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Got a question... Which diet is better south beach, Atkins, Nutrisystem, jenny craig ? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... Anyone else have issues with customer service? My experience so far is HORRIBLE!.

First of all, what is the point of having online chat option when all they ever do is tell you that you have to call this happened several times BEFORE I placed my order, and just again this morning after I received my order just 2 days ago..

Second, the person I ended up speaking with on the phone was very monotone, and just kept saying things like "let me check," and confirming what I already knew. When she asked "is there anything else I can help you with today?" I said "No thank you" and she replied "What else can I help you with?" HELLO, WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?! I said "NO." Hopefully the issue will be resolved by next month or I may go somewhere else!.

The issue? My frozen food was delivered at NOON yesterday (.

I requested EVENING delivery).

And I didn't get home from work until 9:30pm! I DID NOT get a pre-delivery phone call! Thankfully most of the food was still frozen! But that's extremely poor service and customer service did nothing to help..

Just needed to vent and am also curious if anyone else has had any issues. Thanks for "listening."..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

I have had mostly positive experiences with customer service, but have found that I have received very different answers depending on who answers the phone (mostly when I have had account type questions). I've called back and asked to speak to a supervisor in the past, and that took care of it..

Good luck!..

Comment #2

I too had problems with customer service. All I wanted to do was cancel my auto delivery program and the person I talked too was the rudest, most obnoxious person I've ever had to deal with. Even if their food and customer service improves I'll never go back again. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I won't be recommending Nutrisystem to anyone else that's for sure...

Comment #3

Somehow, I think the company will survive without your referals..

Seriously tho, I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you find a program you love, and continue on your journey to a healthier you...

Comment #4

Sorry to hear that! I've actually had very good customer service with NS..

I don't quite understand what your issue was if you're food was still frozen? I didn't get home until late and mine was packed nicely and still frozen except one ice cream bar was a little soft, but I thought it was great that it stayed frozen and excited to get started on my weight loss..

Hopefully, you have better luck on the phone withNutrisystemwhen you need something..

Best of luck on your journey to lose weight and try not to let the little things get you down......

Comment #5

I am sorry to hear that people had less than pleasant experiences with customer service. My only contact with them was via online chat and they were able to quickly answer my complicated question. I know that when the chat lines are busy they display a message to call so that your issue can be addressed faster. Please remember that no matter what the company is there will be customer service people you don't "click" with well. This can, and often does, lead to an unpleasant experience. Try again, or ask for a supervisor, but don't think the whole company is bad because of a bad experience.

Also, as previously stated it is the responsibility of the frozen food delivery service to contact you and make delivery arrangements. I would contact your local Schwann's (if that's who delivered it) and complain about the delivery. Let them know you need a later delivery time and they can often accommodate you, or at least deliver later in the day so the food stays frozen...

Comment #6

I've contacted them only twice and service was good both times. One of them was the online chat and I wasn't told I needed to call. I chatted online with the rep and my questions were answered..

Sorry you're having difficulty getting good service. Though I do agree with a previous poster that you need to contact Schwan about delivery time..

Good luck!..

Comment #7

I've had mixed results withNutrisystemcustomer service. I was told I would get a call from Schwanns and that the food could be left out for 4 hours. I also requested evening delivery. No phone call and it was delivered in the afternoon. Is it anNutrisystemissue or Schwanns? I say both..

The technical support from this site has been horrible. I got a response to one issue that it had been resolved but that if it wasn't it would be soon. I'm not kidding. The other issues I never got more than an auto reply. Unacceptable..

The chat service I had was outstanding! Some of the information was incorrect but I don't know how one person can know everything about a system. It was enough that I felt I could make an informed decision..

I've contacted them by email about the plan and received excellent service. I received all the information I requested the same day..

The way I handle a customer service rep that isn't helpful is to call back and speak with someone else. You have to pick your battles...

Comment #8

Ive had nothing but great phone calls withNutrisystemcust svc...the one issue I had the lady had no clue but it took only one transfer to the right dept to get it resolved. in regards to schwanns, I also requested AM delivery and got no phone call and it came in the late sat outside till the next morning...thank god it was still frozen when I brought it in..

Comment #9

Good afternoon,.

We want to assure everyone that we have carefully read and investigated each and every comment made here and guarantee you that your comments have been/will be passed on and that appropriate action will be taken..

We appreciated your feedback, as we are always looking for ways to improve the program experience for our members. If you have any additional questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at.

After all, we are here to help!.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy day,..

Comment #10

My issue is.

POOR service.

! Saying you will get a pre-delivery call and not getting one. And why did they ask for my delivery time preference if they weren't going to respect it? Thank goodness it's winter! If it sat out for 9 hours in the summer with only 2 ice packs it would have been ruined!.

And to others, I am currently on hold with Schwan's I agree they need to be contacted as well...

Comment #11

Wow! So Schwan's just told me they don't make predelivery phone calls. ?!?! Anyway, the gentleman did note that they would try to make my future deliveries later in the day. And he was much friendlier than theNutrisystemCS rep this morning. Oh goes on...

Comment #12

Really? Because my rep has called both times. Maybe it's up to the respective delivery people to make the calls. I think thatNutrisystemstates we are supposed to get a predelivery call so maybe Schwann's needs to be reminded of this...

Comment #13

I have only had outstanding customer service since day one but I have heard stories of other having problems, guess I am one of the lucky ones!..

Comment #14

I get emails from Schwans telling me when my delivery day is, and I have my rep's cell phone number...

Comment #15

Sally... How do you go about getting schwans to email you when your shipment is about to be delivered? I cannot find anything related toNutrisystemon their site..


Comment #16

They did not email me the first time they ever delivered to me (but if I recall correctly I did get a call). The first delivery I had was last year when I bought a one week trial of the frozen food. I stuck with the shelf stable after that until the sale price this year, but the Schwan's guy did stop by every 2 weeks after that to see if I want anything (I do buy things from them sometimes, like frozen chicken breasts, and things from their light menu). I registered on their web site, so that is why they send me emails re: when the next delivery date is. They have specific routes and only come every two weeks,so you can probably find out from them when they deliver in your neighborhood, because that is when they are going to deliver yourNutrisystemfood...

Comment #17

BTW, the Schwans guy knows I am not home until 530 (although DH is home all day, he doesn't do the purchasing from them) so he always comes after I get home...

Comment #18

Hmmm... I am registered on their site, they have my email address. I have received two frozenNutrisystemshipments from them so far without an email, or phone call. I wouldn't mind having a little hint as to the day they are bringing it. I may call them and ask...

Comment #19

Yes! thats what I did. They came at nearly 7 the night of delivery day and the guy was like "oh I'm glad I finally caught you at home. I like to meet all my customers".

He was super nice..

Comment #20

You joined in March and it is only March 2. So I can't imagine you've had time to have very many problems with Customer Service..

Not recommending a program you've been on for 2 days gave it a real chance did you?..

Comment #21

That is ALL a Schwan's issue not NS. Sounds like your Schwann's guy sucks not NS...

Comment #22

You are certainly not alone. I had a ton of problems when I started last month. (you can read all about them here in my rant post:.



I really was fed up, but then Nutrisystem started taking steps to take care of the problems. I ended up getting several discounts and alot of apologies. As you probably noticed, the Moderator has already took notice of the issue, so hopefully they are working to make you happy as well..

I was told by alot of people on the boards that I had a "negative attitude" and that I would not be successfull if I didn't change it. Well of course I did, I was already having issues and I haven't even started yet! But once I saw how dedicated they were to make me happy, I had a little more faith. My suggestion is call back and tell them about the lousy service, talk to a supervisor..

I am happy I stuck with it, my second order is on it's way, so far no issues. I have lost over 20 lbs and it's really working out well for me now...

Comment #23

I JUST got an email from theNutrisystemModerator assuring me my concerns were being addressed and confirming that the predelivery phone call COMES FROMNutrisystem3 days prior to delivery..

I hope this is the case...but already sounds here as if it happens differently (several folks saying their Schwan's rep does the calling)...

Comment #24

I've had both good and can't really say bad just didn't answer my questions like why my order had been delayed for shipment for almost a week even though they charged my credit card. So I was almost on my last days of food. I figure in any business you have your good and your bad apples.. if the plan works for you and the food is enjoyable the business end of it can hang....

Comment #25

I doubt that the call comes from would they know when Schwann's plans to deliver?..

Comment #26

TheNutrisystemcall is about the BBB, not the frozen foods. My BBB has arrived within 3 days of theNutrisystemcall, but the frozen foods are delivered a day or so later...

Comment #27

Been here over 5 years...not once received a call that ANYTHING is on it's way...regular food or frozen...interesting. Guess they lost my number, huh?..

Comment #28

That's OK, tho...they ignore my e-mails, too. It's all good...

Comment #29

My phone call comes from NSabout my frozen food. Also there should be a set day that Schwans delivers to your area and they come every two weeks. For instances my guy comes one every other Monday...

Comment #30

I've been trying to figure out how people can get Schwans to deliver at a specified time frame. I don't order from Schwans but here they operate like UPS. They have a route that may involve several small towns, so they have to keep to a schedule begore returning to the city...

Comment #31

Prior to gettingNutrisystemI was already a Schwan's customer. For my first order, it just happened to fall on my regular delivery day. Last month, he came a day late and my order wasn't on the truck, so I was put off for one more day..

Today is my regular delivery day and he didn't come today, so maybe tomorrow. But it seems like the free extra week of food you get in the beginning is more of a necessity than a bonus...

Comment #32

Don't feel alone Pam - I've never gotten a phone call fromNutrisystemeither - nor Schwan's for that matter..

Maybe it's something we said??..

Comment #33

I just spent over 1 hour with Schwans and Nutrisystem over my delivery today. Schwans left my delivery as expected however the driver didn't seal the bag correctly. I also found the box open. They didn't even seal the box! Needless to say the ice cream was a mess but everything else was still frozen..

My experience with both customer service reps was excellent however having to wait 50 minutes for the Nutrisystem rep was ...well...the rep was very apologetic. :-).

I'm looking forward to getting a new order of ice cream..

Nutrisystem, if your business has grown as much as you say it has (and I heard it enough in 50 min) please address the issue and hire more reps!..

Comment #34

I have never had the possibility of determining the time my delivery will arrive nor have I had a pre-delivery call. It just comes when it comes. The frozen stuff is so well packed that as you found, the food stays frozen. So, what are you so mad about? Surely you're not so worked up because you were talking to someone who might have been new, needed to check frequently to be sure she wasn't giving the wrong info. Seems odd to me...

Comment #35

I spoke too soon.....I got an email saying they couldn't deliver my order yesterday because I wasn't home, but my agent had said they usually leave the frozen stuff in special bags. So, being confused I called....didn't make me feel any better..

My next delivery date is in the computer as the 17th!? And they will put in a request for me to get my food sooner, but I shouldn't expect an answer until Monday or Tues!?.

I was going to delay next month's order anyways and start mixing in other foods that have similar stat's to NS's plus my own new, healthier homecooking....and if I continue to see good results I will probably cancel...

Comment #36

I can see where this can become frustrating, but seriously, the program works, so stick with it! I would put up with A LOT to end up where I am now.


Comment #37

I'm happy with my shelf stable food delivery. If I want frozen food, I know how to contact Schwans. Usually I can find frozen food in the supermarket which has stats that are so close that eating rarely does not cause a problem...

Comment #38

As a business owner, I am amazed that people are suggesting that someone contact Schwans about an issue with their Nutrisystem order. That's analogous to saying that if I have a poblem with my AT&T phone I should contact Nortel..

The contract is with Nutrisystem, Schwans is their vendor of choice and is contracted by them, not the end user. We canceled our frozen food order because the service was so poor and out of three orders, our first came a week before our other food and the other two times it came two weeks late..

My wife and I are having other issues, enough that we will start another thread later as I just got off the phone and dealt with poor customer service again about a order not filled properly and want to wait before saying anything inappropriate..

Bottom line: Product/program gets an A+. Customer service and Quality control at this point will have to work their way up to a failing grade...

Comment #39

My email specifically told me to call a number that was ultimately a Schwan's number. Schwan's has reps that are dedicated to handling the Nutrisystem end. Nutrisystem isn't the one out delivering the orders, so even if I called them and they promised me a certain time or day, that is no guarantee that Schwan's can deliver on a Nutrisystem problem..

I got a call today from my Schwan's guy and he said there was a problem (my hubby took the message so I didn't get any specifics). He will deliver on Monday...

Comment #40

Setting a time with Schwan's is one thing, althoughNutrisystemshould have the capability, however when there is an issue with their service it is Nutrisystem I pay to deal with the issue especially if it is a repeated problem. Finger pointing to a vendor is unacceptable..

Can you modify or cancel your frozen order with Schwan's? After all, they're the ones delivering it...

Comment #41

I agree that I pay Nutrisystem and they are the ones who have contracted with Schwans, and there is clearly a problem with communication between the two entities and the customers. I received a Schwans generated email to call a Schwans 1-800 number to set a delivery time. That is the wayNutrisystemand Schwans have it set up..

It is due to this shaky partnership that I'm toying with the idea of stopping auto-delivery after 3 months. But that won't stop me from staying "on plan" or ordering a la carte. I consider myself very fortunate that I have been as successful as I have and that these boards are such a wealth of information...

Comment #42

Wow seems like the customer service is ALL over the place!.

I've been on the program just over 2 weeks and I had to call customer service for a question about changing foods for my next auto delivery and my representative was GREAT. She explained how to do everything and walked me thru everything step by step. I did get a call, just an automated message not sure whether it wasNutrisystemor Schwan that said I would be receiving my frozen delivery. It was delivered in the am just as I requested. I also got an email fromNutrisystemwhen my shelf food was shipped with a tracking number and an estimated delivery date of my frozen food, which was the day it was delivered..

I agree we pay not only for the food but for the customer service. Whether it is onNutrisystemor Schwan it is THEIR job to fix the problem. I know how frustrating things can be, but just as we have to take getting healthy and lossing weight into our own hands, if something is not correct with an order it's our job to call customer service as many times as possible to get everything straightened out..

Hope everyone's issues with customer service don't continue to be negative!..

Comment #43

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