Which is easier? south beach diet or Nutrisystem?

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First off, Which is easier? south beach diet or Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I have noticed that I am not really losing belly fatwhen I have lost weight before, I lost that muffin top very quicklythis time it is as big as ever!!!!.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else noticed this problem? Thanks!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Kinda sucks that it comes off the waist last. Only good point is that it comes off your face first...

Comment #2

Well, your face, and about a foot lower! LOL!..

Comment #3

...a foot lower.

...and sadly the first to go..

Comment #4

Same here, it's so frustrating. I've lost 17 lbs but only 2" in my waist. I think the only thing you can do it stay with it. On the bright side, at least my wedding ring fits again!..

Comment #5

Debbie, with the overall weight loss success that you have already experienced, that does seem unusual. How are you determining measurements?.

For theNutrisystemDessert Entrees, do you favor sweets? If yes, switch to the desserts that have low sugar and more protein..

Are you consuming a lot of artificial sweeteners (i.e., using Splenda as an extra on a regular basis)? Some people are sensitive to them, and do not realize this until they stop adding them into the meal plan..

Are you experiencing any type of GI issues on a regular basis?.

Do you use store bought FF salad dressings? If yes, try to either eliminate them temporarily, or opt for ones with low or no sugar..

Any chance you are, or could be, diabetic?.

Are you following the meal plan as designed? skipping foods?..

Comment #6

I can relate. I have lost a lot in my legs, but my mid section is a whole other thing. However, I've always read that fat pretty much evenly comes off your entire body, however the person who said fat stores more easily in the center is also correct. I think that is where everyone typically starts to store fat first and therefore it is also the last place to come off. I know for me I've been trying to do more muscle building exercises with my mid section. Not that I think that will help the fat come off faster (it won't) but because building those muscles will help burn the fat (or abdominal muscles are some of the larger ones in your body) and because I'm assuming that having more toned muscles in that section will also help the body shape in that section.

Well, that's my theory...

Comment #7

I still have a considerable amount of belly fat. I've been working with a trainer who says that you cannot really spot train an area (gee, thanks!). He says it's important to eat well, rest, and build the muscles underneath. I also use St. Ives lotion because I'm not willing at this point to have surgery. It doesn't seem worth the risk to me as my belly fat isn't that noticeable to anyone but me.

My mid section is about the only place I could lose some..

There is an article in Ladies Home Journal this month on belly fat. They recommend a 40/30/40 diet, which onNutrisystemis hard to do. At best, I've been able to do 45/25/35 which was recommended by a dietitian to me. (carb/fat/protein).


Comment #8

Your age may be a factor in here as well. There was a thread (somewhere on this board.

)that discussed clothing sizes and age. It seems that the majority of people change shape due to age and not just by weight - so you may have worn a size 6 pant a decade ago, but now you are stuck on an 8 or 10 even though you weigh less...

Comment #9

Thanks everyonethat was interesting to me about the splenda...I do use it occasionally, but not always every day..

I have lost weight all over, I just have noticed that I still have a muffin topI am wearing spanx, which helps...and I will admit that I notice it more than anyone else...but then again, I can look in the mirror and not notice that I've lost weight at all...and it doesn't help that DH has almost reached his goal, so when we go anywhere together everyone raves over him and doesn't even notice me....such is life...!..

Comment #10

Oh Debbie...if you find the answer PLEASE POST IT!!.

I swear I hit -90.6 lost this morning and I still have a belly that won't quit! I also look like a bassett hound with all the extra skin! I just got into size 12 jeans and I swear the legs are loose and big and the tummy is the tighter part. I should be in 10's or maybe even 8's if not for my gut! My personal Trainer said the same thing...cannot spot reduce. Why the heck not??.

I used to get that pooch over my belly button first and it always left first when I was younger, but at 49 in 3 weeks it's going down but in it's own sweet time..

I will say I have lost8.5 inches off my waist and 10 inches off my hips since I started so it's going...but not as fast as I'd like...

Comment #11

I am 5'9" and have lost almost 22 pounds and STILL have not gone down a size in pants...i currently wear a 14..

My mid-section and ips seem to be stuck....i've only a few inches off my hips and MAYBE 2 inches off my waist. it's really fristrating........i'm really wanting to go down a size, but it ain't happenin'...

Comment #12

Liposuction is the only way to remove belly fat, after you've reached your goal weight of course..

Notice how celebs like Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie have their babies and then just a few months later their tummies are tight?.

That's liposuction (and a tummy tuck too)...

Comment #13

Liposuction is never advised though. It's expensive and removes fat cells and capillaries, which interrupts what the body is doing..

In some extreme cases where a person will lose 100+lbs in 6mos or less because of a lap-band type surgery, then removing the skin is more of the problem and thats when surgery is more necessary..

What you may be experiencing is simply the hurry-up-n-wait period. Your body hasn't actually stopped, just because you can't see the change doesn't mean it isn't happening. Cell structures are done in layers and they need time to break down. The more you have to lose, the more layers that needs to dealt with. It can be unnerving, but it's not something to get too upset over..

Also, be mindful that as you lose weight there are other mechanisms in your body that need to shift and adjust. Losing weight, or anything over 30 pounds really, requires that the hormones level readjusted to balance out as well..

Your skin also retains some elasticity as well. If the weight reduction was done in a timely manner and isnt too damaged, it will eventually shrink back to size and fit you snug again. In some people, the stretch marks also disappears. There are a few ways to deal with stretch marks that won't go away if they really bug you tho..

More or less, it's a complicated thing to get fit or thin. Patience is the key. The closer you get to the final goal, the harder it will be to finish. Increase your activity and be more mindful of the extra foods you target when needing carbs and protein..

Input < Output = weight loss.


Comment #14

Hey all! I am struggling with belly fat too. In my youth (20s) I measured 36-24-36 regularly and 34-23-34 at my thinnest. Now at 45 and still 23 pounds from goal, I am measuring about 37-31-37. I am really hoping that the last part of my weight loss will take care of the waistline. Since I always had a really small waist this tree trunk shape is not sitting well..

I work out four-five days a week running, aerobics classes, cardio boxing, zumba, or Wii super hula hoop and rhythm boxing. My butt is in a size 6 skinny jean but I have a nasty muffin top. I think I need to add more core strengthening exercises but I am thinking that losing another seven inches off my waist may be just dreaming..

Anybody else missing the hot body they left behind? LOL..

Comment #15


When you lose the last 20 lbs, you will definitely see a huge difference in your mid-section. That has always been my problem area and I have seen a drastic improvement with 12 lbs lost..

You are doing lots of cardio, but not enough weight lifting. Building muscle increases your metabolism and strengthens the bones. Pick up the weights, girlfriend!.

- Yikes -..

Comment #16

Just an update. Two months later and only about ten pounds lighter, I have indeed dropped a couple inches in my waist. Poly and Kristi are spot on. Belly fat is the last to go and building muscle is key to dealing with the "deflated balloon" look. I am going to drench myself in moisturizer for the next two months and really watch how my shape is changing; I am hoping for a bikini this summer. Solidly in a size 4 jean again but the jiggly belly remains.



Comment #17

People, especially women but some men too, are frustrated at not losing the belly fat fast. In the beginning (assuming you were pretty fat to start), there can be a long period of weight loss, where not much is changing with clothes size, perhaps you even had some "tight" pants or "from a few years ago" pants and that's all you can wear and even that takes a long time to get to..

But then towards the end, you will find waist changing very rapidly, and it can be tricky even to buy clothes or wait for diet to finish and the like. It's all good though. Once you understand it, you can endure it..

Also, just rationally, if you "get to goal" but still have a 30" waist as a female or 35" as a male, it's not that your body is playing tricks, or the "diet didn't work". It's just that you need to lower your goal..

P.s. The "paper towel" essay is a cute one as well, if you're not into moment-arm biophysics rationales..

Go bug kittay and she will have it..

P.s.s. The skin can be tricky, but is a different issue than just waist size...

Comment #18

Hmmm...interesting thread. I found the opposite to be true for me. I lots in my stomach first. Now, my hips....*grumble*..

Comment #19

Just one other quick tip for those who mentioned jeans baggy in places and tight in the waist - look at a different cut. If your jeans are baggy through hip/butt and too tight at the waist, it isn't the wrong size - your jeans aren't the right cut for your body shape..

I was shopping at the Gap because they have nice longs in jeans (I'm 5'8") and asked for a bigger size. The very helpful guy there pointed out the jeans I had on were baggy in hips, butt, and thighs already - I pointed out the tummy bulging over. Turns out I was looking at the wrong cut. The jeans nipped in at the waist from the hip more than my body did. He brought me a pair, one size smaller, in a different cut that fit EVERYWHERE perfectly. Had he not helped me, I'd have bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes bigger than the ones I needed in a cut that fit my waist and was too big everywhere else..

Even with a ~6" difference between hips and stomach, I wear low rise jeans that don't come up anywhere near where my waist actually narrows, so the "curvy" jeans I was looking at were way too curvy. The jeans I wear now hardly come in at all in size from waist to hip because the "waist" of the jeans sits at my hip level!..

Comment #20

Hi, Have you tried a squeem. It is so good. It really helps tuck you in and it makes your clothes look wonderful. Christmas I started in an extra large and now I just ordered a large. I am a teacher and I work in it every day and take it off at night. It makes my clothes fit so much better and it gives me confidence.

You can reduce a full size just by wearing it..


Comment #21

Very interesting thread!.

Thank you all for sharing..

So many people in my water aerobis class complain of the same thing..

I have that problem too..


Poly- thanks for the input too- when you pop up it is rewarding for all of us...

Comment #22

Thanks Poly! Paper towel theory makes perfect sense. I'm thinking losing fat works just like demoing a room, you start by ripping off the last thing that went up, ie trim before drywall, drywall before wiring, etc. Belly fat is apparently like plumbing and wiring, the last to go. I'll just keep working on these last ten-ish pounds and see where I come in. If it's not acceptable, I'll lower the goal. I think having been super small most of my adult life makes me a little overanxious. -M..

Comment #23

Margo- what a great post, I loved how you came back after 2 months and 10 pounds less and said your waist is finally starting to shrink..

Kristi, you're always right! And now that I've recently started P90X, I'm realizing how important the weight training is. As a marathoner, I can tell you, it's not just the cardio that's important..


Comment #24

Maybe it's because (I'm guessing( you're older now than when you lost weight before? Try adding in a weight training class to your routine. Dead lifts are killer for burning calories. You could also try doing situps while gripping dumbells to your chest. That will definitely tighten your abs and they will start burning the fat around them. It is said that you can't spot reduce fat, but why then do people who run and do nothing else have legs of iron and beer bellies?..

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