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First of all Where to get coupons for Nutrisystem bread? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Logging your weight, measurements, exercise and accessing your journal has just become that much easier! You will be able to keep track on-the-go from your Android phone! Download it today and let us know what you think!.

For our Blackberry users, dont worry, we are currently developing a compatible app for you as well!.

Please continue to share your feedback with us, as we are always looking for ways to improve our members experiences on the program!..

Comments (207)

Yep, there are some Nutrisystem online deals available. Awesome chance to save money on Nutrisystem now. I urge you to you to register for their emails so you can be notified of their newest coupons. They usually send them out once a week or 2..

Comment #1

Go to the Android Market - search for "Nutrisystem"..

Comment #2

Fantastic just what I needed to get bacck on track..

Comment #3

It is working great on my phone. Thanks so much!..

Comment #4

LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was sad when I switched from my iPhone to my Evo a few months ago because I didnt have myNutrisystemapp - now I am back on track because I can track my food, weight and exercise all the time..


Comment #5

This is good. When the contract is up for the phone I have, then I may change to a DROID. So I can log journals on my phone. Cool..

Comment #6

Just downloaded the app for my droid, works great and it's FREE. Do a search in the Market...

Comment #7

Hey, NS, what about working on the compatible app for Palm webOS? (Now HP webOS) There are quite a few of us out there too.... Anyone? Anyone?..

Comment #8

I've search my Market 3 times and it wasn't found.

Made sure I was spelling Nutrisystem correctly - is there something else I should be searching for?..

Comment #9

Hello, what is the make, model and operating system of your device?..

Comment #10

Any idea when we can get this on a Blackberry?..

Comment #11

We are currently working on developing a compatible app for our Blackberry users..

Comment #12

Maybe the third time will be a charm?.

What does it do?..

Comment #13

Using the iphone app love it - for awhile all ns foods were listed twice now they are listed three times. anyone else have that problem..

Comment #14

I also have a Motorola Android and can't find it either. Did you get an answer?..

Comment #15

Hello, we have sent you an email to better assist you...

Comment #16

Hello, please try logging out and then log back in and let us know if the problem persists...

Comment #17

You are able to log your weight, measurements, exercise and access your journal, which helps you keep track on-the-go from your Android phone! Download it today and let us know what you think!..

Comment #18

I love this new app! It makes it so easy to enter all my food when I'm away from the house (don't worry - I bringNutrisystemmeals with me everywhere I go so I can stay on the plan). I can log my exercise, too - it's so convenient!..

Comment #19

Hi I downloaded the app to my ipod and it was working great. Now it is showing the food log with each food listed twice. Just an FYI. I logged out and back in and they are still there twice...

Comment #20

Im using the app everyday I love it I use it to enter all weight water measurements etc and it knows it on the computer when I go there - it also has the menu planner to enter your meals.

The draw back is when you click on ns meal it lists every food item three times..

Comment #21

Good morning, what is the make, model and operating system of your device?..

Comment #22

Android app works great on my Droid X, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #23

The andriod app has started crashing every time I try to enter my excercise. So I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling still same problem. I have an EVO with froyo 2.2. Nedd to make sure it gets fixed..

Comment #24

This app is really great, it has made it very easy to get started on the plan..

I am having a problem entering in my water log. When I add a new water log for day Feb 2, check off a glass and then return to the recent log screen, on the recent logs screen it changes the date backwards 1 day to Feb 1. So all the water logs I see on the recent log screen are incorrectly off by one day..

Also found that "thighs" measurement doesn't transfer over to the measurements logs screen from the body diagram screen properly. It is displaying the hips measurement for the thighs as well on the measurements log screen, but stays correct on the body diagram screen if you select that log to view the body diagram screen with measurements..

It would also be nice to have a "replace" button when changing meal planner entries, instead of having to delete, go back, and add again..

Device is motorola droid 2 running android 2.2..

Comment #25

I went out on my Samsung Moment, put in 'nutrisystem' and got nothing. Any suggestions?..

Comment #26

I have also noticed the incorrect date on the water log, and would also like to see a "replace" button. I am running on a DroidX..

Comment #27

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We will be sure to pass your suggestions on!.

For those of you that are having difficulty with the water log, please try logging out and then logging back in and let us know if you continue to experience issues..

Members that are having difficulty locating the app, can you please inform us of the make, model and operating system you are using?.

Thank you,..

Comment #28

I did as suggested (logged out of the app then back in on my DroidX) and the date is still wrong on the log. When you click on ADD it shows the current days number of water but the previous days date. If you press the forward arrow the app goes to the current day and shows current water, but when you go back to the log list it reverts back to the incorrect date...

Comment #29

Hello Mechelle, please try deleting the app an then reinstalling it and let is know if the problems persist...

Comment #30

Hello Michelle, what is the make, model and operating system of your device?..

Comment #31

Motorola Droid X, running Android 2.2.1 and up to date on updates...

Comment #32

Hello, please be sure to download the latest version of the app, 2.2, and let us know if you continue to experience issues...

Comment #33

I installed the latest version and still have an incorrect date with current water log. Let me be more specific on what happens. From the main "My Logs" page I select "Log My Water". This then shows "Recent Logs" followed by the amount of water selected for previous days, with dates and amounts all off by one day. For example, the top most recent log (which should be for today 2/17/11) shows the date 2/16/11 with today's amount of water that I have logged in, not what was logged for that day. If I select "Add" it takes me to todays log with the current amount of water already selected, but if I click on the top date on the list (which states it is 2/16/11) up comes the log with 2/16/11 as the date but the amount of water added for today 2/17/11, not what was logged for 2/16/11.

I know this is a minor glitch, but it kind of ruins what is otherwise and easy to use app...

Comment #34

I love this app however the water log doesn't display the number of glasses you have had properly. It thinks today is yesterday on the summary screen, so when you want to update your daily water intake you have to select yesterday and then move ahead a day. It shows up on the website correctly and will look right on the Droid in a couple of days. I've reported the problem but just wanted to let others know of the querks...

Comment #35

Oops! Sorry to be redundant. I didn't see Michelle's post...

Comment #36

I like the app but it's database for foods not sold byNutrisystemis very limited...

Comment #37


What times during the day are you logging? As you are not on EST, this could happen if you are logging your information in the evenings or early morning hours. Please try logging your data midday if possible until time zone sensitivity is built into the app...

Comment #38

Feel free to use the Add More Foods feature to include items that do no appear in the database...

Comment #39

Mid day is when I usually do most of the logging. Right now as I am typing it is 3pm my time (MST) and when I select "Log My Water" it displays yesterdays date and todays water at the top of the list, and for each entry below the previous days date displays the next days water log (i.e. the next date below that has 2/28 as the date but yesterdays water logged)...

Comment #40

I have also noted an error in the measurements log as well. The measurement displayed for thighs is the same as for hips on the summary, but correct on the edit page...

Comment #41

Does the app sync with the Nutrisystem website? I am hoping it does!..

Comment #42

I am going to switch to the Iphone app since it seems to work. I still have trouble with incorrect water and measurement info on my DroidX's version of the app. Disappointed about it though...

Comment #43

For some reason I cannot find it in the market place. I have a tmobile mytouch android, is that why I cannot find the app?..

Comment #44

Can some one help me please. The problem is I am getting a error when I try to connect "you do not have a connection please try again when you do" I have never been able to log in. I have installed uninstalled etc...

Comment #45

Hi there, try this link and let us know if you have any luck:.


Comment #46

Have you tried using our AppBrain link?.

Here is the link just in case:.


Comment #47

I will try the link but I would assume that the program would or should be the same one that you get from the market on the phone? Ill let you know what happens..

Comment #48

It doesnt work it's the same application as you get on the market and I still get the same error message, any other suggestions..

Comment #49

Are you sure that you have a secure internet connection?..

Comment #50

Hi wmsjr2012, is your app working now? I also use an Evo and sometimes that error message will pop up if I don't have reception or strong 3G connection. Other than that, the app is super fast and so helpful. BTW, I got my app on the marketplace...

Comment #51

Where can I go to download the new android app?..

Comment #52

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