Which diet is better south beach, Atkins, weight watchers, Nutrisystem ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Which diet is better south beach, Atkins, weight watchers, Nutrisystem ? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... Had a routine visit to the doctor, and while very encouraged by my improved weight, blood pressure, et al., she wanted to know what effect my diet was having on me systemically, so she ordered a blood panel. After the results came back, I got a call at home whereupon I was advised that my cholesterol was.

Too low.

, and that I needed more good fats in my diet. I was advised to eat some pecans or almonds daily. Now, I think we all know what the serving size of said nuts are in relation to the Plan, and if I keep to that, I'm dubious of the boost to my HDL levels. If I go beyond that, then I risk derailing my progress. I don't mind subbing in six nuts for a fat, but I won't go beyond that, so I figure I'll add an omega-3 rich fish oil daily supplement as well. I'll give it a month or two and see if those two things, plus the daily cardio regimen brings those levels up.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/29: 190.0.

131(Days NS)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

That's an interesting problem to have - but remember that too low cholesterol or an out-of-whack HDL:LDL ratio can cause some serious nerve and liver problems. Be sure to ask the nutritionist here for their suggestions; here are my two cents:.

1. Flax seed. The whole, unsalted variety contain a similar calorie count to sunflower seeds but are laden with fiber and omega-3's - and they make a great "crouton".

2. Edamame. Maybe a higher fat content on the nutrition facts label, but remember that most of these are heart-healthy fats. Don't know if they would fall into carb or veggie (prob carb)..

3. Walnuts and almonds, like your md said. Easily added to yogurt or morning cereal. Great source of good fats..

4. Add a slice of avocado to a burger or chicken patty. See #2 on list..

You're killing it on the weight loss, man! You made a great decision in getting that full panel - and found a problem before it became an issue. If the above items add a few calories to your day, then hit the weights a little harder or jog a little further to balance it out. All of your organs will thank you!..

Comment #2

My husband is on the plan and had the same problem. just using nuts for fat didn't fix it. He ended up adding 2 more fat servings a day. Didn't really derail weight loss since it's only 90 calories...

Comment #3


As far as "low cholesterol"that's why there is some fat in the Nutrisystem meal..

But overall, this is sort of like trying to decide if you want to avoid drowning, a shark attack, being hacked to death by pirates, or sun stroke.....personally I'd choose the sun stroke..

Overweight (bad if not very bad), High Blood Pressure (very bad), overall poor nutritionnot enough vitamins and nutrients (bad), low cholestrol? eh. Big deal..

Eat a boiled egg and you're golden..

Sounds like you're doing great and making some real non-scale progress..

Good luck!.


PS. Last year at a regular doctor visit I asked my GP about "Nutrisystem" and she said, and I'm quoting here:.

"what's the point (of those diets). You'll just gain any weight you lose right back again. Don't botherjust exercise more and eat less...".

She was wrong. (lmao)..

Comment #4

I choose death by getting hacked by pirates.. sounds exotic....

Comment #5

Gary: I had an extra fat serving for a lot of my weightloss period. have a dscussion with the doc and make things quantitiative. For instance, current fat consumption, how much should be added (what is that in grams and calories), and a request for a reworkup after your diet has changed. Most men are losing very fast, so adding some calories will not sink you. Lots of options for how to add it (real salad dressing, avacados, peanut butter, etc.)..

Comment #6

Can't say he's entirely wrong. Thats pretty much what Nutrisystem tells you to do. Eat less and exercise more..

You should see the recidivism rate around here when people get off the plan and go back to their old eating habits...

Comment #7

That's just the point though, isn't it? Old habits, that is. A return to bad patterns will wreck any progress. Part of the idea here is to relearn eating habits (portion size, content and number of meals per day) permanently..

But I digress....

Back to the issue at hand, I've decided to address it with a daily supplement of flaxseed oil 1200mg (has omega 3, 6 & 9), and a single (NS-sized) serving of almonds. I'm not a huge fan of nuts, so I got some that were flavored. True, this adds sodium, but I'm eating so few of them it hardly registers. Incidentally, an Nutrisystem serving is slightly less than of a "suggested" serving size on the package..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

6/29: 190.0.

131(Days NS)..

Comment #8


The suggestions given are good. Olives, Avocado, nuts, flaxseed, fish/oil..

Note the flaxseed oil supplements do still contain similar calories because they're basically oil. Dunno if that matters or not..

I've done some research on flaxseed and such:.

If you decided to add it to your diet, find a brand of ground flaxseed, as the human body doesn't really digest the coating on flaxseeds (similar to corn)..

Nuts in general? Raw is usually the way to go, as roasting of nuts removes some of the nutritional value. You can also germinate nuts to give them a higher protein value. These....can be good, can not be. hehe. I've tried a couple different kinds..

If the only way you can eat them is roasted and flavored? I really recommend the dark roasted almonds by Emerald. They're dark chocolate roasted and covered, doesn't add many calories at all, but also adds the dark chocolate benefits and flavor...

Comment #9

Those are the BEST! I'm not a "natural" nut fan either. And, here in the Southeast, Publix supermarkets puts Emerald products on buy 1, get 1 pretty regularly. With coupons, the wife and I can grab Emerald Almonds for like 30-50 cents for one of those sport-bottle sized canisters...

Comment #10

Sorry to butt in, but I love the cocoa-roast almonds, too. If you have trouble limiting yourself, they're also available in 100-calorie packs. Usually Target carries them...

Comment #11

Just stop it Robin. (and don't respond to this either.)..

Comment #12

I would definitely talk to one of the counsellors at NS. It is a great problem to have considering where you probably were 6 months ago. However, it is just as dangerous as have too high a cholesterol. I think the best low cal method is to add a supplement (ie Fish oil), but I have no info to back that up...

Comment #13

I have the same problem. I got a blood test in February and last week. Both times my cholesterol were low. Reference range is 125-200. My cholesterol is out of range at 108. I eat 6 almonds everyday as my fat serving. I'm thinking about adding more fish like salmon or tilapia as my protein serving and eating a hardboiled egg instead of egg whites...

Comment #14

While it's common knowledge that high cholesterol is very bad, it turns out that very low cholesterol is also bad. There's a moderate value that we're supposed to have, and consumption of "good fats" helps achieve that. Drive, you're right that having this sort of balance issue is a vast improvement over where we were when we began the Plan. Still, it may have been useful to know that a supplement would be advisable right from the start..

And speaking of supplements, I'm going to stand by my choice of flaxseed oil. I've no time in my routine to modify my diet to include prepared fish every day, and if I did, that would be more calories and less fatty acids than the supplement yields. I chose to skip fish oil, not because I think it's inferior, but just to sidestep the whole mercury issue, however slight. If that means being prejudicial against fish, then so be it. Little bastages can stay in the water where they belong. Never liked 'em much anyway..

For those of you following this thread, or reading it for the first time: getting a blood panel after a few months of any modified diet is an extremely good idea. The results would show any shortcomings, or any areas that may be of concern. It seems to be a common issue for enough men in this forum to make the recommendation to add an omega fatty acid supplement to the Plan. Raising HDL levels is never a bad idea at any rate. Adding foods to the Plan to get every vitamin and supplemental need would have you back up to 2K plus, so smart supplements seem to be the way to go..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

4/19: 209.6.

7/1: 189.2.

135(Days NS)..

Comment #15

Sorry to butt in here, but you can get flaxseed oil in capsule form at Trader Joe's. (I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat fish or their oil.) Fish oil is also a good source of healthy fat, and the capsules don't make you smell like a cannery...

Comment #16

Oily fish like farm-raised or wild salmon or other marine fish has more long-chain (DHA or EPA) omega-3 fatty acids..

Terrestrial plant-based oils like flax seed oil has alpha linolenic acid (ALA) but this oil, although an omega-3 fatty acid, cannot be efficiently converted to the essential longer-chain DHA and EPA by humans. DHA and EPA must be consumed in the diet. So, marine fish is a better option..

There are also high DHA and EPA dietary supplements derived directly from marine algae...after all, this is where the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are from anyway...the base of the marine food chain..

Also, no need to worry about methyl mercury in fish oil caps..

If you would like me to back this info up, I will be happy to oblige..

Comment #17

Well...I guess so. It's amazing what $$$ will buy...

Comment #18

I'll speak out in favor of a flax oil or fish oil supplement. My HDL definitely went up after I added just one daily capsule of fish oil..

I also added 1 Tblsp of ground flax seeds to my cereal or oatmeal every morngin as an extra fat serving. Eating the whole ground flax seeds is good for two medical issues (but as my father would say, that's potty talk). If you eat flax seeds, be sure to grind them fresh every day because the oils start to react with oxygen as soon as they're exposed to air, and rancid oils are just about as bad for the body as trans fats..

Just look at your extra serving of healthy fat as another deliberate component of your getting healthy plan...

Comment #19

ALA supplements will not significntly increase long-chain HUFAs and PUFAs. We simply do not have the metqbolic tools to elongate and desaturate ALA to longer-chain omega-3s. I know I will nt convince you...and truthfully, that does not bother me. I will continueto consume naturally occuring long-chain omega-3s in the form of oily fish..










Comment #20

I skimmed the first review..

The last two are duplicates and address a different issue (clotting concerns related to surgery) than nutritional need..

Taking pity on me for a second (not to read all those reviews in depth). Is there a popular Alan Aragon style (and trustworthy) descrption of current knowledge in fat requirements?.

Asking a really dumb question, but why is there not an RDA for essential fatty acids. From a practical standpoint, what should the RDA(s) be, if there were one?..

Comment #21

I want to do this exercise called the hip thrust..



Comment #22

Interestingly enough, the exercise calorie tracker has a specific "hip thrust" option (Though I think it's called something else on there, if I 'memmmer right...)..

Comment #23

I think that the new USDA food pyramid will include these..


Http:// cb827.

The last one should be in the new guidelines...

Comment #24


The last two are duplicates and address a different issue (clotting concerns related to surgery) than nutritional need..


Just wanted to provide other issues involved with omega- 3 consumption not just the 'rosy' view...

Comment #25

The first is "fish safety" (more non-germane, non-rosy picture sharing?.

) The second is a 431 page document! (want to point me to the point?..

Comment #26

Cool! I attended the NOAA Marine Aquaculture Summit where Mozaffarian gave a talk and was sitting on a panel discussing the risk/benefits of marine fish (long-chain omega-3s, e.g., DHA and EPA) in the diet..

Here is a .pdf summary of the summit which includes summaries of the panel discussions..


Comment #27

Wikipedia had a good entry (and discussion in talk). There are only two real "essential" fatty acids, in the sense that your body does not manufacture them. Linoleic acid and some ALA (varient of linoleic)..

Is there a minimum requirement of fat, itself? (The way there would be for protein.) Or can your body change carbs into fat?..

Comment #28

Wikipedia talked about dry hair as a synptom of low fat and I experienced that when pushing my diet hard (1500+calories deficit)...

Comment #29

On the practical side, I like me some feesh!..

Comment #30

Personally, I don't use Wikipedia as the definitive last word or the "science-based" information repository for ANY information. Is vitamin C considered an "essential" vitamin in the human diet?.

Hmmm...let's = fat...

Comment #31

No vitamin C leads to scurvey, no? Obviously your body does not make it (or enough of it) for normal function, no?..

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