Where to find Godaddy voucher offers?

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My question is: Where to find Godaddy voucher offers?.

My 2nd question is: Sorry if this has been discussed before - couldn't find anything.

I am wondering how Go Daddy are doing financially. Because it is a private company, so no financial statements available I guess?.

Of course, Bob Parsons seems to be on top of the world. But so did that Enron guy And if Go Daddy crashes, 30 million domains need a new home...

Anyone have some inside information?..

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Your question was: Where to find Godaddy voucher offers?.

Their financials were made public in 2006 when they were filing an IPO. They lost money every year between 1997 and 2006. I doubt much has changed since then.


Comment #1

Thanks - interesting! But not very comforting... I really hope they are doing better these days...

Comment #2

We dont have to go public..

The Go Daddy Group, Inc. has one investor: Me. The tech companies we have witnessed complete the IPO process and actually go public during this difficult time have all depended on venture capitalists, both on their board and as their investors. The principals in these companies have made it no secret that given the choice, they would have much preferred not to go public. They proceeded with their offerings only because these venture capitalist investors made them to do it.

Why would venture capitalist investors do such a thing? Its quite simple. They need to flip their investment to show a gain for whatever fund it is they are managing. If the underlying company takes it on the chin as a result, then so be it.

Thats not going to happen to Go Daddy.

To date, Go Daddy has been completely self-funded we have been cash flow positive since October 2001, and whether anyone has noticed or not continue to generate healthy cash flow from operations. Well manage just fine without the IPO money thank you...

Comment #3

Wow, the biggest registrar and they still lose money? It's not easy being a registrar I guess...

Comment #4

I knew it was a one-man show It has to do with their business model. Growth vs profitability...

Comment #5

Most likely, it was pulled because pre-ipo polls didn't indicate enough interest to get the initial price per share that they wanted...

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In RJ's link, godaddy explained the reason it is not profitable:.

"We are required to show income on HostGator names as if our customers pay for them monthly over the life of the registration..

Because we sell HostGator name registrations, we must recognize the income we earn on each HostGator name over the term of it's registration. For example: if a customer registers a HostGator name with us for three years, we must show the income earned over the three year period. However, all of the salaries, advertising, systems and overhead costs associated with getting that HostGator name registration are recorded and expensed on the day the registration is sold. As a result we defer most of the income we make on every HostGator name until way into the future..

The fact is our customers pay for registrations in advance, registrations are non-refundable and after recording the registration our job is pretty well done.".

So does this mean godaddy will have accelerated earning in the future?..

Comment #7

Lets assume I prepay my registration for 10 years. But in the 3rd year, I transfer my HostGator from GD to another registrar. Will GD also transfer to the new registrar the money I paid for the balance 7 years, or will GD keep the money himself?..

Comment #8

Im sure paying for those million dollar super bowl ads isnt helping But I do believe that if we were to see their financials today, it would be different. That is just..

Comment #9

One thing I do like about their business model is that they are squeezing a good amount of money out of the drops while making them available at their TDNam site. In my mind, where they fail is in trying to make TDNam available to a wider audience...

Comment #10

They will also have accelerated spendings in the future: oil gas is increasing, rent, salaries, all these spendings are increasing also...

Comment #11

Godaddy will keep it.

Your total registration length will just be 11 years, godaddy keeps 10 years, and the winning registrar gets 1 year...

Comment #12

It's good to know that we have GoDaddy representative here at NP.

So I guess you will be able to answer all the concern and question that we may have about your company...

Comment #13

Godaddy is doin just fine-.

Bobs earrings are real gold ya know..

Comment #14

If you were Bob, and you had all those Godaddy girls around you all the time, would you be concerned? lol..

Comment #15

Ha, godaddy is just fine.

Parsons is exactly right, you show sales as this year, you write them off for the length of the "contract" keeping them alive...

Comment #16

Good thread, I was looking for some information like this. Just saw how greedy verisign was in their pricing structure for dot com, since it has the highest presence on the web with about 70 million names. They charged it at a minimum of $6.42 per name. Looks like the margin here is very low for dot com only. However margins for dot net is higher since it's only charged $4.85 (most registrar chareg 6.99 per dot net a healthy margin of $2.14/net or 44% over that $4.85.

Overall, I noticed dot Asia descrepcies and other tlds which has a higher margin as much as 44% like the dot net and even more. So the business is not about creating low prices, it's more about marketing to customers. From reading Bob's blog about the IPO, it looks like he's making gold for real. Not losses.

Looking at his pricing structure, it looks profitable. However I don't really know if it is...

Comment #17

Hey, them GoDaddy girls don't come cheap! You mean it's "a one-man" and three women* show.

How could you discount Candace, Danica & Amanda???.

*actually should say "hot babes"..

Comment #18

There stealing of .me domains would have helped them earn a few $$$$$$ this last week...

Comment #19

Not godaddy representative. He just copied the contents from RJ's link,..

Comment #20

Are you sure? I've moved domains from GoDaddy to eNom and kept the current registration dates plus 1 year. Also I thought that the absolute maximum you can register a COM is for 10 years. There is no 11 year registration for COM (though I might be wrong)...

Comment #21

This doesn't sound fair does it? Godaddy keeps the revenue even though I'm no longer with them. The winning registrar has to service me, and provide me with customer support for 8 years (being 3rd year onwards) but only get 1 year revenue...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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