Which is the best between Nutrisystem and Slimming World?

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Quick question: Which is the best between Nutrisystem and Slimming World? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. I've 'cleaned up' my environment at home and thrown away all the non-plan food, but I'm having a really hard time at work..

The problem is that my office is directly across the hall from the break room and there is ALWAYS food in there. Cookies, cupcakes, bagels, candy, donuts, etc. The stupid thing is that I work for a county government, and they are always stressing 'health and fitness' but my office is the unhealthiest place around!.

I guess I'm just venting because I know that it's my own responsibility and I can't expect anyone to shelter me from food, but I'm really tired of listening to people exclaim over the delicious home-baked brownies they're enjoying ten feet away from my desk. Yesterday someone actually tried to talk me into eating something, and I really did feel upset about it. They know I'm on Nutrisystem (and this person is on Weight Watchers) so she should know better, right?.

Any coping strategies out there?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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If there are other people in your office who are trying to watch their eating, maybe you can get a group together to ask the entire office if they'll just put junk food into cupboards and drawers, so they're out of sight? That would help =everyone= avoid overeating, and there's really no downside for anyone. If the workplace is ostensibly stressing health and fitness, enlist the area manager's help or the human resources department. If all you're asking for is that junk food be placed out of sight for the sake of everyone's health, a lot of folks might think it's no big deal and a good idea...

Comment #2

That does put you in a difficult position but not impossible. You have to want to start a new lifestyle and lose that weight more than you want to eat any junk food! It is truly a mind set and every time you turn something down or walk away from it, it becomes easier. Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feelskeep telling yourself that! It is a shame when people try to sabotage what you are doing but that is going to happenhuman nature, I guess. Just think how impressed everyone will be if you don't give in and then it starts showing because you will be wearing baggy clothes and then smaller clothes! Temptations are always going to be around but you just have to accept that there is not a place for junk in your new, healthy lifestyle. It does get easier, I promise!..

Comment #3

That's why I don't like weight watchers anymore. I go to the meetings for the extra support, sure. But they don't exactly teach you much portion control and what to actually eat for maximum weight loss. You can eat whatever you want so you can definately indulge. And that wasnt working for me whatsoever. I felt like I was maintaining.

I weigh 388 before starting my weight loss journey. I joined LA Weight Loss but most people know what happened with that. They shut down, took our 2 thousand dollars and ran. I had already lost a little bit on that program but it was so restricted. Then joined weight watchers.

But I'm enjoyingNutrisystemalot more. They teach you portion control adn you're better equipped to deal with that to maintain and keep maintaining afterwards! You're healthier and you should be proud of that! And by resisting, you'll feel so much better! if you do it one day you can do it everyday! One day at a time, right? Good luck!..

Comment #4

I agree that you need to do your best to be proactive. I know that my niece will bake things at home and send them with her husband to his work, so that she won't eat it all. She also does the same with birthday cake. I'm sure others do the same, and my point is that, if you did a survey, I believe that most people, deep down, would say that they don't want all that stuff around them at work. So maybe as suggested, you guys could switch some things around to make it easier on everyone. Between the ones in your office who want to be healthier, agree not to bring junk in, and, even further, bring things in like fruit salad or fresh fruit, baby carrots, etc. Special occasions are one thing, and customers bringing in treats is one thing, but staff contributing to "office bulge" is not cool...

Comment #5

My workplace is exactly the same way. Our "kitchen" is about 10 steps away from my office. It was extremely hard at first, but now I just don't even look at the table where they pile all the junk food. I have equipped my desk drawer with all good things NS! I pack my lunch every day. I keep extras in my desk so if they're having brownies, I can break out aNutrisystembrownie or sweet. If they're having pizza brought in for lunch, I've gotNutrisystempizza in my desk drawer..

Also, we have a 2-hour meeting every Wednesday afternoon where they pass around junk food! Yesterday afternoon, it was Reese's peanut butter cups and peanut M and M's! I just have a snack right before I go in there, take my full bottle of water and when the stuff comes my way, I don't hesitate, I just take it, don't look at it, and pass it on..

It's not easy, but you will learn the tricks!..

Comment #6

I find that people who indulge want others around them to do the same. Remember when you were in that situation - you didn't want to feel guilty about eating something bad in front of others, so it always felt better if others were eating it too. I've even had friends put food on a plate and put it in front of me to try to get me to eat it. What part of "I'm not hungry" do you not get! LOL.

I'd say do your best not to even LOOK at the food. If I see something that looks inviting, I quickly turn my head. I think it was on Dr. Oz that they had an experiment where people ate a plate of food and then blindfolded people and gave them the same plate of food and people always ate less when they can't SEE the food. Your eyes trigger messages to the brain..

Also, sometimes if I catch a glimpse of something, I try to see it as a color and not a food, i.e., brownies are just a "brown lump" sitting on the table! haha Hey - whatever works!..

Comment #7

Kdona, I like that a brown lump of sugar and fat...

Comment #8

You know that someone with a nasty cough just stood over them and coughed, right? You know that someone with the worst imaginable flu (the kind for which there are NO shots) just sneezed all over the place, right? You know that someone who went potty (number 2) and didn't wash their hands just picked up several to smell them, decided not to eat that one, and sat it back down on the plate, right?.

STILL want those treats?..

Comment #9

Good idea..visualize that food as something nasty to turn you off. and think to yourself..."eeeeww you're eating that?!".

I can think of a couple things that those items remind me of but I don't want to gross anyone out here. LOL use your own imaginations...

Comment #10

YES! exactly! My work is the same exact way...donuts every morning, ppl walk around offering bags of m&m's and mini candy bars. Yesterday we had an Italian office lunch provided for us and I literally had to say no thank you 9 times before I was left alone. All the "oh it's only one day" 's get REALLY annoying..

That is how I got these 25 extra lbs in the first place so obviously that is the behavior I need to change...

Comment #11

No joke! I've read that one of the germiest things on most desktops isn't the phone's the jelly beans sitting out in an open container...

Comment #12

Yeah, yeah, and whoever made the brownies had a cold and dripped into the batter!..

Comment #13


Okay, that really did make me laugh, because it's probably true!..

Comment #14

Boy, just one more reason to be glad I work at home!..

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