Which midwestern restaurants are the most accomodating of diets like Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Which midwestern restaurants are the most accomodating of diets like Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... Hi Guys,.

So I started NutriSystem at around 150 lbs on January 6th or 7th. By February 13th I was 139.6 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 141.8 pounds and I have not lost any weight in over 2 weeks..

I am thinking of leaving the program at this point. I have already spent $600 and I don't think it was worth the 8/9 pounds that I lost. I won't spend another $300 dollars until I see another 5lb difference..

I work out a couple times a week and stick to the diet. Do you have any other suggestions besides switching around meals and eating different fruits, which is what I believe the counselor's encourage?.

I am starting to think I've just reached my Nutrisystem plateau.

And this is the end of my journey with Nutrisystem..



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I am not sure but I would say this. NSflex maybe ideal for you. This way you can gradually shift fromNutrisystemfoods. I have noticed that weight loss is slower when you have less to loss. I saw people losing 10lbs in 1 week and started to get discourage with my 2lbs in 1 week. But I learned the more you have the lose the faster you lose the initial weight..

I would look into NSflex and see if it's something that will work for you...

Comment #2

I would just keep doing what you're doing, the weight will start coming off again. I've found that if I drink a couple more bottles of water a day, my weight will drop more in the next few days..

My best to you and congratulations on the success you have acheived!!..

Comment #3

It sounds to me that you are still on the way to losing what you want to lose you are not a fast loser but no one is who doesn't have a lot to lose. I think overall you're doing well. Remember,Nutrisystemsays even one pound a week is normal..

It takes a while for all the pounds to come off, but when they do, I'll bet they will be more likely to stay off. It took me from June to October to lose 21 pounds, but it has stayed off so far (except for one pound) even during the holidays and the wintertime, which is usually when I pack on the pounds..

NS teaches you a new way of dealing with food. You need to stay on the program for the duration, then eat according to the guidelines they give you after you're off the plan. It really will become a new, healthier way of life and you'll thank yourself later for sticking with it!..

Comment #4

11 pounds in the first 5 weeks is actually a very good loss, especially when you don't have a lot to lose. Not losing for two weeks (and actually gaining a bit) isn't common, though. Is it possible you're slipping a bit on how well you're following the plan? Even a small cheat every day can stall you out. If you'll post what you ate yesterday, and how much exercise you got, there might be some folks here who can give you some insight..

That said, plateaus do happen on every plan. There are ways to break them, and again if you post what you've eaten and how much you exercise, there may be some possible solutions people can help you find. If you're only working out twice a week, that's where I'd probably start...

Comment #5

When you have so little to lose, it just takes more time. It took me 14/15 weeks to lose 20 lbs and I haven't seen any loss on the scale since then. But, I am losing more inches, losing fat and gaining muscle. I refuse to focus on the scale, I am more interested in measurements and photos and how my clothes fit..

My advice ... work out more than 2x per week and stick with the program. What are your alternatives? You would be spending money on food anyway, so why not stick it out until you reach your goal?..

Comment #6

You've lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks, right? You are right on track! Don't give up now!.

Ways to Try to Break a Plateau:.

First, know thatNutrisystemdoesn't call it a plateau until you've gone more than two weeks with 0 weight loss. You can't expect to lose weight every week. You might, but if you don't, it isn't cause for alarm. If it has been over 2 weeks, here are some things to try:.

1. Switch your dinner meal with your lunch meal. That includes add-ins..

2. Choose only "hard" proteins for your add-ins. These are meats and fish. And perNutrisystemguidelines, you can be eating 100 calories of meat if you choose that for your dairy/protein. It should be AT LEAST 7 grams per protein serving (more is better), but no more than 3 grams of fat. Are you getting enough protein in?.

3. Increase your Exercise minutes and try a different activity..

4. In rare cases, you might need to add.


Protein serving to up your calories. This is most often true when someone is working out a lot. Not many of our 50+ women fall into that category. I would NOT try adding calories (beyond the 100 protein calories) without talking to anNutrisystemcounselor. See item 2 instead..

5. Drink MORE real water!.

6. If you have been strictly following theNutrisystemplan, try going out to eat and ordering a simple fish or chicken meal no sauces. Add veggies, salad, and a carb like whole wheat roll or brown rice (see the low GI Carb list). Carefully watch your portion. Your chicken or fish should only be about the size of a deck of cards..

7. Choose different add-ins than your usual..

8. Are you following the plan EXACTLY? Lots of the fancy things that people add to jazz up their food add up to significant calories. Sometimes going back to basics helps..

9. Are you drinking alcohol at all? That cancels out your progress for the week IMO. I did it occasionally while losing, and I could sure tell the difference in a lot of ways. Avoiding alcohol is really a good idea during the weight loss phase. I've found even in maintenance that I rarely drink any more. Your tastes change once you get healthy!..

Comment #7


Thank you guys for being so supportive..

One big change I made was that I started eating Greek yogurt as my protein add-in with all my meals. It is 120 calories per serving. I have also been drinking lots of tea lately. Those are the two big changes..

To the ladies, do you lose weight during your monthly cycle or do you just not bother to weigh-in?.

Thanks a bunch!.

Will try.


The suggestions and give an update next week!..

Comment #8

You are really doing great!! You and I are close to our weight loss and goals. Let's stick together and get this done. I'm so happy that you got into the 130's. I cannot wait for that to happen for me...

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