weight: 185.x.

Incidentally, this mini-goal will put me within 10 lbs of my overall Goal (175)..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

3/17: 221.8.

4/19: 209.6.

5/31: 195.2.

102/40/43 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #5

Starting: 371.8.

July 1st Goal - We're gonna go big for first goal, 350lbs!.

That'll be 36 down from my original weight, and put me lower than I've been in a long time..

As a side bet, I'm going to move my working out up to at least 4 times a week...

Comment #6

7/1 goal is to get back under 180, so 179...

Comment #7

7/1/10 I will be under 210......dammit!.

6.4 lbs between now and then and towards the end of June my Nutrisystem will run out and NOT be reorderedso we'll see how I do!!!..

Comment #8

Current: 208.

7/1 Goal: 198.

I'm shooting for 10lbs this month. It's a bit of a stretch, but it's time to git r done!..

Comment #9

May was a great month. Got under the 200 lb mark, which felt great! I know others are approaching that mark. June will be a different story. On June 13, I will be going to Europe for 6 weeks. I will try to maintain my weight or even drop a pound or two. I will spend some of that time of Greece, so there will be plenty of fresh fish, fruit, veggies and yogurt to eat.

SW: 196.

GW: 193..

Comment #10

Well guys I am at a potential milestone, so I am going to set my goal accordingly. I have lost 86 total pounds so far since I started in January, so I am setting my goal for 14 pounds this month to reach the big 100 total lost. It is completely doable, so I am pumped. Good luck to everyone else with your goals, let's do this!.


253.0 lbs.

7/1/10 goal.

239 lbs..

Comment #11

AlllllllRIGHTY then..

May was a pretty good month - dropped 12 lbs..

June needs to see me below 200 (1st time in 10 years)..

1 June 10: 203.

1 July goal: 190.

Ambitious? Yes. Doable? You Betcha!.

- Dave..

"I intend to live forever. So far, so good".


Comment #12

Never set a month goal before....

I'll give it a shot this month. I'm at 206.4 as of this morning. I'm going to shoot for a 12 pound loss this month. Time to lose the 2!.

Also, bang up job, comer!..

Comment #13

Update from above (and MAJOR Grats!! to those who have accomplished so much!!):.

I seem to be on another "losing spurt"...over 6 lbs in the past 10 days. So I'm going to ride that puppy and double down on the activity for the next couple of weeks..

My goal of "under 210" listed above was for whimps.

I'm going to shoot for 200 now..

I'm 49 years old and in February weighed 252!! Yikes!.

This morning 213.4.

What the heck-I've been losing about 10 lbs per month so let's see if I can increase that!.


Comment #14

These month goals are really serving y'all well. Total respect for so many guys losing so fast..

My goals are 165+/-2, continued exercise and work...

Comment #15

Good luck with that Gellar, you can do it man, just stick with it and that 2 will disappear before you know it. Can't wait to get to that point myself. Thanks for the encouragement too..

And to everyone else....keep it up guys, great goals and great work!..

Comment #16

I haven't been around that much lately but gee whiz you're kicking some serious ass there Comer. 0.7 daily average? You gotta be kidding me...

Comment #17

Yeah mesturge, I can hardly believe it myself. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and start slowing down, but I am steadily losing 3.5-5 pounds every week. I know things will slow down once I get on the good side of 250...but I am enjoying the ride for now, and won't let that get me down if and when it happens...

Comment #18

SW: 263.8.

CW: 261.4.

Goal: 249.8.

Lost so far: 2.4 pounds.

Left to lose: 11.6 pounds.

Great progress so far, definitely on track to hitting goal, if not early again...

Comment #19

5/27/10: 270.

6/4/10: 268 (-2).

7/1/2010: 258 (-12) goal..

Comment #20

7/1 Goal: 170.

I weigh in every Thursday morning:.

6/3 Weigh In: 174..

Comment #21

I use Saturday mornings as my weigh-in time. An auspicious beginning....

6/1/2010: 312.4.

6/5/2010: 307.8.


7/1/2010 Goal: 299.x (min -12.5 loss)..

Comment #22

Daily for me (when I'm not in a hurry) because why not? Accountability is a beotch, eh? Lol..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/04: 194.4.

107/45/48 (Days NS/p90/smoke-free)..

Comment #23

So. I am on the cusp of a milestone. I am at 200 lbs for the first time in YEARS. My mini goal for just this week was to get to 200 and I did it. Now comes the next biggie - going below the 200 mark!!! Oh sweet cow, that will be awesome!!.

NS Start 3/7: 248.

1 June start: 203.

Current: 200.

1 July Goal: 190.

Ultimate goal: 164.

- dave.

"I plan to live forever. So far, so good."..

Comment #24

CONGRATS! That's awesome. I'm working to get back into the 200's for the first time in years... This month that initial "3" is going away for good!.

Way to go on the mini-challenge!..

Comment #25

Confession: I jump on the scale every day to see how I'm doing, but generally only record it on Saturdays. I do it because I want to see downward progress and it does help me figure out how what/when I've eaten might impact my weight loss..

And, yes, that accountability is a be-otch!..

Comment #26

That is very awesome! I can't till I get around 200 myself...

Comment #27

Well I am off to a great start this month. I lost 4 pounds this past week, and my overall goal was to lose 14 this month to drop my total weight to 239.0, which would get me to the 100 pounds overall lost mark. 10 pounds to go and three weeks to do it, bring it on! Congrats to all of you who have done so well so far this week too. Let's do this!.


253.0 lbs.


249.0 lbs.

7/1/10 goal.

239 lbs..

Comment #28

Loving the hard coredness and the results in the men's room lately...

Comment #29

Truth: I made a major mistake last weekend..

Wife was visiting kids in Ohio and I hung out with 'the guys' for a couple daystoo much beer, a steak and a small potato..

With the most generous math in the world I didn't follow Nutrisystem 50% from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening..

Gained almost 1.5 lbs. First time in almost 4 months that my weight went UP..

Okay, okaystupid move..

Mon, tues, wed right back to 100% Nutrisystem and this morning, down to 212.7so the weight loss seems back on track..

I won't be cheating this weekend either and think I've learned a lesson. Still want to get to 200 and I'm now waaaay behind the pace I started the month on~yikes!.

Incidentally, the very first goal I set was 212 lbs. Starting from 252 that would have been 40 lbs lostI'm 0.7 lbs away from that and back on course this week. I won't accept 212 (or even 210) anymore. I want to hit 200!!!.

Going to push the exercise next 10 days, too..


Comment #30

LW: 261.4.

CW: 256.8.

Loss: 4.6 pounds.

Goal: 249.8.

Lost so far: 7.0 pounds.

Left to lose: 7.0 pounds.

Geeze louise, only the 10th and already half way to goal, I wonder how much longer I can keep these big losses up...

Comment #31

Good god, man! Is your ticker accurate?.

You've lost 160 lbs in less than a year!!!???.

I don't even know what to say to that. An incredible and inspiring journey and you should be writing a book, my friend..

Extremely well done. Amazing effort on your part..


Comment #32

For July 1st I would love to be 250lbs. I am 259 right now, but the last two weeks I havn't lost a single pound, but shooting for 250 for July 1st...

Comment #33

Thank you very much and my ticker is accurate as far as my scale is concerned. Heh. I'm quite sure I'll hit 175 before my year anniversary as well, but I don't think I'll hit 200. Still figuring that I'll be on maintaince by year's end..

I don't think I'll be writing an book though, not even sure where I'd begin there. lol.

Thank you very much though, I really do appreciate all your kind words, they mean the world to me...

Comment #34

Title the book "416" and make it a biography..

Talk about your life and what THOUGHTS you had..

Weave in a trial or tribulation or chapter is "the journey back to myself" or something equally mystical..

Darn thing practically writes itself!.

You absolutely could write a book. A person who can put forth the effort you did can accomplish anything..

Mention me fondly in the credits.


Comment #35

I don't know really, I don't think that I am that interesting. Heh. Been fat pretty much all my life, nothing else, I am a rather reserved fellow...

Comment #36

Another one of those weird weeks for me... jumped.


A couple pounds early in the week and then lost most of that. But, only a small loss overall..

6/1/2010: 312.4.

6/5/2010: 307.8 (-4.6).

6/12/2010: 306.8 (-1).

7/1/2010 Goal: 299.x (min -12.5 loss)..

Comment #37

5/27/10: 270.

6/4/10: 268 (-2).

{7 day vacation in Las Vegas}.

6/12/10: 268 (-2).

7/1/2010: 258 (-12) goal..

Comment #38

I missed my June 13th goal by a pound. I hit my first ever plateau this week. My goal was to lose 3 lbs by the 13th, but lost two instead. But I'm not disappointed because I still lost another half inch from my waist. So I'm thrilled with that. I don't want to get hung up on the scale, especially since I've been lifting weights and putting on muscle weight.

Hope everyone has a nice summer...

Comment #39

4 months to the day since my start..

212.0 lbs this a.m. Started at 252.0 lbs in February..

40 lbs dropped in 4 months..

Still have a few to go for June though!!.


Comment #40

Was starting to get frustrated after a week and a half plateau but this morning woke up to a 3.5 drop on the scale. That brings me to 202.5 this morning. So freaking close to losing that 2 that I can taste it. 100's here I come, baby!..

Comment #41

Well this past week was another success, I lost another 4.4 pounds, giving me a total monthly loss so far of 8.4 pounds. My goal was to lose 14 pounds to get me down to 239, which would get me to the 100 total pounds loss column in just 5 months on plan, so I have 5.6 to go. If I have a really good week I might pass it this week, but either way I got this, it will be done by the end of the month. Oh also, a NSV, I bought size 40 shorts last Friday, I haven't been in size 40 since I was a Freshman in High School back in 1994-95, so I am pumped. I started the program in size 54, so that is just amazing to me. Congrats to all of you for your losses, keep it up, let's all do this thing! Woot!.


253.0 lbs.


249.0 lbs.


244.6 lbs.

7/1/10 goal.

239 lbs..

Comment #42

Sounds like some excellent results fellows! Keep it up!..

Comment #43

5/27/10: 270.

6/4/10: 268 (-2).

{7 day vacation in Las Vegas}.

6/12/10: 268 (-2).

6/16/10: 266 (-4).

7/1/2010: 258 (-12) goal..

Comment #44

LW: 256.8.

CW: 252.6.

Loss: 4.2 pounds.

Goal: 249.8.

Lost so far: 11.2 pounds.

Left to lose: 2.8 pounds.

Definitely going to smash goal next week, I don't think I'll set another goal for this month, just see how far beyond my goal I can go...

Comment #45

GW 213.

CW 218.

I started off at 222.6, it has been a slow loss month so far, but for some reason I expected that..

I have been lifting about 3 times a week with bike riding mixed in. I am not sure if I am going to make my 200 mile go for 7/1. Weight training has sapped a lot of my time and increased muscle soreness. /whine off..

Comment #46

6/1/2010: 312.4.

6/5/2010: 307.8 (-4.6).

6/12/2010: 306.8 (-1).

6/19/2010: 303.8 (-3).

7/1/2010 Goal: 299.x (min -12.5 loss)..

Comment #47

Still on target:.

1 June 10: 203.

Current - 196.

1 July goal: 190.

11 days and 6 lbs to go..

Keep your goals in sight!! I really think exercise is the key. I have been running again with Saturdays my long day - 6 miles. Feels so good to be able to do that again..

- D...

Comment #48

It's an incline, not a step function. Or it's a set of small step functions resembling an incline. OK, to take the incline nice and gradual. You will end up at the same place (genetic limit). You are doing awesome. Train smart...

Comment #49

Well I reached my goal. My goal for June was to lose 14 pounds to get down to 239, which would also mark my 100 pounds total lost milestone. Because I technically started at 339.6 to get the milestone I had to lose to 239.6, and this morning I weighed in at 239.2, so I reached the goal. I have revised my goal to lose another 4.2 pounds by the end of June, bringing me down to a weight of 235. I am pumped, I have lost 100 pounds just four days short of being on the program for 5 months. It has been better than I ever possibly could have imagined, and I owe it to you guys for keeping me on task, thanks, and best of luck to all of you reaching your goal this month..


253.0 lbs.


249.0 lbs.


244.6 lbs.


239.2 lbs.

7/1/10 revised goal.

235 lbs..

Comment #50

Wow comer2032! I just started looking at these forums while waiting on my first order. Your story should qualify you for a commercial! I am truly impressed. This monthly goal thing is a great idea - are they pretty common on here? (I'd love t get in on August)..

Comment #51

We do the monthly goal here in the men's room every month. Feel free to still set a goal for July 1 if you want (you'll have a week or so to get on the program and all). Depending on how much you have to lose, 4 - 8 pounds the first week and again on the second week is not out of the question if you follow everything....

Also, get yourself a ticker (I prefer the w8book one since it shows your overall progress, not just your current status. For me I'm more accountable to it since I don't like seeing bumps in it (like this past month) so it's motivating to keep on track and not allow it to trend upward. Yes, the one costs $18 a month, but it's more than worth it IMO. has a similar one (just much bigger and not all the stats on it)..

Finally, also check out the Challenge forums. There are lots of challenges going on all the time and find one that helps motivate you. Biggest Loser 8 will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks so you can watch for BL9 to start up shortly after that. Bartle does the King of the Hill one (not sure if that one has already restarted or not) and Polly runs one a pirate one (don't remember what it's called) for staying 100% on program..

The other thing, is hang out in this forum, post in the 100% thread and elsewhere. Then also check out some of the exercise forums (I like the walking forum and keeping up with the ladies in that area and it keeps me motivated on Walking and/or using Walk It Out on the Wii)....

The forums here on the Nutrisystem site, are what really keep me going on this program. Connect up and you'll find it's a great community.....

Comment #52

Yea, unfortunately the next KOTH just started an few weeks ago, I wouldn't be surprised if it ran for another 14 to 18 weeks. But BL is an good alternative to it...

Comment #53

Thanks guys, I'll look into those challenges you mentioned. I'd be happy to start July at 210, so I'll place my goal there. If my w8book ticker doesn't show up here, how can I make sure it displays as a signature?..

Comment #54

I just stopped in to see a few updated avatars .... HOLY COW!!! You guys are kicking massive as$!!! I didn't even recognize Bartle, Rowdy and Comer! Frazz??!!! Is that you??!!!! WOW! I remember your 1st pic - your sunglasses hardly fit on your face back in February! Nice job, dudes!.

Keep pushing guys ....


Comment #55

At the top of the forums, choose either User Preferences -> Edit Signature or the Quick Links -> Edit Signature. You can then edit what goes in your signature. From w8book you can paste the code for your graph in there, and you should be all set..

Thanks. Yeah, the avatar changes are really cool to see...

Comment #56

Thanks Sean!.

LW: 252.6.

CW: 248.8.

Loss: 3.8 pounds.

Goal: 249.8.

Lost so far: 15.0 pounds.

Left to lose: 0 pounds.

Over goal: 1 pound.

Well, I smashed goal as expected, I was a little worried early in the week when my BL loss wasn't as much as I expected, but I pulled through today. Not going to set another goal but I expect to lose another 3 pounds next week with final weighin for this thread...

Comment #57

I'm getting close! Yesterday, I hit 200 and today I was down to 198.5 which is only .5 away from my July 1 goal. This is the first time in 10 years that my weight did not start with a 2. Holy crap...never thought that would happen...

Comment #58

Way to go Bill! You inspire me to not sit on my haunches and be satisified with where I am at, but to strive towards a 1 in front of my weight. Awesome job, and that last .5 pounds will drop by next Thursday, you will get it for sure. Great job...

Comment #59

Very awesome to see! Bet Onderland feels incredible! Weigh to go!..

Comment #60

Yes, Bartle, it does feel good. With your rate of loss, you'll be there in no time! Keep it up man, you're the incredible shrinking man. Same goes for you, Comer!..

Comment #61

Rhank you very much, I know it'll be some time before I get there, but I definitely know that I'll be there before the year is up. Heck, if I can keep up my current losses, I could be there before Halloween! Never thought it would come off this fast. Hehe...

Comment #62

Glad work travel is over for a while so I can be 100% on plan. Still moving in the right direction and feel confident I'll make the goal. Will have to get into the gym this week to make sure....

6/1/2010: 312.4.

6/5/2010: 307.8 (-4.6).

6/12/2010: 306.8 (-1).

6/19/2010: 303.8 (-3).

6/26/2010: 302.4 (-1.4).

7/1/2010 Goal: 299.x (min -12.5 loss)..

Comment #63

Bam...198! July 1 goal met and with two days to spare. Woo hoo!..

Comment #64

Great work, Bill! Now you can focus on August - how far are you from your ultimate goal?..

Comment #65

Thanks! I met my original goal of 200 and am resetting my goal to 190 which I hope to get to by the August 1st...

Comment #66

I guessly I need to avoid the monthly goal thing. I gave myself a month goal for the first time in June and my weight went up and down and up and down and now seems to have plateau'd. I was planning on losing the "2" by the end of this month and that might still happen. I don't know what's going on anymore!..

Comment #67

6/1/10 253.0 lbs.

Well I had a slow week, but that's okay. My original monthly goal was to lose 14 pounds, and I reached that last Monday, so reset my goal to lose another 4.2 pounds by the 30th and get down to 235.0. I lost 2.6 pounds this last week, and need to lose 1.6 by Wednesday to get to that revised goal. It's doable! Great job to all of the successful losers in this room this month guys. You are inspiring to all!.


254 lbs.


249.0 lbs.


244.6 lbs.


239.2 lbs.


236.6 lbs.

7/1/10 revised goal.

235 lbs..

Comment #68

Where do I get a chart like that?.

I just made my first order which will arrive in a few days..

Comment #69

Welcome Dan. If you mean the signature under Comers post (I have one as well) you can click it and it will take you to the w8book website. w8book is an outside company, not a part of NS. They have two versions a free one and one that cost 18 dollars a year. The free version is the same as the paid version except the graph on the left hand side is blocked out..

Follow the Nutrisystem plan and you'll see results to!..

Comment #70

June is almost a wrap, and for the second month in a row, I'll be falling short of a goal. My loss rate is definitely slowing now that I'm in the 100's. I'm still 100% daily, so that's not an issue. I assume my body is looking to establish an equilibrium close to this weight. Can't say I'll be accepting that, but then again the loss is still thereit's just very very gradual now. In some ways, I imagine that's not altogether bad, as weight lost gradually tends to be more permanently lost.

Weight loss for June: 5.4 lbs (goal was 10.0).

Grats to those that set and reached theirs, to those that maintained, and to all that stayed 100% for the month (that's the main thing!)..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/29: 190.0.

131(Days NS)..

Comment #71

My first mini-goal! Does this mean I really can be successful? I mentioned on here earlier I'd like to start July (1st full month on NS) at 210lbs; weighed in this morning at 208!.

Great to see everyone's progress on this board...

Comment #72

Hit the 180's before the month closed out, probably owing to sweating my frustrations out while assembling a home theater system (lol). NSV's for this month, though I didn't set them as goals: I'm in a new suit (old ones fit so poorly they look clownish), new pants, shorts and underwear (simply can't wear any of the others after 5 inches off the waist). Thank goodness shirts hang from the shoulders eh?.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/30: 189.6.

132(Days NS)..

Comment #73

Yeah so didn't make my goal due to me cheating and being an idiot at the beginning of the month. TIme to make a renewed effort for July. As a bonus though, I'm doing awesome with my workouts, lifting and cardio, 4-5 times a week! Woot..

So will get em next month for sure!..

Comment #74

Well, I almost made it. Another pesky tenth of a pound and I'd have had it. Traveling two weeks this month didn't help, but I'm proud I got so close despite that. Ready to set a goal for next month!.

6/1/2010: 312.4.

6/5/2010: 307.8 (-4.6).

6/12/2010: 306.8 (-1).

6/19/2010: 303.8 (-3).

6/26/2010: 302.4 (-1.4).

7/1/2010: 300.0 (so close! -2.4).

7/1/2010 Goal: 299.x (min -12.5 loss).

Actual loss: 12.4 pounds..

Comment #75

Nailed it! 170 on the nose..

So, a very successful June. The Hoff was a great motivator, but apparently I'm gonna be burning everyone's eyeballs with him for the next week......

Comment #76

05.27.2010: 270.0 lbs.

06.04.2010: 268.0 lbs.

06.12.2010: 268.0 lbs.

06.16.2010: 265.6 lbs.

06.25.2010: 264.8 lbs.

07.01.2010: 261.2 lbs.

Goal: 258.

Came up short this month. Vacation and several social functions derailed me a little. I'll be looking to rebound next month...

Comment #77

LW: 248.8.

CW: 246.4.

Loss: 2.4 pounds.

Goal: 249.8.

Lost so far: 17.4 pounds.

Left to lose: 0 pounds.

Over goal: 3.4 pounds.

Not an great loss to end the month with, but it is something, and I did lose over 17 pounds this month, so an great month for me overall...

Comment #78

Good week to join the Christian support group..

But seriously...look at that ticker. Like how you powered that line down. Great slant at the end..

Bet you look sharp...

Comment #79

I'm 166. Right where I want to be. 165 +/- 2...

Comment #80

Thanks man. Yea, pretty crazy. Amazing what cutting the booze & upping the workouts can do. (Along with a nice helping of personal stress, heh heh)..

But, I really do still have some jiggle in the middle I can lose. So I'm going for it!..

Comment #81

Start Weight: 222.6.

GW: 213.

CW 215.6.

Didn't meet the goal, but I still lost 7 pounds, so I'm cool with that...

Comment #82

Down to 304.8 today. So not even close, but that was due to some of the choices I made this month and all of the activities going on with the kids. Disappointed, but the scale is still going in the right direction over the course of the month. I'm finding Summer to be really tough as I don't have a consistent schedule with all of my family being home most of the day instead of at school.....

Comment #83

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