Which do you like better: Nutrisystem online or going to the meetings?

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Got a quick question: Which do you like better: Nutrisystem online or going to the meetings? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Well after a few months of light activity in here (I guess because it's summer?) things are finally picking up. Heck I started Nutrisystem right at the end of last football season so I know it can be a bit tough with all of the bar food and beer. Now that the holidays are right around the corner we (even us guys on maintenance) are really gonna have to dig in our heels and get tough!.

It's good to see bob__m back and starting p90x with me and gellar. We have DocSc00ter and Ken_s57 - my new hero - passing on delicacies and staying on plan (have you guys seen the pig-fisting pictures? Classic.) djgman is working this program like it was his b*tch metsurge and bartle (and now rob too) are still killing it!! These guys are SICK!! PBAbowler's losing so fast he's had to resort to wearing elastic-waist pants!!.

I know that there are others that I'm not mentioning who are doing great but I'm getting tired of typing on my phone and my legs are falling asleep here on the toilet..

If you're not losing you're cheating. Plain and simple..

Stay on track men. 100%!!! Oh GO STEELERS!!!!!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Good idea bob! I'd join you but I'll be working 14 hours today.

Get back around midnight. I'm gonna miss the games today. TiVo!.

P90x guys; I heard that.

These bands.

Are the best, what brand did you get with the kits? Size and space needed might work for me..

Sean, you're the hero around here bud. Keep reminding us meatheads that somewhere under the weight we carry, we are men..

Good luck today men!..

Comment #2

That's great, Sean! Had me laughing out loud. We really do need to bring this place back. I did alot better staying on track in the winter and spring when this place was hopping..

I'll be taking my fat pictures today and starting P90x tomorrow, too. Gonna be around 8:00 pm though. Already got it set on my teambeachbody calendar..

Also, the pig fisting pictures are great!..

Comment #3

I keep my lard ass photo as my avatar. Not quite the lard ass I used to be. Long way to go, but I am the thinnest I have been in years..

Comment #4

I took a picture of myself 2 weeks ago when I started this here thing. I will be taking pictures in the same spot...same clothes every 2 weeks. Once I get down to my goal on here, 190...I will be joining you guys on P90X..and work on losing the last 10 to 20lbs and toning up...and then start working on the strength training again..

Yep, I'm in this for the long freaking haul. It will be good.

Will be interesting to see how things are a year from now...

Comment #5

Ok, bring it boys!.

I will be doing p90x time during the morning and I do have to work..

I have a damn chest cold - caughing up's not stopping me tho..

Comment #6

Bob - you want to start the p90x thread? I figured you could have the honors since you were the one who started the.

100% check in.

One... If you don't do it within the hour I take care of it..

I want.


In the title!!! It matters and you know it!.

You are going to.


Stay 100% for 90-days straight this time!!!..

Comment #7

Sure, as a courtesy to the other guys, maybe we should take it out of the mens room and put it in exercise videos? I posted something there seeing if I could get any lady takers, but no dice....

I personally think it should stay in the men's room since it is all guys - maybe one fem will join us later..

This way I don't hav to leave the men's room and get all discomboobulated..

Comment #8

Yep. I say leave it in here. maybe a few other guys can see how ripped we get and jump on the p90x train too...

Comment #9

Ok, let me think about what I want the thread to say.....

Comment #10

Oh wow ... I just went in and read only the last page of the "p90x Challenge" thread in the fitness forum and I thought my head was going to explode!!! DAMN those chicks are annoying!!.

We have to make a new one in here. sorry guys...

Comment #11

Yes - the reason we have ladies night and men's night...too much talking when the ladies go out - just watch the damn game and shush-up!..

Comment #12

Awright, I'm lost. Where am I going to post my awesome results from this magical program..

BTW, I won't be doing my workout until like 8:00pm tonight. Just didn't won't anyone to think I was skipping out...

Comment #13

I won't work out until tonight either. I haven't created a thread yet..

A friend of mine here at home is doing this as well. i've got lots of accountability (being selfish here)..

Comment #14

Confession Time: I selfishly started yesterday and did plyo this morning. I got up so early Sunday I was climbing the walls, jacked-up on coffee with nothing to do.

If you guys think this totally blows and I'm a d*ck for starting I will hold off tomorrow and rejoin you Wednesday for the "Day 3" workout..

Sh*t ... Let me know...

Comment #15

I've always thought you were a d*ck, Sean..

I think you should start over today and just do chest and back and ab ripper x again!..

Comment #16

Quoting myself -.

Of course, that was a joke. Do it however you want. How was the Plyo? A buddy of mine said Plyo and Yoga were the hardest of all the workouts...

Comment #17

My legs feel like rubber-bands that were overly stretched. My a$$ and hamstrings (and knees) hurt already and I did the workout from 7am to 8am. I'm screwed..

On a side note: I'm not sore at all from yesterdays Chest and Back. I'm kinda concerned about that since I know I'd be sore if I lifted yesterday. I'm going to stay the course - I'm putting my body in Tony Horton's hands ... what?..

Comment #18

Anyone care to place wagers on how long it takes us to start using these videos with the TV muted. I like Tony and all, but he is possibly a little too fired up on these videos...

Comment #19

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