Where to find GoDaddy rewards?

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I got a quick question: Where to find GoDaddy rewards?.

I also got another question: I'm wondering, for the names that I consider having the highest value in my portfolio, is there a registrar that specializes in really theft proof protection?..

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Your question was: Where to find GoDaddy rewards?.

Yeah, I would definitely go with Moniker. They are known for their very high HostGator security and I can personally testify that I have never had any problems there (hundreds of domains registered with them) while I have had a couple of names stolen from my GoDaddy account...

Comment #1

I'd have to say no to Godaddy.

Moniker. I'm slowing switching everything that I'm developing (higher value) to Moniker...

Comment #2

If you have the money to put down, get your own ICANN accredited registrar...

Comment #3

Definitely Moniker.

From what I know Moniker haven't lost any domain...

Comment #4

Moniker, haven't lost a name ever.

If money isn't the matter, MarkMonitor Used by cnet, google, yahoo and other forture 500 companies...

Comment #5

Definitely moniker gets my vote (seems to be getting most peoples votes lol)..

Comment #6

So, what makes Moniker so secure?.

And also, what makes Godaddy insecure, in some of your opinions. I really like my Godaddy account.

Isn't it mostly watching out for your email being stolen?.

I was looking for a service or registrar that locks your entire portfolio of high-value names so that you have to do something besides the norm, besides just email communication to transfer OUT a name...

Comment #7

Moniker does that. The only way to get the auth code from Moniker is to request a transfer out. The HostGator is only unlocked for 10days. Then it's locked again. What makes them so secure is they have never had a HostGator hijacked...

Comment #8

It's hard to believe that a registrar has never had a single name highjacked. After all, if a thief gets a hold of the person's email address, it's all over at any registrar isn't it?..

Comment #9

I would strongly disagree on Moniker. For whatever reason, there are many here who believe Moniker is super-duper secure, etc...

Do some searching on the net, and one sees the truth about Moniker is something different entirely ... spotty service (ie. slow response, if any), questionable policies (ie. handling of Whois Data Problem Reports), conflicts of interest (ie. Moniker sells drops), so-so security (ie. registry / registrar sync probs), etc.

I'm not familiar with MarkMonitor, but it appears many big corps use them; never read anything bad about them.

ENom, despite it's large size, appears to be relatively secure ... and will, though sometimes after some effort, help reverse bogus/mistaken pushes / fraudulent transfers.

GoDaddy is relatively secure, except for domains that are of an adult / gambling nature - in such instances, they may stonewall on fixing problems ... but again, for most types of domains, GoDaddy has a pretty good track-record of security / resolving problems.

With all that said, most people accidently lose their domains through faults of their own ...

Regardless of registrar, here are some tips for better HostGator security:.

* Use a paid email account, such an ISP / hosting, not a free email like Yahoo / Hotmail, etc.

* Monitor your domains - if you have many, check out the various HostGator monitoring services like DomainTools.

* Do NOT use Whois privacy services - they make stealing domains all too easy, and recovery difficult to sometimes virtually impossible.

* Always renew domains AHEAD of time ... there is no set grace period - some registrars offer one, but don't have to. Registry redemption period (which used to not exist at all) can sometimes help, but a large percentage of expired domains never go through a delete-cycle, but instead are resold at the drops before that.

Hope this helps.


Comment #10

Exactly what I thought. Members here have had their names hijacked, including those at Moniker. But that does not mean the registrar was negligent.

IMO the only person you can trust 100% is yourself..

So set up your own registrar.

If you are a not a big player yet then I would seriously advise that you develop a personal relationship with your registrar, whichever you choose, so that they will not treat you like a number..

Work out an arrangement with them, like giving a phone call when they receive a transfer-out request etc..

Most mainstream registrars are willing to assign a rep to their volume customers...

Comment #11

Godaddy also emails the auth code to you. I think this is pretty common.

I think a great service that registrar could offer would be an ultra high level that protects the entire portfolio by only allowing transfer outs by some means of higher security than email verifications. Perhaps, email plus a phone call, or a fax of some sort, or a pin special pin number that was set up over the phone and is not updatable online. I would pay a few hundred dollars a year for that service...

Comment #12

I think that is a smart contribution..

Yes, a block on transfers out without some additional verification could be implemented....a little like having a private banking service....

In the short term regular changing of password should help./..

Comment #13

Will DomainTools handle many thousands of names, and do they monitor quickly? I thought I remember I was notified a day or two after a change on a name before. Also, are there any services that specialize in this as a paid service?.

On the privacy services, I've heard this before, but what is the reason?..

Comment #14

I've read about an account being hijacked at moniker..

The main point of this is that "security" is just marketing, and at the end of the day "security" often comes down to how smart the user is and has little to do with the actual registrar, though some are for sure worse than others.

The key is to know your registrar and have a relationship with them so that if something goes wrong you're not screwed.

My personal recommendation is, I've worked with them longer than has existed, they are very reliable, professional and secure. I have the confidence to say that they are the most secure registrar on the market outside of owning your own...

Comment #15

Security can be a double-edged sword, because if things go sour you can expect a lot of hassle if you want/need to take your business elsewhere..

There is a downside because more security translates to less convenience so it's all a trade-off..

For example I can tell you that the security procedures in the military leave no room for convenience.

But some registrars have stronger policies than others. For example, most registrars have a password reminder tool. That means your password is stored in clear text in their DB. It would better if they keep it encrypted so it cannot be recovered, but you can still generate a new one (using the same techniques of unique links sent to admin E-mail).

Some registrars have notification options (that may be disabled by default), so that you receive notification/confirmation even for mundane changes to some domain.

Another example: back in the ole' good days of registerfly one person called them and asked for username & password to be sent to an E-mail address designated by him. The complied without any further verifications. He was lucky it was not an impersonator in action.

I would look at all those details when choosing a registrar...

Comment #16

Security is only as good as the account holder in many cases of hijacking. If someone can gain your login and password, and your email is not up to date, you're basically screwed. Whichever registrar you use. You should scan your system regularly for viruses, keyword loggers, etc. Make sure you have a good 3rd party firewall turned on and is up to date. Not use the same login and password at different websites...

Comment #17

Moniker never had a hijacking as far as I know, and they do manually verify every transfer so they do more than sending an email which needs to be approved. So I'd say they are a very secure registrar, unless your password is easy to guess or so you should be fine with Moniker.

What you could also do if your HostGator is for personal usage rather than reselling, is to register in an extention where paperworks are needed to transfer ownership.CO.UK is a famous example where you still need paperworks to be signed before a HostGator is transfered ownership. I am not sure which other extentions still require paperworks but .CO.UK is one of them.

MarkMonitor ... Never heard of them. What makes them special in terms of security?..

Comment #18

Not sure about how 'secure' they are but they are used by the big boys like google..

But it looks like this didn't prevent some 'issues' with recently

Comment #19

I was just speculating that if one had a very valuable name then just leave it in godaddy (or other registrar operating the 60-day rule) and edit the whois every 59 days or less...that would guarantee no spiriting out of the registrar methinks........

Comment #20

Hey, that's a very clever idea. Just make a small change to the company name (or I guess personal name too, right?) every 60 days. Heck, on Godaddy there is a function to easily do this to EVERY name at once.

Exactly what type of change starts this 60-day rule?..

Comment #21


Definitely NOT

Check the multitude of threads on any forum why not..

Comment #22

Just add/remove a dot (.) every 59 days to anything in the Registrant Info is sufficient. Seems a bit extreme though...

Comment #23

Doesn't seem extreme to me, considering I could do it in minutes to several thousand names at once in Godaddy. It's the ultimate protection against someone getting a hold of your email address. And when selling names, it's never been a problem to "push" the names to another GD account, instead of transferring...

Comment #24

Interesting that Moniker received many votes and they have an unsecure login on their homepage...

Comment #25

I believe Godaddy may not enforce this rule anymore as it is against ICANN policy to do this..

Can't remember exactly where I have picked this up but it was recently...

Comment #26

My acct rep says they do, and the wording on the Contact Information Change page says they do too...

Comment #27

Upon hearing and reading of several complaints from a few Godaddy customers where their domains have been cancelled or Godaddy gave the domains away for bigger corporations, I say stay away from Godaddy...

Comment #28

I think many of the GD complaints are from domainers who had inaccurate contact info in their profile and forgot to check the expiry dates on their domains and then..

Comment #29

I have had exceptional service form Godaddy, and have never once had a problem with any of my domains. I get reminded several times of any names that are about to be canceled. My rep excels at customer service. This is the best customer service, and most definitely, the best name management system of all the registrars...

Comment #30

I've gone from the worst (1&1) through all the bs in between.

To what I believe is the best (Moniker). I still get my .infos from there. True, add that to their incredibly slow interface and sometimes 20min push process. Believe it or not, in 05' I registered the HostGator with Godaddy. This name was mine actually in my account. Hell I even had the name appraised here for $XXXX.

I know all about the procedure to get a .de if you're an American with .de, so that's a nonissue I have plenty of .de's. After I lost this, it ended up with a huge corporation. My initial thoughts were to sue, but being a non german city deterred me...

Comment #31

I think your case with was maybethe fault of Godaddy and their connection with

Did you check the whois of the HostGator and was it not already taken in the first place?.

That namely happened to me one time, not with Godaddy though, I picked up a HostGator and it showed in my account..

I went to to do a whois and it was already registered for years to another holder.

But it was showing in my registrars account and I even got billed for it.

Could this perhaps happened to you?..

Comment #32

GD is absolutely useless as far as security is concerned.

Moniker and eNom are the best all around. Moniker more so for security, eNom more so for a combo of security and interface.

GD is where most people entering this business start. After a couple of years or more, and with the experience to go with that, a lot of domainers with serious portfolios move out of GD...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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