Which has the best weight loss program, Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?

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Question I have... Which has the best weight loss program, Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. Hi Everyone,.

Today is my first day and I'm pretty hungry! Is this normal?.

I have eaten everything I should have, in what I consisder to be the appropriate times..

Breakfast - Nutrisystem BB Muffin, 1.5 cups strawberries, and an egg.

Lunch - 1 cup raw green peppers, .5 cups cooked broccoli, 1oz grilled boneless skinless chicken and a Nutrisystem chocolate & peanut butter bar.

Snack - 1 low fat string cheese - 50 calories, and an orange.

Dinner - Nutrisystem hamburger, arnolds sandwich round 100 cal, 3 thin slices tomatoes and grilled onions (no fat used for grilling), lettue & cucumber salad.

.5 cups roasted brussel sprouts..

I had my water consumption fullfilled this morning but am continuing to drink more and I had a diet caffine free diet coke...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Eat as many of the "unlimited" veggies as you want...anytime, not just with meals..

Eat more protein. The 1 oz. for the chicken is the MINIMUM to get the minimum amount of protein. The stats are 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more (I go for 8g-20g per serving!). That is 2-3 oz of the chicken, not 1 oz..

How much protein was in that string cheese? Again, make sure it is NO LESS than 7g. The protein helps keep you full and staves off an incredible amount of hunger..


Yup, eat 'em..

MORE water...and not just in the morning. Spread it out, keep a bottle next to you at all times...drink all day..

Herbal tea soothes tummies and the flavors you can get make it taste like a treat..

Where is your FAT serving for the day? Have a teaspoon of peanut butter on some celery...nice and filling..

You still have dessert to go. Pick one with the highest PROTEIN you can find..

You can also have a fruit with dinner...have that with dessert...

Comment #2

I have a HUGE salad every day at lunch with turkey or tuna. I find that really helps keep me full..

I always have raw veggies around and 10 calories jello packs for the occasional hunger pangs..

I personally find some entrees much more filling than others. You'll probably only find out what fills you with time. If I'm hungry the bars and muffins just don't do it. I tend to be more satisfied with the oatmeal and the lunch soups..

In the beginning, especially, consider maxing out your protein. You can probably have 3 oz of chicken and still meet the specs..

Good luck!..

Comment #3

Thanks ladies. I did have a tsp of olive oil in my roasted brussell sprouts. I have continued to drink my water and will do so into the night. Now that I now that I can, I will go and consume more cucumbers. I will eat my desert in a bit!..

Comment #4

Also thank you for the info about the chicken. I should propably call a counselor to get a better understanding of that. I just looked at the grocery guide and it said 1oz so that's what I had! LOL, I'm hungry for nothing!..

Comment #5

Definitely have some more veggies and protein to fill up. You can also split up your breakfast, as many women do. Have the muffin at one time and the egg and fruit a couple of hours later (or the other way around)..

I used to do that with lunch, too. Have a big salad with chicken, then an hour or two later, have myNutrisystemlunch or bar...

Comment #6

Welcome beccacc31! I always have to check it out when a newbie says they are hungry after starting the program. It is a good thing you posted right away so you didn't continue to feel hungry because there is no reason to be hungry. You have received some very good advice from the previous posts. LOL - You're right when you said, "I'm hungry for nothing!" The plan is great but takes some time to get adjusted to. Good Luck on yourNutrisystemjourney!..

Comment #7


I have only been on the plan for 3 weeks and my first few days were just like you described. I have learned to space out the meals a bit as suggested earlier. I work so having the protein and fruit at home and then a bar or muffin about 3 hours later has been working for me. I have found that ater is a key thing for me too. in my second week I was a bit relaxed about drinking the water and gained a little. Now I am religious about the water and in 3 weeks I have lost over 7lbs..

Stick with it and do call the advice line when you need to!..

Comment #8

Sometimes, for some people, diet sodas can make you more hungry. Maybe try sticking with water, tea, etc. for a day and see if it makes any difference..

I agree about the big salad with more protien for lunch if you're going to have one of theNutrisystembars. I just received some bars for the first time and I basically eat them as my lunch "dessert"! Very good!..

Comment #9

Thank you everyone for your input and I think they are all very good and experience driven ideas..

Today is a new day and I will incorporate the food spacing to create more meals, I will eat more protein with lunch and I will eat free veggies all day. I'll update later with my feelings for day 2..

I appreciate the support....

Comment #10

I'm pretty new to this, too, but I have found that splitting up my breakfast is a huge help in not getting hungry. I also agree that your body adjusts (quickly) so you don't get hungry on less food. I tend to use hard boiled eggs as my protein at lunch and it really helps keep me full. I have to remind myself to have the snack!..

Comment #11

I thought I would drop by and give everyone an update on my day 2....

I spaced the food out as suggested and that was a really big help. I am more than comfortable tonight and I still have my little pound cake to eat! My dinner entree was lacking to say the least. I did order two of them and I'm going to eat the other one pretty quick just to get rid of that particular flavor... LOL..

Comment #12

Hi Beccacc,.

You might try one of the yummy ideas in the recipe center for those meals you aren't real fond of, but have more of them to eat. There are some excellent ideas there, and many of us may not like something the first time we eat it, but if we try it again a few weeks later it is better. Good luck to ya and stay in touch with us...

Comment #13

This is my third day and I am starving too!! I think about food all the time and try to eat as many veggies as possible. I hop it gets better...

Comment #14

Beccacc31 - Glad to hear that day two was better..

Sunflower61054 - No need to be starving! Read the other posts for great suggestions and it does get better...

Comment #15

Hi Sunflower61054.

The spacing of the food was really helpfull but I think about food all of the time as well. I actually signed on this morning to read the mindset makeover because I keep thinking about this being a lifesyle change. My life literally revolves around food and that is what needs to change. When I look at the actual amount of cereal that comes in theNutrisystempacket compared to the amount of Special K I would put in my bowl there is a huge difference... Talk about portion control! If I want to loose wieght and keep it off, something will have to change and I am going to try and figure out what that is.... I do know that changing the way that I think about food is going to have to be part of it..

Last night as 6:30 I walked 3 miles just to take up some time between dinner and desert!..

Comment #16

Hey! Also, you might try eating a good yogurt for your snack, rather than the string cheese. At least, it feels more filling!..

Comment #17

I found myself "thinking about the food" when I started.

It was not about hunger but about doing the program right and somehow thinking about the program = success. What if I get it wrong what if I don't succeed..

It was my stress reaction..

I have big salads too, and I make use of a wide range of fresh veg, free ones to make it. I assigned it a name and a calorie count after diligently measuring and logging every 1/4 C of this and that. I like the salad sprays rather than dressings..

I have to remind myself to eat the afternoon snack. I often do not feel "hungry".

Follow the mindset makeover diligently. Soon they will talk about physical vs mental hunger..

Allow yourself to settle in. Grab a baggie of free veg to have with you..

Drink a lot. If you work in a big enough office, talk a desk walk once an hour. walk to the furthest bathroom. walk with vigor, head up and be proud and happy...

Comment #18

Hi all,.

I had another good day today (day 3). I continue to space my meals and have a bag of celery and cucumbers handy at all times. Tonights dinner was MUCH better and I actually really liked it. I made the thick crust pizza and added my snack string cheese, fresh onions and fresh basil. It was very very good. It made me want to order 28 pizzas for my next order!.

I have been getting in a lot of walks (6 miles today) and I am finding that if I am focused on walking then I'm not focused on what I'm going to eat next...

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