Which has the best weight loss program, Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Which has the best weight loss program, Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... And I won't dodge it. I will own up to it. I been telling myself all morning I won't post it here - but I think I need to. The wife tells me not to worry about it - that I have done really well the last 3 weeks and having 1 meal won't sink me..

But to keep me in line and to get it out in the open and off my mind I will tell yall here.....

I took the wife out for Tex-Mex. Probably the biggest contributor for me hitting 370 is Tex-Mex and Burger King whoppers..

The good:.

1. I didn't finish my plate - I ate till full and stopped.

2. When asked I only had 2 enchiladas and not 3 which as stupid as it sounds is a big step for me.

The bad:.

1. I went out to eat after only 3 weeks 100% on Nutrisystem - Told myself a month at the earliest.

2. I had WAY to many chips and queso..

3. The beef enchiladas were all covered in lovely artery clogging cheese.

4. I had heartburn for the first time since starting NS.

So that is that. I had to let it out..

3 weeks on Nutrisystem - 16 lbs down and I probably gained 3lbs from one meal of Tex-Mex.

Now back on track - 100% on Nutrisystem - Time to eat my salads again..

Thanks for reading..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I honestly never thought of it before. I guess that is why I lost 60 lbs on Nutrisystem last year only to gain it all back..

Gotta forgive me - This Texas boy is mighty slow..


Comment #2

One meal won't sink you. I know i've had temptations since I started. I'm like you and have some serious cravings. However, I think it's important to keep in mind why we are on this diet in the first place. I know that i'm very unhealthy and if I keep going on my normal diet I will have all kinda health issues not to mention I want to do the simple things like run with my kids and be able to fit on rollercoasters. So maybe next time you have a craving, think about why you are trying to lose..

Also, it may help if you spice things up a bit with your meals. You should feel pretty full from them but if not go get a sugar free jello. The only way your gonna keep the food off for good is if you learn to eat like Nutrisystem is teaching you. Good food in the right proportions...

Comment #3

Sean hit the nail square on the head..

Food Reward: That's what I have always done..

No more though..

I'm thinking midget lap dances are in order..

But yeah - don't do that..

Food isn't good for you...

Comment #4

Dan you gotta understand something: I'm not trying to be a huge d*ck to you (or anyone else for that matter). When I post in here it's for everyone - not just the author of the post. Every single one of us in here has used food for the wrong reasons: to drown our sorrows, celebrate, boredom, whatever..

You guys have to stop looking at this as a damn "diet". It's true, you're eating differently but you gotta ask yourself "why". The word.


Has so many negative connotations to it it's just better to leave the word out completely..

It's a lifestyle change ... It's a change in your eating habits ... whatever floats your boat..

Hell I'm a weightlifting douchbag and I thought I knew how to eat - I was wrong! You're all going to pick up a ton of great habits if you follow the program 100%!!! I did it and I'm.


Doing it. I was scared to death when I made goal because I thought I was going to drift back into my old ways of two massive meals a day. To the amazement of both me and my wife I'm still eating 5 or 6 small meals a day - every 2-1/2 to 3 hours and have to actually keep myself from losing too much more weight!!.

It's all picked up through osmosis. You can't help to get wise if you follow the plan 100%.


Eat what they tell you to eat. Follow the plan 100%. You will make your goal in no time. NO EXCUSES, MEN!!..

Comment #5

One of the reasons I like the Dan sub forums is I know I will get the straight talk. I am a up front guy and when I am doing something stupid I want others to tell me. I appreciate your straight talk Sean - don't worry about me seeing you as a huge d*ck or whatever. I posted here because I knew inside I needed the kick in the butt. Last year I looked at this as a diet and because I did I am back again...

Comment #6


I'm having a problem getting past the concept that FOOD REWARDS are a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs..

I'm a realistic guy, and every once in a while, I know I'm going to want that big @ss new york strip, or porterhouse steak, or whatever. I'm not saying that while I'm on Nutrisystem I'm going to reward myself with food on any kind of regular basis. Now I did treat myself to pizza & a seafood buffet while on vacation....but that was after 4 months of pretty much sticking to the plan 100%. And I was able to still lose 4 lbs that week, mostly due to the fact that I was on plan the rest of the time, and worked out (weight-lifting & cardio) for an hour every day..

My point is that I don't think that I'm going to stop having FOOD REWARDS..

When I'm on maintenance, I plan on eating the Nutrisystem way (5-6 times a day), watching my calories, portions, fat, etc, doing strength and cardio 4-5 days per week, and then every once in awhile eating something that's not so low cal..

What "once in while" means? I don't know exactly. But if I watch what I eat, watch the scale, and exercise regularly, I hope that I'll be able to figure that out..

Or maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe I should never have the full rack of ribs, or steak, or wings, or nachos, etc. Maybe I need to re-assess how I think about food...

Comment #7

In your own inimical way Sean, this is really well said..

Dan. Dan. Dan.....


I'll let ya in on "secret #1" about NS. There is no magic pixy dust in the food!.

Seriously! But here's the thing, SINCE there is no magic pixy dust in the food, how does the PROGRAM work?.

Ding ding! Yup, we're supposed to LEARN stuff!!!!!!!!!!.

1. Small portions.

2. Frequent small meals.

3. Gallon of water.

4. Increase exercise.

5. high fiber/high protein/low carb.

6. lots o' fruit & veggies.

There's this SET OF LESSONS intended to help us get on top of food..

You violated #1, #2, #5 and #6 in one sit-down. Chips...2 enchiladas.....

Buddy, did you see tortilla chips and enchiladas from a tex-mex restaraunt on the guide?.

I think of them as "Rules" for a reason. They are what I'm.

Supposed to be LEARNING to doall the time.

Not because of Nutrisystembut because they are healthy and good for me and allow ME to be in control..

Back on that horse, old son. And next time reward yourself with fooling around or a new bike or gym membership or something..

Good luck.


PS. In case it didn't come through, I'm tryin' to be light-hearted and overly obvious here. One day off won't kill yaeven when we screw up. Good for you for owning up and get right back at the program. Seriously though, learn those "RULES" because you aren't going to be on Nutrisystem foreverit's a training program, nothing more...

Comment #8

It takes a good man to admit he's been a bad boy..


Comment #9

I thought someone once told me that eatin ain't cheatin..

Comment #10

Sean is right, Rick is right too. I think is it is imperative that we learn how to lose the lard and how to eat in a manner that will avoid future weight gains. During the learning process I think it necessitates complete compliance with the rules. After you have reached your goal, if you want to go out for an occasional steak or wings, so be it, but you need to keep yourself accountable and go hard core Nutrisystem for a week or so before the meal and a week or so afterward, to get your body accustomed to the "proper" way of eating/living. Trying to reward oneself with food while trying to learn to lose weight is akin to celebrating a month of sobriety with shots...

Comment #11

There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of steak every now and then when you've been on Nutrisystem for at least a month or so. After a while you'll figure it out. Hell I had a date night with the wife once a week about 4-6 weeks in - had fish & chicken - stayed away from bread and beer and it was all good..

You guys don't have to eat every damn thing in the big brown box for Pete's sake! Have a turkey burker on an Arnolds flat bread if you're bored. Put A1 on the damn thing ... who cares. Just make good choices. Use your heads! Go up top and check out what the chicks are doing to their food. They're all CRAZY about doctoring up NS.

They've figured that out and a whole sh*t-ton of other concoctions as well..

I guess the point I'm trying to make is this: If you feel like pulling the trigger on a McDonalds Drive Tru disaster you have options. A little bit of hot sauce, Mrs Dash, pepper and freebie condiments goes a long way - and will at least come close to satisfying a craving - w/o you feeling like crap emotionally and physically (and getting flogged in here) for doing something stupid - and yes, Dan .... what you did was incredibly stoopid~! HA!.

Freaking chips and queso dip ..... what the hell man?!!..

Comment #12

Can I blame the queso for being so darn sexxy?..

Comment #13

It is pretty damn good, I'll give you that .... wait a minute! I'm not gettin' sucked into this ... Get outta my head, man!!..

Comment #14

True 'dat ....

(can you guys tell I'm not doing a f*cking thing at work today??!)..

Comment #15

What "once in awhile" should mean is the $64000 question that will vary for each of us, depending on how much activity we get. I figure I won't hit maintenance till the holidays, perhaps later, so at this point I'm still just planning for it and living in some terror of it..

I figure I'll let myself have one beer a month. (None whatsoever until goal)..

And one serving of ice cream a month. (None whatsoever until goal.).

But those are not carved in stone. Those are planning items only, to be revoked the moment I see my weight creep back up. Daily weighing will still be a must. Forever. Beyond that I plan to stay largely on plan just gradually adding or reducing healthy servings until I can find that happy medium that keeps me oscillating around the goal line..

So if I really want a couple of treats a month? Then I damn well better keep my butt in the gym for an hour after work 3-4 days a week. And I damn well better keep riding my bike for an hour or two every weekend day/vacation day. I am pretty sure it will have to be a couple things per month tho... not per week. And sure as hell not per day...

Comment #16

Going out to eat isn't the issue. You can stay on plan without eating the Nutrisystem food for every single meal, but you've gotta have a plan..

Lesson learned: Failure to plan > A plan to fail..

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