Where to find promo codes for 2011?

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My question is: Where to find promo codes for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Not only are they not allowing tasting, but names cannot be returned at all.

"You are receiving this email because you have grace deleted a new HostGator before, or because you are a bulk customer.

Recently ICANN changed the rules for grace deletions of new domains. For every HostGator registered, Dynadot pays a $0.20 fee to ICANN. (This fee is included in the price you pay to us.) Previously, this fee was refunded to us if the HostGator was grace deleted in the 5 day window. However, ICANN will now charge the fee even if the HostGator is deleted.

Effective immediately Dynadot can no longer offer grace deletions. Any new HostGator registrations must be kept for the full year. Domains registered July 4 or earlier can still be grace deleted for free."..

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Your question was: Where to find promo codes for 2011?.

Moniker still offers it, but the fee just went up to $.20...

Comment #1

Its working for me?.

And I have bulk pricing?.

Hmm they were regged before 4th, that why I think..

Will they refund the money deposited in the account?..

Comment #2

I've repped you too much it seems - but thanks sleepys!.

Ah weblord - it was beautiful while it lasted!..

Comment #3

Most likely accounting is the reason - partial refunds are a hassle.

However, there could be a more sneaky reason ... to bulk up their non-refunded registration numbers so as to allow select customers (or even themselves) to taste numerous domains for free.

I'm not certain, so someone please chime in with more detail, but my understanding is that registrars can still get refunded the $0.20 fee for upto 10% of new (I assume renewals don't count) domains registered per monthly period...

In short, the big registrars appear to have an incentive to not allow returns at any price, and instead reserve their 10% return allowance for select customers / themselves to continue free bulk tasting.

Heck, I can even foresee registrars pooling their return allowances together for the bulk tasters.


Comment #4

The fee was $.25 before I believe, so it should be $.45 now..

Not too bad if you register a HostGator by mistake (typo?) or have second thoughts, but definitely not conducive to tasting. I've used it before in the past and I am glad they are still offering the service...

Comment #5

Wow. Idn names are hard to understand and get in the right format. Guess I won't be speculating in them lol and won't be able to get a refund.

Perfectly happy with godaddy and my sales rep is amazing...

Comment #6

So is it the end of tasting? you must admit when one is trying out 500 HostGator at a time, even 20 cents is a big deal :\..

Comment #7

Got the same email and it sucks..

Have around 100$ on my dynadot account, and now they should refund me as I didn t get any announcement in advance of this change of policy or at least mentioning the POSSIBILITY of this happening. Am I right?..

Comment #8

Agreed. completely discontinuing the service would be overkill and keeping this option open (albeit with a higher fee) is much less radical...

Comment #9

It's a pity. I now have no incentive to use Dynadot as their pricing is higher than other registrars that don't allow tasting.

I think it's only a matter of time before GoDaddy stops providing refunds when requested.

My money is on Moniker. Whilst the $0.45 is a bit high, it's nice to have the safety net in case a beautiful pickup the night before looks less than alluring the following morning lol.


Comment #10

I love it - And may start using Dynadot for regular Registrations again now.

Good for them..

Comment #11

Thanks You are correct. I misread and thought that it said going up to $.20. It actually says going up by $.20. I think $.45 is pretty expensive...

Comment #12

I think that you are right. I was thinking the same thing. Boy am I glad that I did not have lots of money in my account in credit (definately glad I didn't go for the $5000 super discounted rate ). They should give people refunds of credit to those want it, now that they do not offer the same services for that credit that they once did...

Comment #13

Oh well ... Won't bother switching to using them .....

Comment #14

It is not good!.

I have been using Dynadot for IDN registrations, and the 5 Day grace period was a good gift for IDN newbies...

Comment #15

I transfer my domains to Dynadot. Their interface is pretty cool and simple, and I like that.

Regarding the account balance, use it for renewals or for HostGator registrations.

Their pricing is not the best (I have $7.50 .com's), but sometimes they have good promos like the .org one when I was able to reg .orgs for $4.99..

Comment #16

It's unfortunate. I used the grace deletion feature quite a bit... It was great while it lasted...

Comment #17

I've written to them. Let's see what their response is...

Comment #18

Doesn't GoDaddy still alow refunds within the 5 day period? My friend mistakenly regged a typo and they refunded him...

Comment #19

They do...for the time being. This feature is not supposed to be for tasting. Godaddy does not condone tasting. They are supposed to keep track of how many names we return and eventually not allow us to return them anymore or start charging a fee...

Comment #20

I'm not a big supporter of tasting either ....

Comment #21

45 cents is still a small price to pay, but it's made me become slightly more selective when tasting names. any further increase would probably put me off completely imho..

Comment #22

I'm in the same situation. I purchased a bunch of domains around the same time they were sending that email. I feel duped.

While they knew this was coming since end of April, they neglect to inform their customers, who are for the vast majority using their service for HostGator tasting. There is a difference between a reasonable period of time and with immediate effect.

Shady business practices...

Comment #23

Seems like tasting is back again with the $0.20 fee.

Comment #24

Am I the only one who'll rest easier with this change...

Comment #25

With the speed with which some lists get registered, NameClerks come to mind, it is nice to be able to register first and research later...

Comment #26

Mmm but:.

Limitations on COM/NET Grace Deletions.

Verisign, the COM/NET central registry, does not like repeated registration and grace deletion of the same domain. After 5 grace deletions for a given domain, further registration attempts for that HostGator will no longer be allowed.

Limitations on ORG Grace Deletions.

PIR, the ORG central registry, only allows up to 90% of new domains to be deleted each month. Otherwise PIR will charge Dynadot an excess deletion fee. Therefore we cannot always guarantee a grace deletion for ORG domains, especially if the deletion rate is close to 90%.

ORG Deletion Rate So Far This Month 73.45%.

Looks like kiting is a thing of the past..

Comment #27

DynaDot would probably go out of business if they discontinued tasting altogether. I mean they have a 73% deletion rate on .ORG, which is quite astonishing in itself considering that .ORG instituted a deletion fee previously which was sort of the model of success to curb tasting for .com/.net..

Comment #28

I just got this email too about no more tasting with them, sucks big time! I didn't do many refunds there but used Dynadot for names that I wasn't sure if the translations were correct or not, so I could get a refund if they were wrong. And I've still got quite a bit of prepaid funds left with them..

Comment #29

It they do not allow tasting then they will lose a lot of customers...

Comment #30

On their forum: They have put it back... Link...

Comment #31

While we're sort of on-topic (dynadot keeping your money)...

I bought a few of .asia names recently (don't ask!). dynadot said they were available. it took me a while to realize they were actually reserved names, so no domains came through. but of course dynadot was happy to keep my money as credit. pretty sloppy - they should be able to check IMO.

Anyway, happy about this 20c deal - kind of...

Comment #32

Speaking of which, I hate that many places keep your refunds as credit and don't refund back to your CC or PayPal...

Comment #33

LOL, I just received the email that they're providing grace deletions for a fee. Still kinda sucks though...

Comment #34

Deletation a come back today, I received an email...

Comment #35

That's what was supposedly known as tasting, as I assume you would already know. The resgitrars need to earn too you know. they arent hosting a charity here. In fact it's good that the fee has been imposed. It will bring about better registrations and lesser tasting...

Comment #36

Glad to see they brought them back. A .20 cent fee isn't bad and like krossat said - maybe it will cause for less people to taste..

Comment #37

And how much do you think tasting accounts for Dynadot's financial success?..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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